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Online Adoption Program Matches Florida Families to Children

Online Adoption Program Matches Florida Families to Children


It's like a dating website, only for adoption, one mother explained.

Developers of the new online science based program called Family-Match are using data science and innovative adoption-matching technology to make the adoption process easier.

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1 hour ago

Orlando Magic

🔥 Top plays from Wes Iwundu at NBA Summer League ☀️ ...


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Forgot about him, hope he gets more playing time this year because he’s looked decent in the limited time he’s had so far.

Oh my god... so incredible. This highlights remenber me LeBron James.

3 hours ago

Orlando Magic

Join us in wishing a Happy Birthday to our GM, John Hammond! 🎉 ...

Join us in wishing a Happy Birthday to our GM, John Hammond! 🎉


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F u ... do somethin and then you can get a happy bday

He is born on my grandmother’s birthday who is still alive at 99 years old now!

Must have worked in the sanitation industry before. All I see is trash the Magic have to put on the court.

Social media guy brown nosing to the big boss. Nice, I like it

One PG please John !!! HB

4 hours ago

Orlando Weekly

orlandoweekly.com/vote ...



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Is there a category for Best Tattoo Artist?

Voted! Best of luck!


18 hours ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

In Week 1 @YannGetSacks91 forced a sack-fumble and @dantefowler took it 53-yards for a 19-0 lead at the half.

53 days until kickoff!


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We will win the super bowl in 2019! Coming from Winnipeg canada

We want all the smoke 💨 let’s go jags jag nation

Lol for the first time I a LONG time, I feel pride for being a Jacksonville Jaguar. #GoJags #DTWD

Duvall!!! Can’t wait for jags football to be back !! To much swag

I feel thats the play that put Sacksonville on the map!

Jonathan Junkins go gators?


Love Dante makin it rain on the Texan fans!


21 hours ago

Orlando Magic

Happy birthday, Penny! Check out the top plays from #1 🔥 ...


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Best magic player in history!! At least my favorite with Nick Anderson!

If not injured on his early years, could have been one of the great/best player in nba. Childhood idol. #pennyhardaway

Nuff said, i bought this when i was in high school. Still have it to this day...

My 1st kid call Penny, becasue Penny Hardaway is my Hero

Best player in franchise history!

One of The Best NBA Player all Time!!

penny is my hero same with darrel armstrong love u both penny is my first mate tho going to be fun to watch your college team grow as u coach and maybe 1 day we'll be readyy for you as the magics coach

The secret service couldn't guard me! - lil penny

Pennyyyyyyy 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Best Magic player ever IMO Happy B-day!

Happy birthday Penny, I remember watching you when visiting Orlando. Favourite player of all time. From Cambridge, UK

He was so good, and like everyone liked him, even if the magic weren't your team.

Happy birthday idol

What a player!

My 1st kid call Penny, becasue he is my Hero

There were legit three jump shots in this top plays montage.

Happy birthday idol!!

We could use a Point Guard like Penny now. Happy birthday Penny.


When our magic was lots of fun to watch

still my hero till now hapi bday Penny

i got like 20 penny rookie cards love u penny

Happy birthday, Penny!!!

Happy birthday heaven cent !!!

Patrick Wisdom guck mal da ist mein Idol 😍😍😍😍

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24 hours ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

With Taven Bryan signing his rookie contract, our entire 2018 draft class is officially signed.

Rookies report today for training camp.


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He probably spent $5k on that PC too. Lol Money well spent.

I think he is going to be a really good pick up dude ready

Homeboy you got a lot of money!! I know you're gonna be serious about this!! For us poor people football is our escape!!!

This man looks ready to eat.

Love that he got a gaming PC. I have one too but probably not as cool as the one he just purchased.

Justin Waller how much you think he spent on that pc?

Wonder what’s up with his dad?


“Old dudes” 😂

My boys!

Dustin first purchase - gaming PC


Ryne McClellan

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1 day ago

Orlando Magic

Check out pre-audition classes for the 2018-19 Orlando Magic Dancers! 🌟 Interested in joining the squad? Learn more at orlandomagic.com/dancers/auditions. ...


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I like that BahaMar has sponsored this.. I am a die hard Atlantis fan but cool to see competition.

Luke Sylvia is this what week 1 of work is like?

I peep mo! Morgan Ana

Yayyy!!!! Thank you!!!!

Desiree Louise here it is lol

Morgan Lee you should try out

1 day ago

Orlando Magic

🎂 Sending a big Happy Birthday to Penny Hardaway! 🎂 ...

🎂 Sending a big Happy Birthday to Penny Hardaway! 🎂


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the only number 1 for me 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 hbd champ!!

Magic's Top # GOAT.

My childhood hero!! Happy birthday man!!

Happy birthday to the best Magic player in franchise history ever!

One cent worth one billion. God bless you, Penny !

Man I miss those days..

Congrats my all time favorite !

My number 1 favorite player of all time no matter what imagine what penny would be able to do if he would stayed completly healthy

Happy Birthday man! See you at Dave & Buster's tonight!

Happy birthday. I believe you and Shaq still have some unfinished business in Orlando 😉

Penny Hardaway will always be the greatest player to lace them up.

Happy birthday Penny Hardaway

Happy Bday Penny 🎂🎂🎂

Any chance he can run the point for us next season?

Sad that Magic dont have a dominant PG on their roster today smh

Double retire the jersey already!

Feliz cumpleaños, Penny!!

Happy birthday legend

Happy Birthday Penny

happy birthday bro!

Happy Birthday Penny!

The beast of the best.

Happy Birthday 1cent

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1 day ago

Orlando Magic

Don’t let them hold you down / Reach for the stars 🌟 B.I.G. ...

Don’t let them hold you down / Reach for the stars 🌟 B.I.G.


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Who’s going to score for this team?😂 magic win 40 games it will be a miracle. So sick of seeing a crap team put on the court by Orlando they have literally been so horrible since Howard left that I will not even attend a game anymore.. CONGRATS MAGIC YOUR FRONT OFFICE IS NOW THE TAMPA RAYS OF THE NBA!

Ton of potential for these 3. A scoring point guard would be the cherry on top.

I love that this team keeps trying to play big when the only teams winning championships play small 🤦‍♂️

I love this set up the B.i.G and Simmons, Dj, founier be the front line up. Trade Vuc maybe i can see some pure Magic happening again🙌 can't wait to see what Magic have in store this coming up Season. Let's go !!!💨🏀🙌

Get em young, make them good! Let them go like you think you should. Magic’s front office has a crappy scheme, we are the NBA’s farm team. I’m sick and tired of the same ol bull, stand up magic fans, we are not a fool! #HISTORYWILLREPEAT #NBAMYASS

Come on people. The last few moves have been good. Bamba was the best player available at 6 and a potential all star center. Our best three players are all young and locked in. Maybe not this year, but definately playoffs next year. Under the old regime we would still be on a downward spiral. We will win 35 games this year.

Sign smart and trade vuc, let bamba Isaac Gordon Simmons smart start , founier 6th man. Thank me later or promote me to gm

This is my team since im 5. Ahhaha how i wish to see them in NBA finals.

I see a lot of rebounds and defensive plays, but once again NO OFFENSE and NO Playmaker!

So many people trashing the front office but I love what they did this offseason. Added Mamba, locked up AG, and got rid of an absolutely terrible Biyombo. Still pieces away for sure, but we’re on our up, finally.

These boys just need a playmaker / scoring PG to go with them and a good 3pt shooting guard. These 3 is what they need to build around though. Hope they dont muck it up as usual.

Aaron Gordon can average 20 pts per game this season. The BIG era has me excited again. Keep making smart moves! Get a real point guard!

Our front office is leagues ahead of our previous one. They are really smart and are thinking through in every possible scenario that can help us win. With drafting bamba, letting mario walk, shelvin walk, biyombo go, and bringing in some young up and coming point guards with briscoe and grant, they are gonna take us back to the playoffs as soon as this year. I've never been more excited and optimistic about the next season since I can remember. Let's go magic!

Notorious BIG. That should be their nickname

Isaac & Gordon can score don't fool yourselves. It's going to be about Defense & Rebounding the backcourt will thrive with these guys upfront

Schnallt euch an für die kommenden NBA Game Nights ab Oktober, Orlando´s B.I.G. is coming!! 😱 Michael Holzmann Thomas Müller Dennis Zy

Young nucleous again??? And again, and again... 😂😂😂 Tobias Harris, Vucevic, Fournier. Payton, Dipo, Gordon. And now??? Bamba, Isaac, Gordon???

If ww sign I.T we may be a 7 or 8 seed. We still need to make a move or two.

I really really hope Grant or Briscoe breakout as well... I already know what DJ gonna bring. It'll be nice to see at least one of them come up,

We're the only team in the NBA that got a head start in rebuilding and got NOTHING to show for it, except for waisted trades and good for nothing draft picks. GO MAGIC!!!

They need a point who make a lot of assists happen. If these three shoot efficiently, we could have a point guard averaging 10 assists.

Another 30 win season for my magic not going to sugar coat it lol at least my jets doing better at rebuilding

Bamba was a great pick but can we please get a solid point guard and some scorers.

Building s good team here

We a good phone away from.making a little noise

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