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Teen who livestreamed crash that killed younger sister gets 6 years in prison

Teen who livestreamed crash that killed younger sister gets 6 years in prison


Do you think the punishment fits the crime?

A California teen has been sentenced to more than six years in prison after livestreaming the car crash that resulted in her younger sister's death. Obdulia Sanchez, 19, of Stockton was sentenced Thursday for gross vehicular manslaughter, DUI and child endangerment stemming from the death of her 1...

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41 minutes ago

News 13

#BREAKING The Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office has identified the two fallen deputies as Sgt. Noel Ramirez and Deputy Taylor Lindsey. Sheriff Bobby Schultz did not have any info to release on the gunman, calling him a coward. LATEST: www.mynews13.com/fl/orlando/news/2018/04/19/reports--2-gilchrist-county-deputies-killed-during-sh... ...

1 hour ago

Miami Dolphins



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Why don’t we ever play PIT or CLE?

Should be able to make the playoffs if our team has improved

Wth?! I cant see the times even when i zoom in

So much for prime time this year. Week 8 on Thursday. Guess it could be worse.

Okay, December could be a bit rough. Hopefully we're 11-0 heading into it!

If the team doesn’t suck, this schedule could be very favorable. Optimistically I see them finishing 11-5.

Hopefully our bye week isn’t cancelled again

Only one cold weather game? I'll take it...

Decent schedule so we shall see

I could see the playoffs if we can start off well and end well.

I like that the division games are more evenly spaced than last year

At least we get the bye later in the season.

7-8 wins tops

I wish I could be as optimistic as some of you guys.

I see we can all still Dream.

4-5 wins?

We have to take advantage over this schedule. Let’s open hot and finish strong.

That’s a horrible pic! 😡😡😡😡

Yes, sir! Week 11 is in the bag...maybe. 🤔 #FinsUp 🐬

Sooo anxious 🐬😊🏆😮

Only two cold games too...

Only one prime time game good

No Monday night game???



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1 hour ago

Miami Dolphins

Mark your calendars, the 2018 schedule has arrived! #ScheduleRelease2018

Single Game Ticket Presale: dolphins.com/sgt


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I’ll be there to watch you turn your jersey inside out lol

Why do we always gotta go to buffalo at the end of the season? That game will be miserable as usual

Wow! We have to play the Vikings and the Packers as away games????? We couldn't play one of them at home. Wow!

That Jax game is on 22/23 ?

Wow, The most favorable schedule I've seen in years!!

We need at least 2 AFC East games in September. If they get there cold weather games at the end of the season, they should have to come to Miami for 1pm games early in the season. The heat and humidity is an advantage for Miami just like the cold is an advantage for teams like NE, BUF and the likes of GB.

With Ryan tannehill coming better than ever after that knee injury this is the year 16-0 all day ! #Goat

When do the tickets come out I wanna buy the tickets now!

Gonna be another loooong season unfortunately

Save your predictions, we still have much to learn about these teams and are own

Only two cold games, lucked up there..

Wow we didn't get hosed this year. Finally

Have we ever beat Houston? Seems like they have our number.

Schedule has some tough away games.

this is awesome

Easy schedule

Tough schedule for sure

What home game are they moving to London?

Week 8 in Houston. See ya there!!!

4 and 12

Micah Cook they’re finally coming back to H town! It about time ❤️💯🏈

Kylie Greening soooo which ones are we going to?

8-8 I figure

Alexis Slider you know where we gonna be on November 11? #phinsup!!! 🐬🐬

Justin which one are we going to? 😏

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3 hours ago

Miami Dolphins

The uniforms have been revealed and we dive into the details on #DolphinsDaily! ...


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Need the Old logo, and Darker shade of agua

Landry won't be wearing it so, I don't care. #JUICEUP

And once again the organization does not care what the fans think

Let's just hope it brings the glory days!!

I don’t understand why you’re not listening to fans. We don’t want a modern spin on the classic uniform, we want the classic. The original orange is a step in the right direction, but how about giving us our old logo back...

I like the jerseys it's more like old days with the orange being brought back in but can we please bring back our old logo or at least close to it. I just can't stomach the new Dolphin it's not growing on me and with the comments I've see me either is it growing on anybody else.

One small step for mankind...bring back the old Logo. But looks good

Bring back the old logo please!!

Bring back the old logo

Still, the major flaw remains. That piss poor weak sissy aqua fresh sea world logo has to go!! Bring back the old logo please.

They still need to return the logo that is the identity of this franchise and it’s history and get rid of that horrible pastel. Dolphins aqua is a darker shade, more of a sea green/dark blue. This pastel looks exactly like the type of Art Deco color you would find adorning the outside of a retirement home in Miami. It’s a positive step, but just a tease and sad reminder for this long time fan of the team.

Need the logo worn by Csonka and Marino and the darker shade of aqua ala 1972!!!!!

Like the look but still needs the old logo

Or, you know, you could wear the throwback logo, but whatever...

Bring back the late 80's early nineties jersey's and logo.

I like it. At least that's one area where the team improved; if only slightly

Again I along with every other fan, it's the logo you need to change, the old logo So Much Better.

Logo sucks!!!! Bring back the ORIGINAL!!!!

Wish they put as much emphasis on winning as they do the unis...

60s throwback uniform is the best

They have to get rid of that dick on your helmet just saying

All you people just need to get over it already! Like whining babies!

It's just putting a cherry on top of a turd sundae. Those uniforms still blows a whale's dork! Bring back the old school logo back Mr. Stephen Ross ASAP!#TheCurseofJoeRobbieLingers

Oh, what? Wait! Is the revamped uni sans Marine Blue? Okay I assumed the Marine Blue was the blue we see now on the revamped 2018 versions, yes? Eg: Marine Blue on the numerals for white tops (or on Marine Blue for the dark tops). Marine Blue as in Coral Blue? Or Marine Blue as in Navy hue?

Get over the logo already people! Adapt like fans are supposed to! SMH 🐬🏈

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