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Princess Charlotte Is Too Cute—She Told Paparazzi At Prince Louis's Christening 'You're Not Coming'

Princess Charlotte Is Too Cute—She Told Paparazzi At Prince Louis's Christening 'You're Not Coming'


Kids say the darnedest things! She's so cute.

Consider her the Princess of Personality: Princess Charlotte is only 3 years old, but she’s already starting to show many sides of her demeanor. She’s been everything from silly to sweet — and now, even sassy — to the paparazzi. Apparently, as Princess Charlotte was leaving her brother’s c...

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1 hour ago

Tampa Bay Times

NAACP holds vigil for man killed in ‘stand your ground’ shooting in Clearwater last Thursday. ...


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Stand Your Ground is pretty clear cut. This guy wasn’t protecting himself from danger, he was retaliating after the threat had passed.

Guns for everyone they said....

I hope the guy who got pushed down is ok...You know...The REAL victim in this...

florida.arrests.org/Arrests/Markeis_Mcglockton_2709475/ they are holding a vigl for a wife beater....

Assaulting is ok with you dems but retaliation isn't?

"Don't park illegally and you won't get shot!" cry all the closet racists frantically searching for an excuse to justify a murder.

Of course they do..

2 hours ago

Tampa Bay Times

A crowd has gathered in front of the Circle A Food Store in Clearwater, the site where Markeis McGlockton was shot and killed. Police say the shooter was not arrested because authorities said it fell within the criteria of Florida's "stand your ground" self-defense law. Protestors here today demand justice. ...


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Why pick a fight? Why did he bother those people in the first place? You should not be able to shoot someone after you pick a fight with them. Also the guy backed off when the gun came out. There was no reason to shoot.

You should not be alllowed to pick a fight, harrass people and then claim stand your ground.

Vote in Nov. Republicans brought us this flawed law, vote them out.

You walk up and push a man. Shame on u. I would have done the same.

Don't push someone. And act all bad.

One way this won't happen again is to not put your hands on another person

So if Markeis hadn’t parked in a handicapped spot (which is illegal) none of this would have happened?! Moral of the story? Obey the law!!

The police should arrest him and if the state's attorney chooses not to prosecute, that's another story.

Not stand your ground, that was murder.

It was stand your ground

The guy decked him pretty good

He went up and pushed him.

The criteria needs to be reviewed! The law is a good law and can protect us but in this case, there was NO reason for what happened! None!

For every action(man walks out of store and pushes another man to the ground) there is a reaction (The person that gets pushed to the ground has a gun and shoots)

Wouldn't it make more sense to protest outside of the states attorneys office ?

Be careful. All Pinellas sheriffs could be soon called accountable just like Bob Gualtieri and so other police officers in every states. And retroactive to 1492 where foreigners arrived claiming that they wanted to leave their own homeland.

This is meaningless. Take it to the voting boths.

There are people out there with conceal permit and will use their stand your ground law beware before you physically attack a person.

Don't put ur hands on people.. never know who's carrying. ..

How many of us have gotten in a fight when we were Young..Did it run across your mind to go shot that person...No..it the way the laws are set up now...

He picked a fight

It's sad that a life was lost here and a family is mourning But at the same time people will protect themselves if necessary

Don’t put your hands on another person. Simple problem, simple solution. Very unfortunate incident but it sets a precedent going forward.


Read the law

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3 hours ago

Tampa Bay Times

DRONE VIEW. A crowd has gathered in front of the Circle A Food Store in Clearwater, the site where Markeis McGlockton was shot and killed. Police say the shooter was not arrested because authorities said it fell within the criteria of Florida's "stand your ground" self-defense law. Protestors here today demand justice. ...


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Stand your ground is one of the best laws ever passed in Florida.

Don’t want to get shot, don’t put your hands on someone in a vicious way

Stand your ground. Guy shoots another guy after being pushed to the ground. His pride was hurt so he pulled his gun and killed a guy who's young child was in tow. The dead guy's girlfriend unlawfully parked in handicapped spot

He was knocked down , I would have shot him also

Stand Your Ground is the worst law ever passed in Florida... and it's a pretty high bar!

Good. They need justice. Sick of seeing cowards with guns being let off for murder.

That was murder..not stand your ground Not self defense!

This was Not stand your ground...this was a guy who had a history of harassing people of color at that store. He is a murderer!

dude shouldnt have pushed guy...he would of still been alive

Shouldn’t this be held at the Clearwater Police Department?

Must be free fried chicken

Could have shot him in the leg

Someone should do a continuous replay of the video. This was no stand your ground.

I agree that he should be charged but they should not be blocking the innocent store owners business.

Calm down folks. Let's wait and see what they charge him with because I cannot say in any way shape or form how this would apply to stand your ground law.

It's real simple. You take out a phone, you take a pic of the plate and driver and you call the police. The shooter escalated the situation in the first place.

Stand your ground in your house yes, inside your car maybe outside your car or outside your residence no. Write a specific law not a general one. Don’t think the shooter had the right.

Another case with someone who should NOT have had a gun.. This isn't 1780

Yes,I agree,let's demand justice. Arrest anyone who blocks the road.

How do start trouble and claim stand your ground??? Arrest him!!

Everyone is an expert now on stand your ground. Was it? Wasn’t it? I wouldn’t know, wasn’t trained in this field. Prayers for those involved.......

sounds like a Sunday morning sermon

Prayers for the victims, may he find peace to persevere in this trying time.

When pull up she could have been thinking storm drain cover in front is handicapped. That's where many handicapped spots are is in front unlike older stores where people made handicap go farther to doors.

Where punk now somebody parked in the parking spot now

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Miami Marlins RHP Trevor Richards says he felt good with his command, and pitches were there against the Tampa Bay Rays. #JuntosMiami ...

Miami Marlins closer Kyle Barraclough talks about his blown save against the Tampa Bay Rays and surrendering a walk-off grand slam to Daniel Robertson. #JuntosMiami ...

Daniel Robertson talks with Michelle Margaux after hitting the 1st walk-off grand slam in Tampa Bay Rays history.

#TampaBayRays #MLB

Miami Marlins manager Don Mattingly wanted to give closer Kyle Barraclough a chance to get out of the situation he had put himself in and talks about the slide at second base. #JuntosMiami ...

4 hours ago

EU Jacksonville

UNILAD Adventure
We all know an adrenaline junkie who would love this! 😱👌


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Where is this

Brian N Jenni Strachan you know this would be your thing!

Looks like fun!

Dans Covell Laura Christina have you guys done this??

Marshal Rosenberger

Brian Taylor

Catherine Bruns

Sarah J Walker Sharon Bettsack

Lou Pierre

4 hours ago

FOX Sports Florida / FOX Sports Sun

Daniel Robertson crushes walk-off grand slam, the first in Rays' history.

#TampaBayRays #MLB


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Does Dwayne not call the games anymore? He hasn’t been on the call for a while.

I was watching.. great moment and first Rays walk off Grand Slam in team’s history!

Woohoo.!!!!! Gotta love baseball and the thrills it can bring. ⚾️😃⚾️😃 Way to go Daniel Robertson!!!


Way to go!

Still suck.

Whoop whoop!



Kendall Duimstra

5 hours ago

FOX Sports Florida / FOX Sports Sun

Mallex Smith hits his 7th triple of the season!

Catch the Rays action LIVE now on FOX Sports Sun and FOX Sports Go!

#TampaBayRays #MLB

Join us in preparing for the season with the annual Painting of the Paws on July 28th.

Register: jagrs.com/Paws18


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I have been a fan of your team since they were first on the NFL, HOWEVER, I will boycott if the players choose to 'take the knee' during the National Anthem. No 'If's or But's' about it. Please respect that as a viewer and a paying fan, that this is America and we respect our flag. Racism against our Flag and what it stands for should not be tolerated and those who disrespect it should not be paid American money nor be shown as a 'celebrity'. Weather it be an actor, professional athlete, or any other profession while in the United States. We STAND TOGETHER! The ONLY way that one should not stand is if they are disable! With this being said, may God bless your team and I will stand behind as you stand for our National anthem. Thank you!

Trying to decide if this is how I want to spend the first half of National Kamesa Day aka my birthday!

Sarah Michelle Daniels there is ALWAYS something that makes me miss this 😡

Izzy McLeod you and the kids!

Great idea!


Have fun you all!

Chris Kerford-sounds fun!😃

Brandon Washington


Tyler Desautels.

Ashley Anderson Cousins

James Ford

Carlos Chirico

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