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Healthy Living House Calls: Donate Life Month

Healthy Living House Calls: Donate Life Month


Have questions about Donate Life Month? A doctor from Florida Hospital will be answer your questions at 9:20 today. Leave any questions here: https://bit.ly/2HCCmFi

Dr. Cynthia Gries, the Medical Director of Lung Transplant, at Florida Hospital will answer all of your questions about Donate Life Month.

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Looking for something to do on #420? https://t.co/3nqtcFZfgh

Jacksonville Jaguars reveal new uniforms in 'State of the Franchise' https://t.co/yLsBq362IY

Waffle House is selling beer for first time ever https://t.co/dxi2DCUYet

#Breaking:Lake Howell High School ROTC Instructor Bryan Teet arrested by Seminole County Sheriff. Charged with sexual asssult of 16-17 year old. School district has placed Teet on leave pending outcome of investigation. #WFTV

New from @ArmandoSalguero: Miami Dolphins tweak their uniforms. https://t.co/nIB7EIf6Jb

It's an exciting day in Jagsonville! Mayor Lenny Curry joins @Jaguars for State of the Franchise. #ilovejax #DUUUVAL

#Breaking: Sheriff's office says Bryan Teet allegedly began an inappropriate sexual relationship with a student. #WFTV

You're dead wrong, @MayorGimenez. https://t.co/3WhkmCr2A9

So many Miami-Dade children have been killed by guns that commissioners are considering launching a gun safety program for school children as young as 5


#TBT In April 2017, Mayor Curry was joined by City Council and employee union representatives to sign historic pension legislation. You can find more videos on our YoutTube channel: https://t.co/GQRXkuQ7vu #ilovejax

[email protected]'s new garage will feature a mixture of splashy and sleek work done by five world-class architects. https://t.co/O4ZDeuNjbr

Seven seasons. Last. Scandal. Ever. The question on every Gladiator's mind - How will it end? Don't miss #TheFinalScandal TONIGHT at 10 on #WFTV, followed by Eyewitness News at 11. @ScandalABC @ABCNetwork @shondarhimes

LIVE COVERAGE: President Trump arrives in Key West. https://t.co/V7fiVnso1H

1 hour ago

CBS Miami

WATCH LIVE: Catch up on the days headlines with #CBS4 News at Noon & watch entire the newscast live on CBSMIAMI.COM ...


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Thanks CBS Miami, for putting the news here on Facebook!

2 hours ago

CBS Miami

WATCH LIVE: President Trump arrives at Naval Air Station Key West ...


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This stream is ending. Thanks for joining us.

If only the butt-hurt liberals would leave this guy alone to do his thing... He could change the US & World for the better!!

God Protect and Bless our President and First Family!!🇺🇸❤️

Haters, He WON, your lady LOST, and Im glad! MAGA

Puerto Rico needs to help themselves. People need to want to work.

at least hes not giving it to our enemies by the plane load Louu

Key West , a hellhole ? Really ? kindly put the pipe down

Sonya Weber , still butthurt over the election results after all this time ? Really ?

Many bankruptcies, yet still has increased his value and net worth many times over

My brother and so many others have been in tents for month and others are getting evicted as rent goes up. But he's there for the drug problem. I hope a shark eats him

So many in tents are strung out.

Successful meeting yesterday with the Prime Minister of Japan and off to Key West today for more meetings. Such a hard working President!

Sonya , bankruptcy these days are just business as usual , my company has gone bankrupt 3 times in my 40 years with it

The president doesn't control the economy, Sonya

If anything happens to him you get Pence

Maybe he's there to help all those poor lost souls who are homeless from Irma UP THE KEYS. Smh

Katie thats the state you should be mad at not the president

Ouu judt made a threat to the President via Face Book

Same to bring such a beautiful plane to a hell hole like that place

I was hoping that plane would crash

Wynette just made a terroist threat on Face Book

Really the DRUG problem!?

Now the audio starts?

Cool where not forgotten

Hey John , He has NOT taken a cent in salary since President, he Has Donated it ALL to Charity !!!

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The friendly folks at Amazon.com want you to find the best gear for your next outing.

Find the latest gear reviews and learn more at bit.ly/2J6gPo3. #FloridaSportsman

The friendly folks at Amazon.com want you to find the best gear for your next outing. 

Find the latest gear reviews and learn more at http://bit.ly/2J6gPo3. #FloridaSportsman

2 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Faria was 💪 against Texas. ...


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Let's get another W. You can get it done Rays up !!

Best game he pitched this year .

3 hours ago

CBS Miami

WATCH LIVE: Remembrance Ceremony for the 23rd Anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing ...


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This live is ending. Thanks for joining us.

Right!! Let us never forget!!! That this was all caused by our Federal Government and their actions and works against the people of the United States of America!!!!

She was such an amazing individual.


18 hours ago

Florida Sportsman magazine



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I was there last week got some dolphin first couple days then they just disappeared.

OutCast fishing team is with you in spirit

We saw y’all out at the humps we didn’t have any luck either😒

What is that leader holder on your console?



Good lawd how many trolling motor remotes you have


Old salt! 😂

20 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

The 6th inning was fun. ...


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Heard it on the radio. At least we have great announcers!

I was there the Roberson double was big faria pitched well .and we win the series .colume makes you sweat but got the double play .we win 4-2 been to three games 2-1 .now after tonight's game in San Juan Minnesota comes in .friday - Sunday .i think Jake ordorizzi will pitch against us Sunday vs younny .for the guy who wanted Jose of the blue jays to sign here that's over .signed with braves will try him at 3 rd base we he started .oh saw on face book Rocco helped a dog find its owner on 22 nd ave nice going Rocco .and we have one part of daily double .now go bolts beat nj .

we can be a good team. We just have to set our minds to it.

Keep it going!

The video is not real clear and I missed the game today. Who's that doing the awesome slide into home?

A manager was fired today .sorry not cash Bryan price was fired by the Reds .till cash;s deal runs out after next season .i see no chance of Stu firing him .no matter what the Rays do the next two years .sorry I don't .

For the Rays fans who are also lightning fans they just won 3-1 .lead series 3-1 can wrap it up next game at home ,I don't know if Friday or Saturday .

Is the Rangers catcher related to our pitcher?

Love the W #raysup💥


Great win Rays!!

Thats right

Keep having fun!

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20 hours ago

Florida Sportsman magazine

NOW CASTING- The most daring wilderness expedition ever recorded-- 2,600 Miles. All self-propelled, self-navigated. Are you ready to join The Brigade TV? Apply-- bit.ly/2GThbBR. ...

NOW CASTING- The most daring wilderness expedition ever recorded-- 2,600 Miles. All self-propelled, self-navigated. Are you ready to join The Brigade TV? Apply-- http://bit.ly/2GThbBR.

21 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

We've got our second series win of the season! Faria picked up his first win, Cron extended his hitting streak to eight games. atmlb.com/2EXd0z2 ...

Weve got our second series win of the season! Faria picked up his first win, Cron extended his hitting streak to eight games. https://atmlb.com/2EXd0z2


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I was at the opening day game and today's game. Rays won both! I guess I need to go to more games.

To (kind of) quote John candy from rookie of the year: And the rays now have their longest winning streak of the season.....2!!

Braves signed Joey Bats to a minor league deal. Rays should've signed him because it's low risk. He'll make $1M if he makes the big club. He's better than any other DH the Rays have on their roster.

Only about 100 or more losses to go

And it only took them 18 games

Colome always making me nervous...

Colume always supplies the necessary drama !

Yeah. We were there. "Free tickets." Lady in front of us was reading the newspaper. That says it all.

Sure the 8500 fans enjoyed it...

Yes! Now we all get a day off, we need it.

A win is a win but a Bottom feeders dont get you into the contention we need win a lot and get a 4 good starters we have 1 1/2 and so so closer but there no crying in baseball Rays Up today.

How many of you complaining about attendance were at the game????

So happy for the win but can't handle Colome closing. Nerves On Edge Everytime!!!!!Nice win for the rest of the team. Ray's Up ⚾⚾⚾

Keep scrapping guys!

WTG, Jake!! Keep it up, CJ! #RaysUp 💘⚾

Sorry to say, not paying much attention. It sort of comes down to the simple stuff. My Longoria jersey used to get me excited for games, now no good anymore. I happen to be a guy that identifies with players. I no longer have anyone I identify with. We have not watched one game in entirety. Previous years...never miss and past season ticket holders. Imagine being the guy that has to sell those!

Got to listen to it on xm satellite great job boys

Yes, this was a good win. Dilly, Dilly!

And were are the Rays ? They are in LAST PLACE IN THE EAST. Were they will be at the end of the season. Under the helm of Cash, and Archer on the mound.

Keith Martin Now THAT'S impressive coming from a 28th payroll team

Yes. A much needed series win against a tough pitcher. Good to see CJ start to settle into the cleanup spot. Hopefully that won't change when Brad Miller returns from the DL on Thursday.

Please Colome just one game without an ER or walks. Just an easy 1,2,3.

Good win today. 3 man rotation needs to go. 1 series win at a time

Yea Rays! As a loyal Rays fan, I have faith that 2018 will be a great year! Go Rays!!

No thanks to Colome who almost gave it away again!!!!!!!

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22 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Chaz Roe... unfair. ...


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Please: Do not use Colome for the 9th or we will lose!

Why on earth is Colome still pitching, let alone on this roster? Oh, I get it - trying to let him set an MLB record for blown saves.

....aaaaaaand Colome doing his best once again to give this one away.

When are they going to realize Colome is done. Freaking 9.00 ERA!!!

What does CASH keep using Colome for? Ugh!

Don't let this distract you from the fact that you guys are is last place in the east.

Caution: Watching Colome pitch may make you start smoking again!

Was at this game, fun game to watch except when Colome came in. Chaz Roe continues to pitch well since acquiring him last year. They were warming up Sergio Romo with Colome but elected to bring Colome in. Don’t know how long we can wait for him to get better. Alvarado looked good once again. Go Rays!!

Gooooo Rays get the job done and Win ⚾️

Being a lifelong Rays fan.. unfair

Sweet and nasty


Spencer Huettl looks like a pitch from Tap sports....

Ben Latter Mark Lewis hit that

Chaz and Romo: filthy


Jake Guthridge

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