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Wife Tossed Husband Out

Wife Tossed Husband Out


His wife of 50 years threw him out of the apartment, so a retiree called Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser with the burning question: "Is what she did legal, and do I have recourse?"

The apartment lease was in his wife's name, but Arnold Cohen considered it their place. "I did not see this coming," he said.

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21 minutes ago

The Palm Beach Post

JUST IN: ...


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Can you blame who ever shot him ? Perhaps if there were harsher consequences in this country there would not be so much crime .

Don't miss out: Green market season is ending soon! ...

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Parking, pro basketball and posh eateries among Disney Springs' latest additions. See the story here: bit.ly/2HdtpW5 ...

2 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

WATCH LIVE: President Trump is preparing to leave PBIA and head to Key West.

Trump in Palm Beach
Get a live view of Mar-a-Lago, the resort President Donald Trump calls his Winter White House. For the latest coverage of his Palm Beach visits, see myPalmBeachPost.com/donaldtrump

2 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

So tragic. ...


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Does the headline really need to be hashtagged?

Poetic death. Born and died on the same day.

TRAGIC hashtag? This page is tragic.

2 hours ago

Miami Heat

We spent our Wednesday night ballin’ 🏀

As part of #WhiteHot HEAT week fans had the opportunity to play in a pickup basketball game on our hardwood.

We spent our Wednesday night ballin’ 🏀 

As part of #WhiteHot HEAT week fans had the opportunity to play in a pickup basketball game on our hardwood.


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Mensa Musa Sully Jephte Blanc Andrew Lewis we should go and play there guys!!!

We got no shirts on our seats yet?

We gotta win in games 3 and 4... Go Miami Heat!

Lezzzgo! I trust the culture! #WhiteHot 💪🔥🔥🔥

Nice I’d love that

Tony Howard what happened ?!


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Starbucks is disgusting. Shut it down!!!

So I guess you are actually lucky if Starbucks tells you no, you cannot use their restroom. Gross.

Good thing I go to Dunkin

Did the company say it was theirs? We had a sick person doing this but it was a private citizen.

Charged with eavesdropping? I don’t know if this is a single bathroom like most Starbucks or one with stalls but if it is single room bathroom then how about attempted pornography and child pornography??? It was strapped to a changing table! And certainly not to “eavesdrop”!!!!

number one or number two?

Not good!

Lori Karras

Toni Michele

4 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

Investigators got a tip from a citizen who claimed he saw the officer having sex on the job. ...


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Sounds like he should have hired Michael Cohen. To hide his affairs like trump and hannity

No wonder it takes them forever to get to you. Treat them like the dispatcher that was hanging up on people asking for help..FIRE THEM PROBLEM SOLVED

Officer Frank Umbraic Delray beach police had sex with a woman on duty woman was drunk lied to investigator didn't lose his job made officer of the year

Super troopers is coming out this weekend, what better way to celebrate than this?

Not surprised at all!! Most of these cops driving around all day taking care of their personal duties.

New Smyrna Beach's finest?

Sounds like the Seth Adams story... Only he ended up dead...

Not new

He got the right first name, lol. That's what they used to call boyfriend in bygone days.🤣😃

Back in Massachusetts I saw this with officers as well

Its Trumps fault.

I think I saw this on Cheaters.

Oh yeah.... That is no surprise. Probably taking advantage of the less fortunate. Well....they don't call them PIGS for nothing.


Kelsey Frost

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14 hours ago

Miami Heat

Hot Topics from the 305! 🔥

Your Miami HEAT are back home and back to work as they hit the practice gym to prepare for Game 3.


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No im the number 1 fan 😂

GO GAME 3 idol Dwane wade and goran dragic let's stop Philadelphia

See this is why you don’t call a series after ONE game... Also, series is 1-1 and we split the season series 2-2. Quit acting like Philadelphia is so worlds ahead of Miami, and Miami isn’t even elite. Gotta love Wade. Let’s go HEAT!

Whiteside gonna do his job in game 3 . . . 5+ blocks . 🖐

You heard J.J they gotta be all in 💯🔥🏀👌🏼

that girl is really white hot

go miami heat win or lose! 👊👊👊 #1 fan from PH

Not a fan of this phrase but it sounds familiar, EESKEEIT!

Game 3: #3jersey #3chewinggum #3bottleofgato #at3Astadium 💪💪💪

Game 3 Miami Heat will win at there home

Heat in 5 calling it.

Game 3. Miami Heat good luck My Son Wade chow jr and I Win or lose # 1 fan. Wade # 3 ❤️

good luck and go to fight for win miami heat i am your fan☺

Game 3 Heat good luck. Heat the shot. :) :) :)


Aljaž Oset Zlatko Drovenik DIDI 😍

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18 hours ago

Miami Heat

Which moment will Dwyane Wade create next?

Game 3 is Thursday night!

Which moment will Dwyane Wade create next?

Game 3 is Thursday night!


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#Flashback The #R3TURN The story continues ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Every one needs to step up the game and follow his lead

Not just wade but everyone, especially goran.

Hopefully they sit Winslow and let Mcgruder play some basketball and hit some good 3s Winslow is not a shooter and always doing some plays like he is a star and end up missing every single shot

I remember 2016 championship series...I was in Miami and got to touch Dwyane's pinky...I didn't want to wash my hand for a week or so! I touched Haslem, Dragic, Whiteside, Dwyane, and CB was on the sidelines... So excited!! GO Miami Heat! Forever Heat Nation!

Can’t always depend on him. Other guys need to step up like for instance Hassan Whiteside bro, i wanna see you getting 20 rebounds tomorrow.

Heat vs warriors

KING OF MIAMI! 🐐👑#PlayoffWade ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡Lol! Kevin Hart reminds me of the purple shirt man, they both take the L! 😂😂😂 #NobodyTalksTrashwithFlashNever doubt the heart of a champion ...no matter his age. 🏆Dwyane Wade CATCHES FIRE! 28 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals on 65% shooting! Heat get the 113-103 WIN over 76ers!#FlashBack The #R3TURN ⚡⚡⚡

We watch Heat playoff games so witness these moments.

Yes DWade bring the Young talented team with u 😊

Give the guy at least 30mins playing time!

The WHOLE team needs to create moments and win

Yeah, I love you DWade!

for me ur the best Dwad3! forever fan of yours..

Heat @ home 3-1 🔥🔥🔥

who is the champion and the final score at game 3

AAA is your house D.Wade Defend it !

Cant wait to see the AAA rock tomorrow night #whitehot

lets go heat dwade beat the sixers.

J***** im majku majcinu

Blow out Philly by 25 in Game 3!

Game 3, take over please!

Hey Whiteside step up.

This is wade county.

To win on thursday💪🏀💪🏀💪🏀

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2 days ago

Miami Heat

The fellas are back in Miami with their 1st round series tied at a game each thanks to Monday night's 113-103 victory in Philly.

Let's take a look back!


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“I watched that play go down early in the game when I was on the bench and I was in the game,” Wade said about that steal. “I told myself if they do that play later, I’m going to steal it." That's how deadly DWade is, in case The Sixers haven't noticed; on the floor or out of it.

This is a 4-1 series in favor of the 🔥

i can already hear the AA arena crowd going wild .Heaters this is Miami , this is playoff time, be the 6th player on the court .... Lets show what we are about . On Biscayne Bld we take no prisoners .. GO HEAT..

Protect homecourt go Heat

Please work on your second half, you guys can't maintain the lead, please work on how you close out the game big #HeatNation🔥

The Sixers will be back stronger better and tougher and will make a payback but the Heat as a playoff veteran and a homecourt advantage they should be far more or even more better, tougher and stronger than those kids, more physical and mental toughness and keep bullying those youngsters.

If I was living there in Miami I will always watching every Heat game but it ain't happening because I'm just a Heat fan from Philippines not rich and can't go there because It's too far and I have no more💰. But as a true Heat fan HeatLifer since 2006 childhood days watching Live games and highlights of the Heat I feel like I'm with the team.

be there Thursday to watch my heat play!! go heat!!

young guns! Dwade he's just behind you!!

Time to go to work! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Another epic another intense crowd must fierce this time


Love you Miami. Heat Nation for life!!!!

Lets Go!!!

Defend the Land court

Lets end this at 6.

Go HEAT 🏀💪⛹️

Kristof Rest-Ortiz

Filippo Angelillo ho finito le unghie

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