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Raul Castro Leaving Cuba With New Freedoms, Deep Problems

Raul Castro Leaving Cuba With New Freedoms, Deep Problems


Castro leaves his successor a host of problems that are deeper than on the day his brother Fidel formally handed over power.

In 2008 Raul Castro took over a country where most people couldn't own computers or cellphones, leave without permission, run most types of private businesses or enter resort hotels. Castro set about...

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1 hour ago

CBS Miami

WATCH LIVE: Catch up on the days headlines with #CBS4 News at Noon & watch entire the newscast live on CBSMIAMI.COM ...


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Thanks CBS Miami, for putting the news here on Facebook!

2 hours ago

CBS Miami

WATCH LIVE: President Trump arrives at Naval Air Station Key West ...


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This stream is ending. Thanks for joining us.

Did anyone know pubix has the Italian sub on sale I am getting one for lunch

If only the butt-hurt liberals would leave this guy alone to do his thing... He could change the US & World for the better!!

God Protect and Bless our President and First Family!!🇺🇸❤️

Successful meeting yesterday with the Prime Minister of Japan and off to Key West today for more meetings. Such a hard working President!

Haters, He WON, your lady LOST, and Im glad! MAGA

Puerto Rico needs to help themselves. People need to want to work.

at least hes not giving it to our enemies by the plane load Louu

Key West , a hellhole ? Really ? kindly put the pipe down

Sonya Weber , still butthurt over the election results after all this time ? Really ?

Many bankruptcies, yet still has increased his value and net worth many times over

My brother and so many others have been in tents for month and others are getting evicted as rent goes up. But he's there for the drug problem. I hope a shark eats him

So many in tents are strung out.

Sonya , bankruptcy these days are just business as usual , my company has gone bankrupt 3 times in my 40 years with it

The president doesn't control the economy, Sonya

If anything happens to him you get Pence

Maybe he's there to help all those poor lost souls who are homeless from Irma UP THE KEYS. Smh

Katie thats the state you should be mad at not the president

Same to bring such a beautiful plane to a hell hole like that place

I was hoping that plane would crash

Wynette just made a terroist threat on Face Book

Really the DRUG problem!?

Now the audio starts?

Cool where not forgotten


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2 hours ago

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

GM Jason Licht and select players are live at the podium to speak to the media! ...


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Chubb first round and Lamar Jackson as a backup Quarterback safety net

Can we teach Jameis to read a progression?

They literally just says minkah is a slot corner and a safety. He played a little outside but he’s primarily a safety. U guys must not watch much Ohio state last year! Ward is the REAL DEAL AND HES A TRUE CORNER

We can afford to trade up if the right player is there.

Trade Winston to the Browns

Barkley won’t be there at 7 that’s a fact!

Barkley would have been available if we did not win that last game

They need a star in the secondary. We're getting James or minkah

I really wish we would give griffin a chance especially since beckwith is hurt now

Shaq Griffen in the 2nd could be a DE steal

A good rb will be in the later rounds along with a solid db

Last time he gambled on a weak position it back fired. Last year was CB this year could be RB

What a loss, Beckwith was such a beast. Possibly career ending

JPP will make a difference on this defense!

Trade down and no kickers fullback etc

Barber can be good (not great) if we have a good line

It would not surprise me if we traded up in this draft!

Not liking what Jason is saying about RB lol.

Beckwith was huge for us last season! Get well soon suga!! We need you!! 💣💣💣

Noah Spence will be back for 3rd downs

Barkley gained 6 yards on 20 carries against Buckeyes

I worry about Noah's shoulder. Wish he could give us a healthy year.

That's what I wrote about trade up 4 barkley

Please make me happy on the 26th!! Go Bucs!!!

Just say no to Derwin James.

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5 hours ago

Boca Raton Sugar Sand Park



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A FREE event for children with special needs and abilities and their families. Each family member must pre-register. Tell your friends and join us! www.sugarsandpark.org/special-needs-programs

20 hours ago

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Publix is your headquarters for the Ultimate Tailgate Party​®​. And now, it’s up to you to decide our official Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sub. Will you vote to put in the rookie, or stick with the veteran?

The Rookie Sub: Mojo pork, Spanish pork, sweet ham, Swiss cheese, mayo/mustard spread, and pickle slices.

The Veteran Sub: Boar's Head​® ​Spicy Salsalito Turkey & Chipotle Gouda, guacamole, peach mango salsa, plantain chips, and shredded lettuce.


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Need to have that chicken tender sub as the HOF

The Rookie sounds like an even better Cuban and I'm all for that

The rookie

Time to start the rook

put in the rookie!

Rookie... Never a fan of the veteran

Gotta give the rookie a try out.

Vote rookie!!!!

Rookie all the way

Rookie would be my choice because I'm not crazy for guacamole or peach mango salsa.

I am a veteran but the rookie looks very good.




The Rookie

I'm going rookie cause Tampa is the capital for Cuban sandwiches

Both look very good but the Veteran has me intrigued with the spicy turkey and what ever peach mango salsa is. Hold the lettuce though.

Put in the Rookie!

Seeing this post after moving to a land far away from Publix is painful. I feel personally attacked.

Rookie. Can you ship one to Minnesota for me?

The veteran substitute chicken tenders for the turkey though 😶😶

Veteran. I thought it sounded weird until I tried it. It’s awesome!

Sounds great but will skip the cheese

Stick With The Veteran!

Brent . what's your pick? they both sound delicious.

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20 hours ago

Miami Marlins

Not bad for a debut album.


Not bad for a debut album. 

#JustGettinStartedImage attachment


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Hope he works his way into a permanent rotation spot. Unless mattingly plans on pulling him after 80 pitches every game then just leave him for long middle relief.

Well maybe now we have a chance to win every 5th game!

He's got a great future ahead of him... ...meaning he'll play good for our team until 2020 and then be traded for a minor leaguer.

Guys, Loria is gone. Thank God, he’s gone. The never ending hit parade of fire sales for minor leaguers might well have gone with him. After this rebuilders complete nothing I have seen or heard makes me think current ownership will continue the self-destructive behavior. Don’t be so pessimistic. It’s better for your health to have a little optimism!

When is he traded?


23 hours ago

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

We’re reporting LIVE from One Buc Place to talk all things Buccaneers.

Comment your questions below! ⤵️


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Trade back seems best option to get more picks in 2nd 3rd round if we can't get Nelson or Barkley at 7. Listening in Scotland 🇬🇧🏈🇺🇸

I think that it's going to come down to either D James or M. Fitzpatrick for the 1st pick. Fitzpatrick has a better track record for being a Playmaker

READ ME- Should the Bucs go after CJ Anderson and get a 3rd down back in the 4th round(trade up in the 3rd) then address the secondary in the first and second round

What is the strategy making Winston more of efficient quarterback. Who will be starting at runningback . Can we resolve our kicking problem this year?

Would love Nelson to fall to us then pick up a RB early 2nd then rest Def do u think that could be possible.

Do we get the 5th year at a cheaper price since we havent seen winston play his 4th season...

Should the bucs take Best Player Available at 7 and trade up back into 1st for Guice assuming Barley is gone at 7?

Do you think this is Hargreaves last year to make an impact to stay on the team?

Do you think the Bucs might take a look at WR Auden Tate from FSU/Wharton High in around round 4 or 5??

Draft Nelson, Chubb or Barkley.. if all gone trade back a few spots for any of the 3 DBs (Ward,fitz or James). Simple

Chance Hernandez from Utep drops down to the Bucs second pick?

Draft Party at RJS is an excellent experience and fun for whole family Lets go Bucs 2018

If nelson Barkley chubb is gone. Who do u think is better for our need. Ward James or minkah

Are we looking at NC State RB Nyheim Hynes?

How about a cousin package if it’s possible. Both Chubbs, would that be possible?

What offers were given for our first round pick?

Do we have a chance to win a play off game

There aren"t any concerns about keeping Winston around?

So the we are taking a kicker round one right? 😂

Carl Lawson best kicker in NCAA history... #warrrrr eagle

How many of the Bucs' 30 mtgs have they used up so far?

Have you guys put any thought into Shquiem Griffin?

So will you both be at the draft in Dallas?

Derwin. He is larger and very athletic.

I live in Texas so I’ll be in Dallas supporting my Bucs

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1 day ago

Miami Marlins

Jarlin García impresses again. A look at last night.

5.0 IP 1 H 0 ER 5 BB 2 SO | #JustGettinStarted


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Congratulations to Jarlin Garcia he's a very good Pitcher my mom personally know his mom they went to school together in Dominican Republic dreams do come true!! 🔥 😎 👍

Marlins are muffcabbage

Aaaaaand hes gone; traded to Yanks

How long until his contract is up?

He show signs of their Ace pitcher not Urena!

They will trade him

Got my birthday present. A win over the Yankees. Go Fish! From your forever fan (although hard to watch this year!)

I don't mind growing pains watching young players play. It's watching old players have growing pains that is pointless. If your gonna do this rebuild bring up the kids and let them play. Brad Ziegler is trash..

I want to see the rest of the kids play as well. Potential rotation Urena, Garcia, alcantara, Guzman, Edward Cabrera. Solid

It is amazing to see all the good things that have happened to him, a humble person who comes from Pedro Brand to realize his dream so much dedication and dedication to what he does. As a follower of this Miami and Dominican team I am very proud of him..... #GoJarlin #Malibú

Team win for sure. Great pitching, offensive and defensive support. Consistant play like this and the Fish could be a force to reckon with.

Jarlin Garcia only player on the squad worth watching in my opinion. Should be our Ace hands down

A Star is born

When Garcia can gain consistent command of his off speed pitches, and fastball, he has a great future with the Miami Marlins!!

Would like to see him actually get to go deep into games.

💟🎆💝 恭喜Marlins 贏球⚾🏆👍,I'm Marlins and WEI-YIN CHEN(陳偉殷) of Supporter. 💪🌼💞💝🌈 Good Job. 😃👍

He was gassed at 92 pitches...but just enough to get the W!!!

Nice play

That was fun to watch, miss a lot of the players bring them back! I wish🙂⚾️🌴

Por lo menos se le gana uno a los Yankees en su estadio

I am Happy and Ecstatic Today this was a Nice Birthday Present Victory over The NYC Yankees Yesterday Good Job Miami Marlins!!!

Why was Yankees Stadium empty?

Do t get too good they will trade you

Elieth Williams amorki nahki lulkiba 😅😅 #66

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80 degrees and sunshine...today is going to be a perfect day for a Carousel ride! ...

80 degrees and sunshine...today is going to be a perfect day for a Carousel ride!
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