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Parkland parents, students take advocacy on road. Constitution panel hears their plea.

Parkland parents, students take advocacy on road. Constitution panel hears their plea.


The people showed up en mass, hundreds of them, to pack into a public hearing urging changes to the state Constitution.

The Constitution Revision Commission’s final public hearing Tuesday in St. Petersburg included gun-control advocates urging a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in response to the Parkland shooting.

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Have plans to go to the beach today? Looks like a sunny day with just a slight chance of showers along the east coast. #flwx

15 hours ago

Orlando Magic

No luck needed! 🍀 J.I. shamrocking the rim on St. Patrick's Day! ...


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Bring back emily austen..f it


Peter Justin

19 hours ago

Coral Springs, Florida Government

Stop by the City booth and create your community link. #unbreakableCommunity ...

Stop by the City booth and create your community link. #unbreakableCommunity

19 hours ago

Orlando Magic

Happy St. Patrick's Day 🍀 from the Orlando Magic! ...

Happy St. Patricks Day 🍀 from the Orlando Magic!

21 hours ago

Orlando Magic

V🏀🏀CH! ...


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Who cares? Magic still lost!





Dragomir Djordjevic 😉

22 hours ago

Orlando Magic

We are inducting T-Mac into the Magic Hall of Fame next week! We asked our guys what they think about #1! ...


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Tmac over Penny ... disgrace, let Houston retire tmacs jersey but not in orlando.

My favorite player ever. To people who think penny was better read the stats and watch some games........

There's only one number one in magic history that matters and it's this guy:

Penny will always be the best. T-Mac was good and all but Penny was something special #Penny4Life

So your going to reward the cancer thst started the entire mess of why the Magic are where they currently are as an organization. What a freaking disgrace.

Short career in NBA.

What game this week will they be retiring it?

Penny Hardaway deserves that number not t-mac

Ridiculous. Tmac was a great player but come on really? Then grant hill better be inducted to the Detroit hof smh. Tmac was great but come on. Tmac never lead the magic pass the first round in a weak east smh.

Anfernee Hardaway #1. Ask Shaquille O'Neal

i love t-mac he is my favorite!!!

My 1st NBA game was when he beat Shaq’s regular season points record in an 89-86 win over the Celtics. Great evening, superb holiday.

Without a doubt my favorite Magic player of all time.

The number 1 will always be special in Orlando because the two best non-centers rocked it well.

Maybe HE could come back and PLAY for us... anything is better than WHAT WE HAVE NOW!

Going to hall of fame without a championship ring. Charles barkley, the guest of honor, who will present the award.

He single handedly kept our team relevant and really grew into a prime time baller w us

Why not Penny

Hell no...he can retire in Houston....

Retire his number please

The best enemy of kobe

T-Mac 4ver!

about time'


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23 hours ago

Coral Springs, Florida Government

It’s a beautiful morning for Coral Springs Festival of the Arts - make sure to stop by the City Booth! ...

It’s a beautiful morning for Coral Springs Festival of the Arts - make sure to stop by the City Booth!


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Miss this going here.

24 hours ago

Orlando Magic

▶️ of the Game: Throwdown by JI! ...


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Mihailo Melo Khaled Stefan Kulas Giannis 2.0

2 days ago

Coral Springs, Florida Government

The Public Art Committee wants to know what temporary art piece you like the best! Vote by "liking" your favorite picture!
Learn more about Public Art: www.coralsprings.org/publicart


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Is anyone assigned the responsibility of upkeep of the art work? Some of the pieces at ArtWalk are in desperate need: rusted, scratched, missing a piece of the base. A lot of money has been invested in the acquisition, so one would think upkeep would be a given.

I love all them but the sea turtle is awesome!

Love the sea turtle!

The sea turtle is great

I would rather pay my tax dollars to law enforcement and fire fighters

The heart is so indicative of our need at this time🦅💪🏼😍❤️‼️‼️‼️

Are you planning on using our tax dollars to purchase more Art.

I love them all. You have to give them back?

The Sea Turtle

1. The heart , 2. The turtle



where are these statues located

1. 🐢 2. ❤️

Like them all!


Sea Turtle




Heart ❤️

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2 days ago

Clearwater Beach Florida



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My favorite place.

3 more months and my family and I will be strolling that beautiful beach.

I'll be doing this again in 3 months.


My cover photo is from clearwater..... i can't wait to go back!!!! 3 more months!

My favorite place on Earth. Can't wait to go back.

How is the water in early November???

One of my favorite places!

May 7th can't vome fast enough

One week for today!⛵🌴🐚

Going to Clearwater in April 😁

I wish they would till up the sand once in a while

Both do I miss that place

My building for 20 years

Was there a few weeks ago...going back to St Petes next week. Amazing beaches!! 🍷⚓️🐠🐬⛱

Be back there in October

My favorite place

Next 8 day forecast?? Coming your way!!

Take me there Eleanor Halkon I

I love you, beach. 😂

miss it

23rd May......


It's 21° here in crappy PA.

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