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Spirit passengers bring man back to life on flight to Orlando

Spirit passengers bring man back to life on flight to Orlando


Katherine Yombik, a nurse from Michigan, was one of the first passengers to answer the call for help when a man collapsed on her flight to Orlando.

The nurses and EMT who volunteered to help didn't hesitate for a second.

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46 minutes ago

Tampa Bay Rays

We're back at our place against Detroit. atmlb.com/2G21FCq ...

Were back at our place against Detroit. http://atmlb.com/2G21FCq


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: yawn :

That's almost a starting lineup For 2018

What state will that be in?

These are not household names. Therefore, they are bad players.

Well Jen 45 on roster will they cutdown after today's game being Sunday to like 35 ,that's 10 today ,10 next Sunday that's 25 ,

Let's Go Rays!

A starting lineup,nice. Get busy

Go Rays ,

Archer you got this!Let's go Rays you got this!

Nice lineup

11 hours ago

The Gainesville Sun

Spring Practice Day 2 for the Florida GatorsThe Gators head out to the field for the second day of spring practice.
Check out all the stories at www.gatorsports.com
and a Photo Gallery at

Spring Practice Day 2 for the Florida Gators

14 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Brad Miller didn't look like he missed a beat. ...


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Brad will be a solid player all year if he’s healthy.

Bad news Rays fans ,if you like basketball gators just lost to Texas tech ,so they are out with Miami ,only Seminoles ,left ,they play tomorrow ,

He'll be traded within 2 seasons

If he stays healthy he can be just like in 2016. One of the best power infielders around

Way to go Brad!!!! We have been waiting for You!!!

Just imagine how good he'd be if he wore gloves

It's Miller time

Hope he stays this consistent this season. Great guy!

He could be the best hitter on the team barring injury.

he got the tools and the talent

Great! Next one at home into The Landing⚾️

Way to go Brad !

WTG Brad. Keep it going.

Lance Nighthawk Womack

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18 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

No luck for us today. Brad Miller had two doubles in his first game back from injury. atmlb.com/2u1kTmQ ...

No luck for us today. Brad Miller had two doubles in his first game back from injury. http://atmlb.com/2u1kTmQ


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And they want a New Stadium, and expect to fill it with what amounts to a minor league team Won't work, and that is the problem!! They could fill The Trop with a winning Team. Nobody buys tickets to a losing team. Not Rocket Science!

Miller, Pruitt, Coats had a good day.

When you have more hits, less errors, and still lose the game...I know it's Spring Training and all, but this has happened too many times and should be cause for some alarm.

: yawn :

At least we're consistent

At least Miller had two hits ,after the time off ,


Highlights Rays 3 vs Red Sox 4 Wong 2-5 2 RBI Miller 2-3 2 DBL, RUN (photo) Johnson 1-3 RUN Coats 3-4 DBL, RUN, RBI Pruitt 2 H, 0 R, 2 K 3 IP Venters and Bird scoreless Kittredge 1 BB, HR 2 IP Stanek (BS) 2 H, 3 R, 1 BB

Tomorrow is a new day! Go RAYS! Ignore the trolls!

Good to see him back! Go Rays💙⚾️


Good try, we even out hit them!

You mean he's finally playing?

Get them next time!!!!

Listen Linda

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