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'Leery' customers prompt Walmart to shelve self-scanning service

'Leery' customers prompt Walmart to shelve self-scanning service


Walmart has ended a service where customers could ring up their own purchases, showing that old habits die hard even in the digital age.

Walmart has ended a service where customers could ring up their own purchases, showing that old habits die hard even in the digital age.

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7 minutes ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Chances of wicked sliders: high. ...

Chances of wicked sliders: high.


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This team can and will never have enough relief pitchers.

3 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

He's been impressing every day.

Meet Michael Perez atmlb.com/2vIZIUP


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If only we kept Ramos instead of Sucre. Ramos and Perez would be a nice duo of catchers

The great thing about the word "team" is that it's the name on the front of the uniform...not the name on the back of the uniform.


Orgullo!! πŸ‡΅πŸ‡·πŸ‡΅πŸ‡·πŸ‡΅πŸ‡·

Hits and blocks the plate well .

5 hours ago

Orlando Magic

SHAQ! ❌ #NBABlockWeek ...


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Nice hustle down the Court Shaq.....

hi Orlando Magic!

1 day ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Straight nasty. ...


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This i why i don't question the trades anymore, this team is gonna be straight filthy next season.

This team will make 30 mil more from their tv deal than their payroll next year once they dump kk. Excited to see these new kids

Let’s get him ready to trade! Yes!! #raysfarmofthemlb

Starting to follow the Tampa Bay Rays more since they have 2 top prospects from the University of Louisville and the recently acquired Tommy Pham. I'm a St. Louis Cardinals fan and also live near Louisville, KY, but the Rays are now my AL team. Future looks bright!

To Jen gray my neece .had her baby today 7 pounds 11 ounces 21 inches long .

20k’s is what happens when you can locate a fastball as hot as this guys.

Just watched mets Yankees on ESPN mets beat them 8-5 .now Yankees are mad not good for Rays .was rooting for Yankee win .

Big Glass is only getting better

Great pickup so far. Could be a nice one/two Punch with Glasnow and Snell. Go Rays!!

Noah Scott this was the guy I was talking about!

A future Yanks pitcher!

High heat!


The Beast...

#20 :)

What a great acquisition!

Jonathan Ascencio

Nathan Zeller

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1 day ago

That's So Tampa

Happy 8.13, Tampa!!! 😍

#ThatssoTampa made possible by Smith & Associates Real Estate

Happy 8.13, Tampa!!! 😍

#ThatssoTampa made possible by Smith & Associates Real Estate

1 day ago

Orlando Magic

AG 🚫 #NBABlockWeek ...


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Gordon πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ I think we have a potential superstar here.

Jeff Weltman when you coming back to get me this Dwight Howard using the name Melvin Cornelius Manning

I hope they'll see even more of that this upcoming season with Bamba and Isaac on deck.

Robert Brown those jerseys πŸ”₯

Jesse Ray

Dragomir Djordjevic

Josh Kinnison

Angel Kiro

Gustavo Tapia

Chrystal Bobbie

1 day ago

Tampa Bay Rays

We handled business against Baltimore and Toronto last week. ...


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How about that Kevin Cash still giving Bright Eyes regular playing time despite going 4 for his last 40 and benching Cron for not going 4 for 4 in games he plays. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

I’m just glad we have Brandon Lowe as a starting outfielder while Austin Meadows is sitting in the minors.

Is it a done deal the Ray's our moving if so will never watch another game st pete here

To be fair, those are teams we SHOULD beat.

Remember the movie Major League? The goal of ownership is to move this team.

Interesting couple of series. Good going.



Derrick Ewell

1 day ago

Orlando Magic

πŸ“Έ Mo Bamba πŸ“Έ #NBARooks ...

πŸ“Έ Mo Bamba πŸ“Έ #NBARooksImage attachmentImage attachment


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What happened to the old school uniform? Should be permanent for the year

If we don’t call him Mambo #5 and give him that jersey number then this entire season is a travesty



Moooooo Jimmy Degrazia

David Clukey ROTY

2 days ago

Tampa Bay Rays

The more we see of him, the more we like him. ...


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This young man will be the next Tampa Bay Ray to be traded to either the Yankees Red Sox

Havent seen a catcher move that quickly to block pitches in the dirt since ?????

They will trade him!

Aaaaaaaand the Rays still LOST 2-1. GO BLUE JAYS.

Man I gotta tell ya guys, Im fine with Arch leaving for this kid.

The future looks promising for this squad if they can keep everybody together and healthy.

Like him so much so you’ll trade him by the all star break next season

Does that mean maybe we’ll see him more than 5 innings next time?

Ok Schultz sent down roe will come off dl tomorrow.in ny .if you read today's sports section.willie mays .who I have a lot of respect for met him last year with mets have his autograph says his grandson Barry bonds belongs in hall of fame .giants in San Francisco had a big retirement of his number a the park Saturday night .sorry Willie I love you .but your godson was a liar and cheater of ped;s the country the media and the hall believe that and you can't change pubic opinion he will never get in .if he does I will never go again .sorry Willie you can't win this one .

We got the good end of that trade. Archer has been struggling bad the past two years. This guy is fresh, can throw 97-99 even after 5 IP, and has good stuff.

He cute πŸ‘Œ

Finally, a professional pitcher.

Honestly think the Rays are building from the bottom up and will not lose these players for about 4 to 5 years when arbitration hits. Most of these youngins' will be around for a while in "rays speak". I was really angry about what this team did in the off season, but it's working. That's why their GM makes his money. They know more than us fans do about up and coming talent. This Glasnow kid has some nasty stuff! Perez has been amazing too since his trade

I like this young man..... Glad the Rays picked him up...

Oh by the way . . . Michael Perez is officially the best catcher in the history of the Rays franchise. Glasnow will be a beast knowing he can drop a slider in the dirt to any batter in any situation!

This kid is great! Which means he will be traded.

I liked when he hung his curveball and they couldn't hit it because they were expecting 98. It's nice to throw 98 :)

Has a similar skill set as sherzer. Hopefully he can pitch like him

I'd love to take at least one from the Yanks with this squad !

Now those are some heaters.

Reminds me of Eovaldi


Young Randy Johnson right there



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2 days ago

Orlando Magic

Everything you need to know about the 2018-19 Orlando Magic schedule πŸ“† ...


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orlando magic has to give free tickets to full their dirty rotten seats!

When do tickets go on sale for a November game please ?

Have been and always will a MAGIC FAN:)

Cheryl Henestofel Wilson we need to pick a game or two!!

Chelsie Giedraitis

2 days ago

Orlando Magic

1οΈβƒ£βž‘οΈ2️⃣5️⃣ #NBAAssistWeek ...


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Another past look at the Magic when they were actually good

Ben McPherson Ryan House Ryan Christie.....Penny! What a jet!

What a team we had ❀️

Penny was the man

Against GS, the team that traded him..loll

Against the Warriors too 😏


My boyz for life.

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