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That time Craig Mack rocked a Tampa Bay Lightning jersey

That time Craig Mack rocked a <a href="http://floridanews.stream/tampa-bay-lightning/">Tampa Bay Lightning</a> jersey


The music video the late rapper's hit song, "Flava in Ya Ear," came out in 1994, just two years after the Tampa Bay Lightning first hit the ice. Mack died Monday at 47.

Mack was an early supporter of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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Food. Clothing. Vacation. Religious worship. Human interaction.

Rays Journal: Miller had a field day, Pruitt bounces back, Gomez speeds up https://t.co/nzg6c5jKJ1 @TB_Times

"It was not as horrible as I expected but also not right."

Confused by Rays pitching plans? Well, it's complicated .... https://t.co/NttxddLue7 @TB_Times

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Trump and Sessions may have just created a very motivated enemy.

23 minutes ago

Tampa Bay Rays

We're back at our place against Detroit. atmlb.com/2G21FCq ...

Were back at our place against Detroit. http://atmlb.com/2G21FCq


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That's almost a starting lineup For 2018

What state will that be in?

Archer you got this!Let's go Rays you got this!

Let's Go Rays!

A starting lineup,nice. Get busy

Go Rays ,

: yawn :

Nice lineup

13 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Brad Miller didn't look like he missed a beat. ...


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Bad news Rays fans ,if you like basketball gators just lost to Texas tech ,so they are out with Miami ,only Seminoles ,left ,they play tomorrow ,

Brad will be a solid player all year if he’s healthy.

If he stays healthy he can be just like in 2016. One of the best power infielders around

Hope he stays this consistent this season. Great guy!

Way to go Brad!!!! We have been waiting for You!!!

Just imagine how good he'd be if he wore gloves

It's Miller time

He could be the best hitter on the team barring injury.

he got the tools and the talent

Great! Next one at home into The Landing⚾️

He'll be traded within 2 seasons

Way to go Brad !

Lance Nighthawk Womack

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17 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

No luck for us today. Brad Miller had two doubles in his first game back from injury. atmlb.com/2u1kTmQ ...

No luck for us today. Brad Miller had two doubles in his first game back from injury. http://atmlb.com/2u1kTmQ


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And they want a New Stadium, and expect to fill it with what amounts to a minor league team Won't work, and that is the problem!! They could fill The Trop with a winning Team. Nobody buys tickets to a losing team. Not Rocket Science!

Miller, Pruitt, Coats had a good day.

When you have more hits, less errors, and still lose the game...I know it's Spring Training and all, but this has happened too many times and should be cause for some alarm.

: yawn :

At least we're consistent

At least Miller had two hits ,after the time off ,


Highlights Rays 3 vs Red Sox 4 Wong 2-5 2 RBI Miller 2-3 2 DBL, RUN (photo) Johnson 1-3 RUN Coats 3-4 DBL, RUN, RBI Pruitt 2 H, 0 R, 2 K 3 IP Venters and Bird scoreless Kittredge 1 BB, HR 2 IP Stanek (BS) 2 H, 3 R, 1 BB

Tomorrow is a new day! Go RAYS! Ignore the trolls!

Good to see him back! Go Rays💙⚾️


Good try, we even out hit them!

You mean he's finally playing?

Get them next time!!!!

Listen Linda

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19 hours ago

Palm Beach Zoo

🍀”This year I WILL find that pot ‘o gold!” We’re all about going green! Remember to REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE! Happy #StPatricksDay 🍀 ...

🍀”This year I WILL find that pot ‘o gold!” We’re all about going green! Remember to REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE! Happy #StPatricksDay 🍀


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Talk about outfit inspiration - what’s your fave green animal?

22 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Jorge Cantú

Cantú played parts of four seasons with us beginning in 2004. He slugged a career-high .497 and drove in 117 runs during the ’05 campaign. atmlb.com/2IyLMS2

Jorge Cantú

Cantú played parts of four seasons with us beginning in 2004. He slugged a career-high .497 and drove in 117 runs during the ’05 campaign. http://atmlb.com/2IyLMS2


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Seems like many of the numbers being run out in this ad series are players we no longer have. Sad.

another top pick for the Rays, hey Kieth are you going to make the drive to Ebor ? lol

: yawn :

He left his heart on the field every game.

Cantu cando!! Ah, memories of Devil Rays past.

He'll be traded next week, for a bag of Doritos and 3 minor leaguers to be named later

His American family was very kind and introduced him to my son and he autographed his Cantu shirt.

I remember him had a farm in Mexico ,full of rattlesnakes he said they have to keep them away from the cattle ,

A Ray who played above his actual skill level – gutsy guy, enjoyable to watch.

He did well.

I was there when he hit two homers in one inning.

Always loved to watch him play he was my favorite player at that time.

Jorge Can Too?

Miss Jorge Cantu 🙁

Cantu! Great memories

Rocco Iervasi Jr.


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1 day ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Brad's back in the lineup and we'll have a full complement of arms going today. atmlb.com/2DAoAPQ ...

Brads back in the lineup and well have a full complement of arms going today. http://atmlb.com/2DAoAPQ


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Maybe he'll save the day with his .189 Batting Average

Others that might pitch for the Rays, Kittredge, Stanek, Venters, Bird, Gibaut, Hall, Kolarek.

Gomez third and Miller 4th strongly implies that your team is horrible.

: yawn :

It's good that Miller is in lineup ,

Let's go Rays you got this!

Go Rays! Welcome back Bradley.

I like Wong! He earns a spot in this seasons roster

Go Rays




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1 day ago

Palm Beach Zoo

CONGRATULATIONS to trivia winner Kristen Makholm - you just scored a family 4-pack sponsored by FPL Connect #FPLSolarNow. Please PM us so we can make arrangements!

We're offering a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY RATE for our BRAND NEW 'CREEPY COOL' EXPERIENCE! Get up close and personal during this unique behind-the-scenes tour with our sssslithering, scaly, and slimy friends! Go WILD this Spring Break and REGISTER NOW! palmbeachzoo.org/creepy-cool-experience


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Congratulations Kristen Makholm, you are our trivia winner! Please private message us to make arrangements for your prize! We will play again soon everyone!

1 day ago

AARP Florida

Erin go Braugh! ...

Erin go Braugh!


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Happy St . Patrick's Day !!🍀

Happy st Patrick's day

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Have a great day



☘️☘️ Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all the O’Neills! I’m a Kelly! ☘️☘️

AWWWH love you

You to Geri. :)

Thank you I wish you a very happy ST PATRICK'S DAY

And to u too!

You to Pearlie


Happy St.Patricks day 🥝

To you as well.

Yes same to you and jerry and nay and aunt lois.


Same to you.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And to Nancy, and yourself, as well, Don !

Good evening AARP, Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too! 🍀💚


How was your cruise carol

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2 days ago

Palm Beach Zoo



What brand new behind-the-scenes experience did we just launch:
a) Beach body beach mice
b) Swoon with swans
c) Creepy Cool
d) Party with a peacock
e) All of the above

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Less than one hour left in the contest!

Creepy cool!! Liked your page long ago and loved and shared this post!

C) creepy cool , liked a while ago and shared;)

C! I shared but it doesn’t let you attach a picture below!

Creepy cool

Creepy cool

Creepy cool. Thank you for the opportunity. We’d love to spend the day at the zoo.

C) creepy cool ...would love to win and take the family 😊

C) Creepy cool . Would love to take my nieces and nephews there!! Liked and shared 🙂

C-Creepy cool. Liked and shared. We love the Palm Beach Zoo!

C! Love this zoo!

E) All of the above

C!! Would love to visit your zoo!!

Creepy cool and shared

C) Creepy Cool!!!! So awesome!!! 🐸🐊🦎🐍🐉🐛

Creepy cool (C)

c- creepy cool.

C Creepy Cool 😎

creepy cool

C!!! 🐍🦎🐊

Creepy Cool.

Creepy cool! 😎😎

C!!!!! Creepy Cool!

Creepy Cool

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