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Timeline of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

Timeline of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School


TIMELINE OF MASSACRE: Investigators believe an Uber driver dropped off Nikolas Cruz to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School about 2:19 p.m. Wednesday. Here is what they think he did until he was arrested about 3:41 p.m.

Here is the timeline of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre Wednesday, according to Broward Sheriff Scott Israel:

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Puerto Rico governor seeks shelter program extension from FEMA https://t.co/yRtj8RhdYq

#PuertoRico governor seeks shelter program extension from #FEMA https://t.co/JivlSZ9JJI #wftv

Police: Decomposing body found on #DeLand road https://t.co/UoC6EglCFF #wftv

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In First Ad: Gov. Scott takes aim at term limits

Police: Decomposing body found on DeLand road https://t.co/S4zrTrhY2X

Emails show city tried to prepare drivers for closure at I-4 and Colonial Drive https://t.co/Dq9T6ukLzD

Families desperate as state scrambles to extend shelter program for Puerto Rican evacuees https://t.co/uNz95FEwK4

9 hours ago

Miami Heat

Hot Topics from the 305! 🔥

Your Miami HEAT are back home and back to work as they hit the practice gym to prepare for Game 3.


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See this is why you don’t call a series after ONE game... Also, series is 1-1 and we split the season series 2-2. Quit acting like Philadelphia is so worlds ahead of Miami, and Miami isn’t even elite. Gotta love Wade. Let’s go HEAT!

go miami heat win or lose! 👊👊👊 #1 fan from PH

Not a fan of this phrase but it sounds familiar, EESKEEIT!

that girl is really white hot

Game 3 Miami Heat will win at there home

Game 3: #3jersey #3chewinggum #3bottleofgato #at3Astadium 💪💪💪

Game 3. Miami Heat good luck My Son Wade chow jr and I Win or lose # 1 fan. Wade # 3 ❤️

No im the number 1 fan 😂

good luck and go to fight for win miami heat i am your fan☺

Game 3 Heat good luck. Heat the shot. :) :) :)


Aljaž Oset Zlatko Drovenik DIDI 😍

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11 hours ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

Don't throw towards A.J. Bouye 🔒 ...


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Crazy hands for a corner. Probably my favorite though is the one he had on Wilson when he went to Graham. He baited that throw and trailed on purpose and then kicked up the speed to steal it. Perfect coverage.

As long as he isn’t defending Brandon cooks lol

Can’t throw towards Jalen either 🤷🏽‍♂️

In all fairness #10 was right to him lmao

Our boyz are the best! They both can bait like that I've seen Ramsey do it too. Not taking away from AJ. both were fortunate to have two of the best!

Man I can’t wait for the season to start again! Let’s go jags! #DUUVAL

Best defense. Hands down. This is our year 💙💛💙💛🐆🐆

Nick Best CB Duo

Hell yea. This dude is a straight dog out there. Awesome FA signing

Lol worst part was him getting stopped at the goal line by Rivers in #1


A.....J......BOUYE!!!! How many days until kick off!

That boy can flat out play!

Gotta love a corner that attacks the ball and can make an open field tackle.

Or Ramsey. Or the safetys. Actually just keep it to handoff and screens.

By far one of our best free agent signings

Anyone else notice that face mask at 2:07 smh

If you are a Browns QB, just don't throw.


Yeah or you could get a possible INT!

Just don’t throw at all

Lorie Rountree Tarrant Rick Tarrant still want a bouye jersey, just wish they were easier to find

Go Jags

Kingston Brown ya boy lol

Michael Joseph Tennant Mark Tennant Oh Bouye!!

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12 hours ago

Miami Heat

Which moment will Dwyane Wade create next?

Game 3 is Thursday night!

Which moment will Dwyane Wade create next?

Game 3 is Thursday night!


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#Flashback The #R3TURN The story continues ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Every one needs to step up the game and follow his lead

Not just wade but everyone, especially goran.

I remember 2016 championship series...I was in Miami and got to touch Dwyane's pinky...I didn't want to wash my hand for a week or so! I touched Haslem, Dragic, Whiteside, Dwyane, and CB was on the sidelines... So excited!! GO Miami Heat! Forever Heat Nation!

KING OF MIAMI! 🐐👑#PlayoffWade ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡Lol! Kevin Hart reminds me of the purple shirt man, they both take the L! 😂😂😂 #NobodyTalksTrashwithFlashNever doubt the heart of a champion ...no matter his age. 🏆Dwyane Wade CATCHES FIRE! 28 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals on 65% shooting! Heat get the 113-103 WIN over 76ers!#FlashBack The #R3TURN ⚡⚡⚡

Hopefully they sit Winslow and let Mcgruder play some basketball and hit some good 3s Winslow is not a shooter and always doing some plays like he is a star and end up missing every single shot

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We watch Heat playoff games so witness these moments.

Yes DWade bring the Young talented team with u 😊

Can’t always depend on him. Other guys need to step up like for instance Hassan Whiteside bro, i wanna see you getting 20 rebounds tomorrow.

Douglas McDougall, this seems like a gentle springboard for me, Shaq to Wade, Wade to Simmons

The WHOLE team needs to create moments and win

Heat vs warriors

Heat @ home 3-1 🔥🔥🔥

Give the guy at least 30mins playing time!

for me ur the best Dwad3! forever fan of yours..

who is the champion and the final score at game 3

Cant wait to see the AAA rock tomorrow night #whitehot

AAA is your house D.Wade Defend it !

J***** im majku majcinu

lets go heat dwade beat the sixers.

Blow out Philly by 25 in Game 3!

This is wade county.

Game 3, take over please!

Hey Whiteside step up.

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12 hours ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

It's been months in the making and tomorrow it's officially revealed.

See it in person: jagrs.com/DraftParty18


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Uniform is all teal with black outline and helmet is the old school black one.

🤞 please don’t suck please don’t suck please don’t suck

I wish I could have gotten in to make some suggestions since I live like 20 minutes from Nike.

Does anyone else like the two color helmets? I love them but I’m 100% sure they will be replaced. I envision the new ones will be a deep teal almost black helmet with a few specks of gold and teal.

Please don't screw it up. 😅👊

I could care less about what you wear, just continue to play good football.

This better effing be worth it.

I would still take an AFC Championship over new uniforms haha.

What time is the reveal?

As long as we get rid of the two tone helmets I will be happy .

All this hype for uniforms that have already leaked and suck.

I enjoy seeing how people are involved, creating the uniform. So many people are involved in the process. Kinda cool. Now for the actual uniform... I’m looking forward to it!!!!!

All for traditional, but I like our font.

Why Jags why, they remind me of the Gene Smith era.

They’ve already leaked and the uniforms are extremely boring. You definitely need to put stripes on the pants.

You had an opportunity to go back to the Mark Brunel uniforms and you screwed it up. Shaking my head

I loved the two toned helmets

Way too plain...

This better be good after how much you teased us

Mike McClure we find out tomorrow!!! Eek!

Will be watching from the UK. Duuvvvaalll

What time and where? On there site or tv

Mark Shaw I’m kinda on edge I wanna see what these look like coughlin said it’s a traditional classic look

Logan Long tomorrow ?

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