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Where to donate blood following Parkland school shooting

Where to donate blood following Parkland school shooting


HOW TO HELP: A blood drive is being held in Coral Springs to replenish hospitals that took in victims of the Stoneman Douglas shooting. More locations can be found by clicking the link.

OneBlood representatives said employees responded immediately to the shooting Wednesday at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School by rushing blood over to area hospitals.

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1 hour ago

Orlando Magic

Tag a friend! 🖐 It’s National High Five Day! ...

Tag a friend! 🖐 It’s National High Five Day!


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National high five day? I never heard of those national stuff and it sounds ridiculous

1 hour ago

CBS Miami

WATCH LIVE: 'Vote For Our Lives' rally being held on eve of Columbine school shooting, thanks to efforts by students from Parkland, Florida and throughout Colorado. ...


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lol there are 10 people there.

Come November, bye republicans.

We are taking back our country from those thieves, the Republican Party. Big blue wave coming

2 hours ago

CBS Miami

WATCH LIVE: Celebration of Barbara Bush's life from Houston, Texas. ...


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Prayers to the Bush Family 🙏

I love you Mrs Bush, you'll always be my hero and role model.


RIP Mrs. Barbara Bush. Fantastic lady.



R . I . P . Mrs Barbara Bush 😥🙏





3 hours ago

CBS Miami

Miccosukee Resort & Gaming introduces the ultimate gaming experience. The Miccosukee One Rewards Program, something new, for the winner in you.
#MiccosukeeOne #MRG #MiccosukeeResortGaming #Sponsored


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The opposition always leaves out the good part and keeps posting untruths about the campaign donation from the “Russian Oligarch” to Mayor Philip Levine’s campaign. Mr. Blavatnik has also contributed to many of our favorite democrats, too. If it’s good enough for President Obama, it’s good enough for me. Here’s a few as follows: “And they’ve also donated, in the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars ranges, totaling millions, to Democrats, including to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John Kerry, and Florida’s Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson. But the Blavatniks and their company did not donate to Trump’s campaign.” floridapolitics.com/archives/255036-scrutiny-emerging-philip-levines-support-floridas-russian-ame...

4 hours ago

Orlando Magic

"Stay the course." 🗺️ ...


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All you had to do was lose the last game.

Dragomir Djordjevic

7 hours ago

Orlando Magic

Quick!⚡Can you find the five differences in these two photos? 🤔 ...


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The wheels are different, one star is missing, the logo on the floor is gone, the star on the tip of the shoe is removed, the guy in the background has different colour pants

1 pants turned green 2 a Star was Removed over the head of the mascot 3 The Wheel 4 a star was removed to the mascot's shoe 5 removed the design from the court

Pants changed from light blue to green

Stars:head and shoe Wheel at the hoverboard Pants Changed colour Floor without sign

Rims, Floor, Shoes, Horns, Pants

Les roue , le pantalon , chaussures

10 hours ago

Orlando Magic

Khem! 🇨🇦 ...

Khem! 🇨🇦


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Next, Frank Vogel - season leader in head coach with the most games coached as a head coach.

Lol he only played 5 minutes a game and has the lowest fga on the team

lets give him 17mil a year now!


Lol how much minutes this guy played?

we better keep this guy

Then Magic is going to trade him then!

One of the few bright spots in this dark season...

Definitely an underated player. Add more muscle, more training, and we could have someone that teams fear when driving in the paint

He stepped it up. I like his game

Σε έχει κανει μαγκα ο σπανουλης

his game reminds me of Keon Clark

*gives him 20 mill a season*


So they got lead in fg% by a nobody. Good stuff good stuff 👎

Dragomir Djordjevic

Birch can hustle

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12 hours ago

Orlando Magic

🔥 Top plays of the season from J-Simms 1️⃣7️⃣ ...


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BIG Regret for us. - from a BIG Spurs fan

Happy beer day

Sayang to. Pinakawalan ng SPURS eh.

Simple lang pero halimaw yung galawan

ang galing ni idol steph irving

galing ni james yap

Dragomir Djordjevic

1 day ago

That's So Tampa

Zydeco Brew Werks is bringing some Cajun flare to Tampa's brewery scene! 🍺⚜️

#ThatsSoTampa made possible by Pilot Bank


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Emmy Fleeting

Danny Cal

Jeremy Parker

1 day ago

Orlando Magic

Evan was in the zone 🇫🇷 ...

Evan was in the zone 🇫🇷


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So glad we chose to go with him over Oladipo. Was a great season for all of us. Really happy with our management.

Great! Now let's trade him for a second round draft pick or cash consideration while his value is at its peak!

He also makes $17 Million/Year. So basically we pay this man $1 Million for every 1 PPG. Trash contract. NEXT.

In the zone???? You’re paying 17m a year for some bum to average 18 a game??? JUST THROW YOUR MONEY IN THE TRASH. Save us all the time!

Can you guys just stop posting?🙏 You're embarrassing all of us 🤦

Getting really tired of reading all these comments about how great Oladipo was. Be mad at the "return" they got in the trade, sure, but don't make him out to be more than what he was. He showed flashes here and there, but nothing consistent that proved he was anything more than a 15-5-5 guy. Maybe that was coaching, or had more to do with the surrounding talent, but if that was the case, what happened in OKC? Personally, I think coach Mac has reached him in a way others couldn't, and that the "disrespect" he was shown in the trades has given him motivation to take it to the next level. Good for him, he's out of the cesspool and doing well. But it wasn't guaranteed that if he stayed he would be doing what he's doing now, so stop being guilty of revisionist history.

Why do you keep making this posts in order to be roasted in every single one of them?

Orlando has a front office problem they continue to draft good players then sit on them till contract is up and then try to get support roles to get them to resign . Magic need to do more in getting veteran players to teach these rookies . With Shaq we had some seasoned vets and with Howard we had a second squad of pure defense . Now we have an opportunity to draft a big again so let’s try to rebuild the team ahead of the pick so that the talent can shine .

Y’all trade Oladipo but keep this clown smh

Aaron Gordon should be the leading scorer... Makes me feel like the Magic should scrap the whole roster and start over.. Once again.. Smdh

What zone? He was out half the season pretty much and won what? 26 games out of 82....let’s no celebrate 10 place trophies here ...we need change from the higher ups to change this organization

This explains the magic our best scorer is a horribly under equipped defender . And he’s really just a role player that we end up relying on .

Sooooooo in the zone. That is why we finished 3rd to last in the league?

The only Zone he should be in is Auto Zone testing batteries. This guy is a fraud of a Basketball player and so is this so called Basketball franchise that should be purchase d by a real Basketball fanatic who knows Basketball 😐

No player averaged 20ppg. Thats embarrasing.

They need to hit the reset button, they've had pretty much this same team for a few years now with no improvement

Evan was in the zone, and Evan was on the IR. I had the mf on my fantasy team too, so it was a double L for me smh...

Orlando will trade all the good players for less , way to go Orlando

Evans more worried about becoming bald than getting better at basketball

Really Orlando Magic you can't be serious with this post.

Should have never been more than a 6th man.

He’s still garbage. Him or oladipo and u keep him

Every fb post the Magic makes becomes a roast session lol

That’s so bad. How does that lead an NBA team? This is not something you should post Orlando Magic.

That’s a wicked scrape he’s got there.

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