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Judge rules NH Powerball winner can keep name private

Judge rules NH Powerball winner can keep name private


A judge has ruled that the woman who was the sole winner of the $559 million Powerball drawing in January can keep her name private.

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Food. Clothing. Vacation. Religious worship. Human interaction.

Sheriff Jones: Death penalty for drug dealers 'might not be a bad idea' https://t.co/5kC57dyz4o

The Powerball jackpot is at $456.7 million. Good luck!

Blame game escalates in pedestrian bridge collapse that killed six

These are the victims of the FIU pedestrian bridge collapse https://t.co/Fbolo2i2Ni

Did implicit bias play a role in Jacksonville’s pedestrian ticketing? Maybe, sheriff says https://t.co/cGgy0Svijp

4 hours ago

Miami Herald

Senator Marco Rubio and Miami-Dade officials speaking from site of FIU bridge collapse ...


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These are the victims of the FIU bridge collapse t.co/Fbolo2i2Ni

Why would you do a stress test on a new bridge without the center structural support and allowing people to drive under it while preforming the test. I mean we have some stupid people here in Miami...

You were never considered as senator. Didn’t vote for you and now won’t ever. Poor leadership and ashamed of being Considered Cuban

Be respectful and give the first responders an opportunity to speak, as they put their lives on the line for you everyday.

This was a tragic ACCIDENT. I see no need in name calling. I’ll save my thoughts for the families of the victims.

Does Rubio really matter? How immature can you all be. This is about the horrible accident that has happened n the lives lost.

if i make the mistake of not paying my rent, I have to answer for it. if Gimenez and Munilla made an egregious mistake, shouldn’t they answer for it?

stop telling us how ineffective you are Rubio

Don't want to hear this. Update on cars n victims

why are you talking budget or money?

Amazing for years Rubio has been a no show now he's popping up everywhere...

Why does Rubio think he’s in charge?

I’m so glad that live in Broward and never have to drive down there.

Whose going to pay for this miss is irrelevant @ this point. I thank Senator Rubio taking time to speak...he’s done much more than our mayor.

does he have any dignity left? This is a criminal who should not ever ever be allowed to speak in Florida. When he does it is all about him!

My deepest condolences to all the families...May God help each and one of you throughout this difficult moment..I pray you all get justice.

rubio you really are teaching us how the nts works ? Please get real

My prayers are for all the families. This so sad. The world is getting worst day by day.

First responders wouldn't have been needed if these people followed better safety protocols...

Are the mayor son's gimenez expressing his condolences s well there well tied to mcm?

Thankfully the families can be reunited with their loved ones. Such a tragedy

Those responsible for this shall be prosecuted I hope

Prayers.. when will the debris be picked up & open up the area ?

Why they took two days to remove the cars??

Please explain who is going to pay for all this mess?

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Is this the smartphone you need to cure your smartphone addiction?



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Ugh...just go back to driving 90's era vehicles and using old TVs. Stop halting the progress of tech because it makes you feel old

I think this is a great idea for pre-teens and teens

Marshall Powell

Austin Heath Hatfield

13 hours ago


Lap bars down! Less than ONE WEEK left until The Great LEGO Race takes off! Do you have what it takes to win?

Don't miss our LIVE stream of the grand opening ceremony right here at 8:30 a.m. on March 23rd!


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If someone needs glasses can they still wear them during the ride? Thanks

Have a happy & safe St. Patrick's Day! ☘️ ...

Have a happy & safe St. Patricks Day! ☘️


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I love Boca Raton.

No Zumba at the Beach this weekend.
But, grab a friend and head over to Sanborn Square for FREE Yoga at 9am.

No Zumba at the Beach this weekend.
But, grab a friend and head over to Sanborn Square for FREE Yoga at 9am.

Lookin’ for some green this weekend…then, book a tee-time and head over to our Boca Raton Municipal Golf Course! ☘️ ☘️ ☘️ #StPatricksDay
(While the contract for the sale of the Course has been executed, the course is open for play. ⛳) www.myboca.us/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=60


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James Russo

Que lindo!

2 days ago

City of Boca Raton, FL Government

Happy Friday, Boca Raton! 🌴 ...

Happy Friday, Boca Raton! 🌴
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