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This Wedding Reception Featured Adorable Disney-Themed Guest Tables

This Wedding Reception Featured Adorable Disney-Themed Guest Tables


Each table was based off a different Disney movie, and we think their cake toppers were perhaps the sweetest part.

Once upon a time (isn’t that how all Disney stories begin?), Ty proposed to Ashley near Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. That pretty well locked in having a Disney-themed wedding, right? The bride and Groom are both huge Disney fans, of course, and we love the subtle way they tied various Di...

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4 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Willy Adames has been tearing it up with the Durham Bulls Baseball Club lately. ...


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Maybe call him up? Novel idea...

need to call him up now while he hot and confident

Don't forget his grand slam he had on sunday.

baby Jeter is coming....:)


7 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Looking for our fifth straight. atmlb.com/2vQBNWj ...

Looking for our fifth straight. https://atmlb.com/2vQBNWj


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Like these guys. Why is the failing Tampa times giving up on them. The season just started We are certainly not the worst team. Hate to say it but kiermayer is an eyesore.

Is it the same lineup from Sunday .go rays beat Baltimore for 5 straight and Cobb .

This is it, I can feel it in my bones. This team will attend the World Series

Two days without a Rays game?!?!? Guess I have to settle for the Cubs/Indians.

Go Rays!!!!! Lets keep the streak alive! #FariasFlock

If TB makes it to the postseason I'll get a Rays tattoo

The more I see Robertson at 3rd the more I like it!!

I thought you might find this interesting .since your name is Jen .last night mlb history was made as Jenny caviar .became the first woman .to do play by play at a mlb game for the Rockies .but since she has been picked male trolls on Facebook and Twitter who think Rockies should not have hired her even though she has worked for Padres for four years and Rockies too .you know don't belong doing a mans job .i say if she can do the job then she deserves a shot I don't care man or woman .look Susan Waldan does Yankees games on radio with John sterling he does play by play .look at our own gale Sarens she did play by play first nfl game .now Beth mowlins has done nfl play by play too .it just disgusts me if a women can do the job as good as a man .then she has the right to do it my opinion .

Since game has been rained out does faria go tomorrow or archer .cash decision .if he goes with faria then archer Thursday .if archer then faria Thursday .and how does rain out affect Boston .

Why is Brad Miller still in this organization? Why is he still in the MLB?

You think that's crazy? Some idiot found $300 in a Wal-Mart parking lot today. The fool tried to give the money to a police officer parked in front of the store, but the officer thought it was a prank, and wouldn't accept it. So this idiot went inside the store and bought himself a phone with the money. This is where it gets hilarious. The idiot kept tapping on ....See More

I like how we've faced Price, Shields, Moore, and now Cobb...this is the intrasquad year so far :)

By the way for April we have broken the record for games postponed .now I think 27 .old record 25 .with a week to go in April .but that's what happens .when you open March 29 th .

What happened at The Trop on July 12,2014? Answer: Aballsgame on fb or com

Game one of doubleheader on May 12 th 3:05 pm .so three hours .30 minutes break .thats at least 10:00 .maybe more .

Against Baltimore? We so got this!

Lets Go Rays

so happy for the Rays,hope their my k is changing

Rays up!

Not tonight!! :(


Let's Go Ray's!!!

Rays Up

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Wait for it...🐬 You never know what animals you will spot on our boat tours as we cruise around our local waterways! Book your boat tour @ bit.ly/Zgmpwr ...


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Loved CMA and the boat ride when we went in 2016. Please tell Winter, Hope, Rufus and the gang Hello!

Awesome! It is a thrill to see them breech. Thanks for sharing. :D

Love going there and love the boat tours!

We didn't see anything :(

I want to go on that boat

You don’t see that everyday

John West Debbie Emory West

Terri Dors Chizmar 🐬🐬

Tracy Day Powers


Barry Ashton

1 day ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Carlos Gómez has changed his relationship status with his bat to:

"It's complicated"


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It’s all fun and games until you break your femur! SMDH..... classless behavior!

Bad sportsmanship. Period.

The rain chance for today's game .has went down .from 90 percent to 50 percent .hope they can get game in .if not maybe day night double header tomorrow .no reason not to win two out of three here .except for Cobb and he has been awful first two games .they have no pitching .and their top relief guy Britton is out till June .dont win two disappointing .

Another Rays HOTDOG. !!

.158 BA

Carlos is a rising star! Ray's up!

Punk player and hitting 158 lmao

His celebration was a bit over the top but what I liked is that the entire Rays team celebrated like I haven't seen them do in a couple of years. That ending had me smiling. It's been a tough season and if this is what it takes to bring them together as a team, then great. Now hopefully he won't do that every time he hits one out, but a walkoff? Do it!

Gomez, even my 8 year old called you out for breaking your bat. Show some respect, especially when it’s little league day. Shame on you Tampa Bay Rays for promoting it.

💙Go-Go💙Thank you Carlos, that was fun. You got us trending as well for something other than bashing us about the off season. That is something I don't ever remember Cobb or Morrison doing for us. They seem to still be mad they aren't here anymore even though they were free agents. Guess they don't understand how that works anymore than many of the fans. I think they are both just embarrassed that they had to wait so long to get signed somewhere.

That breaking the bad and slamming the helmet not good for the kids. We all want to win like him but have some class.

Stop hyping our worst player, next you all are gonna say brad Miller is going to hit 30 HRs again

Maybe he should be a good example and not break his bat like a child

I like the flare and emotion. Go watch cricket if you want no emotion.

I felt so sorry when he struck out a couple of times..... then,Wow.

Dont get all full of yourself just keep hitting

He ain't right

Bo Jackson style!

Let's gooooooo Rays get the W !!

Never Forget

Justin Rosa lol 😂

Khrystyne Ely

Scott Giambrone

Donny Taylor

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1 day ago

Tampa Bay Rays

The call in español makes it even better. Take a 👂 with Rays de Tampa Bay.

Rays de Tampa Bay
Tremendo tablazo.
Tremendo estilo.
Tremenda VICTORIA, gracias a Carlos Gómez. 👏

#RaysBéisbol | #RaysUp


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If they had another game, Gomez would probably be receiving one in the ribs. There is no reason to pimp a HR quite like that. That’s Sunday League stuff. He’s in the Majors. He should act like it. And yes. I’m a Rays fan.

How do you say in Spanish, "dumb franchise traded away ALL their good young players?"

Latin players play with flair. If the pitcher wanna get mad for it and plunk em.. So be it

Why is it in Spanish

To Jen gray Danny Farquhar had his surgery .saturday .he is talking to his doctors and his family .will be in the hospital for several more weeks .got a get well thing from Peter gammons he also had one of these .12 years ago .he recovered .god speed Danny .you are in my prayers .

What's he show boating for, it's April and they are already 9 games back!

Well yes, other than the fact I can’t understand the language

ADIOS!!!! Play with all the flair you want GoGo. It's baseball. It's fun.

MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEM....IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.....basically sums up professional sports these days. How are we supposed to teach young people to be good teammates and understand what it means to be part of a team, when we have an abundance of arrogance all over the TV. That's what they emulate...PERIOD!!!!

How do you say in Spanish, "there are only 500 fans at the Trop?"

So happy for him. In all of his major league experience this is his very first walk-off win and walk-off homer.

Gracias a Dios no es como en el Americano que por exceso de celebración te ponen falta... GOOOOO RAYYYYSSSS!!!!!

Rex Sainz your favorite!!!

It’s even better in Spanish lmao

Cheap, crappy ray-ray Lewis dance....thank gawd grown men need to gyra-dance in sports. So cool

Breaks his bat on a K earlier and GW dong in the 9th. #showmanship

Todd Mexico gotta love the passion and celebration

Since no Rays game today will have to watch twins with Jake ordorizzi vs Yankees in ny .on ESPN .

Billy Cruz is this you announcing?! Doug Stokes said you missed your calling lol

Teri Caron entiende usted? Es mejor

Let's get the W we need it Rays Up ⚾️

Love it! 💙💥⚾️

This is great.

Looks like a clown in Spanish too

Awesome sportscaster. ...

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Try it one more time! #CMAinspires ...

Try it one more time! #CMAinspires


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PLEASE make this into a poster!!!

Oh ! That is so cute .. I can't wait to see Winter & Hope next month I'm so excited.

This should be a T-shirt

Love you Hope and Winter. Two great inspirational stories you have.

This Needs To Be A T-Shirt as I would buy a couple

I got my personalized pop mount socket. Oh I just love you so much Winter and Hope!

I haven't been seeing Hope's, Winter's, & CMA's posts much lately.....am in major need of some hope rt now, & seeing their posts helps cheer me up & keep me going. I hope they start showing up in my feed again.

Hope shows people they should never give up her story is a true inspiration hello to winter and Nicholas thanks to all at CMA for what you do for all the animals credit goes out to you all :)

All three dolphins very cute Nicalos Hope Winter .

And what does winter say?

I love Hope. 💙 IT'S ALWAYS A GREAT DAY AT CMA 🤗☉🐬🐬🐬 !!!! Nicholas, please wave towards my Kelly 's office window...for me❤

I. Like. You. Photo.

Amazing 💗🐬🤗



Brandi McKim

Haley Hamberg

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2 days ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Blake Snell dominates twice, CJ Cron heats up... oh and we walked-off twice! ...


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Ray's are a sleeper club. I really believed this with last year's Club. I don't see them winning a world series but they could sneak back up in talks for a wild card spot.

People need to stop calling Archer the “Ace” when it’s clearly Blake Snell!

6 of our next 10 series are in division. If this keeps going we can do some serious damage to Toronto, Boston and Baltimore.

The Rays still needs 3 things and I'll be ready to get back on the BAND WAGON, they need to teach Smith some defense and teach Miller some offense and trade ROMO to somebody!!!! Then I'm ready to talk "PLAY-OFFS"!!! This team has more comradery then any RAYS team I've seen, ever!!! He needs to take ROMO out to the RAYS TANK in right centerfield and leave him there, his career is over!!!

Rays fan no matter what, it is not like we were winning with the players we had before

Winning home stand after going 0-3 vs Phillies .

Way cool and great teamwork. Blake has certainly come a long way from his short stay with the Durham Bulls.

Why are so many seats vacant? Oh right, this is AA baseball

4th straight win. Cmon man!

Fourth* straight win

The Rays never give up, a sign of a determined team.

Great game Rays up !!


Dasiel Laguna uuff

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Mondays...#CMAinspires ...


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Annie Walsh life goals

So very sweet! 💕



Lou Mendes

Madison Washington

Michael McDermott

Each year, in honor of #EarthDay, we challenge students from local schools to create dolphin enrichment toys made with only recyclable materials. Find out which toy Winter, Hope & Nicholas chose as the winner! ...


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Was there today to feed Nicholas. ❤️

I. Like. You. Photo.

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