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Watch a the south end of Biscayne Boulevard was a violent swirl of wind and rain. For the most up-to-date info on the storm, check our live blog: http://hrld.us/2eVLBGy

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27 minutes ago

Orlando City Soccer Club

Clermont, what's up? Meet Will down at the Publix at Summer Bay on Tuesday from 5:30-7:00. #FaceOfCity ...

Clermont, whats up? Meet Will down at the Publix at Summer Bay on Tuesday from 5:30-7:00. #FaceOfCity


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Rachel - should we bring a handle of fireball?

41 minutes ago

The Palm Beach Post

JUST IN: ...


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Can you blame who ever shot him ? Perhaps if there were harsher consequences in this country there would not be so much crime .

55 minutes ago

EU Jacksonville

The @jaguars are teaming up with The Cordish Companies to create a world class district that will transform downtown Jacksonville. And let’s not forget about the new uniforms announced today #EUJax #visitjax #igersjax #ilovejax @ Jacksonville, Florida ...

1 hour ago

EU Jacksonville

What are your thoughts 💭 #JacksonvilleFL?We’re teaming up with The Cordish Companies to create a world class district that will transform downtown Jacksonville. ...

What are your thoughts 💭 #JacksonvilleFL?


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Lol April Fools! Seriously though. Most of us will be dead or the world will be annihilated by nuclear war before this ever happens

Lmao y’all better put some big parking garages in there. It’s hard enough as is 🤦‍♀️

I think it needs to happen but I have questions. What’s the time schedule for things to happen? How much taxpayer money is going into this project? How much is Khan chipping in?

Love it!!

Don't miss out: Green market season is ending soon! ...

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‪Bring the noise for Lamine Sané and the boys on Saturday night at home 🆚 San Jose. #VamosOrlando 😈‬

‪Grab your tickets: orlan.do/2H6ZZ7H

2 hours ago

EU Jacksonville

Skip ahead if you've got something better to do (but I doubt it) to 8:40 to hear B sing "Lift Every Voice and Sing" written by James Weldon Johnson. #Beychella #Coachella #JamesWeldonJohnson #blacknationalanthemyoutube.com ...

Video image


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2 hours ago

EU Jacksonville

Check it out

Jacksonville Jaguars
WATCH: 2018 State of the Franchise.

2 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

WATCH LIVE: President Trump is preparing to leave PBIA and head to Key West.

Trump in Palm Beach
Get a live view of Mar-a-Lago, the resort President Donald Trump calls his Winter White House. For the latest coverage of his Palm Beach visits, see myPalmBeachPost.com/donaldtrump

2 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

So tragic. ...


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Poetic death. Born and died on the same day.

Does the headline really need to be hashtagged?

TRAGIC hashtag? This page is tragic.

3 hours ago

AARP Florida

Last weekend we were lucky enough to help honor veterans (and new service inductees) of Pinellas County. Big thanks to Veterans Of South Pinellas County Inc.! ...


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Starbucks is disgusting. Shut it down!!!

So I guess you are actually lucky if Starbucks tells you no, you cannot use their restroom. Gross.

Good thing I go to Dunkin

Did the company say it was theirs? We had a sick person doing this but it was a private citizen.

Charged with eavesdropping? I don’t know if this is a single bathroom like most Starbucks or one with stalls but if it is single room bathroom then how about attempted pornography and child pornography??? It was strapped to a changing table! And certainly not to “eavesdrop”!!!!

number one or number two?

Not good!

Lori Karras

Toni Michele

3 hours ago

EU Jacksonville

Who's stoked for Record Store Day?! 🖤💿 ...


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4 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

Investigators got a tip from a citizen who claimed he saw the officer having sex on the job. ...


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Sounds like he should have hired Michael Cohen. To hide his affairs like trump and hannity

No wonder it takes them forever to get to you. Treat them like the dispatcher that was hanging up on people asking for help..FIRE THEM PROBLEM SOLVED

Officer Frank Umbraic Delray beach police had sex with a woman on duty woman was drunk lied to investigator didn't lose his job made officer of the year

Super troopers is coming out this weekend, what better way to celebrate than this?

Not surprised at all!! Most of these cops driving around all day taking care of their personal duties.

New Smyrna Beach's finest?

Sounds like the Seth Adams story... Only he ended up dead...

Not new

He got the right first name, lol. That's what they used to call boyfriend in bygone days.🤣😃

Back in Massachusetts I saw this with officers as well

Its Trumps fault.

I think I saw this on Cheaters.

Oh yeah.... That is no surprise. Probably taking advantage of the less fortunate. Well....they don't call them PIGS for nothing.


Kelsey Frost

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