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Video shows officer shooting defendant in Utah courthouse

Video shows officer shooting defendant in Utah courthouse


Dramatic video from a 2014 attack in a Utah courthouse has been released.

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9 hours ago

Miami Marlins

#30Clubs30Days visited #MarlinsST today!

At 10PM, get an all-access look at the 2018 squad on MLB Network.

#30Clubs30Days visited #MarlinsST today!

At 10PM, get an all-access look at the 2018 squad on MLB Network.Image attachmentImage attachment

10 hours ago

Miami Marlins

In the #StPatricksDay spirit. ☘️



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Tyler Moore would have looked great in one of those green caps.

I am really glad to see Urena had a better outing to reset from that last time out. The only video I was able to see if his pitching today was his strikeout and it looked like a nasty 2 seamer on the inside corner that totally locked up the hitter. I hope that kind of thing is what we are going to be seeing all year. #62!

Are you guys sure the hurricanes weren’t playing??

It was great until the 9th inning.


Go fish

12 hours ago

Miami Marlins

Feelin' lucky. Happy #StPatricksDay! 🍀


Feelin lucky. Happy #StPatricksDay! 🍀



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Like the hat but if the Marlins do well luck will have everything to do with it Muhahahahaha

They're going to need to wear those lucky hats all season to win any games after what Jeter did to the lineup.

Seguiendo a este equipo desde República Dominicana quisiera ver al prospecto #4 que tienen a jorge guzmán lanzador derecho

Nobody is buying that hat

I need that hat

Happy ST Patrick's Day!🍀 Let's Go Marlins!!

Liking the green💚💚. Go Fish!


Jessica Gott

14 hours ago

Miami Marlins

Miami matches up against Houston this afternoon in Jupiter.

⌚: 1:05PM
📻: MLB.com Gameday Audio, WAQI 710 AM

#MarlinsST | atmlb.com/2ItOMzn

Miami matches up against Houston this afternoon in Jupiter.

⌚: 1:05PM
📻: MLB.com Gameday Audio, WAQI 710 AM
#MarlinsST | http://atmlb.com/2ItOMzn


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Blow a 6-0 lead in the 9th....Turner and Diaz wasting roster space!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is today's starting lineup for your 2018 Miami Marlins!!


Go fish

March 16 | Hope everyone enjoys the nice, warm, dry weekend ahead. High temps will be in the low to mid 80s across much of east central Florida. ...

March 16 | Hope everyone enjoys the nice, warm, dry weekend ahead. High temps will be in the low to mid 80s across much of east central Florida.


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Thank you all for your helping and saving lives. Is your list out for this year's Hurricane season? Also what is the waters around fla temp, asking due to what large storms for fla. If temps are warmmer from the past. God bless

2 days ago

Miami Marlins

"How do you do, Derek Dietrich?!"



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I hope they can carry this into the regular season...Hey im pist with the changes but so far it seems to be working..plus stanton, ozuna, gordon n yelitch didnt show us W's.Its baseball and 2003 marlins proof that anything can happen

I'm glad he's going to finally get to play every day.

If he keeps that up, he’ll be traded soon.

Or you could say "Nice Blast" because he crushed that pitch. The change is done. It happened. Get over it.

Dietz is on fire. Glad he's getting a chance to take his game to the next level.

Stop doing it in the preseason or Jeter will trade you away for peanuts !!!

I was there today!

When he throws that bat down...... he already knew by the sound 😏

With a little luck and Devine providence we may just be able to squeeze out 30 wins this year.

Fish are gonna Shock the world this season!


Love Dietz ! Go Marlins


This guy does have the power. I'm looking for RBI's.

Go Marlins!

Nice hit derek. Go fish


Got all of that one.

Go fish

Playing awesome.

Way to go Derek

Too bad its spring training


Yeah Deets

Daniel Collado crushed

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2 days ago

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Newly signed K Chandler Catanzaro is live at the podium to speak to the media! ...


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We need to concentrate on an o line, d line, and firing Smith, Dirk, and Licht

Ive been hearing" a lot of talent and young team" for 5 years now😂😂😂

Everyone commenting is so stupid. We signed 2 d linemen. Pursuing 2 O linemen hard. Draft will be ol,dl, secondary and rb.

A reliable kicker is very important for us if you have watched the last two years. So many missed field goals have screwed us over

Some one ask him if he is gonna be ok playing defensive tackle

Who cares? Can we try to get better and sign some decent players.

He'll do well for us! Welcome to the Buccs.

When we played the jets on 11/12 last year he was perfect on his field goals

I don't care if you're 400 lbs. If you can kick the ball and win games for us. Idc what you look like or your weight SMH

Can we clean house? Keep Dotson, sign Jenson... We need to protect Winston

Very Good , Tampa Bay let's Go this Year , You All Got This , A Superbowl Win !!! 💜

All these other free agents and we are getting roster fillers

Come on guys this was a great move

I think we can all agree that we are hoping for a good season but hope only lasts so long in Tampa! We have to win! See you boys in Baltimore this season! @bucsfaninDC!

It's too bad that we couldn't sign up Jordy Nelson. He was just released from the Packers and signed up with a different team. He surely would have been an asset to the team.

Hey we have lots of cap room let’s give him more money then some of the best kickers in the league! He must be able to play running back too.

Beau Allen is okay...not spectacular...O line was the biggest problem....secondary was...we've done absolutely nothing to fix the secondary except resign grimes who gets burned half the time

Look at our scores last year and what our record woulda been had we been able to kick a few fields goals a game instead of NEEDING a touchdown

I am tired of he are!!! Give us reason to say that!aring how great our QB and team could bhear how great we

All this great talent qe have on this roster. Now that we got a kicker were Super Bowl bound or.. Whatever😒

what strain of staph would you like, we have tons of MRSA to go around

Ownership doesn't execute

The only player looking forward to is Tyrann signing

Just go out and kick the ball don’t need some press conference for the kicker

Oh boy making moves! A kicker and a backup D lineman. Smh! Go get pouncey and mathieu!

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