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Would Coconut Grove still be Coconut Grove without its oldest, funkiest business?

Would Coconut Grove still be Coconut Grove without its oldest, funkiest business?


Will the last hippie to leave Coconut Grove please bring a tie-dyed scarf and some incense?

Maya Hatcha, Coconut Grove's oldest retail business, may have to close its doors or move after 50 years in the same spot selling funky clothes, crafts and incense.

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@universalorlando has a great bike tour, but this blog features bike tours that will keep you on the planet! 😆🚲 https://t.co/okTbwSSYVO

Our thoughts are with the family of Chuck Klingbeil.

After centralizing fundraising nearly seven years ago, the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District is ready to seriously consider splitting up fundraising for the two cities' schools.

With another Father's day for the books, TMT caught up with three local dads who are trying to organize events for fun and charity.

Ready for more of these connections in the future.

@RyanTannehill1 X @DannyAmendola

Watch: https://t.co/XWyaMPtI6v

This list of Florida film locations from @Gocompare leaves a lot to be desired. https://t.co/W8faLJ6cem

FACT: DYK garbage and recycling pickup is the 5th most dangerous job in the US? This week our solid waste department is recognizing the hard work of our garbage men & women for #GarbageManAppreciation. Head to our IG highlight for a day on the job: https://t.co/UOKvr9GdAz

You need to try these summer cocktails. https://t.co/nadyqrenlk

🚧 TRAFFIC ADVISORY 🚧 Both southbound lanes of N Nebraska Ave are closed between East Linebaugh Ave and East Orchid Ave to repair a water main break. Work is expected to be completed by Friday, June 22nd at 5pm. More info: https://t.co/swEBHKQVkK

Which train is faster, the @WaltDisneyWorld Railroad or @UniversalORL’s Hogwarts Express? Only one way to find out: Ride them in Orlando! https://t.co/AcuLCrToeN

Ancient River is doing so much onstage, they can't drink before their set. https://t.co/sFokpPtzVo

Ahead of training camp, rookie @MikeGesicki has a new study partner, his dad.

Subscribe to #TheAudible: https://t.co/o2F0ZwavWG

Get Moving is the theme for this weeks' High 5 Camp. Yoga and Zumba were on today's agenda. High 5 is a half day camp for kids ages 4 to 5. Check out those poses!

Great news! Our fleet division landed a spot as the #8 best division out of 50 in the NATION according to the Government Fleet and American Public Works Association. That's the highest ranking spot in Florida! Great work team! 👏

New with @mintamolly : In December, the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement whacked a Miami Gardens home for young migrant children in an audit, which said the facility could not confirm it had processed 652 kids(!) correctly https://t.co/6Y1ctitkxY

9 hours ago

Miami Heat

What's an offseason?

[READ] Bam Adebayo is taking full advantage of his first full summer in Miami. Committed to the Work! gohe.at/2I7Np7O


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#TradeWhiteside he has no work ethics and now is complacent since he got the money like Bynum Tristan etc

Now trade Whiteside to Brooklyn for Howard.

Great job bam now u should get that stupid whiteside in the gym with u

I see they are teaching him how to travel as well

Good. Now can we #TRADEWHITESIDE ?

When Whiteside was playing in 2016 I thought his contract of 98M for 4 yrs was alright, now he's just an overpaid role player #TradeWhiteside

I was pumped when we drafted Bam. This kid is gonna be awesome!

Darryl Wallace --- You're right about losing second half leads. I can't tell you how many times I wished Pat Riley would come down from the press box and coach those second halfs to get those victories that we wasted after the all-star break . . . With Dion Waiters hurt half the season the Heat were an eastern conference team that went 44-38. Dion comes back healthy, Spoelstra learns to coach after halftime, & the Heat go 56-26.

That Kid is Athletic and talented, he saw that being lazy and not devoted to the game ends up very bad (just like Howard and Whiteside) so he doesn't want to do the same mistakes

When Bam start shooting threes it's gonna be scary

Whiteside should be putting the work getting Owned in the playoffs by embiid

These are the guys to keep. Trade all the others

If this guy can develop a modest offensive game while being able to defend both the post and perimeter, Hassan is as good as gone.

That's my boy, less talk more workout good job bam!⛹🏿👏

Goodjob. On the other news. Whiteside is in italy

PF. Footwork lookin nice 👌🏼

I see that footwork and mid range shot bam 💥

Never realized how bad the glare was on the east wall of the practice court. That half of the building is completely useless for practice during the day. What a terrible design.

That dude was a midget guarding him

I wonder if Bam will be playing in the west coast classic in Sacramento

I understand thats a big man but those handles shouldn't be NBA caliber

Good keep up

He should also learn to shoot free throws

Whiteside look at what Bam is doing.

Putting work in. Excellent.

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12 hours ago

Miami Heat

"Euphoria in The HEAT's House!"

You voted for it! Dwyane Wade's game winning jumper to beat Philly won our inaugural #SwHEAT16 season moments tournament! Thank you, HEAT Nation, for your votes!


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Really out of all the cool moments to pick from a standard dwade jumper gets picked

Will somebody please burn those hideous 1990's Miami Subs uniforms?

😑 but the phlly beats the séries 😒😒

Mariam mere itkvian,rom he's old:) im gonna kill 'em



Steven Wade County

Mark your calendars! SHINE Mural Festival dates are set — October 5-14.

For more info, visit: bit.ly/2tt29t0 #shineonstpete #SunShinesHere


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Alyssa you should enter

Tim Schmoke and Kristine DeSotto check out this link! Anything look familiar 😃

16 hours ago

Miami Heat

This Date in HEAT History - June 20, 2013

We're turning our clocks back 5 years and reliving Game 7 of the NBA Finals tonight over at Twitter.com/MiamiHEAT! Tipoff is set for 9pm on our timeline. Get your popcorn ready!


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My birthday present that year! I was there to cheer them on!!!!!!

Jorge Almarales

Our little Leia found her perfect (lap) fit!
Don't be shy, come on down to The Jacksonville Humane Society today! We're open 7 days a week and are always ready to help you find your perfect match.
Take a look at who's waiting for you at jaxhumane.org/adoptjaxpets.

Our little Leia found her perfect (lap) fit! 
Dont be shy, come on down to The Jacksonville Humane Society today! Were open 7 days a week and are always ready to help you find your perfect match. 
Take a look at whos waiting for you at jaxhumane.org/adoptjaxpets.


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Carrie Vangerud Pantoja where was this dog when we looked!! So cute!

Aw she's beautiful

Awesome. Look how happy mom and baby are!

Is she a puppy or full grown?

18 hours ago

Miami Heat

Celebrating Luke's birthday with a SPLASH! 👌💦 ...


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Luca Corbo auguri al goat

Happy birthday

Andy ton gars sûr !


21 hours ago

Miami Heat

Help us wish #22, Luke Babbitt a very happy birthday! 🎉 ...


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Y'all should've played him he can hit the three

Too bad we didn't utilize you in the playoffs.

Rhys Smith Happy Birthday Luke ❤️ you were our best player last season

Happy birthday

The comments here are a lot nicer than when Hassan had a birthday! 😅😅😅

A very BLESSED day Luke. When you are Blessed - all else will fall into place.

Happy Birthday Luke Bibbitt 🎂

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday, Luke!!!

Happy Birthday!!

Happy birthday! It is mine too!!!!

Happy birthday enjoy your day

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday Luke Babbitt.

Happy Birthday 🎂🎈 🎁Babbitt

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday Luke!!🙂🎂🎈

Happy Birthday Luke

Happy Birthday Luke!

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday Luke

Happy birthday 😊

Happy birthday dude

Happy birthday LB

Happy Birthday 🎂 😍

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2 days ago

Miami Heat

Wade vs. Wade!

It's #SwHEAT16 Championship Day! Head over to Twitter.com/MiamiHEAT right now to vote in our poll on which of these Dwyane Wade moments from the 2017-18 season will take home the crown.


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I just love the title "Wade denies LeBron TWICE". LMAO. Bing Tuazon Marjorie Julie G. Torres Yaro Hainz Jr. Bryan Rhay Estong Otz Elsie Diampon Cortez Rudymer Manlangit

Wade $ Lebron

Wade forces one up and scores, it was a tough shot, it was a great shot

Best regular season play since it showed glimpses of Flash mvp


Saludo, les hablamos para brindarles las mejores ofertas de pagos que tenemos, te pagamos todo tu bill que usted deba como tales el agua, la luz, el gas, tarjetas, de crédito store basura vieja coche y todo lo que devas, te lo pagamos y todo al mejor precio, a tan solo a un 60 de todo lo que les paguemos. Por ejemplo, si usted debe $1,000 nosotros pagamos eso mil que usted dwba y solo cobramos el 60%,de cada 100 que paguemos y usted verifica su bill si esta pago ante de que usted me pague nosotros pagamos primero para que pueda confiar en nosotros y luego nos hace el pago como el sistema lo indique, aproveche de nuestras mejores ofertas pensando siempre en la comodidad de nuestros clientes.

I love them both!!! Stuffing Lebron twice!

The picture perfect block tho haha

#Flashback The #R3TURN ⚡⚡⚡

Lebron should come to Miami..



I was there for the Philly game!!!

Mark Anthony

Montea-tyson Petit 🏃💨

Giacomo Rottigni

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2 days ago

The Jacksonville Humane Society

Pawsitive Reading at summer camp! The pups love it. ...


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Then she pulled over her bed to get comfy for her story time!

Romee at the start ...

Why can’t they go in so that there’s some physical contact?

Taylor is really listening to her!

Since when do dogs NOT want to interact instead of just staring at someone through glass!! This is messed up, if you really want to do something for these dogs, let the kids play with them, take them on walks and actually give these dogs the attention they need.

One of the most extraordinary things I have ever witnessed. So glad I happened to be at JHS for yesterday’s Pawsitive Reading 🐾

Jcso y’all know without tagging should have a tax payers plan in place. Maybe kids that can’t read much work out words here.?

What a great thing to do!!

Jenna Blair This is at our local animal shelter <3

I hope they all get adopted. Love Jacksonville Humane society!

Sending my to be fixed today! Take care of my cri-kee and mushu

Oh he really is enjoying that!

Nicole Favorite-Scott the reverse... so sweet❤️❤️

My kids will be there next week!

I would love to sign my son up to do this.

Just the voice of children comfort the dogs. .

The cats love it too!!

So cute and the dog sits right by the door

The sound of children for the puppies. 💞💟

Love this!

So cute. How great!! :’)

Good job readers!

Great reading!


So sweet

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