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Millennials expect to retire at age 56, study says

Millennials expect to retire at age 56, study says


A brokerage firm asked 1,500 millennials, age 21 to 37, when they expect to retire. The respondents, on average, expected to retire at age 56.

According to Acorn's Money Matters Report, out of near 2,000 millennials surveyed, 41 percent of them spent more money on coffee than investing in their retirement last year.

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CLOSURE: The crash at Pine Tree and 31st has caused a full closure NB/SB, seek an alternate route. #traffic #MiamiBeach @MiamiBeachNews https://t.co/JITh2XdnWx

Cop's theft leaves behind clue: a McDonald's recept https://t.co/SBtLUkyYNH

Mother Nature may be unpredictable, but that doesn't mean you should wait until the last minute to plan & prepare this #HurricaneSeason! https://t.co/d9xRAXmuvK

FUNERAL DETAILS: A funeral mass will be held on Saturday at St. James Catholic Cathedral Church in downtown Orlando to honor the lives of the four children killed during a standoff in Orlando last week. https://t.co/q3QNhoXHUT

Today, we continue our profiles of Tallahassee’s brightest, most influential seniors! Meet 2018 Silver Star Mabel Huffman: https://t.co/Z2VvcIPd3i @TLHSeniorCenter

Fascinating article with stats that backup how valuable the @OrlandoMagic 6th overall pick is.
From 1990 to ‘14, 80% of the players drafted No. 1, 2 and 3 have averaged at least 10 points in the NBA. From picks 4-7, it drops to 61%. From picks 8-11 it’s 42%.
#Fox35 https://t.co/D9A1PmY6GX

Police arrest man suspected of killing his wife in attempted murder-suicide https://t.co/Qf8uNDnNYT

It's 3:00PM! Here's a check of radar across northeast FL and southeast GA. Forecast: https://t.co/ujQPeoZpua

Man accused of robbing a Pizza Hut off Philips Highway https://t.co/tTYK5rZrV8

It wasn't just any spider he found in the broccoli he bought from a store, it was a black widow! Instead of killing it, a sanctuary took in the spider and named it "Broccoli," and it's since been adopted! 😂🕷

Traffic alert....mva with multiple patients and a fatality at San Jose and El Ciento Blvd

FDLE searching for missing 3-week-old baby boy from Gainesville https://t.co/Li2vxo4uio

2 hours ago

Orlando Magic

"Nothing is more important than adding the right players." ...


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Then when are you gonna start adding them

3 hours ago

Visit Orlando

It’s a bird! It’s a plane ✈️!

It’s your chance to come face to face with your favorite Justice League superheroes @MadameTussaudsOrlando!

5 hours ago

Orlando Magic

Rookie Card Goals 💯 #NBADraft ...

Rookie Card Goals 💯 #NBADraft


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Can someone tell how much this is worth I can’t find any info on this.

I think this is the only one i have

I still have Michael Jordan's rookie card. What card could possibly be better?

A lot of the sports cards were over produced thus lowering the value. Also, card collecting had a golden era during the early to mid 90s, then the digital age happened and kids stopped caring.

Brings back the good ol' days when buying multiple boxes were cheap and ripping packs for hours chasing Shaq's rookies.

I have six different Shaq rooks framed in my man cave.

I actually have that one.

got 4x-8x of every rookie card of his except the beam team card. Really thought they would be worth more by now.

Had the entire Magic team set from that 1992 set. Have a few of those Shaq rooks.

i used to have that card 👌

lol so do I lmfao

I have that one lol

Pito Feliciano

Chad Cox

Matt Brink

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10 hours ago


Join us for a LIVE Florida sunrise on Vero Beach! #LoveFL

Visit Vero Beach-Fellsmere-Sebastian FL Costa d'Este Beach Resort & Spa


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Good morning from Vero Beach, Florida! Let us know where you're watching from in the comments.

Learn more about Vero Beach here: visitindianrivercounty.com

We're glad you like it Cecilia!

Thanks, Jan!

See you soon, Joe!

You're welcome, Laura!

Just a few morning minutes! Be sure to SHARE this video with someone who could use some sunshine today!

The sun is starting to creep up...

What a great way to wake up, right?

Everyone still enjoying the view? :)

Has anyone been to Vero Beach before?

Thanks for joining us this morning! Join us again for more live videos from around the Florida.

Here comes this sun!

Be sure to say hello to our friends at Visit Vero Beach-Fellsmere-Sebastian FL! visitindianrivercounty.com

There were some great waves yesterday. We some some folks surfing.

Loving this so much. viewing from United Kingdom ...... <3

This view never gets old!

“I must go down to the sea again, to the lonely sea in the sky, and all I ask is a tall ship and a song to steer her by”..., finish this famous poem...

Thank you so much for posting this. I'm from Vero. Born and raised. Haven't been home in 17years. This truely made my morning!!

We have driven through Vero Beach, in fact we looked through an open house at the south end of A1A and 1, if I remember right that was back in 1990 or so. Very beautiful there

Albany, New York best place to live in country. Been in Florida 20 years and great for a vaca but to live there, no more for me. Hate it.

Thanks Visit Florida, for sharing this beautiful sight ☀️❤️💛💚💜

Never been to Vero Beach but sure would love to

Good morning from Charleston, SC! Love Florida ❤️ I was born there

Watching from Charleston, SC . I love Vero Beach

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21 hours ago

Orlando Magic

What happens when practice gets a little too physical and trash-talking gets a little too loud? The Brawl in L.A. becomes another Budweiser Magic Legend. ...


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Great story! 🏀 best Magic squad of all time

That's awesome. Coach was smiling afterwards. And I believe the Magic went on a winning streak.

1:52-1:57 funniest part. 😂


Kyle Eittson you seen these? Lol


Dragomir Djordjevic

Israel Chavez

Jill Caplis Nebergall Kenneth Edward Kolinski

Larry Cross

Corey Thompson Frank Hughes Justin Priest

Todd Bowen

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23 hours ago

Orlando Magic

2018 NBA Draft Profile: Tony Carr ...


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Maybe a little off subject, but why is it that the NFL, MLB, NHL all have their player draft based on the teams final position in the standings. This is supposed to allow underachieving teams an opportunity to obtain top players . However, the NBA relies on a “Lottery Drawing” (?) to determine draft position for the lower teams. So, a team like the Magic, with the worst record in the NBA, has their first pick at number 6 ? 5 teams with better records pick ahead of the Magic because of their luck of the draw. What’s up with that???


1 day ago

Orlando Magic

2018 NBA Draft Preview 🎥 Jeff Weltman ...


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Sexton is the best player available if he's still around @ pick #6 we take him

We'll probably draft Fran Vazquez again.

Trae Young or nobody!!!!!!!

Trae Young is our guy #GoMagic

Please draft Sexton 🙏

Jeff Weltman - next former Magic President of Basketball Operations

We need wendell carter jr 6th. Devonte graham 35th divincinzo 41st. Trade vuce and fournier.

Don’t worry. We’ll find a way to mess it up...

Yawn and who cares!!!

Draft Trae please!

Patrick también con ellos 🤔🤔🤔

Trae is our guy


Lol let’s see how much they screw up this year

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