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Suspected shooter in South Beach murder of Prada manager arrested in Miami

Suspected shooter in South Beach murder of Prada manager arrested in Miami


BREAKING: Miami Beach police have arrested Tyrone Jackson, the man suspected of gunning down Kamil Patel in a South Beach alley last month.

Miami Beach police have arrested Tyrone Jackson, the suspected gunman in the murder of Kamil Patel, a recent transplant who was murdered last month.

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Knicks owner: It's possible Kristaps Porzingis is out all next season https://t.co/GRApMI2i5y

From work to giving out much achieved scholarships w/ @dstinc1913 to @FlaglerSchools recipients! 🔺🐘📚

Heat's Justise Winslow stepped on Joel Embiid's protective mask in Game 3 https://t.co/zSJAZpbbD0

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Running the Star Wars half-marathon Sunday?? Grab the rain gear with mild temps in the 60s. https://t.co/TkAc1ul7Dm #flwx #Orlando #Disney

Eagles to host Falcons in NFL regular-season opener as Super Bowl title defense begins https://t.co/ExP54GuD5A

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#BREAKING The Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office has identified the two fallen deputies as Sgt. Noel Ramirez and Deputy Taylor Lindsey. Sheriff Bobby Schultz did not have any info to release on the gunman, calling him a coward. LATEST: https://t.co/DmXOGpjRnc

Gilchrist County Sheriff Bobby Schultz said he wanted to avoid politics, but said of the murders of 2 of his deputies: "what do you expect when you demonize law enforcement?" https://t.co/PzIrXaD0YC

The 2 @GCSOFlorida deputies killed Thursday in Trenton, #Florida: Sgt. Noel Ramirez (left) and Deputy Taylor Lindsey (right). LATEST: https://t.co/DmXOGpjRnc

The two Gilchrist County deputies killed Thursday: Sgt. Noel Ramirez (left) and Deputy Taylor Lindsey (right). LATEST: https://t.co/NJVNZ30P1Q

Jose Lopez, 17, published his first book at age 14. He now plans to publish a collection of stories from survivors of Hurricane Maria entitled "Stories of Puerto Rico."

"The world's full of cowards and the world's full of heroes, and we need to highlight those heroes and what they gave." -- Sheriff Bobby Schultz of @GCSOFlorida
PICTURED: Sgt. Noel Ramirez.

The schedule is set, and we breakdown each game. ...


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1 prime time game after making it to the AFC championship such disrespect

so sick of them sending the best opponent to London! Send a divisional team we play twice per year not the Eagles! As much as I spend on season tickets I should get the Eagles game, not London!

I got one ticket for the Pats game for sale if interested willing to negotiate

We gon shine because we play harder against good teams

Justin Willoughby

3 hours ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

We've been expecting for months...

Tickets: jagrs.com/2018Schedule


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Jalen Ramsey seen in the last shot with his son, DeAndre Hopkins.

Yes pretty kooky season-ticket holder‘s have to pay for a home game that we don’t get to Attend .. And why after record last year do we not have a Monday night football game?? On A Positive note, loved the babies especially that Jaguar baby is the Cutest!

What division are we in? Why are we playing the whole nfc east

Wow only 2 prime time game for afc championship team wow

The little Colts baby crying on week 13 is the best! Let’s go Jags!!!

Why in the World are We still giving up a Home Game in order to play in London still Praytell...C'mon Man...Go Jags!!!

2 primetime games for a championship team. What a load of crap. Smdh.

One prime time game.. very disappointing but not surprised.

Why do people care about Monday night games so much lmao just sit down and watch the dam thing when they play

Jax got shafted! Only 2 primetime games!!! And only 1 at home!

Interesting way to show the Jaguars' 2018 schedule.

Of course the colts Baby cries both times

Chris Lynch heads up. Also, why was Carson not called to be in this?? Lol.

So pumped for SNF. Jags v Steelers used to be a night game at least once a year when we were in AFC Central.

Lol, we play the Cowboys in Dallas. That's one game we'll definitely win 😂

Alright, already punched it into my calendar. Still wish they had a sync feature on the schedule. GO JAGS!!!!

Can't wait for the Cheatriots! #revenge #gojags #DTWD

Need to make the journey across the pond to catch a game! 🤔

Such an embarrassing schedule release. Absolute fail, Jags.

I like the schedule, especially with a side of NFL ribbing!

Wyd give me a schedule not where I have to watch something twice

At Dallas I'm going and to Kc. Considering I live in NW ark

LOL @ Jalen Ramsey being the TEXANS's DADDY HAHAHAHAHA

The Miami Dolphins outfit was perfect! 😂😂😂

Claudia is now star see her in Titans & Dallas jerseys

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5 hours ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

Watch Jaguars Thursday LIVE from EverBank Field. ...


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We might grab one in 6or 7 it’s not a priority..., but if Jackson is on the table rnd 4 you gotta take him his style matches our offense

My only legit criticism of the new units is that there’s no trim on the numbers. Makes it look a little plain I think. Other than that, I think they’re fine. Go Jags.

Those new uniforms put me in a foul mood this afternoon

Tony always treats JP that way! It's part of their on-air persona

Its mine i said it first!!! TEALLY TEALLY!!! Go Jaguars!!!😎💯💯🏈🏈🔥🔥🔥🔥😘

I just threw Dez out there to stir the pot a little lol. But I don’t really think we should get him either honestly. He wouldn’t be a good fit I don’t think

We need a dB wr dL and ol I think we’re good at tight end but mark Andrews or Haden hurst would be nice

If Jackson is there 3rd or 4th i think we should take him he’s comparable to bortles should fit in as a backup

They’ll be hard pressed to make it back to the playoffs honestly, but they can do it. Just gotta focus in.

The numbers do look unfinished with no outline

I hated the new logo both times they changed it but I like the new one best now you’ll get used to the unis

Lol Dez probably wouldn’t be good in our WR room

Smooth and Mickens really hit it hard off season training wise

New Jersey’s will be cooler... literally

Good point Tony, but taking a break is not that bad

Glad I got my Campbell jersey this past year.

More class than you jeff,,,, but that's easy

Well the views certainly died out lol

Bortles needs to learn to throw the face!!!

Who's jersey sells out first next week?

I want 9 jerseys.....and I aim to get them

will 1 of the top five LB' s be there?

I like the sound of Teally Teally!!

They left out Michael Strahan

Yea Jeff Poz was the greatest

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5 hours ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

WATCH: Jaguars Thursday LIVE from EverBank Field. ...


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Efforts are underway to get more buildings downtown with teal lights so JacksonviLle will be known to everyone passing through Jax in the evenings will know for a fact this is TEAL TOWN.

Luv tony for those efforts that was a scary time we could’ve lost this team smh

Colors don’t win games. We need to keep our players. Tired of getting jerseys and the following year they leave.

Never say anything bad on the Khan..he is helping make this city relevant..

Jacksonville jaguars are champions better than those patriots

I'm sad to see the jags shield logo gone. It was a great way to express military appreciation.

Yes it will Tony...always called it Everbank and probably always will...old habits die hard lol

Tony believes in the jags. SB bound this year baby WERE HUNGRY!!!

Not crazy about the new uniforms. I liked the old 1s but with the new helmet

Look the teal jersey has returned with a look both new and ancient.

“Everbank” is so much better than “TIAA Bank” lol

Who cares what name of the stadium is.

If they're winning, they will look good in anything...

Edin, all teal only 3 times a year.

Love the colors.. Carolina blue my fav but teal is my second🏈🏈

the new helmet is UGLY, Last year's helmet was much nicer

Benager Everbank was sold to TIAA

But wat I’m saying we could’ve got a new owner that wanted to relocate

Send some heat up here to Pennsylvania please

It really started with TC. But of course he had to be hired 😊

I don’t see the classic aspect of it

Looks like the Panthers Baby Blues

Why they changing the name of the stuidum

It will always be the BANK

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6 hours ago

Miami Marlins

From cold to colder. Four-game series against Milwaukee starts tonight at 8:10 PM.

📺: FOX Sports Florida
📻: 940 WINZ, Radio Mambí 710 AM

#JuntosMiami | atmlb.com/2HcUoRu

From cold to colder. Four-game series against Milwaukee starts tonight at 8:10 PM.

📺: FOX Sports Florida
📻: 940 WINZ, Radio Mambí 710 AM

#JuntosMiami | https://atmlb.com/2HcUoRu


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brinson 2 home run game where has this been?will he get on a nice run or will this be just a 2 hr game and nothing else.

Today is my birthday. 🎉 Please win tonight. It would be a cool Marlins birthday gift

Tazawa comes in, first pitch, double by Cain........

Qué esperan para bajar L Brinson a filial AAA y subir a Scott Vanslyle 1B-OF ó Magnus Sierra RF buscar ofensiva y D Peter (zurdo) una oportunidad si hoy no funciona bajarlo, subir Alcántara si está roster de 40.

Tazawa is The Best pitcher in the Majors..He Always proves himself...Don and Jeter feel the same way..I Love this guy...I'm so happy we have him as a pitcher..lmao..Where are all the Trust the Process Millennials???Ill wait!!!loololollolol

Watching and still supporting Marlins all the way! Just Hi to Yelich! Go Fish 🐟!!!!!

Live From Miller Park, in Milwaukee, WI! Ladies and gentlemen, here is tonight's starting lineup for your 2018 Miami Marlins!!

5 man infield on Castro in 1st Inning, but no mention of it by Paul or Todd.

At least it's indoors.

Good luck Marlins!!! Let's go for more..

Go get em!

Revamp our minor leagues? Where do you think Stanton, Bour, yelich, Ozuna came from? OUR SYSTEM! We needed to dump our pitchers. This better be about Analytics. To have the same pitching this year is balogna!

Shouldn't be that cold with the roof closed


How COLD will it be??

A win would be nice 👍

Gue pasa mirlins gue no gana

Brewers atleast are within the times and have a roof. Lol

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A closer look at our new look 👀 ...

A closer look at our new look 👀


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-Need stripes on pants. -Need outlines on numbers. -MAKE TEAL THE MAIN COLOR.

Since when is the heart by the left shoulder and not in the middle of the chest?

If TC was a major influence on the design then he needs to stick with what he knows and it ain’t designing uniforms.

As long as the helmets are 1 solid color. Black, Gold, or Teal. Please, never do that 2tone sht again!

Jesus you people would complain about anything they did.

Boring. No matter how many times you post it, they are boring.

Nope. Go back to the drawing board this is awful. Now I know why the players seemed to fake it when they got to see them first.

I just wanted black with teal #s and teal with black #s and to maybe bring back the jaguar whole body on the sleeve like they used to have but with the new logo..but nooo..I get this boring jersey

We all know why the players faked to be excited on video.

I wanted simple and plain but I wasn’t expecting THIS simple and plain!!! They are ok I just feel like they could have done a lot better.

The black helmets are a breath of fresh air, but why do the numbers look like they are practice field quality with no actual pop to the uniform? Reminds me of high school football where the coach made you earn the right to getting better looking gear...or an unlock system in a video game progression.

On the bright side, the better jerseys go on sale this year lol time to get me a Teal Jalen

They are fine. They were going for a more simple look. Teal and black are our colors. So what'd yall expect? The more going on the worse they look.


Uniforms don’t win games I don’t care if they look like the bad news bears kill it on D and score some points LEGGOJAGS

So, its black with a tiny smidge of teal? Basic af

At least we didn’t sign our main food vendor and they aren’t open on Sunday!

Our jersey sales are going to plummet this season. That’s almost a guarantee... whether you like them or not.... most fans are just not gonna be in a hurry to buy such a plain jersey...

And to think I've been complaining about shoulder pain, I guess it's been my heart all this time.

I like them. They are fresh and simple . Makes me look at the team more seriously instead of those bright college uniforms last year

My expectations were low when I heard the word “traditional” even though we are a team with not much “tradition” compared to the original NFL teams so the rollout did not disappoint, they are plain, simple and to the Point but what’s surprising is the teal pants with the black jersey is really pretty sharp, figures that’s not a combination being shown. Oh well in the end it’s not the jersey it’s winning the game.

Oh man, the whining... for Gods sake, the helmet has finally been painted. Who cares about anything else!

Black matte helmet and im okay with it....

Fast forward 5 years to when they're able to get new uniforms again. 😴 Oh but these new uniforms are AWESOME!!! 🤥

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All black, high-gloss. Just how we like them.

See more: jagrs.com/UniformReveal

All black, high-gloss. Just how we like them.

See more: https://jagrs.com/UniformReveal


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Nooooo new school new era. I liked the black faded into gold. 😒😔

Changing the helmet is the only thing I cared about so I’m happy lol

All that whining about helmets and we finally got a good one in exchange for terrible uniforms...

Good thing it’s not 90 degrees at game time, oh right, never mind

Like the helmets, the new uniforms wouldn't be so bad if the numbers on them were outlined in gold or teal

As hot as it gets here, you'd think they would at least change the color of the helmet!!! I mean don't get me wrong, I like it, but the players probably hate it

Loved the black faded into gold but the new helmetlooks nice...but the new uniforms look cheap compared to last years. Why change a good thing? Do the Cowboys change every year??

Why isn’t there any gold??? The gold is what made us unique and was an amazing accent with the teal and white! These look unfinished, like more could be done. Helmet is ok. Logo could be bigger.

Unfortunately this is the best part of the new uniform. From the neck down they look like practice jerseys used by a high school.

Bring back the original uniforms

Mediocre... I’m a fan of Matte Black it’s a distinct look... the Half Black half gold was a stretch... but it was unique... now they’re just like every other bland NFL helmet. But at least they have a better game than Uni’s

Back to the classics. The new logo looks so much better on this helmet.

Miss the two tone already!!!! We could have at least made them matte instead of the super glossy bowling ball look

Win, then who cares what they wear!

Well at least the helmet looks nice 👍🏼 😻. Uniforms.... not so much 😼

I'm really glad they changed em and went more traditional. Being from Cleveland... the BROWNS should take note and return the same way. The unis look Great! I'm also glad they got rid of the awful faded gold n black helmet

Anything but the mullet helmets 🙌🏼

It’s good but so was the gold

I love it! But dang it man! Our black and gold helmet look like a warriors helmet... By the way, if you have any extra of the old one's, feel free to contact me! I've been trying to weasel my way into a "real" one of those since they came out... GO Jaguars!!!

Everyone saying these are new, are new people to Jacksonville bc these are the old helmets we already had before the gold.... can we get something really new and actually cool!

I like the old helmet and uniforms better. The new uniforms are to plain. And if they wanted to change the helmet why not like teal or something with color since the uniforms are so monotone

Not happy! Those two toned helmets was the best ever made! Well at least I can get a replica for cheap now lol

Someone made the video with the close button on top of the volume button, so it closes every time you try to turn sound on... 😡

Winning games has nothing to do with the uniforms. We still made the AFC Championship game with what we had last year. #JAGSNATION

Matte black would've looked nice too

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14 hours ago


We are proud to provide specially equipped “quiet rooms” where guests who are on the autism spectrum and their families can take a break. Happy National Autism Awareness Month! ...

We are proud to provide specially equipped “quiet rooms” where guests who are on the autism spectrum and their families can take a break. Happy National Autism Awareness Month!


Comment on Facebook

Legoland is amazing. They really did a fabulous job in making indoor play spaces to beat the heat and take a break with your little ones. The park is immaculate and staff always incredible. Hands down one of the best theme parks geared towards younger kids yet still exciting enough for grownups. <3

Love this place. An awesome place to be. My son loves it there. Friendly staff that makes this place more enjoyable.

Legoland is awesome!! Baby care facility and indoor playroom was a huge help❤

Where are the quiet rooms located? I’ve been there a few times recently with my child on the spectrum and have never seen these rooms. I haven’t seen any signs for them or anything. 😞

Thank you Legoland 👍🏻 #proudautismmom

This is truly the best park for kids and adults. My oldest has autism and this has always been his favorite place. The staff are so friendly and understanding. Every area in the park offers something for all ages. Best Place hands down!

Christine Hines Waterman you guys would love Legoland. They have so many features that you guys would enjoy!

Sue Devyn

Adriana Bispo ❤️❤️❤️

Diana Gallucci Dean


Jaime D'Errico

Richard Crespo

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1 day ago

Miami Marlins

Not bad for a debut album.


Not bad for a debut album. 

#JustGettinStartedImage attachment


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Guys, Loria is gone. Thank God, he’s gone. The never ending hit parade of fire sales for minor leaguers might well have gone with him. After this rebuilders complete nothing I have seen or heard makes me think current ownership will continue the self-destructive behavior. Don’t be so pessimistic. It’s better for your health to have a little optimism!

He's got a great future ahead of him... ...meaning he'll play good for our team until 2020 and then be traded for a minor leaguer.

Hope he works his way into a permanent rotation spot. Unless mattingly plans on pulling him after 80 pitches every game then just leave him for long middle relief.

Well maybe now we have a chance to win every 5th game!

IMO, tonight we will see one the best MLB managers, and he has a Marlin ring. You have to watch close, his moves are subtle, not in your face. Hope the Marlins are at their best tonight.

When is he traded?


1 day ago

Miami Marlins

Jarlin García impresses again. A look at last night.

5.0 IP 1 H 0 ER 5 BB 2 SO | #JustGettinStarted


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Congratulations to Jarlin Garcia he's a very good Pitcher my mom personally know his mom they went to school together in Dominican Republic dreams do come true!! 🔥 😎 👍

Marlins are muffcabbage

How long until his contract is up?

Aaaaaand hes gone; traded to Yanks

He show signs of their Ace pitcher not Urena!

They will trade him

Got my birthday present. A win over the Yankees. Go Fish! From your forever fan (although hard to watch this year!)

I don't mind growing pains watching young players play. It's watching old players have growing pains that is pointless. If your gonna do this rebuild bring up the kids and let them play. Brad Ziegler is trash..

I want to see the rest of the kids play as well. Potential rotation Urena, Garcia, alcantara, Guzman, Edward Cabrera. Solid

It is amazing to see all the good things that have happened to him, a humble person who comes from Pedro Brand to realize his dream so much dedication and dedication to what he does. As a follower of this Miami and Dominican team I am very proud of him..... #GoJarlin #Malibú

Team win for sure. Great pitching, offensive and defensive support. Consistant play like this and the Fish could be a force to reckon with.

Jarlin Garcia only player on the squad worth watching in my opinion. Should be our Ace hands down

A Star is born

When Garcia can gain consistent command of his off speed pitches, and fastball, he has a great future with the Miami Marlins!!

Would like to see him actually get to go deep into games.

💟🎆💝 恭喜Marlins 贏球⚾🏆👍,I'm Marlins and WEI-YIN CHEN(陳偉殷) of Supporter. 💪🌼💞💝🌈 Good Job. 😃👍

He was gassed at 92 pitches...but just enough to get the W!!!

Nice play

That was fun to watch, miss a lot of the players bring them back! I wish🙂⚾️🌴

Por lo menos se le gana uno a los Yankees en su estadio

I am Happy and Ecstatic Today this was a Nice Birthday Present Victory over The NYC Yankees Yesterday Good Job Miami Marlins!!!

Do t get too good they will trade you

Why was Yankees Stadium empty?

Jeremy Ward the truth

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2 days ago


Shop at the place made for kids, and get a discount at the place built for kids! From now through April 23rd, receive a Kids go Free Coupon with purchases of $30 or more at The Children's Place! ...

Shop at the place made for kids, and get a discount at the place built for kids! From now through April 23rd, receive a Kids go Free Coupon with purchases of $30 or more at The Childrens Place!


Comment on Facebook

Kids go free what about the parents?🤔

LEGOLAND, is the child pass good through age 12? Can you get this deal in any state or only in Florida? Can you get it online? Sorry for all the questions!

LEGOLAND, Are the tickets available at the Children’s place outlet store?

can these be used when also staying on the resort?

Just watch ages as a lot places only kid ticket til like age 10 then call them adults

Renato Oliveira

Lance Jimenez

Kim Asbell Jordan

2 days ago

Miami Marlins

J.T. Realmuto hits homer in first game of season as Marlins beat Yankees, 9-1. ...


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Only guy worth anything in the marlins franchise is Garcia.. That dude should be our ACE

Hard watching Stanton struggle i wish him the best even though he left he just wants to win i don't blame him

Live in Markleville, Indiana but see our Marlins when they play the Reds every year, Go Fish!

How the Marlins managed to win 9-1 against the yankees I will never know

Nice win Marlins. Feels good to beat the Yankees in New York and score 9 runs against them.

Le devolvimos el favor a los Yankis, corto x 3 carreras pero lo que cuenta es la devolucion. Bravo J.Garcia una nueva apertura de lujo, Felicidades x la victoria.ARRIBA MIS MARLINS.

Pepijn Niermeijer en Atie van Liefland whoop whoop kijk eens! Marlins pakken de Yankees in. Dit kan nog wel eens heel leuk gaan worden over 2 weken!!! ⚾️💕

Even though people expect Marlins to be the worst team this year.. I’m still watching and getting excited to see them winning! I screamed when JT hits a HR Go Fish 🐟!!!!!

Money can't buy the Yankees wins.

Great game, we need more of these.

The lineup is completely different with him in it. Pitching will get stronger with straily back soon and hopefully bring up alcantara.. team will be a lot stronger

After the drubbing they took yesterday, it's nice to see them give some back.

The Red Sox and any team who beats the Yankees!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

RichiePhillip Jeter is probably upset with the loss

Good to see Realmuto healthy again! My son's favorite player! #CatchersAreAwesome

Wheeler, Nimo, Dom Smith, and a prospect for JT will Get a “Deal Done”! U Marlins fans realize that he will Get traded soon, right?!

Why we still have Ziegler I will never know. If you’re going to give us garbage, give us new and growing garbage.

Seth Romano Dakota Veater, just once this season!!! But it feels sooo good!!!! ☺

Lost to s triple a team...yank fans signed ex yank fan

Luis Pedro Matta Castañeda Bieen hombre! La serie mundial de este año va a ser de los Marlins😂

Let's just say is helps having Jake back in the middle order, don't it? :-)

When are we going to trade him? I am sure it will happen soon.

Just curious. Wonder how long it will be until a good team snags Garcia

Stäve Zic Silvio Magino das hätte ich selber vor 2 Wochen noch nicht geglaubt 🙈👍🏻😂

Yahya Alouri Eyad Kahok music to my ears. Stanton booed at every at bat

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2 days ago

Miami Marlins

J.T. Realmuto makes his 2018 debut tonight. First pitch is at 6:35 PM.

📺: FOX Sports FL
📻: 940winz, Radio Mambí 710 AM

#JuntosMiami | atmlb.com/2H9vlij

J.T. Realmuto makes his 2018 debut tonight. First pitch is at 6:35 PM.

📺: FOX Sports FL
📻: 940winz, Radio Mambí 710 AM  

#JuntosMiami | https://atmlb.com/2H9vlij


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When it's 9-0, bottom of the 9th, why bring in Ziegler?

Jeter I know you are seeing prospects, but you'd be wise to keep this one. Keep a core (JT, Bour, Ureña, Jarlin) and we might stick it out with you...

Ziegler should not be a closer! Mattling does not get it!

Good job, J.T. 🤗

Welcome back JT you’ve been missed in the lineup

I love J.T

Welcome back JT ! You have been missed. 😀

I hope the Marlins start playing much better

Go Marlins!

Wow an actual player🤣

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