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Man pulled from rip current in Ormond-by-the-Sea dies

Man pulled from rip current in Ormond-by-the-Sea dies


The victim, a middle-aged man, was pulled from the water in the 1700 block of Oceanshore Boulevard around 2 p.m.

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It looks like something out of a movie, but it was real life when a police officer in Las Vegas was... ...


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3 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

Two Jacksonville, Florida, Burger King employees were terminated after customers said a woman got ou... ...


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LOL. People are tired of waiting !

5 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

The Pittsburgh woman kicked two officers and pushed a third, the complaint said. She tried to bite another officer. ...


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6 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

Harp was a hardworking teen who loved sports, especially boxing and football, his mother said. ...


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Condolences to the family and friends sorry for your loss.


6 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

A man walked into a Florida gas station Tuesday night and walked out with three 18-packs of Natural Ice beer without paying. Then the 22-year-old gas station co-owner grabbed a 9mm handgun and walked out to confront him. ...


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Shooting for an 18 pack? That’s how much a life is worth? Hope that he gets what he deserves, why not call the police?

On top of stealing the beer this upstanding gentleman has 12 previous felony charges and 9 misdemeanors ...including shooting into an occupied dwelling ...most recently released from prison June 12th...in case you missed the details!

What does the law say about this? Would it had made a difference if he had shot the man in the store? If someone is stealing, how does Florida law come into this play as regards to self defense? This is where improved facial recognition security would be important, so that person being robbed livelihood is protected.

Charges should be dropped. This guy is a Hero. Brake light he law pay price !!!

Glad the clerk is charged with murder

He was a thief now he won’t be stealing anymore

steal better beer assbunch!! 😂

Should have shot him in the store.

Good! Rot on jail

Is he an illegal Muslim?

7 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

An Alabama man with HIV was charged with felony assault last month after he was accused of spitting in an emergency room nurse’s face as the woman tried to treat him, police said. ...


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Lethal injection.

Scumbag! Nurses deserve respect for what they do everyday.

You would have to drink a whole gallon of spit to contract the virus.

If he didn have hiv i bet they would have let that slide its not bout her catching hiv from the spit cos she cant it was bout the disrespect and fact he has hiv people see and treat this guy as a germ like you have what o no stay away from me

Death...no respect for someone who has no respect

Shelly Santizo Escobar

Id kick that guy off this effin planet...

More like attempted murder.

If Obama had a son....


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9 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

This team does not quit.

You bet we're not going to in the second half. atmlb.com/2muJV71


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Amazing that this team would even consider being sellers at the deadline. The second wildcard is close enough to where we should at least hold.

We need one more true starter to save the bullpen arms & we'll start to really creep up the wild card race.

I have faith in the Tampa Bay Rays!! Too many people are negative. There are plenty of good your players who play terrific!! Looking forward to the second half of the season!! Go Rays!!!

Second half record of 38-28 can make things interesting. At least a WC. #RaysUp

They have been so much fun to WATCH! BULLPEN DAY RULES!!!!

I will say I’ve had more likes on an Instagram post with my music than this, where is the love for the home team!?!? Once a ray, always a ray!!! Go team go!!!

Let's play hard with a winning spirit.. The team has the talent, lets just get it together... Rays Up to Win!!! A very proud fan.

88 is the magic number right? We can do this!!

One of the most off-the-cuff, don't take no guff, competitive, die-hard teams baseball hath seen in a long string of seasons...

Looking forward to 2nd half. Rays up!!

Push through to the end. This team is good, it’s a team. Go get it

Apparently they do have an eye for talent after all. Especially Jake Bauers a future superstar!!!!


Before the season started it looked like they traded everybody! Somebody knew what they were doing 😇

Must admit it’s been an exciting first half.

they have a deep hole to get out of and time isn't on their side. they will be under a lot of pressure on them to perform. do I think they will make the playoffs? no.

maybe a reliever or two as well. Chasing Seattle.

Go Rays

#love this team, who will be left at end of July

Let's go RAYS

Go Rays !

Go Rays!

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Giant Jeff Goldblum statue pops up in London to celebrate Jurassic Park anniversary, and like the real-life person, we're oddly attracted to the statue. 😂 ...

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