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Parkland survivors to meet with families of Charleston church shooting victims in SC

Parkland survivors to meet with families of Charleston church shooting victims in SC


"We will be discussing with survivors of the Mother Emanuel church shooting, organizing a town hall, and registering as many new voters as possible."

Students from the mass shooting that killed 17 at Marjory Stoneman-Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. will stop in Charleston, SC to meet with families of the 2015 shooting victims at Mother Emanuel church, where Dylann Roof killed nine.

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The Commission meeting has ended. Video of the full meeting is available currently in two parts at https://t.co/s2qtmaciz4. The meeting video will also be available within 24 hours at https://t.co/lYBCH1RoYt.

The City Commission is now doing its Sharing of Ideas.

The portion of the meeting for speakers on unagendaed items is underway.

Our thoughts are with the family of Chuck Klingbeil.

To be consistent with Florida law, the Commission approves amendments to City Code of General Ordinances Section 15-36 relating to the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee membership and triennial report.

To receive funding from U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Dev't (HUD), the City is required to develop & submit Annual Action Plan detailing proposed uses for HOME Investment Partnership Program, Community Development Block Grant and Emergency Solutions Grant entitlement funds

As final step in process after approval by Dev. Review Committee & citizen-led Planning Commission, City Commission hears presentation/comments about amending zoning map to change classification from Central Core to NAP Cascades Mixed Use Development Planned Unit Development

With support from neighboring businesses, Commission adopts Resolution 18-R-21 – the abandonment of Joshua Court, a 355-foot cul-de-sac off Maclay Commerce Dr. This will remedy currently unsafe transportation uses by creating a private drive that private business plans to improve

Commission adopts Ordinance No. 18-O-18 amending Ch. 14, Art. 3, of the Code of General Ordinances, which deals with pension & specifically the recently ratified Collective Bargaining Agreements with the local Police Benevolence Association.

Tonight's public hearings are beginning. Interested in what's being discussed? Check out the agenda at https://t.co/pbuSHyNtus

Really funny slogan. Really serious problem. 🛑💩


Ready for more of these connections in the future.

@RyanTannehill1 X @DannyAmendola

Watch: https://t.co/XWyaMPtI6v

The City Commission meeting is in break until public hearings begin at 6 p.m.

The Commission has approved (4-0) the consultant ranking for the design of the Market District Multi-Purpose Stormwater Project. Next steps include negotiations with the top ranked firm and to execute said design contract.

Chief DeLeo makes note of the many outreach efforts - like Operation Safe Neighborhoods, TAC Students Program, Splash & Jam and more - that are strengthening the relationship between @TallyPD & local residents.

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