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School massacre victim loved to dance

School massacre victim loved to dance


REMEMBERING THE VICTIMS: Jaime Guttenberg really enjoyed gymnastics and dancing. She took classes at the Dance Theatre, a studio in Coconut Creek, and was a member of their DTX dance program.

Jaime Guttenberg really enjoyed gymnastics and dancing. She took classes at the Dance Theatre, a studio in Coconut Creek. She was a member of their DTX dance program.

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1 hour ago

Orlando Sentinel

Orlando City reporter Jordan Culver is live with Ben Ferree to discuss the Lions’ 3-2 loss to Columbus Crew SC at MAPFRE Stadium. ...


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After such a brilliant showing of VAR at the World Cup, how is MLS not replicating exactly how it was used?

Wouldn’t it make sense to let y’all ask VAR questions? especially since it’s something we should be learning more about, and something they should be glad to explain to us?

Lost in all this, I think is how brilliant El Munir has been for James O'Connor (and the entire season IMO). Has JOC talked specifically about how he's going to use him as a versatile piece?

I recently got a call from a ticket agent asking me to spend more money on MLS... this is why I won't by buying a ticket anytime soon unless this gets fixed

I am against ‘coach’s challenges’ in soccer but plays like this make me want to change my mind. VAR should be moved to a central location NBA style

I feel bad for Bendik. Now he's in the highlight reels for a goal that shouldn't have happened in a game he shouldn't have been playing

Matt Doyle is on twitter defending that call too. There goes his last shred of credibility with me

@casey he was explaining to the players to leave him alone and if the VAR ref disagreed then they would inform him

Were there any comments on the Mensah roundhouse kick to Rocha's head? Isn't that reckless endangerment?

You also asked PRO about the disallowed goal against LAFC. How do you you think this PK call compares?

If that isn’t over the threshold for a VAR to make them review the play, then VAR shouldn’t exist

El Munir didn’t put the game away to make it 3-1. That’s the real game changer

JOC finally realizes what kind of striker he is instead of a hold up guy

O’Connor will instill the belief we need to move forward.

I’m gonna keep calling him old if he plays like that every match. Old, old, old

Thank you guys for some quality reporting

The rare guy who wants to be an LB

We need a #ustoo movement for match-ruining PRO Ref calls

Please spill what you know about the Meram situation.

How do we recover our confidence after this?

We will bounce back from this and will get better guys⚽️⚽️

Keep ranting Jordan! Go in on them.....

That would require humility on PRO refs part

Worst call of our entire mls history

Patrick Mullins can contribute some dives 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Final. #CLBvORL ...

Final. #CLBvORL


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I am ashamed to call myself a referee who is in the same system that USSF upgrades to Pro Referees. An obvious dangerous play where Rocha almost got his head kicked after a careless and dangerous bicycle kick attempt and only a yellow card was given. Should have been a red card...and then an obvious flop in the box where the ref lied to Orlando City players by signaling VAR looked at the play when they obviously didn't. It should have been a yellow card for simulation on the Crew. These Pro Referees are a joke and have been all year and for the past few..and that says alot as I know a few of them.

And yet ANOTHER game where the other team has an extra man on the field. Please explain how the ref VAR’d that FLOP in less than 10 seconds??????

In what world was that a penalty honestly? What’s the point of the VAR If they aren’t even going to use it. This ref needs to lose his job

We need better finishing. Couldn’t convert 2-3 gifts in their 6 yard box. PRO hurt us, but we could have taken it out of their hands.

Not only did the Ref make a blunder on the Penalty he should have sen their player off in the 1st half for the kick on the back just below our players head but instead treated both ours and their players the same giving them both yellow cards , also at the end their player should have been sent off for pushing ours to the ground , not even a yellow , it's about time Orlando made an official complaint about the constant bad treatment we get , do we have a discipline problem ? yes we do but that shouldnt mean we get the constant bad decisions that we keep on getting , todays Ref should be banned for a season , sent back to school and made to retrain for his license again .

BS on this final score. The ref needs to be fired! Vamos Orlando!

Ref screwed us on the pk but can’t do anything about Trapp’s rocket. Don’t leave it in the refs hands... we had our chances and we sat back too much. Scrappy game that gave the Crew an abundance of chances

That's what happens when the ref loses control of the match!! WTF!! I hate that the game was decided by an incompetent ref.

Major League Soccer MLS- just lost a family of 4 Season ticket holder. I have better things to do with my time and money than get worked up over incompetent officiating, This was border line collusion... absolutely unacceptable. PRO refs have to be better than this.

Coach needs to call out the officiating in this league. Every team needs to. Hell, let’s start a gofundme, just so he has the confidence to. Joke league with joke officials.

That was the worst PK call I've seen this season. Utterly terrible and inexcusable by the referee. He needs to be suspended for multiple games.

Wow. Funny how after every game we as fans wonder how the refs can screw up any worse. But here it is!! From a player of 23 years. Never seen such poor referee calls EVER!!

This was a pathetic performance by the ref. That should have been a yellow for embellishment not Pen. I don't understand the point in VAR when they can't get the call right. There was literally no contact at all. I don't understand how this keeps happening to Orlando

Penalty? No effing way. Red card when Rocha got kicked in the skull? Absolutely! Referees blew this one 😡

Love this team, but, let’s admit this: For whatever reason, City is “snakebitten” by MLS since their inception in 2015. Yes, they deserve some blame, but, the league clearly is out to “get them”. Doesn’t the league WANT a team to succeed that especially has a passionate fan base & “at or near sellouts every night”?

Horrendous. I’m an just purely shocked. There has been bad in the past but this is new levels from PRO and MLS. We are working so hard to turn this around and this is just heartbreaking. MLS should be trying to capture World Cup viewers. Watching this travesty does anything but

We really need to send messages through twitter or however to let the guys know we are proud of how hard they fought. Look at Shane he was pretty awesome. Sacha and Chris did well too

MLS should be ashamed. if that was a penalty kick, how was the play in the first half with Rocha getting kicked high in the back not a red card for dangerous play?!?!?

When will pro refs be held accountable? What do we have to do? How is this explained? At this point we're fucking used to it. But I just don't understand. There's bad calls all the time. That's the game. But it gets to a point that our toxicity and outrage is justifiable. That call was bullshit. Why always us? 🤬

Really sad. The team played great and we were managing the game. We could’ve played out for the 3 points if not for MLS refs.

It’s time ownership lobbies a formal complaint about ProReferees. Maybe even file a lawsuit because they’re costing this team $ each year. I think Orlando City gets hosed consistently more than any other team in the league.

The team played pretty well tonight. Sucks that Edwards had to go out. He has been doing good. Bendik seems like he isn’t trying 100%. It should have been a tie if not a win. That goal at the end was nice though, you cannot deny that. Of all things though, how could you call that flop a foul? The team is making progress. Great job so far coach! I like the change in lineups.

That guys is one of the worst refs in MLS and that is something. I always cringe when I see he is calling a game, even if I am a neutral because I know he going to have a major impact on the outcome of the game.

What happen to VAR on that penalty call. The Referee's bad call changed the momentum in favor of Columbus. Horrible refereeing.

Review in less than one minute!?!?! Even IF they said it was reviewed he should have had the sense to question the extreme quickness to conclusion. WTF

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3 hours ago

Miami Marlins

Flipped M and a strong outing from Pablo López! ...


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Thank you Justin Bour for throwing the ball to my son, Kelan. You made his night!!

I love the direction the team seems to be moving in, far exceeding any preseason expectations. Everybody is contributing and the defense has been pretty stellar

When are the Marlins going to trade Kyle Barraclough and J. T. Realmuto to the Astros?Get the deal done with the Astros already!!!


I wonder what happens with realmuto. On one hand, the "rebuild" appears to be further along than expected. Building around realmuto seems like a good piece to start. On the other hand, he could land multiple great players, like Kyle tucker or victor Robles. It will be interesting to see, because we have leverage. I love Jt though I'd love to see him stay though

Great game. We were at the game tonight and still afraid to watch the ninth inning! Keep up the good work, we’ll get used to winning close ones.

They’re clawing out of the basement!! Keep fighting fish.

Agree.they aren't 500 but thought this team was gonna be terrible but honestly going 20 and 15 last 35 is really good and they will be a pain for good teams they have to play rest of yr.go get the sweep tomorrow

Told u all Marlins going to the Postseason..ight just Happen to win the Division.

🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #truefan #letsgomarlins


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That counter caught 'em! Stéfano Pinho could never miss from there. ...


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Whelp 3-2 loss thanks ref. What I don’t understand is why no vAR was used. What’s the point if they don’t use it

And nothing will happen to the ref just like all the other times, and not even against us. Time and again refs change games for every team in the legaue, and MLS just fines or tells people not to complain rather than doing something about a glaringly obvious issue everyone sees. This keeps up, Garber's little empire will crumble as fans get sick of it and leave.

What a stupid penalty!!!!!

And this is why mls sucks. Complete crap PK to the team’s demise. Disclosed I love mls.

Video review available and in a critical time they don't use it on a dive in the box.

Can someone from PRO or VAR or a referee explain to me how that was a penalty kick and not a flop

A crap PK by the Ref. This type call hurts the MLS

There needs to be a VAR requirement to review all PKs. It's stupid to have it and not use it when giving a free goal

Watch Live: Columbus Crew vs Orlando City - USA. MLS in Free HD Live Stream without Pop-up ads Here>>> Today Sportz World

You guys better stop playing with my feelings!!! I went to check and final score was 3-2 losing... come on!!

Disgusted. Fire the REF. We were robbed :(

Looks like the Refs are preferring some teams over others.

Can’t believe what I’ve just witnessed!🙈

Let's get one more! Climb back up the standings

What a BS call to tie the game!!!

A call like that on a fucking flop could get you killed in other countries

Absolute sh*t call 😡 Thanks ref

Never say never

Total BS penalty call.

Never say never!

Sophie Dockerill and again🤷🏻‍♂️🙈❤️


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We're fighting and we're leading. Let's finish the job. 😈

#CLBvORL | #VamosOrlando


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Allen may be the slowest player to ever grace the pitch for Orlando.

Since (anti)Kreist left the team, we start to attack again. We are moving faster and close up to the front. I hope we win, but at least I can see great progress in the play.

Watch Live: Columbus Crew vs Orlando City - USA. MLS in Free HD Live Stream without Pop-up ads Here>>> Today Sportz World

Pinho could have had a hat trick by now if he didn't just stand there when they deliver him the ball. Come on! Let's see that NASL top scorer skill.

That Kljestan celebration was hysterical!! Way to dish it back!!

Wish Orlando could keep the ball within their own players for more than 2 seconds. .....And we are down again.........

Does anyone else feel dizzy and nauseous by the camera shaking and moving all the time?


Come out strong after yellow card lost some of that steam



Come for the goal. Stay for the celly. Go on, Sacha! ...


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So much excitement from the Lion's Pride. Yay

You can tell the commentators haven't seen any fifa celebrations 😂

the old man scared me 😂😂

Nice one Sasha Klejstan!

Wish Orlando would dribble with the ball instead of just kicking it all over the place. And just because you're up by a goal don't mean you don't press any more. Come on guys, lets get a win

Great goal Sasha!!!!

Way to go!!!!


Sophie Dockerill🙈❤️

Your Lions taking on Crew SC tonight. 🦁

#CLBvORL | #VamosOrlando

Your Lions taking on Crew SC tonight. 🦁

#CLBvORL | #VamosOrlando


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Rj Allen is terrible

Is anyone else seeing this? It doesn’t make sense since the game is here and not in columbus.

Are they looking to trade Meram?

Why Mohammed Al Muneer is outside the basic lineup?

What happened to Sane

OK this is a crazy lineup I will admit the most apprehension I have is for Pinho on top. But he doesn’t know these players he wants to give everybody a chance I believe it’s going to be a sink or swim situation. I think he’s basically setting himself up to know who will stay and who may go at the end of the season

The bench looks great. 😁

Glad to see Higuita back, but Dwyer, Tarek, el-Munir and Colmán need to start too. Not a fan of Rocha, but he's stepped up some lately.

Where's Meram ?!?

Lets Go City! Cant wait to see Bendik and Dwyer back on the field . Lets Go guys

Guys... they play 5 games in just over 2 weeks (16 days), some of these guys are gon’ need a break.

Yo that graphic is wrong. You have the bench as the starters and the starters as the bench.

Yikes! Love our Lions haye the lineup...are we playing the OCB team?

sending love and prayers for Edwards....hope it's nothing serious 🙌❤️

Allen and Klestjan again... sigh

So glad Higuita is back! However, Allen has not played well at all and the chemistry will be off again since this might be the 15th new combination of back four. Happy to see Sutter back in the 18 though!

Couldnot hold on to the lead.. 1:2 to 3:2...😣

Wath ........Mohamed almunir 😭😭

Where is Tarek

Rosell is not as dominant in cm as Yotún is. I hope putting Yoshi on the left doesn’t diminish his presence.

Why isn’t Dom starting?

Scores please?

I can't watch it....I hate this

Score Line ?

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Sugar Sand Park, the Children's Science Explorium and the Willow Theatre are taking #SummerReading seriously, thanks to the Boca Raton Public Library. What about you??? ...

Sugar Sand Park, the Childrens Science Explorium and the Willow Theatre are taking #SummerReading seriously, thanks to the Boca Raton Public Library. What about you???

1 day ago

Miami Marlins

*exhale* and flip the M. ...


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Thank you Justin Bour for throwing this ball to my son. You truly made his night.

that was nailbiting for sure.i was shocked barraclough wasnt in game.either he is hurt which i havent heard anything about or that he is about to be traded super soon

Going to the game today! I hope they're able to keep it going!

Junk yard of a pitching staff..

Trading Realmuto or Bour will be the END of this "fanbase" NO REASON to trade either ESPECIALLY when No catcher will replace Realmuto! Have a Catcher of next 10 yrs and we will just give him away..MAKES NO SENSE DUMBFUCK Jeter!

Dangit! You almost did it again! Better bring whatever is considered your A-game by Jeter's standards over the weekend or we'll NEVER be "State Champs".

The walk of shame sorry rays maybe next time......go fins......

Yeah shame!..They are already talking about trading JT so enjoy!!!...:/

Couldn’t watch the last out. Was watching at a sports bar and had to leave. Glad they pulled it out.

Buena victoria, pero por favor, que el bullpen no se caiga

That glove flip was awesome dang!

That dude that got wrecked in the face by that 1st Deets homer tho lol

Live from Tropicana Field! Here is tonight's lineup for your 2018 Miami Marlins!!

Good game Miami Marlins!!!



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2 days ago

Miami Marlins

First half ☑️
Second half 🔜

Some of our favorite 📸 from the season. #JustGettinStarted


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Live From Tropicana Field, here is tonight's starting lineup for your 2018 Miami Marlins!!


Sebitas Pharrel Angel Carpintero Fernández

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