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Live coverage: ‘60 Minutes’ report on Allegiant Air

Live coverage: ‘60 Minutes’ report on Allegiant Air


60 Minutes covered Allegiant Air's checkered safety record in a report Sunday night. A key finding? Since the Times performed its 2016 analysis, the airline has had maintenance issues 3.5 times more frequently than the average major airline.

It's a topic we’ve covered extensively in recent years.

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11 minutes ago

WEAR ABC 3 News, Pensacola

There is a risk for severe storms later today. Meteorologist Ashley Ruiz has the details on the storm potential, the heat and rip currents, too! Join in! ...


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Good morning



Hello from Milton




Hi Perdido Key


Bring on the rain!

Beulah on deck


Bring on the rain!

Hello traveling back from LA will land at 5:05


Good morning everyone!!!! Good morning Ashley!!!! Happy Sunday from Missouri!!!!


The Heat is On.........

Hopefully not before mass gets out!! 🙄


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31 minutes ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Spend your Sunday afternoon with us. atmlb.com/2NC1rlA ...

Spend your Sunday afternoon with us. https://atmlb.com/2NC1rlA


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Ramos going on the DL shows just how important he is to this team. The offense has looked lost in the two games after the All-Star break. Hopefully they don’t trade him and they give him some kind of short term deal instead!

Good luck,wishing Archer a good outing with hot bats!RAYS UP!!!!,

Let's go Rays!!

Go Archer you got this!!!!

14 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Wendle and Choi each homered. atmlb.com/2mynXAc ...

Wendle and Choi each homered. https://atmlb.com/2mynXAc


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Take a look at our record since Choi joined the team....

Were the Rays playing wearing those DJ Kitty Heads ?

So sad, we are better than that... Tomorrow will be our day!! Come on Ray's!!!⚾❤️⚾❤️

Ramos' injury really hurts.. plus the Marlins aren't actually horrible.

This team has talent but no heart.

We were doing so good & then POOOF !!

💙Wendle💙Choi💙, hope 💙Cash💙 is right that it will only be a couple days out for 💙Hech.💙 I believe that is now 23 1 run losses.

MLB, please stop putting the Marlins on our schedule.

I was at game now for 13 games 9-4 .we lose again and again the one run curse .lose 3-2 .homers by wendle and Choi .but like last night score in 9 th but too little too late .i am tired of losing games by one run tired of it .if you took the games the games we lost by one run and we win half of them we would have a better record.now hec is hurt could kill any trade possibility with the deadline 10 days away .means Adames gets called back up most likely.then at game they announced Justin Williams name I though oh oh that means ether kk or Duffy is worse off then we thought but no .and sorry to say I think the Marlins have a good chance to sweep us tomorrow with archer going.i don't understand why faria is not going tomorrow with him coming off the dl I don't get it .what is cash doing then bullpen day vs Yankees.then snell Tuesday.and I would think Wednesday Nathan again five days so when does faria get any work if he is coming off dl tomorrow.thursday at Baltimore don't get it .oh well hopefully we beat Yankees on my birthday.going but once again a 500 record 49-49 .good night.

Can't just lose, gotta lose by one run lol

I like following baseball teams on social media because of the headlines. When they win they just tell you. But when they lose it will say Wendell improves batting average when runners are in scoring position in the third inning.

And back to .500 where they will hover all season long! 👍

Llet's go Rays!!!

We need to heal up and get some offense. Go rays!

We're. Battle worn..don't see any wins with our wounded offense..too bad.

And we're back to just .500 again 😡

<★>Keep The Faith<★>

Anyone...distance on the Choi HR? Ty

Why do Rays have some many injuries? daily.

Tough couple of losses.

K K and Duffy, Ramos and now Aieny

#strive4fivehundred# Or less

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SHOCKING CRASH: Somehow, the driver involved in this Alabama crash at Sonic Drive-In walked away unharmed, company reps confirm. bit.ly/2uMGb4B ...


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Clearly he was racing and lost control. We can all see how fast the first car was going before he came into the scene. He’s lucky and should be counting his blessings!

They were trying to make it time for happy hour.

Racing, other car, high rate of speed, too.

Guess he was on a crash diet.

He should be praising God he is alive

Kayleigh Fails it’s Katie when she finds out Sonic has 50 cent corn dogs

My word what were you doing?

When you’re jonesing for a Cookie dough Blast and a cherry limeade.

Looks like me coming in late for work.

They didn't put enough grenadine in the cherry limeade. I'd be pissed too. No seriously tho..I hope everyone is ok.

Looks like he was racing that other car.

Giving new meaning to the phrase "drive thru"...

Racing in a Toyota Corolla, that’s what happens lmfao

Guessing no seat belt either.. he came out back seat passenger side! LUCKY DUDE..

Man bun.

Welcome to Sonic, can I take your order?

What in the?

Pony tail was on too tight!

Before I watched it I figured Taco Bell

Cheeseburger, fries and large Dr Pepper please

Hope he also learned his lesson. 🙏

Wasn't his time

Did he still get his order?

Melissa Walters-this just makes me think of you

SAFE !!!!!

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16 hours ago


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Omg!! I so hope we win!!! It’s about to be my favorite time to go!!! I love the great shops, the beach, the fantastic food!! Oh yes, we need to win!!!

Beautiful video Love to go! Awesome giveaway thanks 😀😀😀😀

You should pick me! That’s my birthday!!

Done,done and done! Would love to get to the beach!

Would love the chance to visit Destin! Would be my first trip there!

Me! Pick me!

Would love to take my grandkids

I just entered the DestinFlorida.com 3 Day FREE Vacation Contest! You can to just visit them online at DestinFlorida.com

Liked n shared...would love to win...never been

I love Destin!

Snobs plus they block the beach

We are so ready to win!!!


Liked and shared

Waiting for my turn to visit the beach in Destin!


Liked and shared 😊


Love Destin!!

We desperately need a vacation!

Need this

i entered

Liked shared and registered!!!

😢😢. These could Be of joy

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17 hours ago


Happy Saturday everyone!!! 🏖☀️

#destinflorida #florida #beach #beachday #beachbum #beachlife #ocean #oceanview #summer #summertime #sunnyday #vacation #destinfloridacom #vacay #sunny #beautifulday #instagood


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David, almost Baby 😍🏖🍹

Headed to the beach tomorrow! Happy place!!

Ready for some more sunshine ☀️

Miss Destin so much. Can’t wait to go back soon.

Am ready for the Beach!


Looks a little cloudy


19 hours ago


Make sure you register NOW! 3 DAY GIVEAWAY July 31, 2018!!
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Step 2. Register at www.destindigitalmedia.com/free

Make sure you register NOW! 3 DAY GIVEAWAY July 31, 2018!!
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Step 2. Register at http://www.destindigitalmedia.com/free


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Liked Shared Entered 😀😀😀😀 Love to go

20 hours ago

Miami Dolphins

What happens when you mic up Coach Gase and Coordinators Burke and Loggains? Plenty of back and forth banter.

This is Mic'd Up.


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So they've been on the slow rise (building the team the way Gase wants it set) and got rid of more players he didn't see fitting what he (and other coaches) wants and people say they're worse than the last ten yrs and will only win a few games? SMDH LOL Miami is finally going to be one of the teams people notice by mid season to be one of the teams making a serious playoff push and hopefully a playoff home game. Explosive RB, PLAY MAKING WRS across the board, FINALLY A STUD TE, Tannehill back, Added Quinn to go with Wake at DE, Giving them a 2 headed monster as pass rushers (that they've needed for a long time) drafted Fitzpatrik as a hybrid S/CB (a top 5 talent in the draft if not for the 4 QBs lol) and people think they won't win? That schedule and those moves looks more like 10-6 or 11-5 if they make a few breaks go their way like in 2016... I see a talented young team that's going to surprise a lot of people

The fact that Gase was asking Marino to come out of retirement should tell us all we need to know about his confidence in Tannehill lol....

Same type of year we always have. 4-8 wins as usual. Do like that wete finally trying to build from within and not in free agency. Our culture needs to chanhe something awful and this offseason may have been atleast a start.

This staff sux.

I don't care anymore until you respect our flag

I've seen more intensity in junior high practices! Coaches, they wont work if you wont work.

About 7 or 8 wins

Dolphin fan from NJ. If Tannehill is healthy we have a chance at a wildcard. Really excited about Gesicki, I went to the same high school as him.

6-10 again??

too much friendly conversation with the players...that worries me

To bad cant win a superbowl being micd up

I'm sure they banter about a wide variety of topics, like whether Jay Cutler is drunk again, whether cutting Tannehill would be worth no longer seeing his wife around the stadium, etc.

Stay loose and have fun guys, the wins will come

I still say the fins should of drafted QB Mason Rudolph

I will wait to see hoe they respond to the NFL's new rule abut protesting

LoL....low energy gase

Question is can they coach and play lose like that when the real games start

Gase is a joke

Go kneelphins!

Uhh was that Jay Cutler? Lol

Daniel Collado

Jeremy Lewis

Owen Thomas

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21 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Game two against Miami coming up. atmlb.com/2O5jcuk ...

Game two against Miami coming up. https://atmlb.com/2O5jcuk


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KK hurt again. He is a fragile princess isn't he?

Rays have to win tonight and tomorrow now just to get a series tie 3-3 .but archer going tomorrow why when faria can come off dl tomorrow I just have no faith in archer any more just don't .

Rays should send Roberson down to AAA last night 0/5 men on 2 & 3rd base two different times, Rays had many chances to win , but no production at the plate with more bad coaching, why can't the Rays beat the weak teams ?

What’s going on with the Rays’ broadcasting team of DeWayne and BA?

How crappy is this team!!!!! Relocate this team already!!!! They don’t belong in mlb!!!

Duffys injury must be worse than something thats day to day 😟. The team is hurting without him. Hope he returns real soon, like tomorrow.

💙Go Rays! 💙Go Stanek! 💙See ya later Hoby Milner💙, welcome Justin Williams💙. Get better soon KK💙.

So much for the hot streak before the all star break. Rats are going to get swept at home to The worse team in baseball!!!


Did we make a roster move? Or was Williams already on the 40 man?

Snell vs Severino Monday? Or Snell vs CC Tuesday?

Rays Up!!!!!🚀

Anyone have tickets for one of the upcoming angels games and want to trade for tonights game? I have 2 in section 315 for tonight.


Robertson is kind of in a slump, I say send him to Durham and call up Brandon Lowe

Cheering for you, RAYS!!:-)

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