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Prosecutors seeking death penalty in Parkland school shooting

Prosecutors seeking death penalty in Parkland school shooting


BREAKING: The suspected Parkland school shooter will face the death penalty.

Florida prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty against school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz in the fatal shooting of 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

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In its heyday, the Dummett plantation harvested 2,000 acres of sugarcane to be distilled into rum. It was the site of the first steam-powered cane crushing mill, helping bring the Industrial Revolution to the growing U.S. (Sponsored by @VisitFlorida) https://t.co/5581BZ2nob

Some question sign posted at Maryland Dunkin Donuts https://t.co/0mjRoeYHeI

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According to @WHO, the signs of what they are now classifying as "gaming addiction" include video games dominating a person’s entire life to the point they struggle with normal day-to-day functions for a year or more.
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Great white shark washes ashore on California beach https://t.co/vsX8fE27zQ

Driver happy to be alive after sinkhole swallows pickup truck he was in https://t.co/duAKffRW4q

2 hours ago

Florida Today

What does pop culture say about Pensacola? In movies, TV and songs, it's not always pretty ... on.pnj.com/2tkbdzY ...

What does pop culture say about Pensacola? In movies, TV and songs, its not always pretty ... https://on.pnj.com/2tkbdzY

3 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Duffy is 7th in the AL with a .318 average. atmlb.com/2tkBNZM ...

Duffy is 7th in the AL with a .318 average. https://atmlb.com/2tkBNZM


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317? Time for Stu to get rid of him. Just like guyer and Forsyth. Can’t be showing up the team

Stu needs to pay vendors to stay open. Even at a loss. I don't mind that we lost a bunch of players. I'm happy to watch the young team grow. But if there aren't reasonable food choices I'll watch on tv. Many season ticket holders are pissed and asking for refunds.

💙Go Rays! 💙Go Stanek! 💙Duffman!💙Kiermaier returning Tuesday, someone will be cut to make room on the 40-man.

Cron is in a terrible slump. He needs to sit for a day or two.

Evan who?

Do the Rays play any home games? Sure seems to me they spend a lot of time on the road.

Because games start at 8:05 a hour later then normal.most likely won't be posting on results till next day .now houstons record.for all time wins in a row is 12 .one away .so sooner or later they have to lose one odds hopefully tonight.now jp Peterson on wdae radio today for Steve dugmig.said something I absolutely agree with .if you are going to trade hec a top five shortstop you better get something for him .not a draft pick .not something that will help you down the road but right now .not later .but right now hec is too good not to get something that will help you right now that simple .

U need a sure hit! Fun baseball facts at Aballsgame .com or Fb. Presented by Bennie the Talking Ball. Played for Rays 2014.

Go Rays!! Rays Up!!!

He’s got two out and he changes piitcher what an jurk

Duffy’s a beast. Kudos. Lock him up

Line ups


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7 hours ago

Miami Heat

You know what happened on this date 5 years ago (we have much, much more on that later tonight).

Now watch the inside story of the final 28.2 seconds of the 4th quarter of Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals - gohe.at/2M20FgL


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This will forever be my favorite sports moment of all time

''Rebound Bosh, back out to Allen, his 3-pointer... BANG! TIE GAME WITH 5 SECONDS REMAINING!''

LeBron wouldn't only have 2 rings if Ray Allen doesn't hit that shot. He would only have ONE! Wade, Bosh, and Allen don't get enough credit because of all the LeBron dickriders tryna minimize their contributions to his legacy. Same with Jordan obsessed clowns and Pippen


Put that yellow rope back!!

The moment when Ray Allen assassinated San Antonio Spurs.

Yes me and Katie Small were there on her birthday!!

i was there way back 2013 and im proud to say im one of those miami heat fans who never leave untill the last second and everytime i remember each seconds of this game goosebumps 😅😅😅

My heart dropped as if the game is going on right now and I teared up when I saw the moment when he made that shot.

Credit also Chris Bosh for the offensive rebound.......by the way including lebron for missing the shot... hahaha....

Best Moment Of NBA Finals Game 6 For #MiamiHeat #RayAllen #Bosh #Wade #LebronJames

Yannik Bahn "back out to Allen, his 3-pointer baaaang" guck dir das mal an auf yt

i remmber that beautiful game!! best moment...i thought my Miami Heat will lose the game..and i turn of fast the TV..but suddenly my friend turn it on..and then woooh bosh got the rebound and pass it to Ray Allen...for 3333333..ahhh i won ..booom Money moneyy

I remember watching this live... and my heart was about to stop when LeBron missed his three, then when Bosh got the rebound my heart started speeding faster, and when Ray made the shot, i yelled so loud the police were called on us thinking something bad happened. When i explained to the cops the situation, they laughed and actually had time to watch the OT period with us 😂

This is why we need Allen jerseys available to purchase.

they should make a statue of that shot and put it in front of the arena

One of the best moments in Miami HEAT history.

James catches, puts up a three, won't go. Rebound Bosh, back out to Allen. His three-pointer, Bang!!! Tie game with 5 seconds remaining...

Most entertaining nba finals history and my favorite team to watch play. They were so fun to watch.

i believe the heat would beat the warriors

One of my absolute favourite sports memories..

Please try your best to bring Lebron James back to the Heat

Rays clutch 3 of all time I remember i was on the edge of my seat thinking that the spurs will going to take the win

28.2 seconds d-i tong na-amaze ko Tolitz Elizar ClaReese. 😃

Good times 😊

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9 hours ago

Miami Heat

🚨This Date in HEAT History🚨

Your Miami HEAT took on the San Antonio Spurs in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals! Relive that epic night with us at Twitter.com/MiamiHEAT, tipoff set for 9pm.


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Rebound, Bosh!

When Allen saves LeBron's brick shot.

I was in the house for that night, it was incredible!! And after the shot, Ray was kicking the rope off the court.. classic.

Memories. Never will forget.

Ray Allen! TY so much.

Me with 28.2 seconds left and heat down by 6: ahhh hell, come on let’s gtfoh and beat the traffic... Courtney Berry: ok 😞 (Both stand up to leave) Me: wait! We can’t leave! Alls we need is a defensive stop, a three pointer, another stop on defense, and a three to tie🧐 #TheRestIsHistory Miami Heat

Your store isnt that great though....

Nice but that's the past.We stood by saying INRileyWeTrust. We backed you on not paying wade we backed you on all these contracts that you said. Are good movable contracts. Ok the time is now move them and bring us Kawhi PLEASE!!

make this happen again signed lebrrron 😂😂

Epic ! 🔥

Courtney Berry #ShotHeardRoundTheWorld 😱

Angel Ramos

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11 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Duffy heated up and the youngsters arrived last week. ...


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Cash did everything he could to lose that game four with the Yankees! WE MUST HAVE A REAL MANAGER...TIME FOR US R-E-A-L FANS TO DEMAND IT!!!!

Wow, sad how empty it is. How embarrassing.

Bauer is a keeper.

Cash has more wins per payroll to work with than the red sox and yankees combined. GO RAYS!

Thank you Duffy.

❤️❤️my Rays they are awesome!!

Go rays

1 day ago

Miami Heat

A deserving HEAT Check Gaming dad gets a fitting Father's Day surprise. #HEATFamily (warning: have your tissues ready)

HEAT Check Gaming
The best Father's Day gift a dad could ask for. Get your tissues ready!

Wishing all the Dads a Happy Father's Day!


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U.S. Commission (USCIRF) Highlights Forced Organ Harvesting in China May 19, 2018 ) During a recent policy briefing on May 8, Daniel Mark, chairman of the U.S. Commission for International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) highlighted the forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience, including Falun Gong practitioners. USCIRF is a U.S. federal government commission that reviews the facts and circumstances surrounding violations of religious freedom internationally and makes policy recommendations to the President, the Secretary of State, and Congress. In its 228-page 2018 Annual Report, 7 pages focus on situations in China. In addition, China was listed as one of the countries of particular concern (CPC), along with North Korea, Iran, and Vietnam. Daniel Mark, chairman of the U.S. Commission for International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) spoke at a police briefing on May 8, 2018. During the policy briefing, Mr. Mark said that the religious freedom conditions in China continue to deteriorate. In the name of “Chinese characteristics,” China continues to control, govern, and manipulate all aspects of beliefs. He also stated that Falun Gong practitioners were being illegally detained and are among the hardest hit victims of organ harvesting. “...authorities continue to crack down on unregistered and registered churches and persecute Falun Gong practitioners,” summarized the report in its key findings. In particular, it mentioned lawyers Jiang Tianyong and Gao Zhisheng, who were mistreated for defending Christians and Falun Gong practitioners. The report recommends that the U.S. Government predesignate China as a CPC under the International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA), saying that the U.S. government, along with the Frank R. Wolf International Religious Freedom Act and the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act, should increase their efforts in international religious freedom.

Beautiful what a blessing Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day Famous!!!

1 day ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Strong pitching performances salvaged the series finale. ...


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Lol at the rays fans getting excited with a win in a 4 game series

Why Font was taken out of the game when he was rolling is beyond me. Anyway game won, let's carry some momentum into Houston... And please someone explain to Cron what the strike zone is?

Ok Houston series stanik will start tomorrow vs Derrick Cole .tuesday could be a lot of fun .maybe Blake snell vs Justin verlander Wednesday.nathan vs Charlie Morton .

Even Gomez looked semi-good!

Ok we'll give 1 we still won the series.

Font and the bullpen again were outstanding and Duffman gets three hits. Go Rays!!

Yay, we didn't get swept!

Rays Up ! Great game good luck in Houston 💜⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️

Great win guys

ayeee name of that blonde interviewing swisher?

They should have done this three days ago

Great game today!

Go rays !!!!!

thems my boys

#Rays Up

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1 day ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Matt Duffy had three hits to back up solid work on the mound. atmlb.com/2yirbk3 ...

Matt Duffy had three hits to back up solid work on the mound. https://atmlb.com/2yirbk3


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If we only had more players like Duffy!

Good job rays. Every win counts.

How about that 💙Matt Duffy💙!?!?

Way to go team. A win finally.

This Font was bold!

Great job Matt Duffy and the whole Rays team!! RaysUp!!!

Happy fan here... Nice job Matt Duffy and Font. You deserve the win...1 out shy..Love the Ray's!!⚾⚾❣️

Let's go into Houston and spoil their fun #RaysUp #TexasFlood

Anytime you can hold the Yankees to one run it's quite an accomplishment. Nice job Rays!!!!!!

Matt Duffy is the real deal.

Great game guys especially Font and Duffy. Rays Up !

Now we are talking !!!

If Duffy gets hot we will trade him to avoid arbitration.

If I'm Wilmer Font, I'm a little aggravated. Got pulled one out short of being eligible for a win

Go Rays

Way to beat the Yankees!!! Keep it going!!!

Rays are still trash.....

Yay Rays!!!! Well Done!!!

Well, one out of four ain't bad - yes it is.


Bravo ganaron Congratulations every one.

Aaallll-Rrrriiiiight..!! :-)

Finally a win!!! 👍🙂🍻

Devon #startspreadingthenews

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