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SoFlo Schools Part of Walkout for Gun Law Reform Wednesday

SoFlo Schools Part of Walkout for Gun Law Reform Wednesday


At least a dozen schools from Miami-Dade and Broward counties will take part in a nationwide scheduled walkout on Wednesday. These are the schools joining in on the protest:

The walkout comes 10 days before thousands of people will take part in the March For Our Lives event scheduled for March 24th.

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Taylor County community comes to say goodbye to former leader. https://t.co/OCMtlUk5wA

Tallahassee residents celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style. https://t.co/2Prd19Cssp

Moody Airmen killed in helicopter crash Iraq. https://t.co/mp6xbD5W1S

Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang
Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang (Gucci gang!)

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Catch all of this coming up in sports on @WCTV in just a few minutes fam!

Can you ID? On 03/17/2018 at 4:31 p.m., two suspects entered the Metro PCS store at 2509 E Colonial Dr. After pretending to be customers, one produced a gun & demanded money & property. May have fled in black 4-door sedan (possibly a Chrysler 300) Call @CrimelineFL 800-423-TIPS

#Barbara'sPlace fire in Nassauville is 30 acres and 50% contained. 3 homes currently evacuated. 3 forestry dozers almost have a line around it.

Hear from the special teams standout after he crossed the dotted line on his contract.

West Gadsden Middle School Closing Monday after leak discovered. https://t.co/eZTFD55W5o

Guard Josh Sitton is excited to work with Offensive Coordinator Dowell Loggains.

Presented by @Verizon.

Uber driver convicted of raping passenger in Florida. https://t.co/OdfY2TCFCm

A Special Edition of WCTV Eyewitness News will be airing at 6 p.m. on our website. Click the link below to tune in! https://t.co/UUzMqObhQ3

Second annual business combine is in the books!

See you later New York!

Deadly single car crash in Levy County, driver in critical condition. https://t.co/R6dhcyoyks

Tallahassee Officer involved shooting. https://t.co/7haWG83BBC

BUSTED: Police waited with a woman they say was the getaway driver for suspected thieves to come out of Costco. When they busted through the back door, officers were right there waiting. STORY: bit.ly/2GD8s38 ...


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Dude never left coscto with anything. They never made it out of the building so how did this hold up in court

The video showed intent. Love it. Caught red handed.



Good job officers. Thanks for,your see

good one

Busted !!

Surprise mofo hahaha

LOVE IT !!!! :D

Jenna Grace E. Franco that’s what’s up.

Good job guys




Now if they would send them to prison for 15 years maybe this would stop. Or just shot them. F^cking thieves

Amber 😂😂😂

Sommer Cason

Ryan Coulstring😂

Randy James

Erick Cortes

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4 hours ago

Tampa Bay Lightning

Bolts can’t solve the Bruins tonight at home.

Recap: tbl.co/3-17recap

Bolts can’t solve the Bruins tonight at home. 

Recap: tbl.co/3-17recap


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Focus on getting the 2 tomorrow boys

I’m greeting a little sick of losing to The Bruins!!!

Really ugly the last two times out

What's more concern to me is we are not muckers And grinders, soft on puck

They showed up but they didn't play

8 to 2 in chances after 2 periods was outplayed and out hustled.

On the bright side, we only gave up three goals

Can’t solve? No effort, no sense of urgency, no nothing!

almost all important games at the end of last 2 seasons we lost. Coop has to go if team will fly out in the 1st or 2nd round of SC. Humble person-humble team.

Go Bruins!

Gotta start playing playoff style hockey.

They are having a lazy, unproductive streak. It happens to them all. They’ll snap back, they ALWAYS do. So let it go and move on to the next game! We live out Bolts so be positive! LET’S GO BOLTS, time to start playing like you want it. You got to and have stayed at the top for a reason so let’s get it together.


First shutout of the season... The boys drink before the game? Missing open net chances, absolutely horrendous on the PK and discipline.

Might be playing em... that will be baf


After 3 days practicing the PK?

Need a coaching change. We can not adjust from period to period. same game plan from the 1st face off to the last.

Not even sure we could solve 1+1=

Not showing up for big games is a serious problem for this team.

Embarrassing loss, especially with so many Bruins fans in attendance.

its hard to play the goons...especially when they always have the sixth man advantage

Ya think?

Stunk it up pretty good.

How about stop selling tix to brokers, so they sell them to other fans and I have to sit next to them? Especially Booin fans?

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4 hours ago

Tampa Bay Lightning

Final numbers from tonight's 3-0 loss to Boston. ...

Final numbers from tonights 3-0 loss to Boston.


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Embarrassing! Why the heck is there an interview with Marchand on Sun Sports!

Falling apart at the wrong time.

Not good

Guess the luck of the Irish was not on their side tonight.

How do you not get up for this game? Gonna be a short playoff run.

We're not a great team right now but we still have the talent to win a cup. Still have some games to figure it out before the playoffs. This was a wake up call.

Hey lightning, next time show up to play! Pathetic game!!!

Go Bruins!!!

They are looking like Washington last year :(

Sure glad I didn't pay 200 a seat to watch this. Major adjustments need to be made and quick. Outplayed. Intimidated.



Completely overrated

They need to win tomorow with with budaj in net!!

My two favorite teams :)

Gotta find out playoff game and play like it. Boston dominated the blue line. We need toughness, speed and skill isn’t playoff hockey.

No way this team wins a cup this year with these coaches. We got off to a hot start in a weak division. We get a quick send off in the playoffs. Coaches have had enough warning about our team defense and have done NOTHING to adjust.

Bruins fan here. Hey relax, Lightning are good, very good. Bruins just played a stinker against the stinking panthers. One game don't make the season. Playoffs are the real games once you make it.

Got to punish them on the PowerPlay. We have some of the best and in form forwards in the league. The stats look fairly even we just need to make the match look that way too if it’s the case 😔

Every time they have chance to pull away from Boston they drop it. They’re getting their fans prepped for an early playoff exit.

PRETENDERS, If there was ever a playoff preview of Stanley Cup Pretenders(Tampa Bay) v Contenders(Boston Bruins) that was it?? March on to the Stanley Cup final Boston will, and Tampa Bay are not getting past the bruins in the second round of that's the eventual match up. No way!!!

First shutout loss of the season. Hurtful

Boston got the best of them. As soon as the lightning tried to put hit them they fell apart. Bolts need to stick with their system which is speed not try to play rough. Also cooper needs to get his lines straight. I know he’s trying to see the best match ups for the playoffs but there is no reason to keep moving the defense around. Hedman/stralman, mac/Girardi, sergachev/Coburn.


That was embarrassing. No shows again. Press the panic button.

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4 hours ago

FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay

BRIDGE COLLAPSE: Sen. Marco Rubio and others are in Miami with an update on the pedestrian bridge collapse at FIU. ...


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So sad, people left their homes that day not thinking for a minute they’ll never return.... life is not guaranteed.... it can be gone in a split second... 🙏🏼😢💔

People are just jealous because they can't speak two languages. I think of bilingual people as gifted.

They all have the information in English first! Now they’re doing it in Spanish! People need to take a chill pill... it’s MIAMI.... mostly BILINGUAL SPEAKING...

This bridge was going to be the first one that kind in the USA and how it was not well supervised and monitored. Im so sorry for you guys but this was a big mistake

The bridge was going to be the first one built with just one piece. It was going to be a pride for Miami. Now itsjust a nightmare and a big tragedy. 6 ppl died

What do you call someone who speaks 2 languages? Bilingual. What do you call one who speaks 3 languages? Trilingual. What do you call someone who not speaks one? American.

This is not about you, your language, your background, This is about the victims, and their families. so suck it up already with the language.

They are just repeating what was previously said in English...Since this is a majorly Spanish speaking area, do you not suppose that some of the victims have family that need the translation?

I am thankful that they take the time to care for every citizen...no matter the language. Everyone deserves dignity.

Why was traffic allowed under bridge while still working on the bridge.? Most times lands are blocked off or rerputed?

This was so preventable. I can't believe the road wasn't closed until this thing was completed. Thank God it wasn't open and full of walkers. The company that did this should be put out of business.

In a blink of your eye your life is changed forever. I tell my kids you need to stay Rapture Ready you never know when it's your time to go.

So very sorry for the loss of these Souls. May their Families and Friends know Thoughts and Prayers are on the way too All.

God Bless all our police and firemen, for their tireless work in this terrible situation!! Prayers for all families who lost loved on🙏🏽

Yes , but they were conducting stress tests, seems to me they should have blocked or rerouted traffic.

I hope they sue Florida and that company for killing those people! Condolences to the families..God bless! 😢🙏

Thank you for working so hard and working long hours to help these families find their loved ones. I'm sure it was a hard tough job. God bless you all.

Then talk about the problem that’s happening at this moment... why bring the gun issue here? And worst of all you made it as a sarcastic comment...

Kellie Padilla You know darn well that if the money that was wasted buying legal gun owners weapons would have been used to repair bridges this wouldn't have happened. Sorry you can't connect dots.

Lord, how sad for all those families mourning their loved ones... to think they left that day their homes with no return, because of something that could’ve been prevented! 🙏🏼😢

Apparently, cracks were reportedly seen on the bridge and a Voicemail message was left regarding that but sadly, the message wasn’t heard until After this horrific tragedy.

These contractors need arrested for involuntary slaughter! Prayers for families, friends and all those involved in rescues...God be with you all

When this first happened they said they were stress testing it and that it was finished a year before schedule

Not racist English was the first primary language here, you were required to know English to live here through legal immagration

Stop the racism people!

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In just one week, she went from homeless to having a home, all because of this inspiring organization. ❤️❤️❤️ bit.ly/2pfoau0 ...


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When you start helping homeless veterans, then tell me.

Make sure you're helping the people directly. If you're donating clothes, don't give it to the organization, the people RARELY see it after requesting many times, even people who have soiled their clothes with their own waste are turned away by the very mean and uncaring staff at safe harbor. Many people are cold and denied blankets, so don't donate objects like those to the facility, give them to the people. Same with food. The people running the facilities in Pinellas should be arrested for unethical treatment of homeless people. It's very sad, what this news organization SHOULD DO, is go undercover as a homeless person at safe harbor, and BOOM..... not only write a story, but watch your name go Nationwide for uncovering the harsh truth of how the homeless are treated. The nicest homeless people are treated like complete GARBAGE, spoke to sarcastically, laughed at, screamed at, I'm talking about people who are just homeless.. not a drunk person or on drugs, just very much down on their luck. It's disgusting. They staff needs to be arrested.

Thank God For a home nice


5 hours ago

Tampa Bay Lightning

Your numbers after 40. ...

Your numbers after 40.


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Our PP isn't 0/0. Its 0/3

You mean, The bruins numbers. We aren’t playing tonight. Not sure where the bolts are.

Give them 20 PPs tonight and I bet you they won't score one :(


#notmynumbers 😕

Turning the game off and going to bed. Watching from the other side of the world and up way past my bedtime. Hope they turn it around

Phil Bigdaddy Meerovitz

Typical Tampa.. super team in the first half of season and the worst in the second half.

First round and done if they keep this up 😐

Outplayed . Intimidated.

Switching to FS2 for the finish of the 12 hrs of Sebring! This game is embarrassing...

I’ve said it before but our speed and skill guys can’t get it done against a more physical team like the Bruins. Glad we got JT but we need more big bodies like him.


One goal and the levy breaks???

It is apparent that something is amiss when there is this much talent and a failure to compete against a top, albeit depleted team on 3-days rest. Coaching comes to mind. Maybe it’s best not to be the top seed...bad record in playoffs.

Embarrassing. Pathetic. Disgusting.


Gonna a be a short playoff run

Stick with our Bolts, fans. They’ve been almost unreal for a majority of the season, they’ll turn it around. It’s a slump, even the best teams have them. #BoltsForLife ⚡️

Dang look at those shots. Gritty game. Not watching unfortunately. Gotta step up on those penalty kills though.


Definitely feels like we're losing steam at the worst time of the year. Hope the boys figure it out come playoffs!

Simon Hallé Ca seras pas facile

Watched panthers play bruins last night, what a game. Talk aboat grit and fight. Beat the bruins! We need their coaching staff. Trust me, it is the coaching staff! Three days off, what did they do go to Disney land or play golf! I'm not giving up on the lightning, but powers that be need to get with it and make some changes quickly. Set up some stinking plays!

Looks like the cars out of gas! But hey guys, you started out the season on 🔥

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5 hours ago

Tampa Bay Lightning

Welp. ...



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Can we have the Lightning from the first half of the season back?

By far the worst game of the year

C'mon, git it goin BOLTS!!!!! ⚡🏆⚡

Well shiiiit Derek Vye

Yea welp is right... again comes down to net front presence. Get the freaking puck deep, and don’t be scared to take shots in front of Rask. And help Vasy out plzzzzz, the kid is out of his mind good

This is the "effort" we get after not "playing" since Tuesday? At this rate, we won't win our 1st round series. And if we do, we dang sure won't beat Boston. Hate to say it, but they have our number. We can't even get the puck past the blue line.


Puck control...

Cam Phillips Bryce Phillips gunning for first eh?!

Gotta get shots on net to win a game


What the hell happened to the team from the first part of the season?? How does that happen???

We suck


I don't get it???!!!

Why are we interviewing Brad Marchand during the break???????????

More heart in the Boston fans here than the whole Lightning team....so sad

This is painful to watch.

Those of us that are Bolts fans but have been critical of the play over the last month have been treated like we don’t know what we are talking about, we never played the game, or look at the standings. Well this is what we have been concerned about. This team is tired, they lack focus and they are being out played each night. Hopefully losing the top spot will ignite this team.

Shot our wad

Playing so 👎.

The most reliable part of this team right now is it’s slow starts. Fans need to start demanding refunds on these games if the team is gonna just coast through them.

If this team doesn't find itself, we won't make it past the first round of the playoffs.

getting Ryan McDonough was a bust! Ugh 😑 should of got Erik Karlsson! We also needed another depth forward who could use his body like Boyle did! Our bottom 6 is garbage!

Not looking good

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TRAGIC: An 80-year-old man pushed his wife away when a car careened toward them. He was hit by the car and killed. Tampa police say the man and woman in this video were in that car and took off after the crash. If you recognize them, call TPD or 911. STORY: bit.ly/2G4Dnrm ...


Comment on Facebook

She should have just stayed at the scene. He was driving and it’s obvious he’s heartless. She will need to be checked, hope she doesn’t lay down and go to sleep and not wake up due to injuries. As for the man who lost his life he saved his wife from losing hers that’s devoted true love.

They were not sober. They will be found and get tickets for leaving the scene, driving while intoxicated, vehicle homicide, etc

Why don’t they just run their plates ? Am I missing something

They’ll catch them. She has a bad head injury looking from the blood and her dizziness .

I'm going to take a guess and say that they were on drugs and have warrants on them. Sorry the husband died but true and real love is real.

Typical Tampa driver. Will kill a family of 4 to make it somewhere 3 mins faster. We need a traffic laws judge dredd lol

Looks like she will head to the hospital in a day or two and she’ll spill the beans too on her companion

Sorry for the loss of this man, my heart hurts for the family, but you can tell his love for his wife when he risked his own for hers 💔💔🙏 RIP As for the couple in this video, She was the passenger, looks like she was hurt with a head injury most likely by the looks of the car and how she is acting, stumbling and holding her head. She quite possibly doesn’t know what’s going on at this point, incoherent and in shock just following his instructions. This DOES happen to people with head injuries, I could be wrong but before we crucify her we should know the facts. Him though, he seems to have walked away without a scratch and is a heartless person, I hope y’all find him and punish him to the full extent.

Dam meth heads turn yourself in somebody no them turn these dirt bags in😠prayers for the victims and family.

U cant hide they will find you no matter what. Dum and dummer in action. Losers.

She’s going to wind up going to a hospital because something is wrong with her head they need to put a bulletin and all hospitals

That was the worst move you could have made buddy...

Prayers to the loving husband who lost his life and prayers for his family. I hope those pieces of crap are caught and punished severely.

They should get the chair no prison time straight to the chair.

Prayers to the family that loss a Father, a Grandfather, a Soul mate. POS BOTH OF THEM!!!!! Hope they get the injection! Too bad Florida got rid of Ole Sparky!

Just a matter of time before these low life’s are caught

The car was probably stolen and he was walking away leaving her behind. They are both POS!! Hope they get caught and prayers to the family of the victim.

So sad for the deceased and their family . I am probably wrong but does anyone else think she looks pregnant ?

She touched the building can't you get prints off that. Might be blood print the way she is holding her head.

How horrible! I hope they are caught and get the maximum penalty!

The report says he was driving. I am not condoning what they did but head injuries can be so deceiving. We can not be judge and jury until we have the facts. There is no excuse for his actions. Hopefully she will come to her senses and do what's right.

well their finger prints are in that car even IF it was stolen...... POS need to rot in hell for killing an innocent man

I fell sorry for both the one that saved his wife to take his life. I do believe if they did these two people that where in this car who hit him will serve life.

They look Hispanic BIULD THE WALL

Must ban cars!!!!! These tools of destruction are killing innocent people!!!

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6 hours ago

Tampa Bay Lightning

Your numbers after 20. ...

Your numbers after 20.


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Sheesh. Here's to hoping something clicks in the locker room.

A lot of it are just lucky bounces and deflections. But they need to do a lot better in their zone and in the neutral zone. Get some shots on goal.

Five shots on goal?? C'mon boys get your heads out.


Slow, un-disciplined... The game's started guys, just like the Ottawa game...

Why do we start so slow come on bolts!

Those are rookie numbers...you gotta pump those numbers up

We gotta find a way to play against these boys. This will be the second round matchup.....

Boston making Tampa look like a junior team.

Pretenders, Tampa Bay for pretenders written all over them this season. Defensively they are not very good, and Boston going to win the division then knock Tampa Bay out of Stanley cup playoffs.. It's so easy to see. And I support neither Team

You’d never know this was a team that been sitting on top of the division all year with one of the most talented rosters in the league with the way they’ve been playing. How is it that they still haven’t figured out how to start a game well?

Wow...just wow...we can't pass to save our lives....wow

Stamkos, other than a costly penalty, is invisible in a big game...again.

Not looking good at all

1st round exit sad to say

This one’s over already

And that’s without Bergeron

Well.. tonights done. Get Vasy out of there and rest him. We keep playing like this and we will be lucky to see Round 2.

Our bottom 6 forwards are atrocious! Should of made a trade for a good grinder

I want my money back. Tampa forgot to show up


Bigger more physical team dominates us once again! Speed doesn’t win championships when you play with the big boys!

Way to show up in the biggest game of the season at home against a depleted team!!!!!!

Terrible effort after 3 days off. Early exit if things don't change!!

Lightning need a new coach. All this talent and they fail to rise to the occasion. Terrible mistakes time and time again in our own zone. Can’t win key face offs and the defense can’t clear to save themselves.

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6 hours ago

Tampa Bay Lightning

Down by two after one. ...

Down by two after one.


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5 shots on goal?? Seriously?? Where s the forecheck and defense??


Biggest game of the season against our rival at home and they don’t show up, I wish I could say I’m surprised.

Looking shabby for a while now 😐 c'mon Bolts!!!

no team play at all.

PlayOff is near and we going to suck.


Hope someone speaks up in the room

Incoming first round loss. Just watch.


What the hell was that? You need to beat these teams if you want the cup.

They seldom have success against Bombston

40 more min to play... a lot can happen, hopefully for the good!

I’m trying to believe this is us conserving energy and playing conservatively going into the playoffs...but periods like this make it really hard to buy my own narrative. C’mon guys!

Not good!

What happened to this squad?? The only ones that look like they even like playing hockey anymore are Gourde n Point... Been that way for awhile now.

This should not be a surprise to anyone who has watched the Lightning most of the year. Watch the Bruin front of net coverage. They are physical we are soft. No surprise here

Pull up your socks boys

Lets go gents, forget the 1st period and put some pucks in the net!

This team is horrible lately! The 9-0-1 is deceiving! Slow tired team. Other teams know their game plan. The defence/ PK is pretty much non existent!! Vasy has been good and making some big saves but also letting in some weak goals and too many goals (with that said it’s not entirely vasy’s fault as he’s facing 40+ shots a game!). The D needs to tighten up big time or they won’t last long in the playoffs at all! Vasy also needs some rest.

Lets go Bolts! Get it home. 👊

Our bottom 6 are horrible! Getting Ryan McDonough looks like a bust right now. Should of done more to get Karlsson!

Bring on the optimist/can't do wrong'ers.... This is a complete JOKE!! You get embarrassed at home before your nice 3 day break going into a possible playoff matchup against the 96 point B's and this is how you come out swinging. On paper this is an All-Star roster now with JT and McD, but on ice its just been flat out embarrassing. No way this team with the way they have been playing (not just in this game, but for months now) has a Cup run in them..... Unless. Unless! They are saving up!? Lol

Country in the Park is awesome!😁

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10 hours ago

Visit Orlando

You're here! It's not too late to save 5% off all of your ticket needs. #Orlando #SignSaturday ow.ly/ETsc30iRBRc ...

Youre here! Its not too late to save 5% off all of your ticket needs.  #Orlando #SignSaturday http://ow.ly/ETsc30iRBRc


Comment on Facebook

Miss you

When i see that sign i know now i can get out of the car and go to hotel and out to eat..

Seen these many a time ! Cant wait to see them again if we ever get back over

Love this exit! 75A see you soon lol 😂

Se yah tomorrow!!

Márcia Arzua vamos????

Vicki Graham 😭

Monise Simões Milaneze

14 hours ago

City of Coral Gables - Government

The grand opening of the Betsy Adams and the City of Coral Gables Garden Club Park just took place! Make sure to visit the beautiful new park located at 4650 Alhambra Street! ...


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That's great, but when will the citizens of coral gables get a dog park. With all the dogs owned in the gables it sucks having to go to tropical park or the grove just to let or animals off leash

15 hours ago

Visit Orlando

#Porgs are friends, not food, at #HollywoodStudios. 📷: Growing Up at Disney #StarWars ...

#Porgs are friends, not food, at #HollywoodStudios. 📷: Growing Up at Disney #StarWars


Comment on Facebook

Joanne Brown he’s robbed ur coat 🤣 x

Once you've had wooky you never go back

Porgs are equally as putrid as JarJar

Me puedo llevar a oliver conmigo solo para esta foto? Mayka Martínez Alex Dominguez 😍😂


Andy not long now 🤗🤗

Jose Dosil .....ur buddy Chewy! Lol

Billy Meadon if I go in the costume on the right shall I get you the one on the left! 😜

Awww, Dean Kilday!!

Noah Brian Johnson

Gee S Whyte

Matthew Tarquin Gaunt

Ian Tilston

Dino Valente

Tanya Manning

Stacey Lawrence

Aide Shann

Fernando Sarreta André Sarreta Laura Queiroz

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17 hours ago

Visit Orlando

Ready to paint the town green for #StPatricksDay? #Orlando is ready for you with authentic #Irish food, music and dancing! ow.ly/quO330iPWUw ...

Ready to paint the town green for #StPatricksDay? #Orlando is ready for you with authentic #Irish food, music and dancing! http://ow.ly/quO330iPWUw
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