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Lightning host NHL playoff watch parties with team in New Jersey

Lightning host NHL playoff watch parties with team in New Jersey


Looking for a place to watch the Lightning game tonight among friends?

The Tampa Bay Lightning will host two watch parties as the team hits the road for the first time during its first-round 2018 NHL playoff series against the New Jersey Devils.Both start

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A weak cold front will pass through the area this afternoon/evening. Temps will warm into the 80s beforehand, then drop into the upper 40s to low 50s overnight.

Attorneys and firefighters have negotiated a $4.9 million settlement to a lawsuit by the federal government that said Jacksonville’s promotion tests unfairly put black firefighters at a disadvantage. https://t.co/IiyHYx5iMj

Pensacola teen sues Florida over its 'indifference' to climate change https://t.co/oUhpCeoDFH

A blown engine on a Southwest Airlines jet Tuesday hurled shrapnel at the aircraft and led to the death of a passenger who was nearly blown out of a broken window of the Boeing 737. https://t.co/Aomso5pTDl

Windy conditions developing along the SE GA/NE FL coast late tonight along with Small Craft Advisories over the coastal waters behind departing cold front. #jaxwx #flwx #gawx


Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell takes over vs. Thunder, breaks Michael Jordan playoff record https://t.co/9VabqmdzFA

LeBron James: I wasn't 'blindsided' by reporter's postgame question about Erin Popovich https://t.co/n2i2GuuWSH

James Harden has awful Game 2, but Rockets still rout T'wolves https://t.co/ObeewftWxH

Athletes testify sexual abuse 'a much bigger problem than just' Larry Nassar https://t.co/OV2nEjezA6

Capitals owner Ted Leonsis offers seats, plans to meet girl who wanted puck https://t.co/CR6rFCM9Df

Bruno Sammartino was wrestling’s biggest box office draw in the 1960s and 1970s and held the World Wide Wrestling Federation championship for more than 11 years (4,040 days) over two title runs.
He had been hospitalized for two months.

Yankees' Giancarlo Stanton's sluggish start drawing boo's https://t.co/eY4xRY1Wea

Wife of San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich dies https://t.co/b3aj82nqTC

LeBron James' 46 points hold off Pacers in Game 2: 'We got lucky' https://t.co/C52yRKHd4A

Sidney Crosby passes Mario Lemieux for Penguins' playoff points lead https://t.co/V64Kv9rgZY

11 hours ago

That's So Tampa

Zydeco Brew Werks is bringing some Cajun flare to Tampa's brewery scene! 🍺⚜️

#ThatsSoTampa made possible by Pilot Bank

14 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

The 6th inning was fun. ...


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I was there the Roberson double was big faria pitched well .and we win the series .colume makes you sweat but got the double play .we win 4-2 been to three games 2-1 .now after tonight's game in San Juan Minnesota comes in .friday - Sunday .i think Jake ordorizzi will pitch against us Sunday vs younny .for the guy who wanted Jose of the blue jays to sign here that's over .signed with braves will try him at 3 rd base we he started .oh saw on face book Rocco helped a dog find its owner on 22 nd ave nice going Rocco .and we have one part of daily double .now go bolts beat nj .

Heard it on the radio. At least we have great announcers!

The video is not real clear and I missed the game today. Who's that doing the awesome slide into home?

we can be a good team. We just have to set our minds to it.

Keep it going!

For the Rays fans who are also lightning fans they just won 3-1 .lead series 3-1 can wrap it up next game at home ,I don't know if Friday or Saturday .

Is the Rangers catcher related to our pitcher?

Love the W #raysup💥


Great win Rays!!

Keep having fun!

Thats right

16 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

We've got our second series win of the season! Faria picked up his first win, Cron extended his hitting streak to eight games. atmlb.com/2EXd0z2 ...

Weve got our second series win of the season! Faria picked up his first win, Cron extended his hitting streak to eight games. https://atmlb.com/2EXd0z2


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I was at the opening day game and today's game. Rays won both! I guess I need to go to more games.

To (kind of) quote John candy from rookie of the year: And the rays now have their longest winning streak of the season.....2!!

Colume always supplies the necessary drama !

Yeah. We were there. "Free tickets." Lady in front of us was reading the newspaper. That says it all.

Sure the 8500 fans enjoyed it...

Yes! Now we all get a day off, we need it.

A win is a win but a Bottom feeders dont get you into the contention we need win a lot and get a 4 good starters we have 1 1/2 and so so closer but there no crying in baseball Rays Up today.

How many of you complaining about attendance were at the game????

Colome always making me nervous...

So happy for the win but can't handle Colome closing. Nerves On Edge Everytime!!!!!Nice win for the rest of the team. Ray's Up ⚾⚾⚾

Keep scrapping guys!

WTG, Jake!! Keep it up, CJ! #RaysUp 💘⚾

Sorry to say, not paying much attention. It sort of comes down to the simple stuff. My Longoria jersey used to get me excited for games, now no good anymore. I happen to be a guy that identifies with players. I no longer have anyone I identify with. We have not watched one game in entirety. Previous years...never miss and past season ticket holders. Imagine being the guy that has to sell those!

Got to listen to it on xm satellite great job boys

Braves signed Joey Bats to a minor league deal. Rays should've signed him because it's low risk. He'll make $1M if he makes the big club. He's better than any other DH the Rays have on their roster.

Yes, this was a good win. Dilly, Dilly!

And were are the Rays ? They are in LAST PLACE IN THE EAST. Were they will be at the end of the season. Under the helm of Cash, and Archer on the mound.

Yes. A much needed series win against a tough pitcher. Good to see CJ start to settle into the cleanup spot. Hopefully that won't change when Brad Miller returns from the DL on Thursday.

No thanks to Colome who almost gave it away again!!!!!!!

Please Colome just one game without an ER or walks. Just an easy 1,2,3.

Good win today. 3 man rotation needs to go. 1 series win at a time

And it only took them 18 games

Only about 100 or more losses to go

Yes yes. Rays win Rays win yay ⚾️

How about that Johnny FieldField!!

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17 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Chaz Roe... unfair. ...


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Why on earth is Colome still pitching, let alone on this roster? Oh, I get it - trying to let him set an MLB record for blown saves.

Please: Do not use Colome for the 9th or we will lose!

When are they going to realize Colome is done. Freaking 9.00 ERA!!!

....aaaaaaand Colome doing his best once again to give this one away.

What does CASH keep using Colome for? Ugh!

Don't let this distract you from the fact that you guys are is last place in the east.

Caution: Watching Colome pitch may make you start smoking again!

Was at this game, fun game to watch except when Colome came in. Chaz Roe continues to pitch well since acquiring him last year. They were warming up Sergio Romo with Colome but elected to bring Colome in. Don’t know how long we can wait for him to get better. Alvarado looked good once again. Go Rays!!

Gooooo Rays get the job done and Win ⚾️


Sweet and nasty

Ben Latter Mark Lewis hit that

Chaz and Romo: filthy


Jake Guthridge

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22 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

We've got a rubber match on our hands. atmlb.com/2J4czW2 ...

Weve got a rubber match on our hands. https://atmlb.com/2J4czW2


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Rays 2018 Slogan "Hope you enjoyed the broadcast if not the outcome" Poor Dewayne Staats

Going to game Rays up .

We need the W. Now let's Gooo get it ⚾️Rays up !!

Go Rays!!

Where’s Refsnyder and his .108 batting average?! 😂

Field continues to impress. Snyder, not so much. #RaysUp

This just in: Duffy is made out of paper mache....

Can Brian Anderson quit talking about himself and announce the game!!!

Shouldn't be much of a "match" with this lineup 😂


A line up that will strike fear in the hearts of Rays fans.....

Why isnt Refsnyder DH?

I think the real rubber is in your bats! Any new injuries yesterday?

Big T!!

My son skipped school to go to game and his teachers made this sign for him ⚾️💙⚾️💙

Hardly anyone at the game and they decide to throw the fan out cause he caught the fly ball that looked like a home run...so dumb

Now win today. Yesterday's loss left a bad taste in my mouth.

This season should be RAYS-sinded.

Rays Up!!!!

Only about 100 more losses to go, and only another 5 1/2 more months of this water torture of a season

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1 day ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Ramos homered, Hechavarria and Cron had five of our seven hits. atmlb.com/2H7eLj8 ...

Ramos homered, Hechavarria and Cron had five of our seven hits. https://atmlb.com/2H7eLj8


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Making the 20th anniversary team as real as the original team has been a huge success in the wins department!

Fire Cash and Shut up Keith

Big huge thanks for letting Longria go!!! Way to make the team better. Enter sarcasm!!!!

They talked about Vancouver too but same thing how much do you hurt Seattle .how about Seattle and Portland in same division manfred has talked about .8 divisions 4 in each league .

Let's get 'em tomorrow guys!

No surprise here. Any lineup that consists of scraps like Refsnyder, Snyder, and Field followed by their best hitter batting over .400 in the 9 hole has little to no chance of even making it interesting. This was just poor managing.

We need longoria back!!

Major props to the Rays marketing team. "We got a run, that one guy did pretty good, and uh, the beer was cold. ... ... Rays lose 8-1"

Cron has been a nice bright spot...Wendle too. We knew we'd get carved up by Matt Moore, plus it was "bullpen day?" Don't we have 3 bullpen days, since we only have 2 starters anyway?

Can’t win em all, I had a blast at last nights game tho. Rays Up!

I’m guessing the Rays front office will see all these losses as a reason to trade more players for prospect infielders.

Like putting lipstick on a pig

This team needs to hit better and get on base any way they can they don't have any power hitters and they need to have a four man rotation that is consistent and not tire out your Bull Pen!!!

So who are we suppose to send to the all star game anyways, they are making it tough to decide?

What was that score again? Stop telling us who did great while the team suffered another loss!

Hechavaria and Mallex are carrying this team. Come on guys.

The least surprising baseball story of the 2018 MLB season, not even 20 games into the season and Matt Duffy is on the DL

This is just getting down right ugly🤦🏻‍♂️

You should probably stop posting these we know we're losing

But can the TB Traders beat the 1927 Yanks?

Hilarious how in a loss you have to point out the one good thing that happened. Guess you have to highlight something to take attention off the loss itself.

I’ve never seen a pitcher get hit so hard, even the outs were hit super hard

The Rays game was unwatchable tonight. A snoozefest. Grabbed the remote and watched the Puerto Rico game instead.

Boy this is tough so far. Looking forward to going to the game tmrw. Go Rays!!

Rays win one, then lose ten.

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1 day ago

Tampa Bay Rays

We welcomed our first Tuesday's Champion of the year, Aiham! atmlb.com/2JSGqC4



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I don't like to talk about politics .but I see that Barbara bush passed away tonight .may she rest in peace .if you have any respect for the dead .then leave her hubbys and sons politics out of it please .

Which mascot is more creepypasta? The Rays or the Rockies?

3 days ago

South Florida Museum

If you see a distressed or deceased manatee in the wild, it is important to report it by calling the FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute's Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-FWCC (3922).Tip saves manatee calf
When a family on vacation observed a little lone manatee calf in shallow water, they called our Wildlife Alert Hotline and stayed with the manatee until rescuers arrived. The very young manatee calf had not nursed in several days and was very dehydrated. Thanks to this caring family from Ohio, the male calf was rescued and is now being bottle-fed around the clock at the Miami Seaquarium. It is rare to have a manatee at this young age survive, but we hope he is on the road to growth and recovery. Find the original story on our FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute page: bit.ly/2GKi8ML. To report a distressed or dead manatee, call our Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-FWCC (3922).

Rescues were conducted under permit: MA770191

If you see a distressed or deceased manatee in the wild, it is important to report it by calling the FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institutes Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-FWCC (3922).


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Eric W Jr Voight

Bless their hearts!! 💗💗XOXO

Morgan David

Joe Johnson

Marin Ewing They rescued the baby 😍

Stephanie Gemperline 😱

Mariah Baker

Michaela Harrington


3 days ago

City of St. Petersburg, Florida USA

Another reminder to vote, St. Pete! #ArtsShineHereWe need your help!

Today is the LAST DAY you can vote for St. Pete to become 'America's Top Town for Craft Lovers' for 2018.

Please take a moment out of your busy Monday to vote:

Another reminder to vote, St. Pete! #ArtsShineHere


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Nic Nole Kim Van Heuvelen Chrissy Lynn vote St Pete! Ends tonight, we are in the lead!

Poor Pittston :(

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