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School massacre victim loved to dance

School massacre victim loved to dance


REMEMBERING THE VICTIMS: Jaime Guttenberg really enjoyed gymnastics and dancing. She took classes at the Dance Theatre, a studio in Coconut Creek, and was a member of their DTX dance program.

Jaime Guttenberg really enjoyed gymnastics and dancing. She took classes at the Dance Theatre, a studio in Coconut Creek. She was a member of their DTX dance program.

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7-hour standoff ends at Apopka motel after man allegedly throws fridge at SWAT vehicle https://t.co/BNm49HOfrp

Vehicle vs. Bicycle at Beach Blvd. & Carmichael. JSO on scene. Traffic diverted off WB Beach at intersection #KatiesCommuters @FCN2go

Police: Probation officer arrested for falsifying documents for offender he had relationship with https://t.co/21QfpDVBB9

UPDATE: All lanes open on #SR417 SB before Landstar Blvd (MM 14). Crash did involve a school bus. Delays still nearly back to Boggy Creek Rd #Orlando #Traffic

BEACH BLVD DRIVERS: look out for first responders near Carmichael (that is near Kuhn Flowers) due to a bike vs car. Serious injuries involved #KatiesCommuters

Traffic alert....car vs bicycle at Beach and Carmichael....serious injuries

#SKY13 over wreck on #SR417 SB before Landstar Blvd (MM 14) involving school bus that blocks left lane. Watch for slow traffic in area #orlando #traffic

In honor of @LewTurner's birthday -- please tweet @elonmusk and ask him to do an interview with Lew.

Woman's brakes pedal failed in traffic, warning others about experience https://t.co/6JyqQ1NaoR

Images from terrifying Southwest flight show passengers didn't put oxygen masks on right

The weekend is almost here and it still looks mainly dry with only a brief round of rain on Sunday morning! @FCN2go #GMJ

Sorority responds to FVSU sex scandal allegations https://t.co/kLk98Mzt0Y

DeLand police look for answers after decomposed body found, reports @DBoddenNEWS13 https://t.co/jxik52QTy8

Our fog zone continues to be along Interstate 10 and 75. Be safe. @FCN2go #GMJ

13 hours ago

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Have you heard of the marine iguana? They are truly fascinating creatures!

National Geographic
Watch an iconic marine iguana crawl, eat, and swim in the ocean in this spectacular footage captured by divers in the Galápagos Islands. on.natgeo.com/1Sb6x5G


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Wow! new species all the time.. either evolution is happening under our noses or scientist really need to tone it down a notch.. don’t get me wrong I think this is pretty cool but at the same time I’ve been alive for 31 years and I’m just recently for the past couple years hearing about all these new species that I’ve never heard about as a child or growing up.. pretty crazy.. but I’m sure there’s some legit reason as to why right, we always make up reasons to cope with things that we can’t understand. like it’s always been there we just discovered it...no.. and let’s see the hateful comments Roll in.. drumroll please...

Samantha want to go swimming with one😆



Oh look baby godzilla

That is cool


cool animal. Paul Avery

Hilary Sunggin mini godzilla

Heather Kogel Jason Kogel

Amy May Metcalfe

Kevin Frederiks

Kari Fremont

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The cutest playdate! #CMAinspires ...

The cutest playdate! #CMAinspires


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Oh how cute just think next month I'll be visiting Winter and Hope.

would be the best job ever!


I. Like. You. Photo.

Maria Del Carmen Tumes te etiqueto para que veas que soy tu amiga... Llévame pe 🙄😬😛


Amy May Metcalfe

Molly Armstrong

2 days ago

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Sea turtle release in action! Join us as we welcome three rehabilitated sea turtles back home to the Gulf. #CMAinspires ...


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Thanks so much for tuning in to help us welcome these sea turtles back home to the ocean. Learn more on our animal rescue work at www.seewinter.com/a/animal-hospital-patients/

A big shout out to our amazing volunteers. We could not complete our work without their hard work and dedication to our mission!

Can we follow them on your site with the trackers?

thanks for talking straws!!!

You guys are all awesome with the wonderful work you do!

Natalie, Fred Howard Park where we were last weekend.

Thank you for helping them!

Love watching, wish I was there today.

Thanks for all you do down there. If I could I would be there helping.

You guys are so awesome thank you for everything you do for these turtles.

Good luck from Argentina

Love that it's awesome

Thank you for your service❤️😊

Great work CMA .Awesome!

Watching from Dunedin, Fl... 4 miles south

Love and support from Idaho❤️❤️❤️

Wow that's awesome

You all do a great job.

Good job! Glad to see this!

Watching from Michigan

Amazing to see, loved it❤️. Great

Good day Dayton oh

Very pretty beach


Thanks CMA

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Three rescued sea turtles, Marigold, Echo and Papa will be heading home to the Gulf tomorrow thanks to the hard work of our sea turtle team! Tune in to our Facebook page around 11am to help us welcome them home. #CMAinspires ...


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Watch the live footage of Marigold, Echo and Papa's release @ www.facebook.com/SeeWinter/videos/10156325665753205

Glad for these cool turtles!!

They are just beautiful

Just Beautiful 😍😍😍

Great news!

Beautiful ❤️

Great work ethic and dedication Clearwater Turtle team!!! Hope you post their release!

Love sea turtles. Will never forget release of babies in Mexico

Your team is nothing short from amazing!!💙

Thank you! You are angels on this earth!

Fantastic loved seeing them last week x

Amazing job Clearwater Marine Aquarium!!👏👏👏

Talon Stroh look at how cute these turtles are!! Did we see them when we were there?

Love to see this. Your work is so awesome. Enjoy your new life guys

Healthy looking turtles indeed

Every ONE counts! THANKS <3

Any resident sea turtles?


Jody Shipley look how cool he is!!

Arturo Morales III

Posted on Positively Pinellas

Ellie DiFranco

Nikki Perry

Walker Smith

Louann Jones

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3 days ago

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

It's National Volunteer Week. We want to thank our volunteers this week and every week for dedicating their time to caring for our resident animals, aiding in our rescue missions, educating our guests and so much more. We truly couldn’t complete our mission without their hard work and love for our mission. Thank you! ...


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I been a volunteer for a dog rescue since 2004

Thank you for volunteering!

Thank you to all those that volunteer. Wish I lived closer so I could be a volunteer. Love hearing an seeing all the rescues an returns.

I like. You. Photo


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