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Woman spends $19K on kidney transplant for 17-year-old cat

Woman spends $19K on kidney transplant for 17-year-old cat


Would you spend almost $20,000 on an organ transplant for an aging pet?

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2:32am CDT #SPC Day3 Outlook Enhanced Risk: across parts of northern florida https://t.co/6oEffQCHSt

Severe weather is expected across portions of the southern Plains and Southeast during the next few days. The highest potential for tornadoes is currently expected to be across middle TN, northern AL, and northwest GA on Monday, March 19.

The end of winter is going out with a Florida feel!🌴🌴🌴 On Channel 9 now...


Strong to severe storms will be possible Tuesday with a big front moving in. Please stay tuned to the forecast the next few days - with an eye on Tuesday!

The end of winter is going out with a Florida feel!🌴🌴🌴 We’re live on Channel 9...

The potential for severe weather starts tonight as a strong low pressure system develops across the Southeast. SPC has highlighted areas across southeast GA & northeast FL thru Tues. Stay weather aware & make sure you have multiple ways to receive watches or warnings! #GAwx #FLwx

1:02am CDT #SPC Day1 Outlook Slight Risk: from north tx and the red river valley through the central gulf coast states to southern ga and far northern fl https://t.co/GtEvHPMjG6

1:02am CDT #SPC Day2 Outlook Enhanced Risk: across middle tennessee%2c northern alabama%2c and far northwest georgia https://t.co/rEAejNHwPA

Taylor County community comes to say goodbye to former leader. https://t.co/OCMtlUk5wA

Tallahassee residents celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style. https://t.co/2Prd19Cssp

Moody Airmen killed in helicopter crash Iraq. https://t.co/mp6xbD5W1S

Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang
Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang (Gucci gang!)

#FSU 🏀 in Nashville
FSU women's 🏀 vs. Little Rock
FSU ⚾️ vs. Notre Dame
#FAMU ⚾️ vs. Savannah State

Catch all of this coming up in sports on @WCTV in just a few minutes fam!

#Barbara'sPlace fire in Nassauville is 30 acres and 50% contained. 3 homes currently evacuated. 3 forestry dozers almost have a line around it.

29 minutes ago

FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay

Heads up! Possible severe weather threat this week.HEADS UP! It’s been a while since we’ve had a severe weather threat in Florida. Ingredients are coming together for an intense squall line to develop over the eastern Gulf TUESDAY in advance of a strong cold front. Main threat will be damaging winds and perhaps a tornado. NOAA NWS Storm Prediction Center has Florida in an enhanced risk for severe weather. This definitely bears watching. I’ll keep you posted! ...

Heads up! Possible severe weather threat this week.


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We need the rain, bring it on but leave the cold up north

Yeah after Irma theres nothing left to blow away or over

More f****** cold weather ridiculous no it's much should be 80 everyday

Nicole Iglesias well there goes our pool idea

I need some rain the severe weather you can keep though.

😱😱😱😱 Fear Media

Stay safe all my Florida peeps

Omg really. It's still winter seriously we are still getting snow storms. Get over it.

Well, Tampa is going to have a few tornado warnings

Thank you!

Phil Chitarra, Donna Nicholas Chitarra and Irene Williams

Nicole Pellegren I swear whenever we want to do something


Tammy Epperson y’all are picking a great time to come down!!

Justin De Leon

Lizzee Frost

Patrick LaJeunesse 😳

Bennett Fogelberg Mary Maloy


Barb Van Geest

Teresa Franklin


Rob Cantwell

Susan Brown

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42 minutes ago

FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay

Get your tissues ready. Meet the Hurricane Harvey NICU babies and the doctors who never left their sides. ❤️❤️❤️

STORY: bit.ly/2phMV8I


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These poor parents, I can't believe that they made them leave. Thank you for taking good care of their babies.

Look at those beautiful babies 😍

Beautiful! God bless them. This is what makes this world beautiful is these wonderful people who give and care for others.


God is good


BUSTED: Police waited with a woman they say was the getaway driver for suspected thieves to come out of Costco. When they busted through the back door, officers were right there waiting. STORY: bit.ly/2GD8s38 ...


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Dude never left coscto with anything. They never made it out of the building so how did this hold up in court


The video showed intent. Love it. Caught red handed.

Another successful take down by Trump. Give Trump all the bad credit might as well give him all the good credit

Pretty good bet this kind of bust will be ruled illegal in CA. Judge said cannot focus on gangs down there.

Good job officers. Thanks for,your see


Hhhahhh that was awesome

"Police harassment" "police brutality" is what we're going to be hearing. Hahahaha

The best surprise was waiting outside! Enjoy your jail cells punks!

laws change in some states... but the registers are the other way ! what was there intent

BUSTED! Eventually you will get caught.

good one

One win !!

Busted !!


Richard Moore definition of feeling sick right here. lololololol

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12 hours ago

FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay

BRIDGE COLLAPSE: Sen. Marco Rubio and others are in Miami with an update on the pedestrian bridge collapse at FIU. ...


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They all have the information in English first! Now they’re doing it in Spanish! People need to take a chill pill... it’s MIAMI.... mostly BILINGUAL SPEAKING...

So sad, people left their homes that day not thinking for a minute they’ll never return.... life is not guaranteed.... it can be gone in a split second... 🙏🏼😢💔

People are just jealous because they can't speak two languages. I think of bilingual people as gifted.

This bridge was going to be the first one that kind in the USA and how it was not well supervised and monitored. Im so sorry for you guys but this was a big mistake

The bridge was going to be the first one built with just one piece. It was going to be a pride for Miami. Now itsjust a nightmare and a big tragedy. 6 ppl died

What do you call someone who speaks 2 languages? Bilingual. What do you call one who speaks 3 languages? Trilingual. What do you call someone who not speaks one? American.

This is not about you, your language, your background, This is about the victims, and their families. so suck it up already with the language.

This was so preventable. I can't believe the road wasn't closed until this thing was completed. Thank God it wasn't open and full of walkers. The company that did this should be put out of business.

Why was traffic allowed under bridge while still working on the bridge.? Most times lands are blocked off or rerputed?

I am thankful that they take the time to care for every citizen...no matter the language. Everyone deserves dignity.

In a blink of your eye your life is changed forever. I tell my kids you need to stay Rapture Ready you never know when it's your time to go.

God Bless all our police and firemen, for their tireless work in this terrible situation!! Prayers for all families who lost loved on🙏🏽

Apparently, cracks were reportedly seen on the bridge and a Voicemail message was left regarding that but sadly, the message wasn’t heard until After this horrific tragedy.

So very sorry for the loss of these Souls. May their Families and Friends know Thoughts and Prayers are on the way too All.

Yes , but they were conducting stress tests, seems to me they should have blocked or rerouted traffic.

Breaks my heart! I’m terrified going under bridges now.

I hope they sue Florida and that company for killing those people! Condolences to the families..God bless! 😢🙏

Thank you for working so hard and working long hours to help these families find their loved ones. I'm sure it was a hard tough job. God bless you all.

Then talk about the problem that’s happening at this moment... why bring the gun issue here? And worst of all you made it as a sarcastic comment...

Kellie Padilla You know darn well that if the money that was wasted buying legal gun owners weapons would have been used to repair bridges this wouldn't have happened. Sorry you can't connect dots.

Lord, how sad for all those families mourning their loved ones... to think they left that day their homes with no return, because of something that could’ve been prevented! 🙏🏼😢

These contractors need arrested for involuntary slaughter! Prayers for families, friends and all those involved in rescues...God be with you all

My heart goes out to everybody who lost their life in this horrific accident. May God heal everyone affected by this tragedy.

When this first happened they said they were stress testing it and that it was finished a year before schedule

Not racist English was the first primary language here, you were required to know English to live here through legal immagration

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In just one week, she went from homeless to having a home, all because of this inspiring organization. ❤️❤️❤️ bit.ly/2pfoau0 ...


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Make sure you're helping the people directly. If you're donating clothes, don't give it to the organization, the people RARELY see it after requesting many times, even people who have soiled their clothes with their own waste are turned away by the very mean and uncaring staff at safe harbor. Many people are cold and denied blankets, so don't donate objects like those to the facility, give them to the people. Same with food. The people running the facilities in Pinellas should be arrested for unethical treatment of homeless people. It's very sad, what this news organization SHOULD DO, is go undercover as a homeless person at safe harbor, and BOOM..... not only write a story, but watch your name go Nationwide for uncovering the harsh truth of how the homeless are treated. The nicest homeless people are treated like complete GARBAGE, spoke to sarcastically, laughed at, screamed at, I'm talking about people who are just homeless.. not a drunk person or on drugs, just very much down on their luck. It's disgusting. They staff needs to be arrested.

Now she doesn't have to worry about having a job.

When you start helping homeless veterans, then tell me.

This is the best way to do it instead of i giving to some charity who takes 90% of the donations and pays the people running it $100K a year



May god bless you always

Thank God For a home nice

Happy St. Patrick's Day #NorthMiamiBeach! Wear your green today and make sure to take your photo with #Totor at City Hall. 🐶🍀 #IamNMB ...

Happy St. Patricks Day #NorthMiamiBeach! Wear your green today and make sure to take  your photo with #Totor at City Hall. 🐶🍀 #IamNMB

The North Miami Beach Police Department is on the scene of live power lines down in the area of NE 35 Avenue and 163rd Street. We are working with FPL Connect to resolve the issue. Please monitor for further. ...


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The traffic lights on NE 164 Street and NE 163 Street are still out along with the power to the residents in Eastern Shores. Vehicular and foot traffic is now open. Units are working on placing stop signs at the intersections.

FPL Connect advised its going to be 3 hours before the traffic lights will be operational again.

21 hours ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

Only 1 hand needed by Keelan Cole for the top catch of the 2017 season. ...


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Y'all act like bortles is complete trash.. 2017 mighy be the first time he's had a team behind him. Still didn't have og t.e's. Practically new receeving core.. A line that still struggled to make holes for a run game...

Another reason why it's imperative that we get a competent QB! Had any of the DBs been closer to Cole, he could've been injured with a big hit. Great catch!

With Lee, Cole, Westbrook, Moncrief and possibly Hurns... we'll be alright at receiver without A-Rob. Especially if ASJ can contribute at TE.

Terrible throw (as always). Our receivers working hard to win, despite Bortles.

I hater Bortles... Great catch cole!!! I can't believe we resigned this trashy behind quarterback....

This is way we don't need arob we need a qb

Terrible throw by Bortles, great catch by Cole!

This is exactly what any QB needs a WR that makes plays, not every throw is going to be on target. WR need to make the hard catches too!

He threw it there because Cole was supposed to find the soft spot in the zone and stop in it. This is the chemistry that will be built upon this season. Guarantee Bortles improved even more.

Eric Nelson looked like me and you 😀

You need 3 more like him to catch our QB passes. Maybe then we can go to the super bowl.

Lets see alot more of that next season. Go Jags.

Cole could have a big year this year. He was Pretty clutch in the playoffs

Nick, in case u forgot bout our boi Keelan! 😏

Sitting there at the game watching this, you heard it hit his hand. Good thing nobody was around because he was fully exposed to get rocked. Great catch either way

#KWCPANTHERS #84COLE #JAGUARS Owensboro KY is proud of you!!!!

I really like how he did last year, looking forward to another great year

Is it September yet

I wish we had Sexton back, Frangie is awful. Guy is a joke.

Cole We Gonna Need You This Year

Same number as Antonio Brown 🤔

lets go jags

love 84!

Ed Last mate, I went maaaad

Der Mann ist ne Waffe! Andrew White

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