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Hialeah Dance Instructor Accused of Sex Battery on Girl, 14

Hialeah Dance Instructor Accused of Sex Battery on Girl, 14


A dance instructor at a Hialeah studio is facing charges after police say he had sex with a 14-year-old student.

When detectives inspected the teen's phone, they found several images of Morales including photos showing his genitals, the report said.

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29 minutes ago

The Palm Beach Post

“It’s not like Hurricane Irma destroyed the facility. It didn’t. It was minor damage,” Jones said. “But a little damage at a cultivation center can have a profound impact.” ...


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2 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

“That’s probably how I blew out my disks,” he told detectives. ...


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Not a 4K TV.....it’s a KARMA TV 📺 lol.

Karma at its finest




2 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

JUST IN: ...


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Mingo A Jzz

2 hours ago

Tampa Bay Lightning


For the second year in a row, Victor Hedman has been named a Norris Trophy finalist. He’ll go up against Drew Doughty (LAK) and PK Subban (NSH).


For the second year in a row, Victor Hedman has been named a Norris Trophy finalist. He’ll go up against Drew Doughty (LAK) and PK Subban (NSH).


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Imagine if Heddy won the Norris, Kuch won the Ross/Hart, Vasy won the Vezina AND we won the cup. What a special season this would be if all of those things happen!

Heddy should win.

Go bolts⚡

Heddy should win it this year for sure!

Way to go Heddy

This is his year for sure

Let's go Heddy ! ⚡💪 GO BOLTS GO ! ⚡

Congrats, Heddy! And GO BOLTS!!! You can do it this year!!

Hedman gets my vote.

Heddy!!! <3 <3 <3

He should win this one - hands down! Better stats than either. More points, more goals and better plus/minus.

Major accomplishments by our guys this season, as well as how well the team has played this year. They are all superstars. Congrats to Heddy on this honor.

No doubt he will win it this year. Should have won it last year but Burns decided to score 29 goals which I think is the only reason why they gave it to him. This is Heddy’s year for sure !

It all you Hedman!

Jeremy Speak

Against those two... yea, he’s for sure winning

Hedman is the completest Defender in the world.!! I am from Germany and a defender too and he is in all parts in the game a role model for me. It was a big pleasure to watched him at the WC in Cologne. Go Bolts⚡ Go Hedman.!!⚡

This guy. Absolute monster. To know this team by number, name and what line they're on is all undone by the fact that he's out there with everyone. How many guys on a hockey team can play with EVERY other player and make a huge impact? Unreal.

Hedman deserves to win

Love this guy!

Very deserving!! You've got this!! ⚡💛 GO BOLTS

Hedman is awesome! There’s comfort in knowing this guy is on in the ice! This well deserved...I sure hope he gets it!!!! ⚡️💙⚡️Go Bolts!

Congrats. Go Victor!

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3 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

The guy really got into Amy Schumer’s head. ...


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This is news?? Palm Beach Tabloid

4 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

An attorney told jurors that when Johnathan Rosen was arrested on charges of stalking, he told police he was glad. This way, he said, he could see her in court. ...


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😳😳😳😳 Elizabeth Jacobs

4 hours ago

Tampa Bay Lightning

The Tampa Bay Lightning fell 5-2 in Game 3 to the New Jersey Devils at Prudential Center. Alex Killorn and Steven Stamkos were the goal-scorers for the Bolts. ...


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Keep winning bolts we need to win

But we kicked AZZ the next game!!! LETS GO LIGHTNING!!!!

Why is this being posted after Game 4?

When will kucherov be suspended?

My thoughts exactly Puckie Brewster. Apparently they are in denial about us being up 3 games to 1.

5 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

"That's when we knew she called the police on us" ...


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I literally couldn't finish reading the article. "White this, black that, white, black, white, black". People wonder why there is racial tension in America. Look at the writing in this article. It's nauseating

Now were back to racism...The Cash me Outside girl is back...gun control...on and on...I smell a cover up for something else

BS for sure...

All staged


I don’t know of any restaurants that allow you to sit at their tables without purchasing anything. I do believe it’s called loitering. If this was two white men they would also get thrown out smh.

Who cares about StarBucks! I remember not too long ago they were saying they would hire illegals. Hope your business loses a lot of money!

There was a movie called the birth of a Nation which depicted former slaves as rapists theives and murders the propaganda had effects that still last in this day and time

These kinds of heightened activisms should be directed back into their communities, against the drugs dealers, pimps, pedophiles, lying pastors and parents who are battering and abusing their children.

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