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Mass Casualty Simulation Being Held at Port Miami Tuesday

Mass Casualty Simulation Being Held at Port Miami Tuesday


ONLY A TEST: Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, along with Miami-Dade Police and port security, will be participating in a joint simulated mass casualty incident drill today.

Intended to provide the closest possible simulation of an actual disaster, this drill will be recreating some of the scenarios that took place during a boiler explosion aboard a cruise ship back in 2003.

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We just to say a HUGE THANK YOU to @Buccaneers LB @wiz_kidnookie7 for stopping by opening night of our Stay & Play program. The kids of #JacksonHeightsNFLYET are lucky to have such a great role model.

It's been a busy week for the 2018 Rookie Class! Check out what they accomplished on the field and off on #DolphinsDaily.

- Rookies get a taste of NFL Practices
- Duo of @OhioStateFB LBs
- @mikegesicki shows his artistic side 👨‍🎨

Full Read: https://t.co/aMmn4ypGat

"Can any of you floss?"

@Lastname_Baker stepped up to the challenge and delivered."

It was a busy week for the rookies as the participated in their first OTAs as pros, toured @HardRockStadium and coached during a clinic with Special Olympics athletes.

Check out the latest on #DolphinsDaily.

It's #NationalWineDay! 🍷 Are you ready for the inaugural Orlando Wine Festival & Auction coming in March 2019? Learn more at https://t.co/0ZsHSVAOa3.

Severe weather can happen at any time. Follow @AlertTampa for notifications & information that could save your life!

Follow @TampaFireRescue's account for the full update! Happy to report that the proud puppy momma gave birth to 7 boys and 1 girl and is doing well! 🐶#AirportPuppies

Follow @TampaFireRescue's account for the full update! Happy to report that the proud puppy momma gave birth to 7 boys and 1 girl and is doing well! 🐶#AirportPuppies
Follow @TampaFireRescue's account for the full update! Happy to report that the proud puppy momma gave birth to 7 boys and 1 girl and is doing well! 🐶#AirportPuppies
Follow @TampaFireRescue's account for the full update! Happy to report that the proud puppy momma gave birth to 7 boys and 1 girl and is doing well! 🐶#AirportPuppies
Tampa Fire Rescue@TampaFireRescue

An air traveler’s service dog is delivering puppies now @FlyTPA We’re a full-service department!

12 hours ago

Visit Pensacola

Cheers to Friday AND #NationalWineDay! 🍷

📷 @razorblaydesjr

Cheers to Friday AND #NationalWineDay! 🍷

📷 @razorblaydesjr

13 hours ago

Visit Pensacola

Dinner is served at The Grand Marlin on Pensacola Beach!

📷 @jessicaerin39

Dinner is served at The Grand Marlin on Pensacola Beach! 

📷 @jessicaerin39


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Facebook needs a “Yum!” option!

15 hours ago

Visit Pensacola

Sliding into the weekend like.. Happy #FidoFriday! 🐶


Sliding into the weekend like.. Happy #FidoFriday! 🐶


18 hours ago

Tampa Bay Lightning

“It’s everything from agonizing to angry to disappointed to shocked. I’m sure that’s going to turn into proud and happy for our group... But just the emotions of how it ended are tough.”

2017-18 Exit Interview | Jon Cooper:


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oh well, there's always next time. See y'all in October. I'll miss ya guys. Go Bolts!!


Looking forward to next season! They’ll be back stronger 💙⚡️

Coach, we are all disappointed in the outcome, as well for our boys too. But we are also so proud of our team and the whole Lightning oeganization, for the milestones that were accomplished this year and the wonderful season we had! And next year, we WILL be back, to BE THE THUNDER!

Go Bolts! Always will be a fan!

Awesome job this year and past years. The people that are saying you are not the guy for this team are crazy and can go cheer on someone else if they don't like it.

This was a sad series to watch for me as a Wings fan. I always root for Tampa when Detroit isn't in the playoffs (gotta support Stevie Y's team!) But for some reason I found myself rooting for the Caps this year, I just can't get over how cool it would be to see Ovechkin finally raise the Cup, but it still hurt seeing Tampa get eliminated. But don't hang your heads Bolts fans, this team you have here is something special and their window is still wide open. They'll be back next year and I can't wait to see them win it all.

Tough ending...forward, fan for life love our lightning⚡️💙

Tough loss, it's so hard to get back you know it, fans know it.

See you guys in October. I will miss yas. Maybe next year

Called it from game 5 win we would choke

Miss u guys already They will be back and hopfully more stronger Go bolts see u guys in October

Well if he looks at it like there is a piece missing you have a lot of talent on this team maybe it's the coach that can't put together

Hopefully this season just shows everyone how absolutely irrelevant individual accolades are since our 100 point elite sniper vanished in back to back elimination games.


I've always admired Jon Cooper, and I say this as a huge Caps fan. He's a classy coach, and on the Cap's fan board I posted that whoever won that decisive game 7, the losing team would be gracious in defeat. It was one of the wackiest series I've ever seen with all the home losses for both teams, but was riveting hockey to watch too.

Shocked and stunned is accurate. Giving Holtby his only 2 shutouts in almost a calendar year is deeply upsetting. Especially with them being closeouts for us. We HAVE to find a way to show up in big games more consistently, and the refs need to learn how to count how many guys are on the ice.

Love each and every one of you...you played your hearts out and all of you ‘Fan family’ know it....can’t wait until next year...you guys ROCK!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️🏒🏒🏒

I really like Coop...and honest criticism here from a long time hockey fan...Cooper was just outcoached...Trotz, starting in game 5 made adjustments to the matchups on ice. Those matchups he held and kept working in game 6 & 7... effectively shut down the Bolts offense to scarce looks/chances. It's the same thing Q did with the Hawks in 15'. Coop just didn't make the correct adjustments. This team has all the tools to win...but post season coaching makes the difference in the late rounds especially when teams are close to even, tired and cup hungry.

What a class act! Thanks Coach and players for an outstanding season, and each of you are to be commended as great examples for the youth who love hockey!! 💛⚡⚡👋

They were lucky agnest Boston

Game 6 was a joke of an effort but we played our hearts out game 7. The score doesn’t at all reflect how close that game was. We pressed the attack like crazy and just couldn’t get any bounces to go out way. Caps played a hell of a game but I seriously feel we got screwed on a few scoring chances that the refs didn’t call obvious penalties. The open net for gourde he was clearly interfered with. Cirreli got held and spun away from a juicy rebound with an open net. Some minor things go our way and we win that game. It’s a shame but still a hell of a season bolts.

For the fans, too, John.

Coach, it was a great run but losing the last two games while not scoring one goal in eight periods is crushing. The team didn't show much heart in the last two games, and they were beaten by a team that clearly wanted it more. As a fan, it doesn't get worse than when the you realize that you care more than the players.

We will win it next year. The boys came up short this year. The team came a long way from last year missing the playoffs to this year division champions and on to the Eastern championship that went seven games. That says a lot

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19 hours ago

Tampa Bay Lightning

"We're going to benefit from [losing to Washington]. We're going to learn. It's tough... We'll be in these situations again, and I'm hoping next year we're right back and we've got it figured out."

2017-18 Exit Interview | Steve Yzerman:


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Disappointed in not making it to the Finals but still love and believed in this team and organization. This is more than just one season this is building a perennially winner. Just gotta cross the threshold one time. GO BOLTZ! !

Josh Housholder Jordan Housholder

Nick Varga

You know, I've been a Lightning fan since the early 90's as a child, going to games at the Thunder Dome (now Tropicana Field), and we saw the team make it to the playoffs once...in a decade....(first time we ever learned to use a VHS player to tape something on TV) so, it is annoying to me to see so many people complain about the players/coaches/etc. after one of the best seasons in history. Be thankful we now have a excellent team to watch all season, and also playoff time. 👍⚡

The problem is they have been here the last few years. It gets to a point where you say when will they get over the hump? When you have a chance to squash a team. You have to go for the kill! You can't come out flat

Not without better players on defense, need another scoring forward/center

Pick up some skilled grinders to mix in with our over abundance of finesse players.

Great season Stevie, even better next year.

Good attitude

We need to skate better ..Washington was all over the ice faster. When it looks like the other team has more players on the ice than you do, you gotta be better than that

Heck yzerman won 3 cups but didn’t win his first till he was 32 years old. Our time is coming

Wait. What!?!?

Great season. We did well. Speed and technique and scoring we have. Our lack of physicality was exposed in the last 2 series’ not just with the caps. We need a bruiser. The caps beat us up plain and simple. Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the face. 😉. Go bolts ⚡️⚡️

Doesn't help when your stars disappear in the finals when that should be the time they take control. Vasy first full season as a starter some other guys finally got playoff experience lots to be positive about.

Disappointing in not making it to the finals still like the team. They had a good season. Maybe next year they will make it to the finals

Yzerman!!! An amazing GM!!!!!

The problem is spending 10 million on Cally and Coburn! When that can go towards a top 6 Forward or top 4 D-man. Also Rick Bowness needs to go

Too much finesse. Not enough toughness. A couple minor moves might make a big difference.

Love our lightning, fan for life...next year💙⚡️

We didn't learn from Chicago/Pittsburgh?

When your two biggest hitters are really centers/forwards (Callahan and Paquette), it's time to address the defense.

I thought we learned last year and the year b4! No goals in 7 periods! Really

We have been here 3 out of 4 yrs, how much learning do we need to do.

Step 1: removing stamkos hes washed up and plays with no heart Step 2: sign an enforcer who will take the bodies and give the team a more physical advantage Step 3: play a full 60 minutes often times this season we got a lead and sat back and allowed the opposing team more of a chance then they should have had Step 4: work on less passing and more shooting the more you shoot the more goals you'll score Just a few things that could make an improvement

Need More Big Men Up Front To Open Up Lanes In The Middle To Get More Shots On Goal Stevie...........All The Firepower Is There

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21 hours ago

Visit Pensacola

True beauty runs deep. ☀️

📷 @johnstarrettphoto

True beauty runs deep. ☀️

📷 @johnstarrettphoto


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Voted number one beach in Florida! Pensacola Beach.

This used to be home sweet home .... miss it!!!

Its beautiful

The calm before the storm. Love this area in all weather!

Looking good right now ..this weekend ..not so good!!


Oh my goodness

Yes Jason Leuthauser

Cynthia Tirso

There is nothing better than some good old-fashioned playtime! #CMAinspires ...


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Learn more on these dolphin BFFs @ www.seewinter.com/winter-and-hope/

I’m blind. Are they playing with water? Love you Winter and Hope!

Time for Nicolas to pick stanley cup winner 2018

Winter the ultimate mat pro isn’t she lol

Does Winter and Hope have Instagram?😃

Oh those girls are so happy and Winter loves Hope. They are having so much fun! Thank you to all who take such wonderful care of them.

From our visit in 2015!

Dolphin yoga. :)

my girls just loving this! <3

I miss you, Winter 🐬!!! IT'S ALWAYS A GREAT DAY AT CMA. 💙 PLEASE give my Kelly🐰 a happiness wave for me🤗❤🙆 XOXO

Oh so much fun Winter &Hope🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🤣🤣🤣. It’s play time❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐬🐬

Stay safe everyone with that tropical storm

Winter ♥️

They're having so much fun! Love it! ❤️

Hope <3 Winter

Love Winter❤️🐬

They having fun

I. Like. You. Photo.

Love you both💖💖💞💕🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬

Hey I know you two?

Awww.💙 they are so cute playing 💕💓💕

Silly girls lol

Dolphins are fun to play with.

So much fun!!! 🐬🐬

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22 hours ago

Visit Pensacola

Don't miss Pensacola Market: Inbloom THIS weekend! Market 'InBloom' is Pensacola's unique indoor/outdoor boutique shopping experience in the historic village of downtown Pensacola, inside the magical Museum of Commerce and out on the historic lawn behind Tivoli Gift House and Pink Market Boutique. ...

Dont miss Pensacola Market: Inbloom THIS weekend! Market InBloom is Pensacolas unique indoor/outdoor boutique shopping experience in the historic village of downtown Pensacola, inside the magical Museum of Commerce and out on the historic lawn behind Tivoli Gift House and Pink Market Boutique.


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Cindy Sockwell did you see this?? Maybe it wont rain :)

Bessann Hebert Watson

2 days ago

Visit Pensacola

May your days be filled with sun, sand, waves and sunsets between the palms... 🏝🌅🏝

📷 @stephgator96

May your days be filled with sun, sand, waves and sunsets between the palms...  🏝🌅🏝

📷 @stephgator96


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I'm choking in the desert as I long for this

2 days ago

Tampa Bay Lightning

Photo by Scott Audette/Tampa Bay Lightning.The Tampa Bay Lightning fell 4-0 to the Washington Capitals in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Final on Wednesday, May 23 at home. ...


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Want to forget that game....

I wonder what way we will manage to blow the next ECF we have a series lead in...

Great pictures!!!!! ⚡⚡⚡⚡🏒🏒🏒

I’m seriously trying to forget all about last nights game but it’s blowing up my newsfeed 😭😭. I’d like to sleep tonight 😂😂

Seriously don’t post anything else from game 6/7 ... erase the data...

I disagree. I think that we as fans should force the team to watch this every week from now until the beginning of next season.

Next season

Great photos! Some incredible moments captured. Not the game we wanted, but the guys worked hard. The Caps wanted it more. I think they'll take the cup this year because of that hunger and determination. I'll miss the season. 💙

I feel like somebody sucked all the energy out of me. I have been on a Lightning high all season long up until last night. Hurry up next season!

Won't feel it until there is no game to watch Monday.

I woke up this morning one day closer to hockey season.

Cheered the hole series for you guys up here in Connecticut! Can’t wait to watch next year!

So sad

I’m glad they f**king lost lmaooo....These sports broadcasters SWEAR they’re unstoppable...Tampa Bay fans are so freakin delusional....Good for them HAHAHAHAHAH🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Come on everyone. That's the game, you don't win them all. We went as far as we could go and went further than last year. This team is only getting better. This is the Caps last year. Ovechkin is getting old. This is his last shot he knows it and gave everything. So, the Caps won our Division, who ya gonna route for, the other division? Like to see the Cup in the Eastern Division. Let's go Caps. Be a sport about it.

How many of you hillybilly loosers are still on this paige?

I was write all allong. Tampon Bay got shitted on by the capitels

Thanks for these. Keep saving all the after game interviews. Not quite ready yet. Lightning fan for life...⚡️💙

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2 days ago

Tampa Bay Lightning

Photo by Scott Audette/Tampa Bay Lightning.The Tampa Bay Lightning fell 3-0 to the Washington Capitals in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Final at Capital One Arena on Monday, May 21. ...


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Please don’t remind us of game 6 piss poor performance from the bolts

I'm gunna be the one to say it stammer is past his prime Please don't murder me

This was the game Kucherov had 22 minutes of ice time and only had a SINGLE shot on goal.

See you next season boys. Best in the league in my eyes!

They lost...todays a new day! Thanks for sharing the amazing photos Scott. Love your work.

That just wants to make me ask is it October yet lol

I would like to hear from the Lightning organization as to what they believe we need to get to the next level.

Love the black and white photos. Sad to see the disappointment though. Hats off to them for a great season 🏒💕

How about the CAPS


Stop all the negative please. This was an awesome season THANK YOU BOLTS, I had fun watching you and screaming at the TV. I am sorry you didn't make it to the big dance, but that is how it goes. You just have to get back up on that horse and do it again next year and we'll see how far we get. Yep WE. I and many other fans will be there next year right along side you as we try to get to that evasive little dance called the Stanley Cup. Have a good little vacation with your families and then get back to it. You know what to do! Again, thank you so much for a fun season. From your new fan this year Marie.

One incredible ride of a season. Thank you for your loyalty, your passion, and your support.

We’ll be seeing you soon.

One incredible ride of a season. Thank you for your loyalty, your passion, and your support.

We’ll be seeing you soon.


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Thanks for a great season!

Heartbreaking end to the season

Thank you bolts for a good season hopefully next year ⚡⚡

Than you! Now get after it next year and get the Stanley Cup! ! GO BOLTZ! !

Another disappointing season :(

The part that upsets me the most is the fact that everyone was finally healthy for this run and it still wasn't enough. Hope they get another opportunity for it next season.

Paula Franco Giraldo

was a good year and run. made it back to playoffs east finals and were the best team in the atlantic division. vasy with a great first year as our starter and hedman once again a beast this year. kuch had another break out season.

What a great really enjoyable season. Thank you!

Great season, I'm proud for how far we got! Go BOLTS! ⚡⚡

too bad you had to choke in the end

Hunter Miller

Ugh. Another season cut short. Again the team was shown it's weakness. A lack of a true big physical player who can change the momentum of a game. The bolts tried with colburn but he is not a fighter

put back up the "seen stamkos?" billboards

Proud To be a Bolts fan 💙💙


Fantastic season boys.

Patrick Williams that looks familiar lol

We had a hell of a run,it was a great season,see you in October!GO BOLTS!!!!!

It's a little sad that its over but caps wanted it more !!!!

Thanks for so much fun and excitement. can't wait til Next season already. Shame it was a disappointing end

Thank you for a Great Season...Still the best in the NHL in our 💕!

I'm a lightning fan till the end but I think it's time for a new coach.

Thank you for a great season !!! Your fans at Hurricane Hanks love you !!!

Thank you for a great season! Love our ⚡!

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