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Investigation continues into fatal Plant City business shooting

Investigation continues into fatal Plant City business shooting


Investigators say three men were arguing inside the offices of Bliss Enterprises, nearly an hour away from Orlando, when owner Richard Bliss was shot dead.

A workplace shooting in Plant City ended with one business owner dead and two others hurt.

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Food. Clothing. Vacation. Religious worship. Human interaction.

20 minutes ago

The Palm Beach Post

No injuries to horses or people were reported. ...


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2 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

“When we saw the billboards go up we said, ‘we’re not going to let them have the field to themselves,’” said Ted Harvey, chairman of the Committee to Defend the President. “We will never leave the field of battle and we will be aggressive in our tactics.” ...


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Putin approves.

Someone should spray paint a large rendering of a turd on that.


Anyone who still continues to support this moron, is as much a traitor to America as Trump is.

Yes thank you sir !

Anyone up for some paintball games

Probably paid by 45's campaign....

Great job

For what .......... ?

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4 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

The recalled items were shipped to retail locations nationwide. ...


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Leon Ramos

Deborah Mullally

5 hours ago

CBS Miami

WATCH LIVE - Recovery Operation At FIU Bridge Collapse Site.
Here's the latest information: cbsloc.al/2pkruTC


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news conference starting soon

This stream will be ending soon for the night.

We make plans for tomorrow. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. I lost my wife Oct 2016 she was 29 she died of a heart attack. My little girls mom

Think you all. She was a beautiful woman my wife but God took her but she left me my beautiful daughter.

Katherine Rundle said that it was going to be very hard to conclude a homicide case. It's going to be difficult

Life is to short to be stressing over things that can be only left in the hands of god. The union of a family is so important that you always have to live that moment as if that was just last day.

Apparently. I heard they recovered three bodies earlier today from two cars. But as far as I know there are still for more cars under there.

And prayers for those who just lost someone close to them in such a traffic accident . May the angels above look after them and guide them .

The shift goes from being devastation for those who lost their lives to god protecting those working out there. Please protect them and do not allow more tragedy.

Prayers to all. God bless those who stood here tonight joined on social media. Much love. Hug your families tight and always show others love.

I am assuming they are working on Brandon’s truck? I don’t know him, but his wife is on my work team and we’ve all been praying hard for a miracle...

Take very good care of your family kiss your loved ones. Tomorrow is never guaranteed

Thank you to the professionals working around the clock to recover what’s left of the poor souls who met their end under that bridge.

Here to oh so sad😭🙏❤thank you to all the help godbless all of you for all your services to sending prayers to the families and friends of loved ones lost godbless all of you Amen😭🙏❤💔

We fight over the smallest things. We need to cherish our loved ones. Remember we don't chooses our family we may not agree with them but let's Love them.

I do believe it would have been so much worse if they hadn’t been on break. Many prayers for the families of the victims and those injured.

They just posted a work around for the traffic to school. They said the tolls on the other road will be lifted for that area for kids to get to school.

MCM aint gonna get sued and nothings gonna happen to no one..... people got killed and family gonna get minor settlements and thats it we are disposable to these corporations they dont care about you.

They put all the cement blocks whatever on that side. So now looks like contruction over there. So if you see a construction going on don't u see those tarps or gates. Then that's y

the failure was the road should never had been opened until the project was 100% complete and 100% inspected

Unfortunately there’s no way anyone is alive under there, did you see the two cars pulled out earlier? Flattened completely

They are working so hard... Is a difficult task. Thanks for the good job! Rest in peace the victims.

Leslie, they switch from search and rescue to recovery when there is no hope of saving people. So they are now simply trying to recover bodies.

We weren't talking about Brandon. Well I wasn't. Ana said something about a dad, mom, n 7 year old. I was asking what she was talking about

Has any one passed away at the hospital from that people taken to Kendal regional that they haven’t mention or did ten who where taken recover with no major complication .

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5 hours ago

CBS Miami

SKIING NIGHTMARE: “Jump, jump” that’s what people were screaming to warn skiers of trouble ahead. A ski lift malfunctioned at the Gudauri resort in the country of Georgia. People were forced to jump, others were thrown off their seats. At least eight people were injured, no one died. WARNING: some people may find this video disturbing ...


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"some people may find this video disturbing" some people may find this video hillarious

Liefen Su-Hovd, look at this.

True nothing funny 😡

Nothing funny about this just 💔horrible



Jessica Tejada 🤦🏻‍♀️

Richard Pellizzari Giovana Pellizzari Nícolas Pellizzari

Byron Gonzalez

Tim Mangum

Alejandro Mora


6 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

The video showed attendants telling a couple and their 2-year-old daughter to leave after the child had insisted on sitting in her father’s lap, WGN reported. ...


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Think about this. They can't take off if the toddler isn't properly secured. Your on this plane. Screaming, crying child bc doesnt want leave daddy's lap...do you A. Make the whole plane cater to the toddler? B. Find a solution for the other 75 plus people on the plane?!

Flight staff feel mighty empowered these days

Who's the parent?!!!!

Ya well that's the rules follow them or step aside

WTH ???

7 hours ago

CBS Miami

FOOD SCIENCE - This meat isn't made with plants, it’s identical to the real thing. Would you eat it? ...


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No. That . Is .not .okay Soylent green coming up next

8 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

“About halfway down, I realized I was falling and I just braced myself to hit the pavement,” he said. “I was so relieved to hit the water.” ...


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God Bless you and all 1st responders.

Thank you for your heroism. Glad you are okay

Thank you for what you do!! Be Blessed 🙏🏾

God bless you 🙏

Glad all are alright.

God bless them they are amazing risking their life almost every day

God bless you,

God bless brother.

God Bless you! 🙏

Tay Johnson

8 hours ago

CBS Miami

WATCH LIVE - Recovery Operation At FIU Bridge Collapse Site.
Here's the latest information: cbsloc.al/2pkruTC


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Hello everyone. This stream is going to shutdown for a while. It'll be back up later.

I’m sure if someone “important” to the government was under there, they would of been lifted that bridge up ASAP!

But then again we are to believe that America went to the moon? When they can’t lift a walkway in two days.

Why..??? Why...??? Before doing that stress test, they didn’t closed the roads...it could have been prevented. A very crazy...decision...💔🙏💔🙏💔

Please remember family and friends are watching too. Be mindful of your comments. Just such a horrible tragedy. :( Prayers all around.

This was a terrible tragedy, the company's that built this bridge should be held responsible for all the injury's and deaths

It’s unconfirmed who was in the Jeep but a woman said it looks like her husbands jeep who has been missing since the collapse

Fox had a live video that was clear and the truck looked white or light color. Wasn’t able to tell due to damage but could that be Brandon truck

The names have already been released to the public. I can assure everyone that I’ve been amongst these women and men on these feeds since it first happened. We have all been nothing but respectful.

wtf .why wood they allow traffic and people to work on a bridge when it is under construction....I don't get it ...now look at the result ...incredible

Missing.. as in his wife hasn’t been able to reach him since the collapse but they couldn’t confirm that the Jeep was his at the time because it was pinned so badly

Leslie the white pick up isn't partially crushed it's where they are working now it was right next to the FIU students vehicle (not naming names since people don't want us to)

We’ve actually chatted with a few family member and friends of the victims. It almost feels like our social healing place 😔

They were told that the bridge had cracks 2 days prior to the collapse. FIU or building company knew about the dangers

Well guess what asking to see the bodys.. is disrespectful to the families and friends that could be watching..

I hope everyone involved is held accountable for this. This all couldve been avoided. (So sad at this right now!!)

"Mind your business" as you all sit and watch this, which is none of your business. I just woke up for work and decided to troll people engrossed in a bridge removal live feed. So here I am

Pauline I was thinking the same thing, but this wreckage is only ankle high now 💔 I was praying for a miracle for Brandon.

Joshua, because I am an adult, an I can do what I want. Don't you have anything better to do than criticize what others decide to do with their time?

Are they counting the cars that's not submerged because people got out of those? Because the mayor representative said 4 cars would be hard to get to and the others are easy

No there were 3 white trucks in this.. one was a dodge that was taken out this morning, one is a ford that they are working on right now and the last one is 2/3 under and is worker truck

The Jeep and Chevy couldn't confirm license plates so they could only say missing until they pulled the vehicles out

There was 6 under the bridge, 2 half way.. making 8 theu have gotten 3 out.. which makes 5 now and wouldkng on the 4th one completely undwr the bridge

Its a slow process.. so getting 3 out today, maybe 4.. will be good.. they are waiting to get the cars with no one in them till last

I read the Miami Herald article that said they took 2 out that was stuck. Just assumed it was the silver and the red

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9 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

Dwyer has dealt with at least four incidents connected to guns this school year. ...


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More gun Propaganda from The Palm Beach Post !

To many guns in America are making everyone unsafe

Candice Hayden

18 hours ago

The Florida Aquarium

Happy St. Patrick's Day from The Florida Aquarium! We are celebrating with tons of themed enrichment for our animals. Make sure to stop by today to enjoy all of the St. Patty's Day activities. 🌈

10:30AM Penguin Waddle
11:00AM Otter Photo Op
2:00PM Lemur Enrichment
2:30PM Otter Enrichment

Happy St. Patricks Day from The Florida Aquarium! We are celebrating with tons of themed enrichment for our animals. Make sure to stop by today to enjoy all of the St. Pattys Day activities. 🌈

10:30AM Penguin Waddle 
11:00AM Otter Photo Op 
2:00PM Lemur Enrichment
2:30PM Otter Enrichment


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We’re going to be there Saturday.


2 days ago

The Florida Aquarium


3 days ago

The Florida Aquarium

Our African penguins are searching for the pot of gold at the end of the 🌈! ...


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Helllo to The Florida Aquarium and the penguins from Tampa Bay Area Florida USA. Thank you for this video and all the great things you do for them and all the animails and fish you have there.

The Penguins are soooo cute. Very interesting Eric. Mom

Sarah Nobles Rachel Severson

The grandkids had a great time there

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