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Starbucks CEO invites two black men arrested in store to help 'solve this issue'

Starbucks CEO invites two black men arrested in store to help 'solve this issue'


“What happened to those two gentleman was wrong.”

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson called the arrest of two black men for trespassing while waiting in a Starbucks “completely inappropriate,” and blamed policies and procedures that need to be investigated and revised.

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PODCAST: #GoBolts win behind Nikita Kucherov's goals and hits, #RaysUp win a series as Jake Faria pitches well & #Bucs schedule will be released on Thursday night @NFLSTROUD @TBTimes_Sports

Attorneys and firefighters have negotiated a $4.9 million settlement to a lawsuit by the federal government that said Jacksonville’s promotion tests unfairly put black firefighters at a disadvantage. https://t.co/IiyHYx5iMj

Downtown's success creates noisy problem for St. Petersburg https://t.co/BteyAqaOQk @TB_Times

Tampa's 60-year-old Housewife Bake Shop may not be closing after all https://t.co/F6XFYWj9pa @TB_Times

A blown engine on a Southwest Airlines jet Tuesday hurled shrapnel at the aircraft and led to the death of a passenger who was nearly blown out of a broken window of the Boeing 737. https://t.co/Aomso5pTDl

Only in Miami-Dade is there a sign that #Parkland has made a dramatic difference in registrations among young voters.

Hillsborough targets bilingual teachers' aides in latest school cuts https://t.co/YbM2Lcc0je @TB_Times

Everybody loses in a trade war, Canadian chamber CEO warns Tampa officials https://t.co/jkwpSyEYY3 @TB_Times

Joey Fatone's hot dog food truck is coming to Plant City this weekend https://t.co/8OMVKqCma3 @TB_Times

Nerves. Of. Steel.

Trademark makes it official: Call it the St. Pete Pier https://t.co/Uegrmms61U @TB_Times

The Daystarter: The Lightning win one on the road; Steve Persall rides off into retirement; meet the Tampa Bay Times' new business columnist https://t.co/HZKrNy1bjx @TB_Times

“We’re going to keep going until everyone has been held accountable,” prosecutors say about the dealers fueling an epidemic.

Because the process is so little known, relatively few people enter the drawing and the chances of winning are great.

14 hours ago

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Publix is your headquarters for the Ultimate Tailgate Party​®​. And now, it’s up to you to decide our official Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sub. Will you vote to put in the rookie, or stick with the veteran?

The Rookie Sub: Mojo pork, Spanish pork, sweet ham, Swiss cheese, mayo/mustard spread, and pickle slices.

The Veteran Sub: Boar's Head​® ​Spicy Salsalito Turkey & Chipotle Gouda, guacamole, peach mango salsa, plantain chips, and shredded lettuce.


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The Rookie sounds like an even better Cuban and I'm all for that

Vote rookie!!!!

The Rookie

Gotta give the rookie a try out.

The veteran substitute chicken tenders for the turkey though 😶😶

I am a veteran but the rookie looks very good.


Rookie... Never a fan of the veteran


Rookie. Can you ship one to Minnesota for me?

Rookie all the way

Both look very good but the Veteran has me intrigued with the spicy turkey and what ever peach mango salsa is. Hold the lettuce though.

I'm going rookie cause Tampa is the capital for Cuban sandwiches

Seeing this post after moving to a land far away from Publix is painful. I feel personally attacked.

Love the Veteran! Taste awesome!!!

Veteran. I thought it sounded weird until I tried it. It’s awesome!

Rookie would be my choice because I'm not crazy for guacamole or peach mango salsa.

Sounds great but will skip the cheese

Let's go Rookie!

Time to start the rook

Put in the rookie!

Stick With The Veteran!

Both! 😂 Cure the hunger

put in the rookie!


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15 hours ago

Visit Pensacola

Pedal with a view! 🚲

#explorepcola #PerdidoKey
📷 @clearcutcrystal

Pedal with a view! 🚲

#explorepcola #PerdidoKey
📷 @clearcutcrystal


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How peaceful and serene

Why I live here!

17 hours ago

Visit Pensacola

Living on island time... ☀️🌊☀️

🎥 @stephgator96


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Mary Anguiano John Ryan Gwen Whitt Ryan KM Ryan Steve Ryan come visit!

LaMesa Keeney does Pensacola really look like this??

Rachel Williams this is the beach right now and the temp is perfect!!!

will be there soon, eating at FLOUNDERS

Hoa Keo Trắng Trang Tieu Thu

Jacob Scott Hargrave

Tram Vo

Matt Roberts

17 hours ago

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

We’re reporting LIVE from One Buc Place to talk all things Buccaneers.

Comment your questions below! ⤵️


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Trade back seems best option to get more picks in 2nd 3rd round if we can't get Nelson or Barkley at 7. Listening in Scotland 🇬🇧🏈🇺🇸

I think that it's going to come down to either D James or M. Fitzpatrick for the 1st pick. Fitzpatrick has a better track record for being a Playmaker

READ ME- Should the Bucs go after CJ Anderson and get a 3rd down back in the 4th round(trade up in the 3rd) then address the secondary in the first and second round

What is the strategy making Winston more of efficient quarterback. Who will be starting at runningback . Can we resolve our kicking problem this year?

Would love Nelson to fall to us then pick up a RB early 2nd then rest Def do u think that could be possible.

Do we get the 5th year at a cheaper price since we havent seen winston play his 4th season...

Should the bucs take Best Player Available at 7 and trade up back into 1st for Guice assuming Barley is gone at 7?

Do you think this is Hargreaves last year to make an impact to stay on the team?

Do you think the Bucs might take a look at WR Auden Tate from FSU/Wharton High in around round 4 or 5??

Draft Nelson, Chubb or Barkley.. if all gone trade back a few spots for any of the 3 DBs (Ward,fitz or James). Simple

Chance Hernandez from Utep drops down to the Bucs second pick?

Draft Party at RJS is an excellent experience and fun for whole family Lets go Bucs 2018

If nelson Barkley chubb is gone. Who do u think is better for our need. Ward James or minkah

Are we looking at NC State RB Nyheim Hynes?

How about a cousin package if it’s possible. Both Chubbs, would that be possible?

What offers were given for our first round pick?

Do we have a chance to win a play off game

There aren"t any concerns about keeping Winston around?

So the we are taking a kicker round one right? 😂

Carl Lawson best kicker in NCAA history... #warrrrr eagle

How many of the Bucs' 30 mtgs have they used up so far?

Have you guys put any thought into Shquiem Griffin?

So will you both be at the draft in Dallas?

Derwin. He is larger and very athletic.

I live in Texas so I’ll be in Dallas supporting my Bucs

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19 hours ago

Visit Pensacola

"Mind on a permanent vacation... " ☀️🏖🕶

📷 @dylanfitz1122

Mind on a permanent vacation...  ☀️🏖🕶

📷 @dylanfitz1122


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"The ocean is my only medication"

The most beautiful place I’ve ever been to

Dana !!!!!!

Chelsea Smith

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