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Trump draws rebuke for ‘animal' remark at immigration talk

Trump draws rebuke for ‘animal' remark at immigration talk


"These aren't people. These are animals." President Trump's comments have drawn a sharp rebuke from Democratic leaders.


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5 AM EDT update on Subtropical Storm Alberto. Storm is now moving northward toward the Gulf of Mexico. Check out the graphic for the latest details! #flwx #gawx #alwx

Sandbags r a simple, effective way to reduce flood water damage. When filled & placed, they act as a barrier to divert moving water around, instead of thru, buildings. With rain chances high this weekend, community sandbag locations r open. Bring a shovel https://t.co/sTGSk9Wgka

Caught on camera: Woman escapes after Kia catches fire on I-4 https://t.co/zfNhVTzxKo

Heavy, tropical downpours are forecast in #Florida . Flood Watch through Monday... #Orlando

North and South Korean leaders meet https://t.co/kJ6b72nRB9

Animal control officer saves kitten abandoned by mother by giving CPR https://t.co/gttKYdTlkR

This beauty is bouncing around our yard these days. It is a zebra longwing, the state butterfly of Florida. #fox35 #nature

Investigator reveals eerie detail from search of Golden State Killer suspect's home https://t.co/Ahv5nzqyQn

~ REMEMBERING THE FALLEN. 🇺🇸 Time of reflection. 💙 https://t.co/gUgWcZjEYV @Fox35News

Police: Wounded Indiana middle school student in critical condition https://t.co/6rLHL1sFdw

Emergency crew jumps in to assist service dog needing help before boarding flight​ https://t.co/lw7kDEv7qd

Publix suspends political donations amid anti-NRA protest https://t.co/HZgwQUYQCq

Seaweed taking over Brevard County beaches https://t.co/eyyVql91D3

South Korea relieved about revived US-NKorea talks https://t.co/H7ehMfnXTp

14 hours ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

"I've been having a great week of OTAs and now I feel like I'm really one of them." ...


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Faster Version of Arob right here👌

You gonna be a monster out there..good luck dbs

15 hours ago

Fitbit Miami Marathon


16 hours ago

City of Coral Gables - Government

Preparing for hurricane season @citycoralgables. Practice makes perfect. We can do this! Be #GablesStrong. ...

Preparing for hurricane season @citycoralgables. Practice makes perfect. We can do this! Be #GablesStrong.Image attachmentImage attachment

16 hours ago

City of Coral Gables - Government

City of Coral Gables Emergency Management is conducting an operational ready exercise right now.
Simulating a “Hurricane VALERIE” pretend scenario, all sections chief (operations, logistics, public information, etc.) discuss what they would do to prepare this community.

19 hours ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

WATCH: Offensive Lineman Andrew Norwell and Coach Pat Flaherty address the media following OTA #3. ...


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Bortles can setup a chair and relax behind this line 👍

Jack was down!! 2017 Never forget

Blake will have so much time back there. Fournette is going to have a chance to get 1500yrds. This is the season!!!

#DavidMendenhall it was prooven 44 was NOT down. It was 1 of the 12 missed/bad calls that favored the Cheaters!

We might have the best OL and DL in the NFL js

Ready for a Super Bowl!

Reppin Duuuuuuuvaaaaal county all the way in Lemoore, CA. We out cheah!

Good luck getting past this line. 😂

Can't wait for this season!!!!

Tell him I can still eat more burgers than him...

Welcome to number one defense in the NFL

wonder if Pat can hook me up with tickets ????

So excited for the season to start!! #DUUUVVAAAAALL

Stay healthy Andrew!

How about 0 sacks against Bortles in 2018

Ready to see this guy play for our Jags!

#JohnMaccormack if not we're VERY close!!!

Oh i see you corrected it. My bad!

Joshua I think he just mistyped

Tulsa ok in Tha House 2019 thats is go JAGS

It's clear he wasn't

Can’t wait for this season

is it done already?

Big things coming


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The City of Coral Gables promotes the development of a smart city technology that brings everyone together.

The smart city plan includes a new smart city hub public platform, a data marketplace, an application store, transparency portals, a crime intelligence center, data platforms, internet of things, and a robust and resilient technology infrastructure with high speed communications.

For more information visit www.coralgables.com/IT or www.coralgables.com/smartcity

22 hours ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

WATCH: Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone meets the media ahead of OTA #3. ...


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Best HC since Tom Coughlin

Hey Doug, you guys are doing great! But if I was in the afc championship I would have said different stuff to players! So we could win!

Let's get this season going I think all the additions we accumulated through the offseason be it draft or free agencyare going to make us that much better I'm excited Go Jags but no matter what win lose or tie Jags fan till I die

Talk about football coach

Coach Marrone was my sons OL coach at Tech. Many years ago now. But he’s awesome!!! Can’t wait for the season to start.

The Patriots knew when and where the entire 2nd half of the AFC Championship!! SMH!

I can't understand how a supposed 'Bold New City of the South' can insult your roots, insult your family, insult this Great Country after that day, Sept in London. A day that will live in infamy.

Is Coach grilling Bologna on Memorial Day??

I think Coach just flipped me off...😂😂😂

Has coach lost some weight? He looks slimmer!

The veterans are stepping up

Whats going on with the team

Keep up the good work!

Talking about Syracuse snow

Practice, talk about practice

“You know what I’m sayin”

So excited for this season!

What's that name?!?!?!?!?!?!


Still 3 months til preseason 😭

Delaware says hello

Let’s get better !!

I Kno thanks

Get it in


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22 hours ago

City of Coral Gables - Government

Coral Gables has completed the installation of new signs that remind you the new speed limit on all City residential streets is 25 miles per hour. Drivers are asked to obey the speed limit in order to make our streets safer for everyone ...


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Making our commute as residents more difficult within addressing the real issues...as usual 😞

Muy linda esa periodista mi famili

Install sidewalks in all city streets so people don’t have to walk in the streets!!



As a resident of the city I applaud the new 25 mph speed limit, however the hundreds of new signs creates visual pollution for a city that calls itself “the city beautiful”, I’m one unlucky homeowner that now has a horrible sing in front of my house, drive trough Red Road south of Coral Way and see all the new posts placed “randomly” on the Coral Gables streets in front of residents houses, I’m pretty sure none of them are happy with the position of the signs.😡

Thank you so much for our beautiful coral gables

Thank you, now we need to inform the public and enforce it. Thank you for Mayor and City commission for keeping us safe.

Street closings making it necessary for cars to cross the city using Riviera Drive have made this a very





Good work


Scott Andrew Galya




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En Español,
La Ciudad de Coral Gables fue nuevamente el lugar elegido por la Peruvian American Chamber of Commerce (Camara de Comercio Peru-Americana), para realizar la octava edicion de Peru Gourmet 2018. Un evento que presento lo mejor de la comida del Peru ante cientos de personas que se delitaron por una buena causa.

Thunder is making himself heard during OTAs.

Take a listen as Coach McCardell works with the wide receivers.


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I'm a die hard EAGLES fan, Jacksonville, definitely got a great team..love your Corner back, Jalen reminds me of Brian Dawkins from the EAGLES.. Jalen even wears number 20.. Good luck this year Jacksonville FL!!

Sometimes I think He could still suit up!

I can’t lie this WR Corp looks nasty !!!! Lee Westbrook Moncrief Cole Chark Mickens And Lazard 😳😳😳

I hope he and Coughlin finally bring that 🏆 to Jax

Wow...now I know why he was an awesome player...Swagsonville!!!

He was a great player and it sounds like he's going to be a great coach. Class act all the way.

Its going to suck when he takes that HC job one day

McCardell is awesome. So glad he left Maryland and came here. If he gets the WRs going, he will be the next hot OC and then head coach one day. Love it!

I love him assisting on Jags! One of my fav jags players.

What a great man. He is a to notch individual. I have met him a few times and he is a solid person. Glad he's on our side.

He knows Jalen and A.J. about to sharpen the steel when they get there

That booty route had me dying

Keenan callin out Jalen and AJ...... 👌👌👌👏👏👏 Gettin the WR ready to take on the best everyday in practice

So glad he is back home helping to shape this phenomenal group of receivers. Go JAGS

"Low down dirty even, like his brother Keenan"

Cole out there running them round booty routes 😂

Love him in Tampa one of my favorite wr.

Best reviewer's coach ever. What an inspiration to the team.

Those boys have got a great coach and mentor.

Loved the addtion last year and he did wonders with a bunch of guys we never really heard about. Now he's really showing these guys what it takes to be the best!!

I hope they use A. Lazard in the slot like we used Blackmon finding the mis-match and putting that big body in front of defenders!

Keenan is an awesome coach that knows how to get the best out of these guys.

Swap- show up and listen- were don't even have that in the play book😂 ❤the thunder!

Very excited to see what he’s going to do with the young WR group. Did a great job last year.

Mr smooth showing what its all about.

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Register before midnight and save on the 305 Half Marathon & 5K! www.305halfmarathon.com #NotRunningWithoutYou #RunMIA ...

Register before midnight and save on the 305 Half Marathon & 5K! www.305halfmarathon.com #NotRunningWithoutYou #RunMIA
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