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ICE spokesman resigns, saying he could no longer spread falsehoods for Trump administration

ICE spokesman resigns, saying he could no longer spread falsehoods for Trump administration


"I quit because I didn’t want to perpetuate misleading facts," he said.

"I just couldn’t bear the burden - continuing on as a representative of the agency and charged with upholding integrity, knowing that information was false."

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20 hours ago

Florida Lottery

Have you checked your 'Scratch-Off Scope' today! What is your astrological sign? ✨ ...

Have you checked your Scratch-Off Scope today! What is your astrological sign? ✨


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It really doesn't matter. They are all losers! a Fool's bet!

Can anyone tell me what's the Facebook code for the second chance entry.

Stop removing winners from the tickets for a second chance computer generated game



does anyone have new code for 2nd chance draw

I have hit many times for 200 to 1000 on them and the five leo

This was how i got my winning number for lottery. G'day viewer's, I’m giving a grouse testimony on what Dr king have done for me, i won $50,000 in playing lottery, I took an advice from person who talked about this grouse spell caster called Dr king the person placed a testimonies on a blog saying how grouse spell caster helped him win the lottery by casting out spell sending him the winning number i was curious and i thought it was all joke not until i contacted this spell caster to know for myself how this work cause i have spend heaps buying tickets and i never win. I contacted him and he told me the necessary thing that need to be done and i did it and he told me to wait for 3days and truly he gave me the winning numbers to play the lottery which i did, Can you believe my name was the first among winners. He told me (my son all i need you to do for me is make sure that you share this testimonies to others so that they can also win the lottery cause i do not have much time to spell on the internet) so that is why i am sharing this testimony with you that if you want to win the lottery this is the way online tips can help you, his email is [email protected] Com is the only answer to that your problem of winning the lottery you can simply what's app him : +2349073694533and your story will be change for good like mine, NEVER YOU DOUBT OUT


How'd you get to those answers, fl lotto? 🙆😂😂 cute marketing though. 😊👍






My Pisces will this help me to win play For Tune ticket ha hahaha

Do anyone have the new code for second chance

Gemini. Haven't won much on Monopoly

Yes I did and no winner!!😢☘


I'm Capricorn. This work woman too. Bahahaha


Scorpio here


Monopoly 🙂 #leo

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22 hours ago

Florida Lottery

May the luck o' the Irish be with you as we shamROCK this giveaway! Tell us what your LUCKY ticket is in the comments below for a chance to win a portable speaker! 🕺☘️ ...

May the luck o the Irish be with you as we shamROCK this giveaway! Tell us what your LUCKY ticket is in the comments below for a chance to win a portable speaker! 🕺☘️


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hahah I got scolded at the local store by the asian woman owner. i picked a second chance losing ticket that was at the top of trash can out of the can. She yelled no no no. I said ok. She continued to raise her voice, geez what a nut. No sign stating one could not pick up a losing scratch off. Anyway I commenced to buy some more tickets as usual, left and then won a few dollars. following day I went back to store she started yelling again and refused to honor my winning scratch off, although her husband standing with her took my winning tickets, then she started yellling again you dig in trash. It was amusing to say the least, she and her husband took my winning tickets ripped the bottom numbers off and thren handed them back to me. (no good now without the numbers!). I demanded they pay me the $5 dollars. after all they took the winning tickets. She starts yelling again you dig in trash and said it is where I got the winning tickets. Wow. they than finally coughed up my winning money probably because other customers were watching! Putnam Hall Florida store steer clear the woman is CRAZY in my opinion. many local people have complained about her.

I won $5000 on a $1.00 Monopoly scratch off ticket. The transmission had gone out on my car two days prior so it was a blessing.

Luck of the Irish doesn't seem to be in my future 😣 Spent so much $$$ on Lucky Money & have yet to win .

I finally won $100 on the new $30 ticket! This after spending $180 the other day on this ticket with no winner! Happy St. Pattys day to me! At least I get some green back! 😼😼😁

Fantasy 5! Going to win it one day!! Gotta believe! 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

Winners have become very elusive. Almost completely done with these losing tickets, nothing on the 2nd chance drawing either. Been a dedicated player but all good things come to an end. I do better on the slots at the casino.

I won $20 on a $1 5X Cash lottery ticket. I Spent $10.00 to win $20, so I felt very lucky yesterday. Thank you.

I am hoping my $30 Florida 100X the Cash second chance tickets will bring this OBrien some Irish luck☘️☘️☘️

Happy birthday to my son & Happy St Patrick day! Pls give me luck today!

I want to win the speaker 🍀Today is my Granny's birthday in Heaven.

All you lads and lasses have to do for a day is change your profile to upload a pic. it tis simple as that, but dont forget to add LUCKY money!! Yes the ticket pic here is Lucky Win, lol sorry this leprechaun tis fresh out of Lucky money today!lol

Luck is for those who believe. Yes I believe. Happy St Patricks Day.

Lotto! I sooo need you, I never win, but just this once could you do me a favor, give me some good Irish luck🍀

playing powerball tonight but I love all the scratchers

Also I’m playing the biggest power ball today for my luck day !!!!!!!

Can not upload picture of my Lucky Money. But, I did have #16 As my lucky ball last night and will get a free ticket which could be a big winner!!😁

Just lost on all 5 of my "10X Cash" Maybe tonight I'll have my IRISH LUCK on Powerball and Lotto☘🍀☘🍀🌴

I just won my $5 back on a cash for life ticket. I usually lose so it was a nice surprise! Would love to win the speaker but can't upload my pic. Thanks & good luck everyone 🍀💰💸

My lucky ticket is Gold Rush Doubler. Playing Florida Powerball tonight. 🙏🏽 I'm Scottish, Irish, Asian, and American (The Luck of the Irish).

My lucky ticket is my beautiful wife Alyssa Howard i hit the jackpot with her but my second lucky ticket is tonight's Power Ball .

I have over 10 winning tickets this year from Fantacy 5, Powerball, Cash 4 Life to Lucky Money, just playing 1 a night at the most! Just think positive!

The lucky money is my favorite one, and I’m planning to play and win very soon ok , that’s why I’m playing always and today is my luck day !!!!!

My lucky ticket is fantasy five. I always get at least a free ticket. Hope one day to win to get me my own home.

100 X!s the cash 💰 Brought me luck this year! 1,000 times!! Pick me!! 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

I love the $10,000 a week for life!! I have spent hundreds, and always come out ahead! Just looking for the big winner!

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1 day ago


Happy St. Patrick's Day from Florida's Emerald Coast! ...


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The Famous McGuire's Irish Pub of Pensacola youtu.be/J-w041GWHUQ

Top 5 Best Irish Pubs & Restaurants Across Florida bit.ly/2FozSMF

Happy st Patrick's day from a very cold Dublin ireland🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀👄

Would be nice to be there right now on the beach and warm

I go to the Caribbean to put on Blue glasses

Okaloosa island, emerald coast

Wearing my green in PCB today!

A Great place to live!! Ft. Myers !

One day!

I'll be there soon.

Be there in July !

Wish I were there

Good Morning 🌞

Yes... this is my green for today!!!

My favorite green

Thank you for this!


Me too

I know thats right, omw




what a better way than the best Florida

Kiss me I’m Irish, let’s go!

Wish I was here

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1 day ago

AARP Florida

Erin go Braugh! ...

Erin go Braugh!


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Happy St . Patrick's Day !!🍀

Happy st Patrick's day

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Have a great day



☘️☘️ Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all the O’Neills! I’m a Kelly! ☘️☘️

AWWWH love you

You to Geri. :)

Thank you I wish you a very happy ST PATRICK'S DAY

And to u too!

You to Pearlie


Happy St.Patricks day 🥝

To you as well.

Yes same to you and jerry and nay and aunt lois.


Same to you.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And to Nancy, and yourself, as well, Don !

Good evening AARP, Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too! 🍀💚


How was your cruise carol

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2 days ago

AARP Florida

For International Women's Month, Cyndi Lauper considers that there is no "right age" to achieve milestones. ...

3 days ago

AARP Florida

Our thoughts are with our friends and neighbors in the Greater Miami area and among the Florida International University community today. ...


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yes very catastrophic a companies big mistake and many people dead or hurt

Live your best life—and run your best race—with the new #FitbitVersa smartwatch, an all-day companion designed with your goals in mind. www.fitbit.com/whats-new ...

Live your best life—and run your best race—with the new #FitbitVersa smartwatch, an all-day companion designed with your goals in mind. www.fitbit.com/whats-new


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More stuff on ok? who agrees?

3 days ago

Florida Lottery

Want to receive 25 extra entries into the 30th Birthday Cash Spectacular Second Chance Promotion?
LIKE this video and share with your friends!
The more LIKES, the more the code REVEALS!
VALID until: 3/26/2018 at 11:59pm EST


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The first winner of a Florida Lottery Prize Pack is Deloris Reid! Congratulations! Please message us to claim your prize.

Congratulations on revealing the Second Chance code! Enter it at secondchance.flalottery.com to redeem your additional 25 Second Chance entries. Make sure to watch our Instagram Story to claim an extra promo code today! 🎉🎉🎉

Liz Ross just won the second prize! Congratulations! Please message us to claim your Florida Lottery Prize Pack.

Eric Hatton just won our fifth prize! Congratulations on winning a Florida Lottery Prize Pack! Please message us to claim your prize.

Mark Gregory Pettit is our fourth winner of our Florida Lottery Prize Pack! Congratulations! Please message us to claim your prize.

Congratulations to our third winner Portia Avant! Please message us to claim your Florida Lottery Prize Pack.

Drum roll please! Our final winner is Gina Covey! Please message us to claim your Florida Lottery Prize Pack!

Did anybody notice one person won the top prize in the last drawing and the last prize also? Michael Harris. I wonder what those odds are?

I have been playing the lottery since it began. My biggest win was this year on a $5.00 Holiday Cash scratch off! Made it a wonderful Christmas ! Truly a dream come true!

chocolate or vanilla would be perfect to celebrate winning that big piece of cake of the POWERBALL this saturday Play Play,play and play. Good Luck to all.

I have less and less entries as the promotion wears on. Not only do I have a tiny return on the scratch tickets, but also no winning in any of the event or drawings. So sad.

Just celebrated my 60th on 2/26 and would love❤ to be lucky enough to win the second chance Surprise Party Prize Pack...Congrats to the latest winner.

Sitting on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck, flat tire, spare is locked under all my tools, just patiently waiting with a smile.

Coming to Tallahassee Monday to pick up my big check, win or lose,until then I’m going to keep playing.

Hoping to win something from the Florida Lottery...cash 3, play 4, pick 5, megamillions, lotto, powerball...Lotto take me away😀

Didn't win on my Powerball Ticket. Not even 1 matching #. Would love to win something, anything from the #FloridaLottery! Liked, shared and saying a prayer.

When I was pregnant with my son, I thought he was having the same fun I was having but inside my belly!! It was unforgettable❤️

We've had a terrible year with death and cancers so I hope my 50th birthday coming up can bring brighter skies.

My tenth was a great birthday. Dad was a radio DJ. He let me play all the music on the radio for his time slot! Great day!

I had one when I turned 40. They all surely made it very clear that I am getting old. Gotta love my friends! Lol

Happy Thursday! My worse Birthday was when 9/11 occurred. But there were better birthdays ahead that’s for sure!

Of course every year is a blessing . but 2015 was extra special . my little girl was born a day before my birthday

I don’t think a person who wins the top prize in second chance should be eligible for another prize in the same round. Give others a chance.

My 40th was a surprise all friends and family where and we partied all night so fun, but not the next day!!!

I haven't had a birthday party since I was a teenager. I keep hoping to get a surprise party but time's running out. I did give my husband a surprise party when he was 30, it was a complete success, loved it

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3 days ago

Florida Lottery

37 more people just won from our 30th Birthday Second Chance Promotion! COMMENT a birthday emoji to send your congrats!

37 more people just won from our 30th Birthday Second Chance Promotion! COMMENT a birthday emoji to send your congrats!


Comment on Facebook

This weeks promos from 12 to the 18th is facebook 980137 Instagram 299179 i believe honest is the best policy and as God would say do unto good things as it will come back to you. Good luck everyone.

They pick winners based on zipcodes the more people in a zipcode the better your odds are of winning its rigged to keep most winners where the money is so more people hear about it and play the more money lottery can swindle from you that is why most top prizes in all lottery games go to miami dade broward and palm beach counties venice naples fort meyers sarasoto st pete orlando jacksonville and the panhandle

How about making a rule, that a person can only win once in each drawing. I’m just saying that so maybe the rest of us without access to a C-store loser scratch off pool will have a little better opportunity to possibly WIN.

Gent in Miami won the 1st Prize $30k also won the last prze of $1k Now that's a Good Day! :-)

Michael Harris from Miami won twice 30k and 1k same drawing, are you kidding me? BS!!!!

60 entries ,Not this guy!! Only 2 winner's in NW part of Florida

I went through all mine to enter and found out I overlooked three winners....$100.....$40....and $30. I guess it pays to double check.

What is the newest Facebook code? Does anybody know?

Yep miami jacksonville orando naples fort meyers the panhandle and anywhere in broward palm beach or miami dade county

For the past 3 entries we (as a group) had over 1500 entries and nada.... this blows 😨

Michael Harris won twice, top winner and 1K winner!? That doesn’t seem fair..

Congratulation to the 37 that won I am still buy have not win but keep going back still looking for it

I like second chance opportunies, but do not make it so difficult to enter, as this 30th Anniversary one has. I have spent close to an hour trying to get the bonus entries, watching 5 minutes wait time, and still no luck.

3 drawings 17000 entries nothing I was a fool and my choice . I’ll keep my money and not spending hundreds or thousands chasing a pipe dream anymore . Sure thing is my money . Rip offs

It sure seems suspicious that on the March 14, 2018 drawing that over 62% of all second chance winners won on $30 tickets. It tends to look like the drawing is fixed by the lottery officials to push the tickets they want people to buy. I believe they need to audit the Florida lottery group.

Its bs ive been playing for yrs and havent won im thinking bout stopping

I have had hundreds of entries and won didly... Not wasting my time any more....

I keep reading the continous amounts of whining, complaining, speculating on rigging and overall negativity. Every single time I read the comments over the past month. Perhaps visualize winning or expect to win. Or....stop playing. Noone is FORCING YOU TO PLAY. It is gambling not guaranees. Bright futures is paying for my daughters tuition at UF in the summer. I thank the Florida lottery every day. I am a single mom and would not be able to afford for her to go on my own. Every dollar you spend is money toward our future generations of bright, ambitious kids who want the opportunity to learn. I have been playing some form of lottery since 2002. I am sure they have more of my money than the have given me. I worked in 2 different Circle K stores in Pinellas county and I had a Fantasy 5 winner from one store. Also a $25,000 winner on a $2 scratch ticket. The winners are Everywhere poor and rich neighborhoods. Those two winners are from a lower income area in Pinellas. Start being positive....A Dollar and a DREAM! Besides what does all this complaining do for you? Just saying....

My neighbor goes through the trash at all the stores to get the second chance tickets and he found $100 winner on a $30 scratch off and he won one of the second chances for 1,000 never once has he bought a ticket always going through the garbage

I actually found 3 of the 30.00 ones in the trash at a store they had been scratch off and losers I put them in for 2 Nd chance with the Facebook and Instagram codes probably did not win

Congratulations to the FL lottery on their 30th and all the Birthday drawing winners 🎂🎉🎊🎈🎈! Maybe someday I’ll be on that list! Never giving up! 😉🙏🏻

I dont waste time submitting them. Never have won anything

Congratulations~Only takes 1 ticket~ 2nd chance promotion

more than 300 tickets in second chance and I was not winning

Second chance money should be in the tickets we buy not on some computer game the lottery picks winners not fair at all stop removing winners from the tickets we buy illegal practice

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3 days ago


Meet the famous Gypsy Vanner horses in person at Gypsy Gold Horse Farm in Ocala, Florida. #LoveFL ...


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Florida Travel: The Horse Capital of the World: Ocala youtu.be/sd-VRA_gdnU

Florida Equine Guide: Everything you Need to Know About Horses in Florida bit.ly/2D0ZjxR

James Ilfeld our next Florida trip we should go here! Emily loves these gypsy vanner horses, so beautiful!

Love this place! They r beautiful. The people are so nice, and the history is amazing. Well worth the trip..... I tried to take one home. Lol

I did not know about this! I plan to visit the next time I go to Ocala.

Beautiful HORSE would love to come see sometime!

Also check out the retirement home for horses in Alachua!

Thank you Mary we have to check it out

Stephanie I want to go there next time I visit you!

Laura Goebel - next time you're in FL, you'll have to visit!

Kerry Feuker Good way to describe Lacey a golden retriever lol.

Grace Schmitt if we ever make it back to Florida.

I would love to see this !!!

Tammy Haldeman, this is a hour from where I am, let's go! 😁

Patty Ann Johnson..have you ever been here?...looks beautiful.

Jim Fitzgerald show this to Grace. Next Florida trip we should go see them.

Beautiful next time we visit Florida we will visit

Melissa Villobous Danica wants this horse lol

Philip Boan, a new stop on our next trip down!!

Chris Jacobs, I want to go see these beautiful horses!!!

Sarah Dean Fletcher I want to go here next time I'm down!

Dottie Trivette have you been to this horse farm?

Stephen Dunning look at these beauties

Love Ocala horse farms!

Such gorgeous horses!

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4 days ago

Florida Lottery

The only thing that goes longer than cash for life is Pi 🥧😏 #HappyPiDay ...

The only thing that goes longer than cash for life is Pi 🥧😏 #HappyPiDay


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just happen to see 2nd chance winners for todays 30th birthday draw are the same person......he won the top prize and the very last prize from Miami, FL. Congrats to him ! How lucky can you be? SMH!

not one of the winners were from pensacola,all south fla as usual

We should all move to south Florida

Stop removing winners from the tickets we buy for second chance computer generated winners I buy a ticket to win money not entries

Congratulations to all winners, and to all will be tooo !!!!!

Grab some pizza at Mario's Pizza if you live in Orlando!!!

Happy Pi Day thank you,I would like to have both

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