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Woman dies from debris that flew through windshield on Howard Frankland

Woman dies from debris that flew through windshield on Howard Frankland


A piece of metal from the roadway shot up from under another car, hit the hood and flew through the windshield of the car in which she was riding.

A St. Petersburg woman died Saturday from injuries sustained nearly two weeks earlier when a piece of metal flew threw the windshield in which she was a passenger on the Howard Frankland Bridge.

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Here's a look at the #Jaguars new helmet, revealed today.

See more new #Jaguars uniforms photos at https://t.co/oY63eXE4r3

#Jaguars say teal will be the alternate uniform and can wear it up to three times next season. Helmets are glossy black, so no more two-tone look. https://t.co/F1qlSMC2Tc

#breaking Jaguars unveil team's new Nike Vapor Untouchable uniforms.

Among the projects @cordishco have partnered on is Ballpark Village in St. Louis with the @Cardinals, where #Jaguars president Mark Lamping served as president.

Eugene Frenette@GeneFrenette

Baltimore's Corish company will partner with #Jaguars on developing area around the stadium.

We’re teaming up with @cordishco to create a world class district that will transform downtown Jacksonville.

#breaking #Jaguars announce Labor Day concert featuring Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kid Rock and Jason Aldean https://t.co/rw08NcMHlD

We’re excited to continue to grow our partnership with our military community with Camp @Gruntstyle in the north deck.

📰 - https://t.co/64adhCs4oL

Now dogs can cheer on their cats at the game!

We’re excited to announce our partnership with @pparadiseresort to bring dog daycare to the South Fan Deck.

A body was found in the St. Johns River at about 7 a.m. by a resident in the small subdivision on Little Marsh Island off Heckscher Drive, police say. https://t.co/WgmbWTkv6e

Trees provide endless health & environmental benefits 🌴

Learn more at the Restoring/Preserving the Urban Tree Canopy Workshop TONIGHT at 6 PM at the Miami Beach Golf Club #MBRisingAbove

3 minutes ago

Miami Heat

Check out our 2018 White Hot Playoffs Team Intro Video!

Everyday we Hustlin'!


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Let's go heat!!! Whiteside please show us what you got. $$$

Amr Sherif inshallah soon my workouts will be like this when I sign my contract with the Culture next year

1 hour ago

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Feeding time! Learn a little bit about resident sea turtle, Stubby and why it is crucial to keep our oceans clean for marine life. Join us for our Earth Day beach cleanup this Sunday. Details: bit.ly/2F0yZoK ...


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Due to the injuries Stubby sustained, she is unable to feed properly on her own. For this reason, our team will hand feed Stubby her meals each day. Please do not feed or interact with sea turtles in the wild. If you see a sea turtle in distress in the local area, please call FWC or our Stranding line @ 727-441-1790 Ext. 1.

I loved my visit there and I’m definitely coming back soon

See you next week :-) Coming for holliday :-)

That girl's got an appetite

Nice to meet you Snubby

Here from Tampa

Stubby is cute



Very amazing

Hi from Barcelona (Spain)






Was fun visiting you all this past Feb.! Will be back in 2018!

You all do such a great job! Such an incredible place to visit!❤️❤️

Who do you call in North Carolina if you see a turtle in danger

Love marine animals especially turtles💖😍

So nice :-)

stubby is adorable 🐢



Hello from Rotterdam Holland

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1 hour ago

Miami Dolphins

Historically modern.



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Kinda had goosebumps seeing Tannehill in uniform again. I really hope he proves the haters wrong this year or well everyone wrong. All he’s got is haters 😂

I like the Uniforms just now to put a dolphin in the logo instead of a 🐋

Ditch the teal, bring back the aqua.

Waited that long for nothing

Love, love these! An absolutely GREAT mix between our roots and modern styling. Simple, super clean, lots more orange. I will always love our throwback uniforms and logo, but these are very well done. Newer logo and all! Most importantly, GO DOLPHINS!

You messed up again. Just use the old ones. Phins can't do anything right.

Thank goodness the FroYo employee unis are history. Now all we need to do is make a team worthy of wearing them.

Is this like one of those games that you have to look at two pictures and tell what is different? I don't really see much of a change? More orange around the numbers? How about the Fins make a change we can all appreciate and notice and get rid of Tannenbaum before he screws up another draft.

These are better than before, but the new logo still sucks...go back to the old one.

I was so ready to hate it, but honestly it’s great. Super subtle changes but works better than the last ones. Now if we can only work on that logo

Thank You Miami Dolphins. Now I just need to pick my player. 🤔

It's my birthday and I waited all day to see these new uniforms. More of a throwback. Wished they had a Aqua face mask

The logo still sucks. Bring back our logo!

Definite improvement. Wish they had a different logo, but this is the best choice without going full throwback.

these are soooo much better with the aqua and using more orange as secondary color and getting rid of the blue almost altogether.

Well it’s a step in the right direction. Can we now take the sardine off the side of the helmet and put a porpoise 🐬 back in their ?????

Now that's better. The orange trim always made the white and aqua look better and this brings us back to that

get rid of the whale logo and i can live with the uni s but just go back to the old retros its not that hard

I absolutely love these uniforms so much better then last years. I like how it has that old school look to it.

these look great... idk why people are crying about them.

Nike: In 2018, it'll cost you an additional $3.00 per jersey for a 3rd accent color. Ross: No thank you. We'll tell the fans it's a throwback. They'll buy it and more apparel.

Let's go get pumped up I am ready for this year season I think we would do good look out for the dolphins

“SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY” these are much better

This is stupid. Just wear the throwbacks permanently!

It's like putting a cherry on top of a turd sundae. When will you idiots in Davie will figure it out?! These uniforms blows a whale's dork! #TheCurseofJoeRobbieLingers

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2 hours ago

Miami Heat

We spent our Wednesday night ballin’ 🏀

As part of #WhiteHot HEAT week fans had the opportunity to play in a pickup basketball game on our hardwood.

We spent our Wednesday night ballin’ 🏀 

As part of #WhiteHot HEAT week fans had the opportunity to play in a pickup basketball game on our hardwood.


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Mensa Musa Sully Jephte Blanc Andrew Lewis we should go and play there guys!!!

We got no shirts on our seats yet?

We gotta win in games 3 and 4... Go Miami Heat!

Lezzzgo! I trust the culture! #WhiteHot 💪🔥🔥🔥

Nice I’d love that

Tony Howard what happened ?!

14 hours ago

Miami Dolphins

Danny Amendola and Frank Gore are eager to get to work with their new team as we caught up with the free-agency signings on #DolphinsDaily. ...

15 hours ago

Miami Heat

Hot Topics from the 305! 🔥

Your Miami HEAT are back home and back to work as they hit the practice gym to prepare for Game 3.


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No im the number 1 fan 😂

See this is why you don’t call a series after ONE game... Also, series is 1-1 and we split the season series 2-2. Quit acting like Philadelphia is so worlds ahead of Miami, and Miami isn’t even elite. Gotta love Wade. Let’s go HEAT!

GO GAME 3 idol Dwane wade and goran dragic let's stop Philadelphia

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Whiteside gonna do his job in game 3 . . . 5+ blocks . 🖐

You heard J.J they gotta be all in 💯🔥🏀👌🏼

that girl is really white hot

go miami heat win or lose! 👊👊👊 #1 fan from PH

Not a fan of this phrase but it sounds familiar, EESKEEIT!

Game 3: #3jersey #3chewinggum #3bottleofgato #at3Astadium 💪💪💪

Game 3 Miami Heat will win at there home

Heat in 5 calling it.

Game 3. Miami Heat good luck My Son Wade chow jr and I Win or lose # 1 fan. Wade # 3 ❤️

good luck and go to fight for win miami heat i am your fan☺

Game 3 Heat good luck. Heat the shot. :) :) :)


Aljaž Oset Zlatko Drovenik DIDI 😍

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18 hours ago

Miami Heat

Which moment will Dwyane Wade create next?

Game 3 is Thursday night!

Which moment will Dwyane Wade create next?

Game 3 is Thursday night!


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#Flashback The #R3TURN The story continues ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Every one needs to step up the game and follow his lead

Not just wade but everyone, especially goran.

Hopefully they sit Winslow and let Mcgruder play some basketball and hit some good 3s Winslow is not a shooter and always doing some plays like he is a star and end up missing every single shot

I remember 2016 championship series...I was in Miami and got to touch Dwyane's pinky...I didn't want to wash my hand for a week or so! I touched Haslem, Dragic, Whiteside, Dwyane, and CB was on the sidelines... So excited!! GO Miami Heat! Forever Heat Nation!

Can’t always depend on him. Other guys need to step up like for instance Hassan Whiteside bro, i wanna see you getting 20 rebounds tomorrow.

Heat vs warriors

KING OF MIAMI! 🐐👑#PlayoffWade ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡Lol! Kevin Hart reminds me of the purple shirt man, they both take the L! 😂😂😂 #NobodyTalksTrashwithFlashNever doubt the heart of a champion ...no matter his age. 🏆Dwyane Wade CATCHES FIRE! 28 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals on 65% shooting! Heat get the 113-103 WIN over 76ers!#FlashBack The #R3TURN ⚡⚡⚡

We watch Heat playoff games so witness these moments.

Yes DWade bring the Young talented team with u 😊

Give the guy at least 30mins playing time!

The WHOLE team needs to create moments and win

Yeah, I love you DWade!

for me ur the best Dwad3! forever fan of yours..

Heat @ home 3-1 🔥🔥🔥

who is the champion and the final score at game 3

AAA is your house D.Wade Defend it !

Cant wait to see the AAA rock tomorrow night #whitehot

lets go heat dwade beat the sixers.

J***** im majku majcinu

Blow out Philly by 25 in Game 3!

Game 3, take over please!

Hey Whiteside step up.

This is wade county.

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19 hours ago

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Have you heard of the marine iguana? They are truly fascinating creatures!

National Geographic
Watch an iconic marine iguana crawl, eat, and swim in the ocean in this spectacular footage captured by divers in the Galápagos Islands. on.natgeo.com/1Sb6x5G


Comment on Facebook

Wow! new species all the time.. either evolution is happening under our noses or scientist really need to tone it down a notch.. don’t get me wrong I think this is pretty cool but at the same time I’ve been alive for 31 years and I’m just recently for the past couple years hearing about all these new species that I’ve never heard about as a child or growing up.. pretty crazy.. but I’m sure there’s some legit reason as to why right, we always make up reasons to cope with things that we can’t understand. like it’s always been there we just discovered it...no.. and let’s see the hateful comments Roll in.. drumroll please...

Samantha want to go swimming with one😆

Oh look baby godzilla



That is cool

Very interesting

Carla Martinez !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


cool animal. Paul Avery

Maik AbsurdUde godzilla😱😱

Heather Kogel Jason Kogel

Hilary Sunggin mini godzilla

Amy May Metcalfe

Kevin Frederiks

Kari Fremont

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The cutest playdate! #CMAinspires ...

The cutest playdate! #CMAinspires


Comment on Facebook

Oh how cute just think next month I'll be visiting Winter and Hope.

would be the best job ever!


I. Like. You. Photo.

Maria Del Carmen Tumes te etiqueto para que veas que soy tu amiga... Llévame pe 🙄😬😛


Amy May Metcalfe

Molly Armstrong

2 days ago

Miami Heat

The fellas are back in Miami with their 1st round series tied at a game each thanks to Monday night's 113-103 victory in Philly.

Let's take a look back!


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“I watched that play go down early in the game when I was on the bench and I was in the game,” Wade said about that steal. “I told myself if they do that play later, I’m going to steal it." That's how deadly DWade is, in case The Sixers haven't noticed; on the floor or out of it.

This is a 4-1 series in favor of the 🔥

i can already hear the AA arena crowd going wild .Heaters this is Miami , this is playoff time, be the 6th player on the court .... Lets show what we are about . On Biscayne Bld we take no prisoners .. GO HEAT..

Protect homecourt go Heat

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Please work on your second half, you guys can't maintain the lead, please work on how you close out the game big #HeatNation🔥

The Sixers will be back stronger better and tougher and will make a payback but the Heat as a playoff veteran and a homecourt advantage they should be far more or even more better, tougher and stronger than those kids, more physical and mental toughness and keep bullying those youngsters.

If I was living there in Miami I will always watching every Heat game but it ain't happening because I'm just a Heat fan from Philippines not rich and can't go there because It's too far and I have no more💰. But as a true Heat fan HeatLifer since 2006 childhood days watching Live games and highlights of the Heat I feel like I'm with the team.

be there Thursday to watch my heat play!! go heat!!

young guns! Dwade he's just behind you!!

Another epic another intense crowd must fierce this time

Time to go to work! 🔥🔥🔥🔥


Love you Miami. Heat Nation for life!!!!

Lets Go!!!

Defend the Land court

Lets end this at 6.

Go HEAT 🏀💪⛹️

Kristof Rest-Ortiz

Filippo Angelillo ho finito le unghie

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2 days ago

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Sea turtle release in action! Join us as we welcome three rehabilitated sea turtles back home to the Gulf. #CMAinspires ...


Comment on Facebook

Thanks so much for tuning in to help us welcome these sea turtles back home to the ocean. Learn more on our animal rescue work at www.seewinter.com/a/animal-hospital-patients/

A big shout out to our amazing volunteers. We could not complete our work without their hard work and dedication to our mission!

Can we follow them on your site with the trackers?

thanks for talking straws!!!

You guys are all awesome with the wonderful work you do!

Natalie, Fred Howard Park where we were last weekend.

Thank you for helping them!

Love watching, wish I was there today.

Thanks for all you do down there. If I could I would be there helping.

You guys are so awesome thank you for everything you do for these turtles.

Good luck from Argentina

Love that it's awesome

Thank you for your service❤️😊

Great work CMA .Awesome!

Watching from Dunedin, Fl... 4 miles south

Love and support from Idaho❤️❤️❤️

Wow that's awesome

You all do a great job.

Good job! Glad to see this!

Watching from Michigan

Amazing to see, loved it❤️. Great

Good day Dayton oh

Very pretty beach


Thanks CMA

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