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Just because they sound black doesn’t always mean it’s a rip-off

Just because they sound black doesn’t always mean it’s a rip-off


Nothing is ever pure and simple when it comes to this question of who has the “right” to exploit black culture. The latest from Leonard Pitts

Accusations of ‘cultural appropriation’ go way back, from Bruno Mars, to Vanilla Ice, to Elton and Elvis to …

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PHOTOS | See who we spotted at Friday's @blackgirlsrun meetup in Jacksonville. https://t.co/VW1Th16vhM

According to @WHO, the signs of what they are now classifying as "gaming addiction" include video games dominating a person’s entire life to the point they struggle with normal day-to-day functions for a year or more.
https://t.co/aiYaD733Zy by @emurray1

Polk County deputies are investigating a triple shooting Monday evening in Fort Meade: https://t.co/xW5aVWExwP

VIDEO | See the inspiring — amazing — speech from an unexpected speaker at a Texas high school graduation ceremony. https://t.co/b687i5eaDF

Plenty of future 'Noles showed out during FSU's recruiting camps. See how they did here: https://t.co/29Xo063HbD

PHOTOS | See who we spotted at former #Jaguars safety @DonovinDarius' recent football camp. https://t.co/qRVM890WW9

Bishop Gregory Parks said the initiative is part of a "mutually shared vision" to move the church forward. It was announced this week on the Diocese's 50th anniversary. #GoodNews
https://t.co/n7J0CzUvPT by @DaveJordanBN9

Saudi Arabia's World Cup team plane catches fire in flight https://t.co/6ba8g4DBH3

Civil rights groups urge NFL to reverse rule requiring players to stand for national anthem https://t.co/BK8WGh0Jsy

The winner for Large Neighborhood of the Year goes to....(drum roll)....SouthWood Residential Community Association.

The winner for Small Neighborhood of the Year goes to....(drum roll)....Oak Knoll Estates.

If you need a reason to make the drive to St. Augustine, here's a good one: the clams (and the patio) at Commander’s Shellfish Camp. https://t.co/5akSIx6nBP

[email protected]: The view from our skycam in Tarpon Springs looking all the way up to Citrus County. The storms have built up to about 45,000 feet high. #FLwx

Barry Trotz's resignation as Capitals' head coach is about money and respect https://t.co/nUDsjPu8Ek

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