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Man faces death penalty if convicted of killing girlfriend's daughter

Man faces death penalty if convicted of killing girlfriend's daughter


Nearly four years after the death of Alexandria Chery, 16, her mother's ex-boyfriend is on trial for her murder.

Amanda Crawford reports.

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4 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Wendle and Choi each homered. atmlb.com/2mynXAc ...

Wendle and Choi each homered. https://atmlb.com/2mynXAc


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Take a look at our record since Choi joined the team....

Ramos' injury really hurts.. plus the Marlins aren't actually horrible.

We were doing so good & then POOOF !!

I was at game now for 13 games 9-4 .we lose again and again the one run curse .lose 3-2 .homers by wendle and Choi .but like last night score in 9 th but too little too late .i am tired of losing games by one run tired of it .if you took the games the games we lost by one run and we win half of them we would have a better record.now hec is hurt could kill any trade possibility with the deadline 10 days away .means Adames gets called back up most likely.then at game they announced Justin Williams name I though oh oh that means ether kk or Duffy is worse off then we thought but no .and sorry to say I think the Marlins have a good chance to sweep us tomorrow with archer going.i don't understand why faria is not going tomorrow with him coming off the dl I don't get it .what is cash doing then bullpen day vs Yankees.then snell Tuesday.and I would think Wednesday Nathan again five days so when does faria get any work if he is coming off dl tomorrow.thursday at Baltimore don't get it .oh well hopefully we beat Yankees on my birthday.going but once again a 500 record 49-49 .good night.

This team has talent but no heart.

MLB, please stop putting the Marlins on our schedule.

Were the Rays playing wearing those DJ Kitty Heads ?

💙Wendle💙Choi💙, hope 💙Cash💙 is right that it will only be a couple days out for 💙Hech.💙 I believe that is now 23 1 run losses.

So sad, we are better than that... Tomorrow will be our day!! Come on Ray's!!!⚾❤️⚾❤️

Tough couple of losses.

Can't just lose, gotta lose by one run lol

I like following baseball teams on social media because of the headlines. When they win they just tell you. But when they lose it will say Wendell improves batting average when runners are in scoring position in the third inning.

And back to .500 where they will hover all season long! 👍

Cheap Teams that are the Major League equivalent of a Farm Team for the rest of the league, like the Tampa Bay Rays represent, should be compensated.

I don’t think the Tampa Bay Rays believe in themselves. The talent is there but the heart is missing. Perhaps because the Front Office has laid down policies that make performers trade bait?

How can we lose to the worst team in the NL

And we're back to just .500 again 😡

Anyone...distance on the Choi HR? Ty

<★>Keep The Faith<★>

Why do Rays have some many injuries? daily.

K K and Duffy, Ramos and now Aieny

We need heathy players

injuries killing us.

good job this is awesome

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11 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Game two against Miami coming up. atmlb.com/2O5jcuk ...

Game two against Miami coming up. https://atmlb.com/2O5jcuk


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KK hurt again. He is a fragile princess isn't he?

Rays have to win tonight and tomorrow now just to get a series tie 3-3 .but archer going tomorrow why when faria can come off dl tomorrow I just have no faith in archer any more just don't .

Rays should send Roberson down to AAA last night 0/5 men on 2 & 3rd base two different times, Rays had many chances to win , but no production at the plate with more bad coaching, why can't the Rays beat the weak teams ?

What’s going on with the Rays’ broadcasting team of DeWayne and BA?

Duffys injury must be worse than something thats day to day 😟. The team is hurting without him. Hope he returns real soon, like tomorrow.

💙Go Rays! 💙Go Stanek! 💙See ya later Hoby Milner💙, welcome Justin Williams💙. Get better soon KK💙.

How crappy is this team!!!!! Relocate this team already!!!! They don’t belong in mlb!!!


Did we make a roster move? Or was Williams already on the 40 man?

Snell vs Severino Monday? Or Snell vs CC Tuesday?

So much for the hot streak before the all star break. Rats are going to get swept at home to The worse team in baseball!!!

Anyone have tickets for one of the upcoming angels games and want to trade for tonights game? I have 2 in section 315 for tonight.

Rays Up!!!!!🚀


Robertson is kind of in a slump, I say send him to Durham and call up Brandon Lowe

Cheering for you, RAYS!!:-)

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13 hours ago

US National Weather Service Jacksonville Florida

Here is an estimate of timing for the severe thunderstorm potential moving through our area today. A severe thunderstorm watch has been issued - make sure you have a way to receive any warnings that may be issued later today! #gawx #flwx ...

Here is an estimate of timing for the severe thunderstorm potential moving through our area today.  A severe thunderstorm watch has been issued - make sure you have a way to receive any warnings that may be issued later today!  #gawx #flwxImage attachment


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Carl Jolley

Tiffany Prime

Natalie Raulerson

Crystal Ann

Jocelyn Silvers

Corey Agnew

Nicole Aaron

Destinee Estes

Be safe everyone.

Trey Maness

Candace Gregory

15 hours ago

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

‪You won’t want to miss this Women of Red event!‬

‪🔘 Take part in football drills‬
‪🔘 Chalk talk with Jason Licht‬
‪🔘 Meet your favorite Bucs‬

‪Sign Up » bccn.rs/womenofred‬

‪You won’t want to miss this Women of Red event!‬

‪🔘 Take part in football drills‬
‪🔘 Chalk talk with Jason Licht‬
‪🔘 Meet your favorite Bucs‬

‪Sign Up » bccn.rs/womenofred‬


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keep winston away from the event.......

I really want to go to this event this year, looks like it will be lots of fun.

So who's going to quarterback the Bucs while Jameison is in jail or wherever?

Wendy Magglos, interested?

Ashley Johnson, Kayla Hooks

1 day ago

Tampa Bay Rays

A four-run ninth-inning rally wasn't enough. atmlb.com/2uQ5Nxt ...

A four-run ninth-inning rally wasnt enough. https://atmlb.com/2uQ5Nxt


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I saw the same game you guys did he definetly didnt let the team down. Yes he gave up a 3 run hr but. That didnt kill us the next homerun did.

Well that didn't turn out so well.

All good, we'll get em tomorrow. GO RAYS!!

In today's paper kk fouled a ball off his foot April 8 th in Boston and has been having problems with it ever since .sometimes the pain not so bad other days real bad .will be looked at today .but kk thinks will be out only a couple of days .so hopefully back Monday for Yankees series but until looked at don't know .but kk thinks it's not bad just a bother .

Good team effort to try to come back in the 9th. Sorry it didn’t work out but you guys always make it exciting. RaysUp!!!

What the heck was that play in the 7th! That was a horror show and a half. OMG

He just let down the entire team!! They pitched so well And he came in and ruined the whole game!!!

Injuries are causing some pain, but giving up so many walks isn't helping. C'mon guys, let's bounce back!

This has proven to win against good teams. Must stop playing down to the level of bad teams they should be beating

It's getting to a point that when KK sneezes, you begin to your breath.

I hate the Marlins...always have our number, no matter how good we are or how awful they are. SMH

They don't quit.

Come on!


22 or 23 games lost this season by 1 run.

Great game. Exciting ending.

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1 day ago

US National Weather Service Jacksonville Florida


A squall line of strong to severe thunderstorms will progress from the Tennessee Valley this evening through northern and central Georgia during the predawn hours on Saturday. Conditions will be favorable for this squall line to maintain itself through the morning hours on Saturday as it approaches inland southeast Georgia by the late morning or early afternoon hours. This activity will then progress south-southeastward into the Suwannee Valley during the early afternoon hours. Adjustments in the timing and intensity of this squall line are possible overnight as the squall line evolves. If you have outdoor plans on Saturday afternoon across inland portions of southeast Georgia and the Suwannee Valley, be sure that you have multiple means of receiving severe weather watches and/or warnings. Another severe weather threat is expected to materialize on Sunday. ...


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Bob Teresa Hannah hmm. Might not be a good beach day

This weather is really dampening the end of summer vacation.

Kris Shough

John Johnson

Sandy Boyd Baughan .... I'd tell Macee. I'm worried about her.

Jonathan Guy

LoraineandJoseph Burkhalter

Thank you for your update.

Thanks for the update

1 day ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Forget flip. This is like a glove ... throw? ...


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I am so tired of Brian Anderson talking about himself and explaining everything like fans don't know what a bat is. I had to turn the sound down an listen to the radio. I never even heard of him when he played.He just can't shut up for a second.

By the way what did people think of Andy freed doing tv tonight play by play .not radio.i thought he did all right tomorrow night his radio partner Dave wills does tv .too bad I will be at game .radio and tv are different radio.you have paint a picture of what's going on tv play by play you don't .

Please no more talk of kevin cash for manager of the year

And lost.... to the Marlins....

Good job Castillo!! Way to go in and let the team down u bum!!!

How do you do that??? Diane Pas

Great play but another bad loss to a bad team.

Once again Rays try to come back but lose 6-5 Castillo after being good all year second bad appearance in a row can't walk the 8 and 9 nine guys and get away with it .roberson strikes out with men on first and second Castillo has to pitch better then that .almost only counts in horseshoes guys .duffy back spams so did not play .kk right foot soreness so he is taken out .they won't know about the foot till tomorrow.did not look broken but you never know .now have to win both Saturday and Sunday to split the series or lose it this year to Marlins.going tomorrow.they are giving away those dj kitty cat heads ok don't know what it will do to crowd but don't interest me .

Wow only RAYS

When we play teams like the Marlins we are suppose to win

Wendle’s the real deal! Go Rays!

Nice stretch by the wonderkid Bauers at first

What you going to do about it!!!! Ray's up.

#1 Play ...... 'Nuff said?!!!

I cld do that in little leqgue

Makes me have flash backs of Ozzie Smith.

Oh so beautiful to watch experts do what they do!

Long Paul - I know you're more of an NL guy (like me), so in case you missed this ...



Jason Serrano- I don’t think you have this in your arsenal.

#18 seems to be a good number

This was amazing!!

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