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'Meth bedroom' helps parents identify signs of drug use

'Meth bedroom' helps parents identify signs of drug use


PARENTS: What do you think about this idea?

School officials and police officers in northwestern Wisconsin are using a mockup of a teenager’s bedroom to help parents identify where their children could hide drugs, the Associated Press reported.

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17 minutes ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

Teal as alternates and color rush? 🤔

Don’t be surprised if you see them up to 3 times the 2018 season.

Teal as alternates and color rush? 🤔

Don’t be surprised if you see them up to 3 times the 2018 season.


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I'm just glad we don't look like a freak show on the field anymore . Those two-tone helmets, mustard uniforms, logo in a shield on all of the uni's, heavy leather on the shoulders thing made us look real bad.

You know what's really sad? That April Fool's Day jersey y'all posted... It looks better. It at least had some personality to it.

Forget about the uniforms and go win a super bowl! small market teams worry about uniforms!!! concentrate on the big one!

Just win..i don't care what the uniforms look like..

Glad black is still the primary!

Finally I have to say the Jaguars uniforms are officially ugly.

Should be the main jerseys. Black gets hot and more players will cramp up in black. Teal they won't as much

Should see them 8 times plus Home playoff games

Teal should have been home. This entire jersey release is crap just because teal isn’t a home jersey

These should be the main uniforms. I ❤️them.

The teal top should be our home uniform

Thank you for getting rid of those mustard jerseys and those helmets!!!

Uh oh, is that a hint at 3x prime time games?

3 times? These need to be our main ones 😒 Taylor Hughes Caleb Larsen Josh Gagnon Nick Pinnock Brandon Jones

Love that black is primary that's awesome

Looks like a practice uniform

Should be the primary.

Love them!

This should have been the home kit

Hope so


Best one

Ramsey the GOAT

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44 minutes ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

The return of tradition is officially here.



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Other than the 2 inch jags logo on the chest, I don’t see how the away jerseys are any different than Oakland’s?

This is the issue I'm having with everyone hating on the uniforms the black and teal represents the Jaguars sorry that everyone had their hopes high but our main focus is winning a Superbowl not playing dress up.#DTWD

LOVE these! Those complaining clearly haven't been fans very long to appreciate what is essentially a throwback with the addition of the new all teal. And THANK YOU for trashing those fcking helmets we had!

Has anyone considered that these could be just a fake revealing? You know to mess with us. I thought the real reveal was supposed to be tomorrow?

Tradition involves teal, looks like I won't be purchasing any Jaguars gear. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1995_Jacksonville_Jaguars_season

The same people complaining about the uniform were upset about the two tone helmet and the last uniforms. This is a pretty good look and they added teal pants. Could it use some gold? Maybe. I wish we kept the number font we had. Nike and the Jags did a good job with the redesign.

I’m only disappointed that the teal can only be worn 3 times and for color rush. I wish that was the Home Jersey.

I just want to know how these are “traditional”. They never looked like this. They had accents and some appeal. This is such an obvious over-compensation for Nike’s bold moves that it’s worse. And couldn’t we have kept the matte black? The closest thing to a matte helmet we get in the nfl was only half-painted. SMH

Tanner Knight these look like the uniforms you would wear when you played for a fake high school in the old NCAA games.

I feel bad for the equipment staff: they will have a hell of a time not mixing up the practices jerseys with the gameday jerseys. Or maybe they go shirtless for practice to embrace tradition and no-nonsense.

If you hate these, you haven't been a fan for a long time. A LOVE the traditional/classic feel of these.

Yuck. This is just the last uni we had. The plain ones with no gold. Start the countdown, 4 years until we can change them again.

These look like practice uniforms. Needed something on the pants. Teal flacks in the gloss helmets Numbers Need Gold trim! All of our gold is gone besides logo. Black is still primary. We look like a more colorful raiders team without stripes...

Eh no matter what I’m going to rock a jags jersey. Just wish the numbers were outlined in a diff color. Until I saw up close, look like stickers placed on haha

These are BORING! The pants need stripes! Plain pants are the worst. All you had to do was move back to the original uniforms.

Not disappointed with these new uniforms but not in love with them either. Honestly thought just changing the 2 tone helmet back to all black and everything would be all good...didn't think the uniforms needed changing.

They aren’t awful, nothing wrong with going with a more vintage look. I just feel like something is missing. They should have done Gold and Black stripes on the sleeves like the old Jags jerseys and then try teal and gold stripes on the sleeves for the black jersey. Never liked the idea of a black home jersey, but oh well. At the end of the day, they could have been really bad and they actually look nice. I just care how they play, can wear neon pink for all I care, if they win then that’s what matters.

I love them , i like the new helmet color , but the only thing that matters is the win we'll get on Superbowl Sunday , Go Jaguars !!

Love going back to the all black helmet but they rest of the uniform is ugly in all of the color combos. They are so plain they look like practice uniforms. Huge fail.

Not a jags fan.. I always liked there OG unis. For that being said im glad there helmets are back to full black

It took us years to have a successful season and we just took a step back with the new but boring uniforms. Why is the black the primary color? Why would you want to look like other teams instead of setting your own trend?

Old uniforms were better in my opinion> knew it, but still Love my Team & gonna kick butt regardless... :)

Forget black and teal...bring back teal and GOLD!!! and not mustard gold...bring back the old school jersey...heck bring back the old school logo! Now thats tradition! We look like a arena football team 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

This is a backlash for making the last set too busy. They played it safe which isn’t a bad thing, but some traditional piping would be nice. Gold will be back in five years.

I say 7.5 out of 10 .... The font size on the numbers is a little too big and could use a small gold outline. Also please don’t wear the full teal or full whites. Black pants have a good contrast and bring the look together. Helmet changes though are perfect.

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47 minutes ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

EverBank Field
This season will bring exciting changes to the stadium and our community.

This includes all new signage and an inspiring community partnership with EverBank Field and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Watch this video and sneak a peek at TIAA Bank Field.


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Harrison McLarty Travis McLarty very end with only about 30 seconds left #famous

WE ARE JAGUARS! This is the Year of the JAGUAR!

Donald how many Jags advertisements have you been in now? Lol

58 minutes ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

We’re teaming up with The Cordish Companies to create a world class district that will transform downtown Jacksonville. ...

We’re teaming up with The Cordish Companies to create a world class district that will transform downtown Jacksonville.Image attachmentImage attachment


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I see ONE “public parking garage”. But ALL the existing lots appear to be covered with buildings. I like the idea, but unless the parking garage is 13 stories tall how you gonna get people down there to events?

Guess this the the plan that has sent the Mayor off the deep end

So how are people suppose to go to all these new places if there is no where to park?!?!?

Wishful thinking but looks great

Wow making the St. Johns river blue is going to be awesome.

Well I guess the Jags have a personal vendetta against me and my people!! First they takeaway my parking lot, Lot J, which allowed us to walk a few feet to enter the stadium!! Secondly, where do they decide to incorporate a "dog" park??? I'll tell you, inside the stadium high above my section, that's Where!! I will be directly affected by this genius brainstorming session!!😠😠 Preseason will be the worst experience with the heat factoring in on the puppy smell!! Thanks Shad Khan. The only dogs that should be in the stadium are service dogs and hot dogs!! The Jags are often referred to as, "The Big Cats"so being politically correct, I guess cats will somehow fit into the new vision of the organization! Let's not forget the pigs, birds and reptiles, or even ostriches 😂🤣 wouldn't want to leave them out of the experience!! #GoJags

Nay-sayers. Don’t worry I’m sure a man as smart as Shad Kahn has thought if parking. I say just go for it ! Work out kinks as they arise.

It's not Everbank field anymore.

the only lots covered up are on the west side... Plenty of parking heading east. And getting rid of the elevated part is a good idea off the Hart for this new space. The Negative people that are around have been proven wrong since all the enhanced things that have been done over the years have succeeded..

Where will everyone park?

Zach Bishop its HOF village south lol

Looks great but where do you park what happens to tailgaters .what happens with multiple events the same day but Jacksonvilles a hamdurger town that cant keep it going we cant even keep the landing to mack it

So we are going to destroy met park so rich people can park their boats on game day?

How about a Ferris Wheel?

Not sold to take down the expressway to Hart bridge.. More traffic nightmares

It'll be trashed like everything else in Jacksonville. No cares in that city and the few that do, aren't enough to make a difference

I say we make this look more “traditional”.

Brianna Rounsavall exactly what we were talking about the other day

Itnwill never happen

Parking Garage...so ppl do indoor tail gate parties in Jacksonville? 300 BBQs burning indoor...🤘😈🌭

Shawn Kramer agreeing with majority of these comments. No F'ing parking. It's ridiculous

Y’all better not take the hart bridge express down!

Joshua Salazar we need to move there ASAP.

This going to be Interesting..

Interesting 🤔

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1 hour ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

EverBank Field
Lynyrd Skynyrd returns home to Jacksonville for their Last of the Street Survivors Farewell Tour.

They’ll be joined by Kid Rock and Jason Aldean this Labor Day Weekend. Tickets go on sale April 30, 2018.

More: jagrs.com/LynyrdSkynyrd


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They had to throw in country. Now to decide lol.

“Lynyrd skynyrd”

Adam Geo I wanna go

Autumn Brooke Spencer🙌🏻

Melinda Wood!!!!

Krissy Gorsuch, Harvey Chang lol

Jack Helms Josh Helms Brittany Davis

Ed Radloff

David Hackley

Kyleigh Bernkrant

2 hours ago

The Florida Times-Union

Get live updates from Times-Union reporters at jaxne.ws/2qKCYkM

Jacksonville Jaguars
WATCH: 2018 State of the Franchise.

2 hours ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

WATCH: 2018 State of the Franchise. ...


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We apologize for the technical difficulties at the moment. We are working to fix the sound.

Monae Stewart he just showed data that they are GAINING support....so you are just wrong...but don't let the facts get in the way of you pouting....

It's a STATE OF THE UNION...it isn't Uniform Reveal...it's not Lamping's fault if you are confused about what this is...

What did you guys think “State of the Franchise” meant? Of course they’re going to talk about the numbers. It’s a business

Jaguars have 26th CHEAPEST Tickers in the League...and people are COMPLAINING.....just think about that for a second.

People in London can only attend one game per year. Focus on building your fan base at home if you want those ticket sales to go up.

So Raise prices... Get a dog park... And add a lot of stuff that our own people cannot afford... Right on... Keep it classy..

Frances Rains You might need to check your math...if Mariotta is 10X better why did he put up WORSE numbers than Bortles in 2017?

Keep on progressing on the field and that product will help the other areas that were in deficit. He said tv ratings are up so other things will follow when they are motivated by what is on the field.

Not moving. Why would they have new Jacksonville Jaguars uniforms and continue to sell tickets in Jax if that were the case???

Funny how people are losing their minds over the uniforms already. Folks you dont play for the team. Just watch and enjoy. Only thing I care about is that they changed that God awful two toned helmet.

Just because you don't understand what he is actually saying, Rick that doesn't mean he is lying....just mean you are hearing something different than what he is saying.

I bet the players run the other way when they see him coming, I would hate to get caught in a convo with him... holy hell.. show the uniforms man!

I'm actually being honest here, the Jaguars should play in Mexico City. Jaguars were very important in Aztec culture so I know they'll be a fan favorite

It’s not our fault they decided to combine these two things. Take a note from the Titans and just show up in uniforms without an airport sticker reveal.

This may be a little dry, but let's remember that this growth of the franchise means the Jaguars are no longer on the chopping block to be moved to a different city.

We've already seen that boring mess of a uniform. Did you guys just spend all your time hyping it up and forgot to actually design the uniform?

if those are the unis, i like em. i like them better than what we've had recently. the current ones we have been wearing are easily my least favorite of the Jags unis we have had in franchise history

The teal is the best. I think I def don’t like the one layered number....it does look like a practice jersey. Idk we’ll see

Goodafternoon everyone I’m so excited about our Jaguars and there success last year that I’m Ready for Football season too begin!!!! “Go Jaguars” ❤️❤️❤️🏈🏈🏈🏈🏉🏉🏉🏉

The new uniforms are perfectly fine, their simple and clean, great for a team that doesn't need flashy gear to make its statement.

Why do we have so many jokers? If you don't like this, get off! The uniforms pics will be available all day. If that's all you care about look at the pics from JIA. Some of us want to hear this!

The flag and anthem are more important than Jesus. You can take a knee for Jesus but it's blasphemy kneeling while the flag is waving during the anthem. 😂😂😂

TIAA is writing the Check! I bet if they dropped the name and added the loss of revenue to the ticket prices most of you would shut up! 😂

They're not terrible but I don't really like the new uniforms they will have to grow on me I thought it would be something more futuristic

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15 hours ago

Florida Launch

As the 2018 MLL Collegiate Draft comes to a close here is a run down of the 8 talented athletes we have selected tonight! Read more at buff.ly/2JY1qXW #MLLdraft ...

As the 2018 MLL Collegiate Draft comes to a close here is a run down of the 8 talented athletes we have selected tonight! Read more at https://buff.ly/2JY1qXW  #MLLdraft


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Thank you

Nice draft Tom Mariano coach!! Solid guys

18 hours ago

Florida Launch

BREAKING NEWS!! @julesheningburg has been selected as the First Pick for the Launch in the 2018 MLL Collegiate Draft! @RUmlax ...

BREAKING NEWS!! @julesheningburg has been selected as the First Pick for the Launch in the 2018 MLL Collegiate Draft! @RUmlax

21 hours ago

Florida Launch

Tick, Tock... It's almost Draft time! ⏰
First, check out Dylan Molloy reminiscing about his experience getting drafted in 2017!
Who will be our 1st pick this time around?

1 day ago

Florida Launch

Hands 🆙
We got 4 days to go until #Launch2018!!!

Hands  🆙
We got 4 days to go until #Launch2018!!!


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Dylan Molloy!!!!!!!!!

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