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Trump: Rex Tillerson no longer as secretary of state

Trump: Rex Tillerson no longer as secretary of state


Rex Tillerson had just returned from a shortened trip to Africa hours before President Donald Trump’s announcement. Trump offered no explanation for the change.

President Donald Trump said that Rex Tillerson is no longer secretary of state and that he is replacing him with CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

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That's game. The boys return to action on March 31st at Orlando City Stadium. #NYCvORL ...

Thats game. The boys return to action on March 31st at Orlando City Stadium. #NYCvORL


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All you haters are going to be eating crow when full team is on the field and we are in the top three. This team is going to be good, mark my words. Go Lions!

It’s all Kaka’a fault. He doesn’t have the legs to perform or create in the midfield anymore. O wait.

They completely changed an entire team so that we can keep one stupid coach. He has now proven that even that doesn't work so far. Maybe we should change the whole team again. N other news, Adrian Heath in Minnesota is winning..

Angry. Just utterly upset. I’ve been here from the start. I am ocsc til I die. That doesn’t mean I’m ok with this. Not at all

OCSC is officially the worst team in MLS. If I would not have season ticket, I would not go to any game anymore! This is ridiculous! Now we have another worthless pro team in orlando! Great job!

I would say #KreisOut but we are missing so many players! Like Colman, Sascha, Sane.....oh wait. #KreisOut

Is it just me or is it even more annoying when we continue to lose to teams which cannot even fill 1/3 of their stadiums?

Can’t wait to hear the postgame coach’s interview...he must be running out of BS excuses at this point!! GM better start looking for a backup plan cause if this keeps up he will have to fire Kreis by end of April!!

Kreis needs to adjust his coaching to the players he has, not force the players he has to fit into his mold. If his formation doesn’t work, for goodness sake, CHANGE IT.

Tata Martino lost 4-0 and changed his formation right away! Kreis losses and sticks to the fucking diamond. Why is he afraid to try new things? We need a new manager and at least 2 decent strikers. I don’t think Dom Dwyer is going to make a difference.

Garbage stadium and empty stands aside.....we suck. I get that we're missing players - but that's not it. Tactically we suck. The guys look out of place, lost, and confused most of the time - and Kries changes nothing. Makes the most influential sub too late, and I'm sure will go on with the "I thought we played well" in his press conference. We have the players, just not the coach.

I don’t get it. Touch, pass. It’s that easy. And it doesn’t count if Meram passes to the other team. Is it a requirement that if you wear #9 on OCSC you have to be a ball hog? With the exception of Bendik, Dwyer (if he comes back), and Kljestan, everybody else including the GM, Kreis, and the rest of the coaching staff need to go. I normally give Cleveland Browns fans a hard time, but I think I’ll be nicer to them from now on since OCSC is the Browns of the MLS now.

For the sake of my rant I'm not going to count penalties as a goal (because you should really make all of your penalties). Orlando has 1 point in 3 games. Scored one goal, and conceded 5 goals. As a season ticket holder I'm really asking for the upper management to fire kreis. At some point the coach is the problem. Please take action before it is too late

They seem to struggle a little bit. A couple of defense mistakes led to 2 goals. Hopefully they will get it together next week. Johnson almost had a nice goal at the end. Hit the post.

New York Yankees need to ban soccer on their field. Such a trash field for the game and makes every team have to get lucky passes to find chances. Granted when the assist leader last season looks like he’s never played a pass in his life it doesn’t help.

If we get Messi we’d still loose ! Why? Because Kreis is the coach . 🙏🏻 get rid of this coach ! No heart, no emotion, nothing ! Just arms crossed like always .

And we salute you for it. Now don't come back.

Poor performance....what's the excuse now?? Higuita was in, Sacha was in, Colmán waa in.... Oh!! we we're missing Dwyer....as good as he is, he's not miracle boy, the team can't depend on 1 or 2 players....

Garbage!! I guess that’s what happens when you hire a fitness coach instead of a soccer coach. I’m tired of defending Kreis, maybe it’s time to move on.

Jason kries decimated Heaths team. Who is now in Minnesota , they beat our asses last week. So it seems we are now in the running for last place. I don’t think kries is a good manager. the team has no heart. I’m a saddened season ticket holder #firejasonkries

Tommorrow, we learn the eCommerce xbox player OC signed wins a tournament. Monday, we see great dribbling skills from the game. Tuesday we talk about our great fans. Let's face it....PR teams needs to report the terrible job Kries has done in the last 30 games and that management finally fires him. PR spin doctors sugar coat our winless start!!!!

Engineered our own downfall unfortunately. Thought up until Yotuns hospital pass we were comfortable. Positive good to see Colman come on, looks good, him Sachs and Meram behind Dwyer and this team will look good going forward

A team with Johnson and Higuita in the core of a diamond (that still hasn’t worked for us consistently) isn’t strong enough to win games... Uri Colman and Dwyer can’t get 100% quick enough

We should’ve gotten Tata Martino before Atlanta scooped him up... or another real coach, with real experience!!

That’s what happens when you break up the team that got you here... those USL days and players are gone, no hunger anymore. Welcome to the ML$

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HALF: NYC - 0 | City - 0

Tight affair in the first 45 for both sides but the boys are in it! #FaceOfCity

HALF: NYC - 0 | City - 0 

Tight affair in the first 45 for both sides but the boys are in it! #FaceOfCity


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Game over. New players, same results. Kreis out. What else is left to say?

How long it takes to figure out the current coach was a mistake

We need a formation change and for the love of god please quit playing will Johnson.

So very frustrating. Lack of discipline. Lack of basic skills. How in the world do we keep getting worse no matter who we bring in. Meram passes to nycfc more than us. Kries can't possibly keep his job too much longer. 0 and 3 and looking worse each game

I truly don’t mean this to be taken as trash talking but NYCFC have to get a real stadium. Every time we play there it’s just ugly. That small pitch just kills the flow of the game.

Frustrating watching them play on this crappy small field

For the past week OC has been filling my Facebook feed acting like Pornstash was our savior and he’s played like utter dogshit

OMG I don't know why I even bother to keep thinking that they are going to play better 😕

One... Higiuata needs to go. He is too dangerous with his tackles. Two, the team seems to be lacking heart. It feels like they are playing for the draw.

There is a systematic problem within this team. A lot of us have said it for a while now. Kreis just can’t figure it out.

Meram isn't himself today. He and Sacha are not connecting at all.

If we get Messi we’d still loose ! Why? Because Kreis is the coach . 🙏🏻 get rid of this coach ! No heart, no emotion, nothing ! Just arms crossed like always .

5 wins in the last 31 games and Kreis is still employed. He has dirt on management for sure. But according to many, I’m not a loyal fan because I say my team sucks!

We suck in the final third. We keep giving away the ball in their half. I know these new guys need to gel but c’mon haven’t y’all practiced at least. Gotta get Higuita out in the second half, his tackles and fouls scare me.

Let be honest here...Regardless of how ridiculous this field is they are playing pretty shitty. They are making stupid fouls. They can't connect a pass.

Al-Toid Negron, what is this mess? We need to locate Alessandro Nesta, immediately! Alessandro Nesta, where are you? Please come to Orlando to coach OCSC!

Another disappointment among many dissapointmets. Carrying over from last year and now into this year. Can't say it's totally a coaching thing but the players seem to be in the same mindset as the ones we had last year and they are supposed higher quality players. A leader who commands respect can inspire the whole team. Ultimately in the end it's up to the players to decide to perform.

Just how long is management going to put up with this so called coach you can bring Messi Neymar and renaldo and he still couldn’t win .hell we got beat by our old coach missing his main striker and Molino face it he is just a bad coach

Are they playing on a U-10 field.

Just like the old days. Social Media goes fucking silent in the second half of a shot effort.

All this talent and we can't even connect simple passes.

I literally believe this the worst Ive seen them play, ever.

Really miss the 104.1 coverage. This Twitter B.S just made me more mad

As usual defense is there but the offense is like trying but still non existant. We need to get an attack going to start the second half.

A number of missed chances due to bad vision or poor passing.

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Is this the smartphone you need to cure your smartphone addiction?



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Ugh...just go back to driving 90's era vehicles and using old TVs. Stop halting the progress of tech because it makes you feel old

I think this is a great idea for pre-teens and teens

Marshall Powell

Austin Heath Hatfield

10 hours ago

Orlando City Soccer Club

‪The boys. ‬

‪#NYCvORL | #FaceOfCity ‬

‪The boys. ‬

‪#NYCvORL | #FaceOfCity ‬


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OMFG get rid of Higuita. Geezzzzz

Bad decision by coach to sit Higuita our first 2 games.

Why is Sutter not starting...?

I hate this diamond formation

Uh, is the game being televised in English?

Game time...

That's an ugly ugly stadium. Ugh😖

When MLS Live says i have no blackouts associated with my zip code but when i try to watch the game, it says it's blacked out in my area. this is why i would never pay for this.


When's Dom expected to return?

Can we please just sit will Johnson up in the stands with us!

Same predictable formation. Why does he coach insist on the same formation every game? Someone needs to buy him a copy of coaching soccer for dummies.

Wow yotun had an assist and we didn't even score....

Even I don’t speak Spanish, I prefer the excitement of the announcers on Univision over the boring commentary on 27.

We the fans need a WIN

I love Orlando Fc so much, great team, great city and great people, I love you all

Higuita is on. Good call. Lindley needed a break. David Villa won't be playing. Let's capitalize on that.

I really wish I have the chance to play for this great team

The moment I saw this I stated, Higuita is starting... Bring on the cards...he's lucky he's not to a red yet, but it's early... When Kreis goes, he should take Higuita with him... Otherwise... GO CITY!!


El munir 💪😍

I hope Colman plays today ! He is going to shine for us

The diamond ..... yaaayyy

I like Mueller he’s good up front. Hopefully with Sacha on, our midfield is better today.

Yay. Can't watch or listen to the game though because of blackouts. Thanks orlando. Thanks ML$

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‪The Boss on today’s match. #NYCvORL ‬ ...


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How many more loses before the front office fires Kreis? It’s been 30+ games since a win that is unacceptable!

I like Kreis. Offensively, Orlando looked better than NYCFC. Unfortunately Spector was knocked out by NYCFC dirtbag. Too much confusion out the back. :(. All in all, I'm happy. Go Lions.

OCSC wake up, and listen to your fan base. Need new Ideas, new coaching.

Do you really expect us to turn the sound on for this?? We don't care what he thinks anymore. Next...

NYCFC became a good team after they fire the previous coach 🤔

Not feeling very optimistic, and neither is the coach. #firekreis

NYFC missed the play off one time! .....oh you was the coach that time! Thank you to continue the same trend here in Orlando! Please find another team to ruin!

Two things were very clear. 1) NYC's pitch should be left to YMCA games, and 2) this team isn't good at all.

I love that he blames the small field like they sprung the news on the field size to him this morning. We are going to be out of the post season by mid May at this rate.

Hopefully he has more energy and fighting spirit in the locker room talks.

He’s in hot seat with the people the matter, the fans. Needs to improve the team and fast.

Question is , are we gonna win a game with this coach ??

Kreis you should of left with Larin

Kreis should have been gone last season when the team went from 1st to 2nd to dead last in the east. That to me was a sign that Kreis is terrible. Is it time to start wearing brown bags over our heads yet?

Same results! New players! SAME COACH!

Kreis out

Orlando city isn’t good.We need a new coach.👎🏻 Because we are supporting the team and there is no results.

BREAKING NEWS: Orlando City “officially” eliminated from playoffs


This is not the way to make it to the playoffs Jason!!

Hahahahahahhahahaha how does someone like him work in US Soccer?

Lot of positives here lol

This dude sucks. 2nd year and ge still isnt doing dick.

And by boss you mean???

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15 hours ago

City of Port St. Lucie

Watch the St Patty's parade LIVE from the Port St. Lucie Civic Center City of Port St. Lucie ...


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Just recently moved in this county from palm beach county... love it here!

Pt St Lucie civic center

Civic center

Happy st Paddys day 💚💚💚🐍🦎🐊🐉🍀🍀🍀🍀p

Nice to see this since I have to work and can't be there

Wish I knew... I’d bring my daughter ☘️

Happy st. Patrick’s Day ☘️🍻

Happy st patricks day everyone

Happy St Pat ☘️

Yes where is this being held?

First year missing it


We're is this at?

Go m&m sweeties . My granddaughter.

Thank you Brian

Yeah sweeties !!


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20 hours ago

AARP Florida

Erin go Braugh! ...

Erin go Braugh!


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Happy St . Patrick's Day !!🍀

Happy st Patrick's day

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Have a great day



☘️☘️ Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all the O’Neills! I’m a Kelly! ☘️☘️

AWWWH love you

You to Geri. :)

Thank you I wish you a very happy ST PATRICK'S DAY

And to u too!

You to Pearlie


Happy St.Patricks day 🥝

To you as well.

Yes same to you and jerry and nay and aunt lois.


Same to you.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And to Nancy, and yourself, as well, Don !

Good evening AARP, Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too! 🍀💚


How was your cruise carol

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Tomorrow at 11 am we will be going Facebook Live with the St. Patrick's Day parade. If you can't join us to celebrate at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center, check in right here and tell your friends and family too! ...

Tomorrow  at 11 am we will be going Facebook Live with the St. Patricks Day parade. If you cant join us to celebrate at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center, check in right here and tell your friends and family too!


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I forget what time the parade starts tomorrow.

What time is parade?

Where is the parade route? We only recently moved here and want to watch the parade. Thanks!

The parade starts at 11 am Saturday at the PSL Civic Center

Sherri Jennings-Green Lovelace. It’s at the civic center.

Does anyone have the actual parade route / street names it will go on or is it literally just a little parade that walks around the civic center parking lot?

Congratulations to Port St. Lucie Utility Systems for being the Runner Up in the 2018 Best Tasting Drinking Water Contest in association with the Florida Section American Water Works Association (FSAWWA) Region VIII. They competed against 9 other utilities in the tri-county area. The judges based their scores on color, clarity, odor and taste. ...


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Really? Is this straight from the plant or after it gets mixed with the chlorine. Glad that Psl is better than most but we got a long way to go for good quality water sorry to say

If PSL's is one of the best, I'd hate to taste the others. 🤮

The best I’ve had was in Gainesville. I really miss their water. 😢 Although, I do have unfiltered well water right now😝 Nasty stuff.

Eastern Water and Health

Port St. Lucie water taste freaking bad!

Now if we could just convince the public,,,not to buy single use bottled water.

We should have the samples sent to www.ews.com to be tested at no charge. Environmental Water Systems is a great company based in Las Vegas but has the best whole house filtration units. Mark Truncale is the President of the company and I am sure would be willing to test the samples and perhaps provide a special discount. There are several local plumbing supply stores you can purchase from. I have personally drank the water and do not make money if you buy one. I just truly believe in the product.


I love our water❤️

Hahaha that’s hilarious

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