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Tooth Fairy Payouts Are On The Decline, Survey Finds

Tooth Fairy Payouts Are On The Decline, Survey Finds


While the "tooth fairy's generosity" grew to $4.66 per tooth in 2016, kids only got $4.13 last year.

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Woman Escapes After Car Catches on Fire While on Highway: As flames spread through the undercarriage of an SUV, a woman frantically tried to flag down the driver of the blazing vehicle – https://t.co/sWWBm2q7My

UPDATE: The @SMFTampa canceled the event today due to the weather risk. Forecast 👇 https://t.co/ccZcbZsFoL

W/ the #USMNT watching the #WorldCup next month and @ussoccer_mnt being 1 of 2 #FIFA members out of 211 countries without promotion/relegation. Is it time for a change? @TheMiamiFC owner @_Riccardo_Silva and @CEOMiamiFC discuss it, and the future of soccer in Miami #MLS #NASL

More than 23 hundred acres--about 3.7 square miles--is now covered by lava in Leilani Estates on Hawaii's Big Island. #Kilauea volcano is now also producing "vog." https://t.co/PFDlR3TjQr

"I was so moved that I immediately thought I'd like to do the same thing in Texas." #memorialday #bostoncommon #memorialdayflaggarden https://t.co/9aIgpuMDX9

Why a judge says @realDonaldTrump can't block opponents. https://t.co/4yoJPDkjcX

PHOTOS: In South Florida, the 2018 Memorial Day weekend has not been memorable for fun and sun, but for heavy rain, strong winds, dark skies and wet sand thanks to Subtropical Storm Alberto – https://t.co/BRJyeHM5wV

It's been busy at the sandbag pickup location in Crystal River as people prep for #Alberto @BN9

Subtropical Storm #Alberto will be producing gusty winds and heavy rains over parts of Central Florida today. For weather information, visit https://t.co/tZsaeM9peY. For local storm preparedness information, visit https://t.co/YHcb4JbwiL. https://t.co/4FXSR7M8tA

"We believe that through reading, children are empowered in school and better prepared for life." https://t.co/U58HbD17An

Police: Holly Hill Little Caesars employee shoots, kills masked man who attacked him https://t.co/oZsxMWF3ct

Why a Judge Says @realDonaldTrump Can't Block Opponents: A federal judge ruled last week that Trump violates the First Amendment when he blocks critics on Twitter – https://t.co/6j03WZqKdU

Latest track show #Alberto making landfall in the Florida Panhandle by Monday morning. However, impacts begin as early as this evening.

Rain: 4-8", up to 12" (thru Tues)
Winds: Tropical storm force (by tonight)
Storm Surge: 2-4' (at high tide)


Josh Linker: #alberto took in some dry air through the morning so the eastern half of the low level center is exposed. Strongest wind (45-50 mph) just on western edge of center. Large area of rain still well east of center over Florida.

17 minutes ago

FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay

Getting mugged is bad enough-- but losing your dog during the attack is even worse. 💔 Here's how one man's community came through for him. bit.ly/2scyrYl ...


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Glad you are okay Mark and that you got Roosevelt back. My little Pekingese is almost 11 and she is the most important thing to me. Stay safe

1 hour ago

WEAR ABC 3 News, Pensacola

Volunteers place 200,000 roses at Arlington National Cemetery headstones. ...


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That's great but with all the security checks to get on board, I doubt any one but the volunteers will see them....😒


Thank you...my Dad is there, and I'm down here in Florida & can't be there to do that! So I REALLY appreciate you doing this!!!

My mom and dad and my brother and my sister-in-law are interned out there. Thank to all that put the flowers and flags out there. 💞

Salute to all the veterans and my dad entered there 1 1/2 years ago

Aww breaks my heart my dad is out there. Its been almost 3 years..thanks

My grandpa is out there for a year now

This is so awesome I wish I was there helping

Someone please send me some info on volunteering our Veterans ❤️

Thank you. My parents are both laid to rest there.

Thank you! My grandparents are both buried there

It's at Arlington national cemetery

This bot at Barrancas National Cemetery

I would have loved to help volunteer for this honor

Thank y'all my gam is burried out there

Is this Barancas cemetery.

True meaning of memorial day.

The headline says Arlington

What organization does this?

What a beautiful thing today!

So kind of you all God bless you

Thank You & God Bless America

Rest in peace, Russ Jordan.

My daddy Leroy Caldwell

Thank you. My husband there.

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Delta Air Lines offers travel waivers, Destin - Fort Walton Beach Airport warns travelers to stay alert.
Details Here: bit.ly/2IMvWat

Delta Air Lines offers travel waivers, Destin - Fort Walton Beach Airport warns travelers to stay alert. 
Details Here: http://bit.ly/2IMvWat


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Julie Scarborough Blech

Hannah Mayhue looks like you got out of here just in time lol 😂

This is the world's fastest garden shed. It's part shed - and race car! 🏎⚙️😂 bit.ly/2s8v2uA ...


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Although interesting I must say this is probably one of the stupidest thing I have seen. Hopefully he has now driven it to the back yard to it's perminant pit stop...lol

Somehow I think that when his parents told him to dream big they didn't mean by driving the worlds fastest garden shed lol. But hey, its different though.

Big deal a UPS truck can do the same thing with that drive train.

Someone please buy me this I'll deliver you plants in it 😂

For gardeners that are in a hurry!!!

What a total shed


Why just why?

Linda Rosa Lafontane este es!

Michael Meradith Larz Hanselman

Ryan Morales

Monique Wagner

Jason Hanson

Stuart Wolfe

Brandon Osborn

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2 hours ago

WEAR ABC 3 News, Pensacola

Double Red flags are flying on South Walton beaches meaning the water is closed.DOUBLE RED FLAGS!!!






30A Walton County Sheriff, Michael A. Adkinson, Jr. Visit South Walton WEAR ABC 3 News, Pensacola WJHG-TV Danielle Ellis Peyton LoCicero

Double Red flags are flying on South Walton beaches meaning the water is closed.


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Everyone Vacationing, Plez Stay OUT of the Gulf/ Trust Me.

Quick, all the tourists who are angry about closures go jump in the water! :D

Don't be a dope!!! Only dumb ppl do what others advise not to? It's dangerous?! Really? Wow😱!!

2 hours ago

WEAR ABC 3 News, Pensacola

Double Red flags are flying on Destin beaches.We are DOUBLE RED flag today. The water is closed to the public. ...

Double Red flags are flying on Destin beaches.


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Double red Okaloosa Island

3 hours ago

Visit Pensacola

Our best brunch daydreams are made of these 👇🏻 at the Ruby Slipper! 😋

📷 @samhoyt_

Our best brunch daydreams are made of these 👇🏻 at the Ruby Slipper! 😋

📷 @samhoyt_

WAWA'S SONGBIRD: A Wawa barista in Tampa, not only serves up caffeine, but smiles too...by breaking out in song on her morning shifts. It might be the pick-me-up you need! HER STORY: bit.ly/2INZqVa ...


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I would hate this. It's morning I'm tired shut up.

We have a bus driver that does this. Its ok for a minute. But gets annoying

Mistake on the two streets. That would be an awfully long stretch to close down.

As a person with major depression this fills me with longing and sadness because i wish i could live that happily naturally without any effort. Just wake up happy. What a dream

Claudia Hartmann-Tejada, Debora Camp Alina Jimenez Olivia Riggs this is ssooo me singing all day. How many times has Mrs. Dee told me to try out for American Idol and Mrs. Sandra told me to shut up because I sing to much.

Kudos to her for using her job to spread joy to others <3

I love my wawa coffee and Barista in the Carrollwood location!! Keep it up young lady.😁

Jenn do you sing while working???

You guys got the wrong video / photo on this story.

What a great employee!

Yes how many times have I mentioned that to you and you still haven’t made a move!! I think I’ve mentioned a couple of things to you to follow through and you haven’t.... so 🤷🏼‍♀️

I love Wawa. I've never been to one that wasn't a happy, positive experience! They are always so happy & friendly. Just the smile on her face alone would be positive to me. Love it ❤

Awesome! And great she works for the best company in Florida! ❤️Gottahavawawa!! ❤️

Largo FL has the sweetest singers too early a.m. Missouri and Rosary

I have hard time to put a FAKE smile ☺ on my face

Vincent Saladino can we go see her

My favorite store

I saw her the other day 👍

Slow news day?

Love it!!! God bless her!!!

You go girl ❤ i love her voice Raven Sharpe

Mike Marquez wawa?

Love it!

Super nice.

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PEACH-ALMOND UPSIDE-DOWN CAKE 🍰 This cake is both beautiful and delicious, and not TOO sweet. Thanks to FOX 13's Vanessa Ruffes for the Good Day Gourmet recipe! 😋 RECIPE: bit.ly/2x8Oooh ...


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I already have and it's delicious!

Beth Stevenson can you make this

Would substitutions of Splenda brown sugar, Truvia baking blend, and almond flour work?

Butter says “divided”. In video instructions it doesn’t say how much melted for beginning and how much goes into cake part??

Clifton Bozarth I didn’t see them put in any almonds though? Maybe I’m blind

In the oven, fingers crossed

Looks delicious!

Looks dam gooood.

Phyllis this looks like something you would enjoy

Edna Tenly Patton gotta try to find a keto version of this to make for dessert one night

Wont let me copy

Callie Perelli Mercer we need this

Cheryl Culpepper Meg Marie Craig this is 110% getting made! Wow

Mabel Kaminski this looks yummy.

Looks delicious!

Cecilia Delgado se ve bueno vamos hacerlo

Vanessa Ruffes...schwinnng!!!

Richard P Hall I want to make this

Denisse Gonzalez, tell Katie I'll pay her to make this for me 😉

Dale Ann Hartledge Jozwiak doesn’t this sound good?!

Brandee Jones show mom I want this 😁😁😁😁

Nate MacKay yum

Jean Harnage this looks good

Kimberly Clark you should make this

Mary Sanabria you should try this one. Even though your pineapple upside down is awesome.

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Listen up, night owls! A new study shows that those who stay up late have a higher risk of early death. 👀 bit.ly/2IMBfm4 ...


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Well thats great news cause I'm a night hawk.. I find it very peaceful and serene at night.

I like how they said, “stay up late.” They don’t classify what constitutes as late....

Not too long ago there was an article that said the exact opposite. Next.

It makes sense but they didn’t say what their deaths were more likely to be from??? Was it more accidental death, suicide, or health reasons? How big was the sample size? Is 10% relevant? Is the why old people go to bed so early... because they’re just the only ones left?

My grandfather was a night owl and lived to his mid 90s

Great! More things to think about while you can’t sleep. 😒

I mean that's kind of obvious lol

Excellent. Reading this at 2:16 a.m. really helped my anxiety induced insomnia.

And those who wake us, even higher

BS. Ask my 96 year old mother...and oh by the way...a bowl of ice cream every night before bed won't kill you...lol!

*staying up late* wasnt relevant untill linear time was created, go to sleep when your tired and ready, dont go to sleep *early* and wake up at a certain time like this pointless video portrays, night is very peacful and frees the mind, nothing is gonna happen to cuz you go to bed *late*, theres no such thing as a reasonable bed time or set time, carry yourself through a natural way of living/life how earth is ment to be

Well that's Wonderful, another issue to worry about I'm a night owl and always been. I find it very peaceful and less stressful at night then day. I even go to Walmart and do my shoping it's SO Much easier to shop It''s 2:50 @ this moment and I'm gonna go to Walmart I guess I'll live tonight !

And a future study (next week?) will say the opposite.

The irony that you post this when all the night owls are out and about 😂😂😂

www.lifehack.org/318124/research-reveals-night-owls-are-more-intelligent-than-people-who-get-early There’s a study for everything. Fast food is bad for you, yet you still eat it because it tastes good. Live your life and stop worrying about the none sense.

I should be dead long ago!

Amanda McCann I’ll probably die by the end of the year then

Well I guess it’s an early death for me then 🤣

Great. One more thing to keep me up all night.

It is 2:32 am as I am reading this post, I guess I am in trouble, and on my way out.

Lauren Butler I’m just trying to live longer 😂😂😂

Except time doesn’t really exist so I doubt it

A new study shows, that listening to new studies is 🐎💩

I can't stay up much past 10:30-11:00pm and I am 47. I am definitely a morning/day person. I can't sleep past 7am and I am fine with that.

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20 hours ago

Visit Pensacola

You had me at brie and bacon.

📷 @hopjacks

You had me at brie and bacon. 

📷 @hopjacks

23 hours ago

Visit Pensacola

How are you spending Memorial Day weekend? We’re enjoying a beautiful day at the beach! ...


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Does anyone know if camping chairs work on the sand? I already have those and don’t really want to pay for beach chairs too?

We came home just on time, it seems.

In the dreaded mitten state😡🤬

I will be there in 4 weeks



This is where I wanted to be

Just beautiful!

It's pride weekend there

Going in July 💕

Be there next week!!!


Not for long

Tell Alberto Hi!!

Hello from NOLA








Keunna Cooley

Bea Cooley

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