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‘I’m not using these drugs to get high:’ Chronic pain sufferers plead for a nuanced approach to opioids

‘I’m not using these drugs to get high:’ Chronic pain sufferers plead for a nuanced approach to opioids


Floridians who suffer from chronic pain and are worried about a possible government crackdown that would make it harder to get the prescription drugs they need every day.

Will Michele Jacobovitz get out of bed today?That depends on how many pain killers she has left in her monthly prescription.

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29 minutes ago

The Palm Beach Post



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38 minutes ago

Miami Dolphins

The uniforms are here and we have the first look on #DolphinsDaily. ...


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New-old uniform, same sh*tty franchise

Carmel Patricia. Kathy Moo Payne

Pamela Schaffner

🤔 ...


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3 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

“It’s not like Hurricane Irma destroyed the facility. It didn’t. It was minor damage,” Jones said. “But a little damage at a cultivation center can have a profound impact.” ...


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I couldn’t hate 2017 Hurricane Season more. Marie’s treatment of the Great Island Of PR now Irma’s treatment of CBD, we need 5 years off. 2018 please be uneventful.

3 hours ago

Miami Dolphins



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Why don’t we ever play PIT or CLE?

Wth?! I cant see the times even when i zoom in

Should be able to make the playoffs if our team has improved

Week 11 bye week, 1 cold game , easy start , last 5 are tough !!!! 10-6 !!! Dolphins , Patriots and Bills - 2 will make the playoffs

So much for prime time this year. Week 8 on Thursday. Guess it could be worse.

L/L/L/W/W/L/W/W/W/L/L/L/L/W/L/L 6-10

Okay, December could be a bit rough. Hopefully we're 11-0 heading into it!

Well hopefully no hurricane week 1, Jay Cutler is out, and all games are in the states. I'd say we're already looking better

Next year Mr. Logan, for my birthday. You down?

Hopefully our bye week isn’t cancelled again

7-8 wins tops

Hector Felix se volvieron a salvar de otra chinga tus 49ers

If the team doesn’t suck, this schedule could be very favorable. Optimistically I see them finishing 11-5.

By the looks of the schedule, we should be able to get to the playoffs no problem

I wish I could be as optimistic as some of you guys.

4-5 wins?

I like that the division games are more evenly spaced than last year

We have to take advantage over this schedule. Let’s open hot and finish strong.

At least we get the bye later in the season.

I could see the playoffs if we can start off well and end well.

That’s a horrible pic! 😡😡😡😡

Only one cold weather game? I'll take it...

Yes, sir! Week 11 is in the bag...maybe. 🤔 #FinsUp 🐬

Decent schedule so we shall see

Only two cold games too...

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4 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

“That’s probably how I blew out my disks,” he told detectives. ...


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Not a 4K TV.....it’s a KARMA TV 📺 lol.

Karma at its finest




4 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

JUST IN: ...


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Mingo A Jzz

5 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

The guy really got into Amy Schumer’s head. ...


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This is news?? Palm Beach Tabloid

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