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Voters take to the polls on Election Day in Orange County

Voters take to the polls on Election Day in Orange County


It's Election Day in Orange County and there are many issues and races that people will be voting on.

It is Election Day in several Orange County cities on Tuesday, with hotly contested mayor races will be decided in Apopka and Winter Park.

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A Holt couple is fighting a large gun range being built next to their home and horse farm. ...


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There's a shooting place in fwb near Kmart n it's been there long long time n I've never even heard a single gun shot over there

I understand the need for good gun ranges. BUT! I once owned horses. I would not have wanted a gun range anywhere near where my horses grazed or where they were stabled. Even as careful as most people are...there's always a chance of a stray bullet....much less all the loud noise that would frighten most horses...making a nervous reck out of some.

as long as it conforms to permits and such...they have no case

Cry baby cry

Where exactly in Holt?

Wow. Great journalism in this post Daily... there’s a large wooded area in between both properties. The safety areas exceed the federal requirements, and shooting takes place opposite of the private home. There. I did your job for you.

It's either Guns are bad, Trump sucks, or "look at all the students we are arresting". Maybe run an article on making drinking illegal for people under 21.

well just saying if you can build a horse ranch on land you bought,the gun range owner has the right to build their gun range, not saying it's ideal,but you only control the land you pay taxes on. 🙄🙄🙄

Guess they should have bought the land themselves...that way they could control what is built on the property

My husband and I just purchased land to build our home and equestrian facility on across from Jays Gun Range. I can understand this couples concerns, but if everything is being set up properly, there shouldn’t be an issue. It’s not like a hunting camp is being built nextdoor.... it’s a shooting range...

I had a gun range right next door with no buffer. It was fine. Horses for used to it, we never had one but if trouble from anyone there. They have since moved across the creek, we can still hear them, again no problem what so ever. Horses adapt.

We need more gun ranges

I see it grom both sides but having farm animals myself, I'd say No!

Who was there first? That may be the deciding factor

Move then

Carolyn Mettert

We get it. You hate guns.

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11 hours ago

Coral Springs, Florida Government

Stop by the City booth and create your community link. #unbreakableCommunity ...

Stop by the City booth and create your community link. #unbreakableCommunity
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