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Rescue dog who escaped kennel at airport shot dead after running onto runway

Rescue dog who escaped kennel at airport shot dead after running onto runway


"We are incredibly devastated that this was the outcome for Greta and that she never got to live the life we wanted for her.​" ​A Canadian rescue dog, who was on her way to a foster home, was shot dead at the ​airport.

​A Canadian rescue dog, who was on her way to a foster home, was shot dead at the ​airport.

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18 minutes ago

FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay

DALLAS POLICE SHOOTING: After a pursuit by police, the suspect who allegedly shot two officers and a civilian at Home Depot in Dallas today is in custody. Police have an update. WHAT WE KNOW: bit.ly/2K9j5Mm ...


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This is getting out of hand people just shooting our officers like crazy I am sick of all this devastation anymore

It’s time to reestablish the rule of law again in America, and enforce it strictly! If not, now it’s the police, soon it will be YOU!

Prayers from Beaumont, California for our members in blue. God, Please help them to pull through with a complete recovery.

prayers for the officers and god bless

The male officer isn't going to make 😢

#bluelivesmatter God Bless them all.

attending officer who called for backup had apparently not frisked the shooter yet for hidden weapon. They were easy targets....they were walking towards him.

Police officers getting shot, running over innocent people with a car killing them, people getting shot while having their breakfast, what in the world is happening in our country, it makes me sad and angry too!

never let this dirt bag out

Evil is running rampant among us. Blessed are the peace makers, for they shall be called the children of God!

May GOD give them STREGNTH to pull through. We Ask You Father to please Give them life back. Amen🙏🏻 Its up to you Father, We Love you!

The male officer is in grave condition . They are keeping him alive till his mother gets there

They are Truly in GODS HANDS 🙌🏼 We can pray N pray N have Faith. But it's all up to GOD at this moment😞😢😥😓

....... Angel Pigeau 🙏🏻Our Prayers to your ppl as well. May GOD keep us protected in this crazy storm

How did suspect manage to shoot 2 officers ?

St Petersburg FL Praying for our officers and their families and friends and brothers and sisters and al LEOs

Prayers from southeast Louisiana......when is this horrific fiasco going to stop!!! Mercy.

Law enforcement Officers don't get paid enough for their sacrifices♡

Our police are under attack because you the people are who they are after.

I'm watching live with y'all & on Fox 4 news (tv)

Prayers from Pennsylvania for the Police Officers and victim.

Dallas Sorry for you and officers. Praying for families.

It started at home depot been going on for about 6 hrs now

[email protected] Baker I just moved from Lakeland, Fla👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Donna at a home depot in Dallas. Shot officers.

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1 hour ago

FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay

DALLAS POLICE CHASE SUSPECT: Dallas police have taken someone who tried to flee officers into custody. Police have not confirmed if it's the person of interest in the Home Depot shooting. UPDATES: bit.ly/2K9j5Mm ...


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Get him!




Here from va




Mcalester Oklahoma watching !


What is happening?

Yo! Wha5s up??

they said he left home depot in white pick up


Kansas here


GET HIM!!!!!!!

Oh?OH OJ??

Is there supposed to be sound?


Yeah a chase!! I was so bored.

What happened here? Why is he running?

Fl here

Reminds me of a white BRONCO chase from the past.

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Pat Tillman died 14 years ago after leaving the NFL to fight as an Army Ranger after the September 11th attacks, but his legacy and memory will live on when this school is renamed in his honor. ❤️🇺🇸 STORY: bit.ly/2qV46hl ...


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Would he appreciate the kneeling?

Never forget this guy



How very appropriate! True American Hero...R.I.P. Pat Tillman and Thank You Sir for your Ultimate sacrifice

Poor guy was murdered. 😥🇺🇸

RIP Pat Tillman🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

He was murdered.

What a great man

Sleep easy Sir in God’s loving arms!

Kristian Qa amazing 😉


$400 MILLION: That's the street value of nearly 14 tons of narcotics seized in the Caribbean and offloaded in South Florida by the U.S. Coast Guard today. STORY: bit.ly/2Fgga0G
Video: WSVN-TV


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guessing it will take a week or two before it hits the streets.....FLORIDA CORRUPTION will make sure that it gets distributed far and wide

A wall would have stoped it 😂

And no wall necessary! Great job!

Nothing to see hear.. just the government getting their quarterly delivery of the nations narcotics to be distributed and put into cycle.. #youneverseethemdestroyed #youfoolsthinkitallcomesfrommexicans #profit

This is awesome let's put the money towards the wall

Way to go COAST GUARD 👍👍

These guys fly over everyday being near the Gulf of Mexico. Also other military aircraft from Air Force Bases. It's a peaceful easy feeling. Our military is the best! Way to go Coast Guard!

Thats A Hell! Of A Bust They Did Today $400,000,000 Millon Thats A Lots Of Money Wow! Was It Worth It?

Donating that to MMJ patients if it tested clean would actually be something I'd commend our government for, not that there's any chance of that. Just saying it would be noble.

Big bust. 400M. Wow. That’s a great job you all do out there. Keeping all of our kids safe.

Good job

That was just a distraction so they could take the big load to the keys

And it will still hit the streets but our government will make the money or it already belonged to our government but the "bust" makes y'all feel good so they put on a show... Lacey

Some people are gonna be sleeping with the fishes for losing the drugs to the coast guard

Some people are REALLY pissed off right about now!!!

Someone's head is going to roll!!

Don’t let the DEA anywhere near it.

Thank you for your service , protecting us

Where's the mainstream media

Just think what they don’t find


Well done officers 🌟⭐️💫

Go Coast Guard 👏👏👏

They got one and two probably got through

and guess where it all goes to....

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13 truckers lined up along the Detroit Highway under under the overpass to shorten the fall for a man who was considering jumping. This is the moment the last two trucks pulled up to help. More photos: bit.ly/2JoLayj ...


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Should be a show to that person and everyone out there people do care, there is way more good than bad in this world! We are all on the same journey!

I think this is great, that all these people would take time out of their lives to help someone who desperately needs it. Cudos

Truckers are awesome!!! Thanks guys and girls!

shows that everyone has an opportunity to make a difference and help someone. Thank you truckers. ❤

And what was the out come ? Hope good !

In a world we’re living today... this melts my heart! 🙌🏻🙏🏻😌

Daniel B. O'Connell y’all jumping from 12’ up? 😂

Trucker are amazing people

Bless these awesome people

Thank you truckers

Love the truckers. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

John this is incredible.

Now that’s love & support

Thank you truckers! God Bless u all.

This is awesome!! Keep the Truckers Safe! 💕

This is the world we need!!♥️

This is amazing!!! #truckersarefriends

God Bless you all🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️

Truckers are awesome!

Keep on trucking BABY !!!

I love truckers!!

Bless them all !!

Amazing !

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3 hours ago

FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay

Dallas PD has an on the shooting of two officers and a civilians at a Dallas Home Depot. WHAT WE KNOW: bit.ly/2K9j5Mm ...


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This really has become a VERY SICK WORLD with shootings every single day now. This makes me not want to be in this world anymore. It's just toooooooooooooooo scary anywhere anymore. VERY SAD. (and I'm 65)

This is getting crazy. Why would you shot a police officer.

We are becoming an uncivilized nation what is wrong with these people? Put God back in our schools!

Nobody is safe anywhere anymore

Prayers sent! My husband retired police officer! Thank all you guys for your service!

Prayers from Levy county Florida! Our heroes were laid to rest today! #backtheblue 🖤💙🙏

Prayers from Florida we too are the Thin Blue Line Family 🖤💙🖤

Candice I told my husband last night that God said no more floods but he didn’t say no more fire

This is another attack on police, by left wing radicals, to further their effort to repeal the 2nd amendment.

I will be praying for all, from Colorado 😔🇺🇸💔

Prayers for Dallas 👮‍♀️ officers and their families! God watch over them!

I'm so sorry. I'm praying for these officers.

Prayers for the families and ALL Blue Lives

Prayers for families and all concerned!

A very classy lady! Sending prayers for the families.

Just DON'T know ...my people we fight for you ..then things like this happend ...prayers for the officers God please heal..

Prayer for the officers and the civilian, too.


Prayers for the injured officers and their families, this must stop, such evil people in this world. 🙏🏼

Praying for you all God bless you all in Christ Jesus

My Prayers are with all of the Familys of the Officers

Praying for the police and their families.

Prayers for the officers and families

Prayers for all of the families!

Prayers for the families from Memphis TN

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No surprise, Yoshi picked ______ to win it all this summer at the World Cup. #FaceOfCity ...


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I mean I’m cheering for Peru since you know my country sucks and all, also a little bit Iceland I’m definitely going to watch those games

Que pedazo de crack que tiene el Orlando city pocos tienen la precisión en los pies como yoshi ahun más en los pases largos

He’s under rated. So glad we have him.

Patricia Cuadra Durand Lucha Cuadra Lou Cuadra PERU 🇵🇪

Stephan Alfred he likes Germany to the final mate

Vamos Perú que se puede!

Phillip Adrian Asca Carrillo

Power up squad! It's morphin' time! 👊

Saturday | 7:30PM | #ORLvSEA

Power up squad! Its morphin time! 👊

Saturday | 7:30PM | #ORLvSEA


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Denisse Perez-Valdez


Send us your videos from #ORLvSJ 📱 orlan.do/2D1USTs


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100th goal celebration

Olha ai Josiane Cavalcante

Donnie Letzkus Hunner Myers Brian Scribner

Dee Trejo

Lucas Gianfrancesco Fray

The gang is holding high standards to take Pride to new heights. #FilledWithPride ...

5 hours ago

Orlando Magic

Vooch visited Magic Overtime with Dante & Galante earlier this season, and talked Star Wars, acting and more! ...


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I hope Nikola gets traded, I am sick of him falling to the floor getting embarrassed on defense

Vuc is a nice guy and he puts up solid numbers. But it is necessary to trade him. Same with Evan. Both have some value to get something in return. Most likely future picks. Now they have to rebuild the rebuild.

Thanks for the post big Empowerments fan here

Dragomir Djordjevic

Regret missing history? Don't miss any action on May 6th.

🎟 orlan.do/2HnClbl


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Winning will cure the attendance issue. Dont forget, you fielded a team that literally quit last season. It took months to lose the fanbase, it may take months to get them back.

8 hours ago

Orlando Magic

Which fan had the best moves? 🕺 You decide! ...


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You know what 15 other teams are doing right now? Talking about their playoff chances.

A was mediocre, B is good, C is terrible so my answer is B

C! B is like a Gay, but none if I judge according to my likings

Proves everyone’s point. This team doesn’t care about winning basketball games.





10 hours ago

Orlando Magic

🖐️ by Bis ...

🖐️ by Bis


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Please stop posting this embarrassing stuff. These stats are horrible. Get a new owner or new management that actually cares and will pay attention to the team. Not just show up in a suit. #firealexmartins

In other news... Ya'll still dumb for trading Victor Oladipo

Stop posting this stuff, please 😂👎🏾👎🏾 In fact, shut down the account until we hire a coach, and figure out where we will be in the draft lottery. We're trying to FORGET this past season 🤦🏾‍♂️

Kinda hoping that said 👋🏻 bye Bis

Look out, Hakeem Olajuwon, Biz is coming for your record 😂👌

Magic is just embarrassing themselves with those posts, how about some news on coaching rumors?

Just stop. There was absolutely nothing of this season to be glorified. This was one of (if not the worst) season in the history of the Magic. Shut this BS down now!!

Please stop. This team is in terrible financial position with the cap due to Bis’ contract. Stop rubbing this in your paying customers and fans faces. Just stop. - All Magic Fans

Just stop please. All that money wasted

Can't stand you bis!!! Well as a player you suk

You guys sux!!

Dump Devoss. They are almost as embarrassing as Betsy...almost. 😆

Still mad we traded oladipo for nothing and now he is balling in Indy smh also read that as bye biz 😂

Man these posts are sad... lol... I know you gotta post something, but man these just further show how bad we are 😑

We need the "bye Bis"

He's a SCRUB!!!! Wasted money on a guy that a good playoff series!! Yet another, in a long line of dumb signings by the Orlando Magic.

Bye Bis 👋🏼


Nathan Seay

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