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Trump names CIA Director Pompeo as next Secretary of State

Trump names CIA Director Pompeo as next Secretary of State


BREAKING: Trump fires Secretary of State Tillerson, replaces him with CIA chief Mike Pompeo >> http://bit.ly/2FEligd

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Deck collapse at Georgia bar injures 14 https://t.co/tAoHFcNvC8

Police search for suspects in Walgreen's armed robbery https://t.co/ayPhECAC7F

Deltona man breaks into home, rapes teenager, deputies say https://t.co/T4eyVlJvDs

Woman tries to treat flu, ends up needing liver transplant https://t.co/q8UKlK8JhI

Data firm suspended from Facebook after harvesting info of millions https://t.co/xsECqrKZar

Two Patrick Air Force Base airmen killed in chopper crash in Iraq https://t.co/Wbm90o9LwE

School shooting survivors take gun control message abroad https://t.co/steFj4Ibz6

VP Mike Pence visits Savannah on St. Patrick's Day https://t.co/YEPHwtZlY8

Demi Lovato celebrates 6 years sober at show https://t.co/6TAEopjA0v

Comey to Trump: 'The American people will hear my story' https://t.co/VEXXFZjyUx

Man falls to death from 21st floor of Chicago building https://t.co/lMHrD4FrSn

Attorneys for Trump and Cohen file to move Stormy Daniels lawsuit to federal court https://t.co/Sy4QyH5WDA

Man kills ex-wife at California mall, police say https://t.co/aEEv3E2yNV

Military officials at Patrick Air Force Base say their hearts are heavy tonight.

The Department of Defense has named the seven men killed in a chopper crash in Iraq, and two of the airmen are from Florida.

Here's more from our @WESH report:

Jailhouse video shows deputies watching, laughing as inmate dies https://t.co/3BAQ2h2wRl

13 hours ago

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Avoid the spring break traffic and hop on board the Clearwater Ferry for a beautiful scenic view that stops right here at Clearwater Marine Aquarium!

Visit St. Pete/Clearwater
Hop aboard the Clearwater Ferry for a more scenic route to #AmericasBestBeaches! ☀️😎🛥

Get more info here: ClearwaterFerry.com


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Christy Mitchell

Shane Milburn

Kevin Burton

17 hours ago

Miami Dolphins

🖋 Putting pen to paper and making it official. ✒️ ...


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Can we sign a new Owner?

New look,🐬🏈Pouncey,Landry & Suh...bye by..

Welcome to the new guys and congratulations to the ones resigning 🐬🐬🐬🐬

Time to give those new players a warm "welcome aboard".

Maybe this is the year of the Dolphins!!!

Enjoy the weather,,boys!!

Gase is in charge, and he wants a SMART team with LEADERS....too much big money being collected with no results...I'm quite good with the moves.

So we trade away our all stars for someone else’s. Front office management needs to be removed. Next you going to tell us that you will be signing cutlers for another 3 years and making him the highest paid QB... I hope not. Last trade turned out into a Super Bowl ring for Jay, maybe juice will get one two

Amendola suffered a concussion while signing his contract .


We know already. You've only spammed us with this stuff all week. Bring back the old logo

And enjoy weather, cortadito y pastelitos de guayaba Danny!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

Be positive dolphins funs!!!!! Specially Anthony Vinelo!!!!

Hopefully amendola only inked a 4 week deal. #fragile

Poor sobs must care more about money than winning.

Some players that will be leaders instead of just getting a paycheck. Landry was all about himself. Pouncey didnt practice and missed too many games. Suh was way overpaid. With the talent they had someone should of pulled this team together. But nope too busy worrying about stats or didnt care about leading.

Did the center sign yet haven't heard

Team is already much better. I know they will win more than last year.

Im so mad at my Father for introducing you to my world.

Here I was thinking he would pull off another Josh McDaniels!!!

I will give them credit for trying

Come on.. Anyone else see how the pen he is signing with look identical to the emoji pen?? 😁🐸☕

Bill Egarchos, a collection of great shots!

Going to be a very interesting 2018!! Might surprise some people!

Some names with those photos would be helpful

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Talk about #VacationGoals!☀️🌴🐬 Check out our ultimate spring break checklist for everything you need to know when visiting Clearwater this spring: bit.ly/2HCghpe ...


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Next week!!! 😁🙌



Kenneth Vanderpool!!!

Morgan Hubbard when can we go

Miguel Ribera... todavía tenemos el anual pass

Amber Tarnowski Stephanie Starr 2020

Becky Reini

2 days ago

City of Miramar

Trucks in the Park: Food Trucks are coming to Miramar TOMORROW and every THIRD Saturday from 11AM - 3PM at Vizcaya Park, 14200 SW 55th Street, Miramar, FL. #FoodTruckInvasion #ItsRightHereInMiramar ...

Trucks in the Park: Food Trucks are coming to Miramar TOMORROW and every THIRD Saturday from 11AM - 3PM at Vizcaya Park, 14200 SW 55th Street, Miramar, FL. #FoodTruckInvasion #ItsRightHereInMiramar


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Raymond Grobelny

In honor of Dolphin Awareness Month, here are a few feel-good tips to learn from a dolphin! 🐬 #CMAinspires ...


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I can't wait to see everyone next week always a joy to see all the staff too

Dolphins are amazing animals. You can learn so much from them.

How is winter and hope coming along?

Alex Oakley - these are the dolphins I told you about that I went to see in FL last year 😍😍

My son and I visited in 2010 and met Winter. That visit is probably his favorite memory of our trip to Clearwater. We're coming back in June and this is the first place he asked to go! 💙💚


I love dolphins 🐬🌊🌈💙❣️

So beautiful dophin and have fun and enjoy

Good words to live by for all of us!

Amazing place, not to be missed!

Smart dolphins!

that's my girls! love 'em <3

I. Like. You. Photo

Lovely :)


Barbara Strüwing

Nancy Sparks

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