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Police searching for runaway Miami Beach teen

Police searching for runaway Miami Beach teen


RUNAWAY TEEN - Fourteen-year-old Julietta Fernandez went missing from her Miami Beach home on Friday. She left a note stating she was leaving and was not coming back, which is something she has done in the past.

Fernandez has been Baker Acted before, and is described by police as a chronic runaway.

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13 minutes ago

Miami Heat

Tough ending to another fun season.

Game 5 Final - HEAT 91, Sixers 104.
Kelly Olynyk: 18 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists & 3 steals
Tyler Johnson: 16 points (7-11 FG)
Goran Dragic: 15 points
Justise Winslow: 12 points & 7 rebounds
Dwyane Wade: 11 points, 5 rebounds & 5 assists

Tough ending to another fun season.

Game 5 Final - HEAT 91, Sixers 104.
Kelly Olynyk: 18 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists & 3 steals
Tyler Johnson: 16 points (7-11 FG)
Goran Dragic: 15 points
Justise Winslow: 12 points & 7 rebounds
Dwyane Wade: 11 points, 5 rebounds & 5 assists


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As a sixers fan I do not respect this Heat team whatsoever! They suck plain and simple! All they did the past 3 games was try to hurt the sixers players! Just a bunch of goons. The team should be gutted next season! Get ready to #TrustTheProcess yall

Keep Dragic olynic and Ellington and everyone else need to go. The Sixers had a bunch of nobody take it to the heat. That's embarrassing. Their backup point guard Sarc and Covington took it to the heat

Whiteside has gotta go. I would hate to see them let him go but i would kill myself if we made the playoffs next year and he played the exact way. Doesn’t play with passion anymore. He hasn’t in a while. Even Shaq said he hates watching him play, Might as well try and get someone worthy for him while we still can. Still a great season.

Trade whiteside, that’s a must! He’s on big money and his out put since his deal is terrible! I’d be trading dragic to, not consistent whatsoever.

Sick and tired of the incompetence by the heat front office where we overpay for louy players and we get eliminated in the first round at max salary cap. They need to trade everyone away and completely clean house because we’re never getting back to the top with this team structure. It seems that only Wade has the heart of a champion!

MVP is Embiid and his defense..Took Wade and Dragic out of their game and unable to drive at will like the 2nd game they won of us......Embiid also played like a Stud on offense and under control....Simmons and Embiid only in their First year already look like Superstars....gonna be Scary when they reach their ceiling

Well that usually happens when you underestimate a really TOUGH team #futureisbrightonbroadstreettheprocesshasspoken

I feel like if Wade started especially the second half he could settle everything down, provide scoring and playmaking and that would've made a huge difference in the outcome. All I saw without him was Miami running around the perimeter

Sorry , we're not lucky this year.WHITESIDE NEED TO TRADE HIM.BOSH need to hire back and LeBron James so WADE will stay.back to normal game..

I’m not that mad we lost honestly. Just hope this offseason is wild and we actually make moves because if we don’t we’ll just be mediocre again next season. So I hope they trade Whitetrash and I hope Wade comes back for one final full season with us💯

Everyone was on Whiteside D said it from the beginning a soon as he gets paid it's over . The heat played well for what we have. but now Whiteside contract ain't worth the minimum . And he has no Value . Impossible to trade we Fukt

Let’s see... never used Babbitt or Haslem, Whiteside hasn’t been the same since the big money, same more James Johnson and Tyler Johnson... Giving Waiters a big contract was not was not a good idea.... #IDontTrustTheCultureRightNow #DontRetireDwyaneWade*

Looked tired in the playoffs. Was hoping for cavs first round. Match up better with them than philly. Gotta do something with white side. Need more offense to go through him.

Miami Heat.... The team of rejects lol.. JV over whiteside any day. Miami needs to let go of Whiteside and he should go shine Khalids shoes. What a crap team.

That's ok heat nation we have Dion waiters next season and we have a new heat.sure Coach Eric Spo will trade Hassan WHITESIDE.and we have D.WADE my idol and your idol too.

Feel bad for my Miami Heat. Congratulations, Philadelphia 76ers! I hope this serves as a wake up call for us to make major changes in the coaching staff and roster. David Fizdale could make a good coach. Explore deals for Whiteside. We also gotta make a run at coveted free agents (LeBron please). On to the next season! We’ll come back stronger than ever! #HeatNation #HeatAllDay #WhiteHot #HeatLifer

Proud of this team and D. Wade. Been watching him for the past 14 years and hopefully this wasn't the last time. On the bright side, Winslow's growth this series was an encouraging sign.

Pathetic effort, play last game with no heart , no sense of urgent ,no aggressive, for all Heat fans don't waste time been sad ,they simply don't care ,they rich and there's vacations start tonight, so why we should , Just one more trash game

Awesome to watch the Sixers win a playoff series!The Miami Heat is eliminated from the NBA playoffs, as Miami falls to the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 5 of their series 104-91. The 76ers win the series 4-1. They won 10 games just 2 yrs ago -56 total games the previous 3 yrs -Tonight they won their 56th game this season -First playoff series win for the @sixers in 6 years #TrustTheProcess #heretheycome #philaunite

Had lots of respect for the heat as a huge sixers fan but boy was I wrong legit every play trying to hurt our players on purpose disgraceful

Winslow is growing up, jrich is becoming a better 2 ways player, Tyler Johnson is still developing, dragic, James johnson, and onelyx showed up this series. DWADE did his thing, but he can't save us like he used to. Where the f was whiteside???? Dude played the worst game of his basketball career this series.

Forever proud to be a Miami Heat fan! Let's take a break, make some team adjustments, and look forward to the next year! Thanks for a great season, Miami Heat!

honestly was depressed watching the second half, seeing all of those bricked shots and fouls, being down by almost 20. I'm glad we at least tried in the last quarter, cut it to 9. I could name a bunch of reasons why we lost today, but I'm not going to cuz that would depress me more. Thank you heat for giving me something I enjoy watching, bringing Wade back to the team and overall a great season. Wade if this was ur last game, thank you for all the good memories. I knew I had to face this day eventually. It was a hell of a ride man. Miami will be back stronger next year, I know it. I can't wait to see how it unfolds. Thank you Miami 💯

Heat fan forever and always but we got some rebuilding to do fellas. Wade my favorite player might retire but man you had one hell of a career! #Heatnation #Wadecounty 4 life!

We need assassins on the court. Love the Heat but they're soft. Btw, Whiteside is overpaid and overrated...smh 👎💩🗑

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2 hours ago

Miami Heat

Check out the 1st half highlights from Game 5 in Philly!

HEAT & Sixers were tied at 46 at the break.


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Hassan whiteside is the worse center in the NBA he is very clumsy

Spolestra about to cost us the game in the 3rd quarter again. Why’s this guy so horrible with adjustments, there’s no reason why Josh Richardson should be on Sarić.

Where's the guy that's gonna blame the refs for getting waxed 4 games to 1

GG Miami a lot of work will go into the off season next year. Hopefully we can make some moves and hope for a better result next year.

I am so sick of Miami Heat and their play.. no defense.. no shooting. No FT .. and foul game.. and Whiteside better to be in WNBA. 76Ears deserved - this is coming from Miami Heat Fan

I hope y’all are proud of your team!#Dirty👏🏽👎🏽

Everyone blames the coach. If he doesn't play someone, he gets blamed. If he plays that player and he doesn't perform, he gets blamed. DWade can't save us, he's 36 years old. J Rich, Dragic and TJ all playing with injuries. Playing against a young, fast and healthy team, this series is not winnable with the way the Heat have been playing all season long.Trade some players and get younger, more reliable players.

Time to blow this team up. Keep dragic waiters and wade for sure if he wants to come back. Get rid of Whiteside 93 million contract.

Whiteside looks like he suffering from depression

Whiteside is the baddest player on this team in the playoff! It is unbelievable how much little effort he is putting on the floor. But it is whatever....good season Miami! At least we made the playoff this season...love watching the physical games in this series.

He cost us this game when he didn’t have the team loose to Toronto! Really?!?! Win and play Philly or loose and play Boston. He’s an idiot!

New head coach please! This guy could only win with Lebron on the team.

only D-wade..is untouchable in this team....Trade them all..stop the DRAMA...we aint going nowhere in this line-up..

Spo is still mad about Hassan calling him out. Spo deserved to be fired

Please keep Wade and send Whiteside to the shower.

Were tied no more! Well its a good ride this season though. I hope we sent off our trash player Whiteside even for a 5th round pick

We're not good enough. Make some moves quickly otherwise we run the risk of being as irrelevant as they used to be

Whiteside is a joke, so soft. He’s pretty good at snapchat tho

This is not a good team I'd rather see them tank than see them trashed on postseason.

Joe Johnson with the worst timing fouls of round 1 and we over paid Whiteside. I’ve been saying he’s not worth it since they created that overpriced contract we need to trade him and free some cap. Even Winslow had some upgrades during round 1 that I was surprised to see. First round 1 elimination since 2010. I am disappointed. Fought so game and couldn’t seem to clutch quarter 4. This is not the heat I know. 76ers wanted it more.

I’m sorry if I’m about to sound doubtful. It’s been a pleasure heat fans and all of you need to thank d wade for everything. Now watch our time is almost here

Whiteside lazy,clummsy &soft....has become detrimental for the team.....PLEASE GET RID OF HIM & HIS BIG NOT EARNED CONTRACT!!!

Amazing how ya love when they’re winning and hate ‘m when they’re not.They are just humans with or without talent.

This is not a championship roster. They need to restructure after this season. Certain players need to go.

Whiteside has been nothing but TRASH! He better get traded or dismissed, whatwver it takes but he has to go.

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No surprise, Yoshi picked ______ to win it all this summer at the World Cup. #FaceOfCity ...


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I mean I’m cheering for Peru since you know my country sucks and all, also a little bit Iceland I’m definitely going to watch those games

Que pedazo de crack que tiene el Orlando city pocos tienen la precisión en los pies como yoshi ahun más en los pases largos

He’s under rated. So glad we have him.

Patricia Cuadra Durand Lucha Cuadra Lou Cuadra PERU 🇵🇪

Stephan Alfred he likes Germany to the final mate

Vamos Perú que se puede!

Phillip Adrian Asca Carrillo

Power up squad! It's morphin' time! 👊

Saturday | 7:30PM | #ORLvSEA

Power up squad! Its morphin time! 👊

Saturday | 7:30PM | #ORLvSEA


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Denisse Perez-Valdez


Send us your videos from #ORLvSJ 📱 orlan.do/2D1USTs


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100th goal celebration

Olha ai Josiane Cavalcante

Donnie Letzkus Hunner Myers Brian Scribner

Dee Trejo

Lucas Gianfrancesco Fray

The gang is holding high standards to take Pride to new heights. #FilledWithPride ...

5 hours ago

The Jacksonville Humane Society

Don’t miss your chance to adopt Lovely! Kitten Lady says 11/10 would adopt. ❤️ We’re open 7 days a week at 8464 Beach Blvd. Lovely has a sponsored adoption fee, too!

Kitten Lady
Hey friends, let’s find a home for Lovely! This mellow, lovable 8 year old cat is the longest resident at The Jacksonville Humane Society and it would make me so happy to help her find her human. ☺️♥️

Lovely definitely lives up to her name! Her adoption fee is sponsored and she’s ready to meet her match in Jacksonville, Florida. Please share/tag a friend and let’s find this lady her forever home!

5 hours ago

Miami Heat

D. Wade has arrived for Game 5 with a message... ...


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The message is "3" He got 3 rings and those kids from Philly acting like they are champs already. #smh

The league already know who they want to win out of this series and thats Philadelphia. Embid travels when he tries to dribble but they don't call it, they call fouls on the heat when they get a momentum. The refs are not going to allow wade to be wade..

Why is olynyk in the game he moves in slow motion and the offense slows down..put haslem in for defense....wth are yall doing heat staff??

Why so many 67ers fans on here it's for the heat fans...they trolling

Wade in tunnel vision mode, he’s definitely going in his bag tonight and laying everything out on the line tonight. Expect a huge game from D.Wade tonight

The heat did not go into tanking ...the Sixers did... And that is why I respect the heat

Wade looks like hes gots 2 or 3 more years left. Were talking about a guy that said hes board when hes not playing. He Loves the game and still has Game.

Coach you should have put whiteside back in philly is not small 4- 6"10 players spo that's suicidal and you all ways fall for it

Él jugará hoy para ganar...sabe que no hay mañana...espero que Whiteside entienda él mensaje debe jugar con coraje y energia...no debe dejar intimidarse de Embiid.,.él sólo es otro jugador como él. como Winslow que lo enfrentó con gallardía...arriba Heat

I got yer message ...right here! Here's yer message! GO SIXERS!

Please knock Embiid out for me please

Let's go heat! True fans never quit...no matter what! We got this! 💪👍 #WhiteHot 🔥🔥🔥

Yea spo is betting on the heat to lose. What a terrible coach..

Heres my halftime breakdown. 1)The refs are getting the heat in foul trouble so they can't be aggressive. 2) Tyler Johnson keeps getting beat off the dribble 3) the refs are not allowing Richardson to get in the game thats why they keep hitting him with fouls..they know he is a key defender and spark. 4) olynyk moves in slow motion like he playing in LA fitness. 5) the refs are not giving Wade foul calls. 6) the heat is allowing Philadelphia's defense to slow them down. 7) they need to play haslem because he's known for playing great defense on bigger and taller players( Embid)

Great season but we lack major offense on this team. Wade needs to come back for one more season, Riley needs to throw the house at Kawhi this off-season. Love the way Justise has developed, he needs to work on that 3pt during summer.

please back to miami for game 6!!!!!!!!!! Go miami!!!!!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Spo you are so frustrating! Play whiteside, we are gojng to get killed on the boards and in the paint again. Just play him if he fouls out so be it, ffs!

Wait for that great second half choke from miami. Its over soon

Bad coaching not knowing who to put in the gamr during crunch time

Lets gooo lets make it win for this time.... Steel i dont loose my fate that we can make to the second round of this playoffs. Gooo MAIMI💪💪💪

No EXCUSES.. no glorifying mediocrity.. Miami must go out and win

I can’t wait for tonight’s game! Let’s GO HEAT ☄️🔥💪🏽

Let’s go guys!! My Miami Heat knows victory, can‘t wait to see what you guys will accomplish tonight. Let’s go H-E-A-T!!!!

Everybody needs to step up, stop relying on DWade and rely on each other instead, trust each other and play team basketball, everybody must do their part offensively and defensively and need a great teamwork or team effort out there.

Tyler johnson gets beat of the dribble alot....whiteside needs to make Embid go to his weak hand on the dribble....like i said before the refs are going to decide the game, fouls they don't normally call they will call

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Regret missing history? Don't miss any action on May 6th.

🎟 orlan.do/2HnClbl


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Winning will cure the attendance issue. Dont forget, you fielded a team that literally quit last season. It took months to lose the fanbase, it may take months to get them back.

7 hours ago

Miami Heat

After Tuesday morning's shootaround Udonis Haslem explained to Jason Jackson why he's the Jay-Z of team captains ...


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Put the legend in tonight


Bring him in UD in Whiteside SUCKS !!!

Most underrated athlete ever! Win or lose U is the truth

Corey Michailidis Brendan Creswick

11 hours ago

Humane Society of Greater Miami

Have you met the beautiful, smart Nelly? Nelly’s adoption fee has recently been sponsored by a kind-hearted individual. That means the cost of her adoption is only $39.99, which covers her microchip and county tag! 🙌
Nelly is a 5-year-old Chinese Shar-Pei/Pointer mix who arrived at the Humane Society of Greater Miami along with her 11 puppies! This sweet girl was an amazing mama to her puppies, who were all adopted into great homes. Now, Nelly is ready to be your fur-baby and be spoiled like she deserves! Nelly loves to spend time outside, especially adventuring around town with her favorite volunteer. She’s an active girl and would be the perfect running partner, but she’s also a true cuddle bug who’ll snuggle up right next to you when it’s time to relax. Nelly is full of affection and loves to give great big hugs. She enjoys car rides and is already house-trained… she really is the perfect pup! Meet Nelly and give her the chance to steal your heart away like she’s done with all of ours. ❤️🐶🏠
#HumaneMiami #AdoptDontShop #AdoptNelly #BigDogsSnuggleMore #AdoptADog


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Brent 😍😍

Alejandro Loreto John Delgado

Andrew Murray

Salvatore D'Acunto

Stephen ❤️

13 hours ago

Miami Heat

UD & D. Wade sat down to share the stories of the first time they met, not knowing the 15 years of brotherhood that would follow.

Watch this moment plus more in the full episode of "Inside the HEAT: UD & D. Wade" airing on FOX Sports Florida / FOX Sports Sun following Tuesday's Game 5.

Or watch the full episode now right here - gohe.at/ITHUDWade


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Two of the best!❤️

Dem fi share how dem gonna win tonight cause mi cant tek another loss

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Hope to see Wade next season. Hope don't see Whiteside next season.

Wake up!!! Miami Heat Elimination game tonight.

Hope Wade comes back for another season

Heat if you foul Embiid foul him hard let see what he's made of make it worth it shut him up I hate his big mouth

Kelly Nichols-Husted something tells me that this may be the last time you see both of them in an NBA game

Embiid's coaches and refs are babying him Embiid you are not the best defense player you just have the refs on your side stop fooling yourself your body is not made for this you're to fragile body can't hold up BSimmons is far better than you

Go Heat!!


I love these episodes of Inside the Heat!

Hey y’all,let’s get it#Heat

You both better win tonight🔥


Wake up Miami Heat. Elimination game tonight.

My two favs!

3 chmapionship together

Dylan Dunoon Mitch Boal Austin Cookson

Jorge William Jonathan

Angel Muñiz-Isern


Chaz Pearce

Michael Bunsey

Carlo Cagape

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Looking for a unique gift for Mother's Day? Send her a card from the dogs and cats at JHS. For your loving donation, we will send her a card with a personalized message and there's even an option to name a pet in her honor! Mom will know if you waited, so order today: goo.gl/hvAHsU ...

Looking for a unique gift for Mothers Day? Send her a card from the dogs and cats at JHS. For your loving donation, we will send her a card with a personalized message and theres even an option to name a pet in her honor! Mom will know if you waited, so order today:  goo.gl/hvAHsU

New times and dates are available for our dog training classes! Sign up your pup: jaxhumane.org/training ...

New times and dates are available for our dog training classes! Sign up your pup: jaxhumane.org/training


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The link goes nowhere. Can't view class dates or times.

Kimberly Langford Castleberry just bring titan to me and I’ll hook him up

I sent you guys an email weeks ago asking about classes and got no reply

Misty needs this

Wyct B. Telgniac si bear😂

Patrick Aiken

Marie Baggett Andrews

The link isn’t working to view classes

Aleisha Broughton


Benjamin Thompson - Leo needs this 😂

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