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Trump Admin. To Announce New Sanctions For Russia

Trump Admin. To Announce New Sanctions For Russia


United States' Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley says the Trump administration will announce more sanctions against Russia as soon as Monday.

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Join us in preparing for the season with the annual Painting of the Paws on July 28th.

Register: jagrs.com/Paws18


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I have been a fan of your team since they were first on the NFL, HOWEVER, I will boycott if the players choose to 'take the knee' during the National Anthem. No 'If's or But's' about it. Please respect that as a viewer and a paying fan, that this is America and we respect our flag. Racism against our Flag and what it stands for should not be tolerated and those who disrespect it should not be paid American money nor be shown as a 'celebrity'. Weather it be an actor, professional athlete, or any other profession while in the United States. We STAND TOGETHER! The ONLY way that one should not stand is if they are disable! With this being said, may God bless your team and I will stand behind as you stand for our National anthem. Thank you!

Sarah Michelle Daniels there is ALWAYS something that makes me miss this 😡

Izzy McLeod you and the kids!

Great idea!

Have fun you all!


Chris Kerford-sounds fun!😃

Brandon Washington


Ashley Anderson Cousins

Carlos Chirico

12 hours ago

Palm Beach Zoo

“And then the Zoo will be ours...”

📷 Zoo Ambassador Betsy Alexander Stibal

“And then the Zoo will be ours...”

📷 Zoo Ambassador Betsy Alexander Stibal


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Emily May Maple

That is like the biggest iguana you have in the park.. I think. Unless there are two big males like that roaming

"And we can proceed with our plans to take over the world... hahaha!"

In my backyard i saw 2 of those green lizzards ,at firsy it was just 1 but now i see 2 ,it,s gota be a ale and a female they are about 3 to 4 feet long, i am worried about my cat i don,t know if they will go after her or not, when i open the back door they take off and up the palm trees to hide.

Dana Reichenstein Noto

It looks like they are smoking.

These are one of my son’s favorite parts of the zoo! 🤣🤣 He thinks they’re friends with the monkeys!

Ahh Christopher King those giant iguanas!!! 😳😳😳

Lol true statement

Paul Gervasi lol

Number 50 returned a fumble 50 yards for a touchdown against the Steelers.

Only Telvin Smith days until kickoff!


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Hope you curbed the kneeling bs this year

Guys last year is over sorry to tell you

In 6 days post the Myles Jack fumble recovery .. you know the one they blew the whistle early on keeping the Jags from sealing a trip to the SB

The Heartbeat of this Team bar none

Tom Crowden remember when we won the AFC south and north last year? I bet Pittsburgh remembers 😂😂 Chris Davis

Jersey number 50, runs for 50 yards, and only 50 days to go. What a coincidence!

Holla at me when you actually make it past the AFC champ game

I love when the Jags beat BITCHBURGH

Aundrell Johnson look we keep doing that

That Sunday hop was the most blessed Sunday hop of all Sunday hops! Change my mind.

And so did 44..... but you know refs and pats stick together lmao

He been doing stuff like that FSU gang telvin smith 💪🏾 jags nation

I got my official Jaguars Polo for my birthday on Wednesday!! I am so ready!! Whoohoo!!

Oops ! There he is. Knockout artist #50. "GO JAGS"

Never forget Jennifer Hobba Jaso 😂😂😜😜


We stomped PICKSburgh!!

Jeff Fricker

Jonathan Gabriel Ross Love

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1 day ago

Palm Beach Zoo

AS NATIONAL ZOOKEEPER WEEK #NZKW2018 COMES TO AN END: a shoutout to our esteemed veterinary care team members. Under the leadership of Dr. Genevieve Dumonceaux (Dr. G), Palm Beach Zoo's Director of Animal Health; Amber Landacre, certified veterinary technician; Gwen Gehweiler Lovett, Animal Operations/Records Manager; and Associate Curators Nancy Nill & Amy Anderson play critical roles in helping our animals live long, happy and healthy lives. FROM ALL OF US TO YOU - THANK YOU! *MIC DROP* ...

2 days ago

Palm Beach Zoo

WOW! WE'RE STILL BLOWN AWAY BY FIONA'S JAW-DROPPING BIRTHDAY ENRICHMENT-- created by Kelly McCorry! SERIOUSLY, LOOK AT THAT CREATION! EPIC! Kelly, a carnivore keeper, started as an intern 3.5 years ago and has always had a passion for wildlife, especially ocean conservation. When she’s not working at the zoo she volunteers her time assisting Florida Fish and Wildlife with manatee rescue and recovery. She also enjoys snorkeling, scuba diving, and taking pictures of wildlife. Kelly loves to educate people about our native Florida species and how they can help to protect them: it’s something I’m very passionate about and why I love the platform I have at my job.

*Kelly also manages the Zoo's Snapchat account - let's show her some NATIONAL ZOOKEEPER WEEK #NZKW2018 love!


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#NZKW2018 is coming to an end... share your memories below and remember to visit the Jaguar Habitat sponsored by Jaguar Palm Beach during your next visit!

Above and beyond Kelly, ABOVE AND BEYOND!

Yeah Kelly

That's my girl❤️

Back in his hometown, Barry Church returned an interception 51 yards for a touchdown.

Only 51 days until kickoff!


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Not to take away from the interception, but did you see how the Olineman was holding Fowler around the neck. Fowler almost got a piece of it before Ben threw it.

"The day the Jacksonville Jaguars' D broke Big Ben." #Jaguars

HOW THE HELL ARE YOU NOT SAYING, "POZ" DAYS UNTIL KICKOFF!? Would have been a nice gesture!!

Y'all feel y'all done I want watch no games this year

Angel Perez Ryan Kennedy LK Perez never forget hahahaahha


We all can’t wait for Football Season to start!!!

Kera; I was there; It happened right in front of me😀🏈🐾

🎤Take me to Church🎤

I’ve been counting down since January!!


Great play!

Church on Sunday 💯💪

Let’s go🏈

Look Aundrell Johnson yes again this year


Get ready


Jamaica Long 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

All ramsy

Kyle Brown Tracy Michelle Casarrubias Jeffrey Brown

Benjamin Robert Jake Gibbons

Evan Aull

Bradley Basich Jim Ridinger

Rose Baskin

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2 days ago

Palm Beach Zoo

BIOLOGIST. ADVOCATE. CONSERVATIONIST. ZOOLOGIST. EDUCATOR. We are incredibly proud of the collective impact our inspiring keepers have made in the lives of our guests and our local community! Have a favorite National Zookeeper Week moment with a keeper you would like to share, leave it in the comments below. #NZKW2018

Featured: Damian Lechner, Brooke Sexton, Katie Rose Buckley-Jones, Maura P. Powers, Tara Sinclair, Janice Hudson


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