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Gov. Scott Signed Bill To Expand Bright Futures Scholarships

Gov. Scott Signed Bill To Expand Bright Futures Scholarships


High school students around the state hoping to go to college in Florida have a reason to celebrate.

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Can you ID? On 03/17/2018 at 4:31 p.m., two suspects entered the Metro PCS store at 2509 E Colonial Dr. After pretending to be customers, one produced a gun & demanded money & property. May have fled in black 4-door sedan (possibly a Chrysler 300) Call @CrimelineFL 800-423-TIPS

Two of 7 airmen killed in crash in Iraq stationed at Patrick Air Force Base https://t.co/QZg5M9Yds6

A forgettable trip to NYC ends in a 2-0 loss for @OrlandoCitySC.

Lions have earned just one point in their first three games of the season. #NYCvORL

Security, law enforcement brace for St. Patrick's Day celebrations https://t.co/KUwu7wpZxc

Downtown Sanford coffee shop dedicated to helping human trafficking victims https://t.co/97S3TxBUtg

HT. Not the most fluid half of soccer. But @OrlandoCitySC holding on to a scoreless draw through 45 minutes. #NYCvORL

You never know what @KatyPerry will do next on @AmericanIdol! See more auditions tomorrow at 8pm on #WFTV. #KatyPerry #KatyCats

@LukeBryanOnline @LionelRichie @RyanSeacrest @ABCNetwork

Immigrant reunited with child months after separation by US https://t.co/8JzBKZRG0W

Winter Park Art Festival happening this weekend https://t.co/l4oGdzUrUe

Looking to keep the Irish celebration going all day? 🍀 Join us tonight in @HistoricYbor for the Rough Riders St. Patrick's Parade starting at 8pm!
More info: https://t.co/aqRFXrxKXk

Women of the Wall: Learn about Mary "Betty" Pacetti, a member of Fletcher High School's first graduating class. - https://t.co/MLU0ZzJ13l #WomenVeteransRecognitionWeek

RT if you’re going to the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival this year! #LoveFL

FHP: Kissimmee man killed while attempting illegal U-turn through median on U.S. 192 https://t.co/nqpRsAHvzX

Photo of the Day: Roosevelt Bridge in Stuart, Florida #LoveFL

Congrats to #Orlando's @AlyssaRaghu! See her journey this season on @AmericanIdol. Auditions continue tomorrow on #WFTV at 8pm. #AmericanIdol

5 Takeaways: Panthers Stumble in the third and fall to Oilers, 4-2.

» bit.ly/5Takeaways31718


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How can you beat the good teams and then go lose to Ottawa and Edmonton 🤔😳🤔SMH

25 giveaways nuff said right there

Gee...nothing like bragging up your goalie,and shooting down your players.Yes,they had a bad game,but Lou put the winning goal in himself.

Guess they don't want to play in late April

Sorry that third period was SAD

Not only didn’t they score on the power play but they gave up a shorty.Panthers played emotionless nonchalant game.Edmonton looked like a Team fighting to make playoffs.Panthers played like Team jockeying for tee off times

There is a great chance to reach playoffs , just stop with the toothless defence , need Petro back asap.

My take away is don’t have your announcers brag about a scenario 2/3 of the way through a game. As soon as Goldstein bragged about being undefeated when leading after two, I knew we’d lose

It's hard. They still have to win almost every game, and that's pretty impossible this time of year. They need one of the teams in front of them to tank.

This was the back breakers. Afraid they won’t make the playoffs now as this was one of the games that should’ve been won and they don’t deserve to be in playoffs when playing this way.

I think the end may be near. Devils, Jackets, Flyers all won.

Good game, defense fell apart in the third

What a shame. Defense asleep in 2rd

Defends suck today and a couple of soft goals today as well

Don't give up now panthers team! It will be hard but we can make the playoffs i know it! Go panthers team!!! :) :)

Yandle is god awful and Luongo is god awful. Bench them both next game.

First period the goals just didn’t want to go in. Many chances. 3rd period was a total bust. Mentally checked out.

On lâche pas!!

Keep Mamin in the lineup.

Why the play Luu??? I guessing they won't reach play off

Another terrible loss

shoulda won that one

Wow, this one hurts .

Just not like you guys at all! 😢

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12 hours ago

The Florida Panthers

GAME ON! Tune in to FOX Sports Florida / FOX Sports Sun or 560 WQAM to follow today's game action! ...


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Once again losing to mediocre team decreasing their chances to make the playoffs. The fair-weather fans of South Florida do not have the patience for this. The Panthers should have beaten the Senators and the Oilers. The Devils and the Blue Jackets are taking care of business; that’s why they will make the playoffs.

Stupid loss. And I left out the F’ing part...

Lu just can’t leave a game without some dumb goal.

What a great Way to bring in Haley! He does NOTHING! Bring Mamin in and we can literally beat everyone

I don't know why this coach keep mc cann. That guy is compleatly useless.

Need to do away with that Llama it's the dumbest thing ever.... and ya lots and lots of folks think the same

And everyone else won! Makes sense to bring in Haley

😢 I was hoping for a win.

14 hours ago

The Florida Panthers

Panthers look to stifle McDavid in St. Patrick's Day showdown with the Edmonton Oilers.

» bit.ly/GamePreview31718

Panthers look to stifle McDavid in St. Patricks Day showdown with the Edmonton Oilers.
» http://bit.ly/GamePreview31718


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That's brutal.. the Oilers have been bad for years and there's been a full crowd through the dark years. How does Florida even have a team with attendance like this

Go panthers team! :) :) :)


This one stings

They seldom stop the leagues elite players...

And there you have it

Season over.

We have more Mc's than they do!

Go cats!!!!!!

16 hours ago

The Florida Panthers

Happy St. Patricks Day!

📍: BB&T Center
🎟️: bit.ly/31718TixFB
📺: FOX Sports Florida / FOX Sports Sun
🎙: 560 WQAM

Happy St. Patricks Day!

📍: BB&T Center
🎟️: http://bit.ly/31718TixFB
📺: FOX Sports Florida / FOX Sports Sun
🎙: 560 WQAM


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MacKensie McCosshen McCann McGinn We have the most Irish lineup in the NHL let's win this one on st. Patty's Day! Luck o the Irish

I am hoping that the Edmonton Oilers will end their 2 game losing streak with a win over the Florida Panthers.

Can you send me a t-shirt please Find Florida Panthers??? I'm unable to make the game tonight I would really love a green Panthers shirt it is my favorite color and I'm not just saying that because it's Saint Patty's Day

Happy st Patrick’s day cats all the way from the beautiful Ireland 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇺🇸🇺🇸🍀☘️

Beat the green out of the oilers

Go Cats, beat Connor McDavid and the Oilers.

Go panthers team!!! :) :) :)

Can’t be there but will be hopefully watching wherever we end up at! GO CATS- O’Bryan🍀💚💚🍀

Win 1 for my birthday please!

Go cats!!!!

Happy St Patrick's Day!!! 😉👍🍀

Will be there!!

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17 hours ago

Miami Dolphins

🖋 Putting pen to paper and making it official. ✒️ ...


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Can we sign a new Owner?

New look,🐬🏈Pouncey,Landry & Suh...bye by..

Welcome to the new guys and congratulations to the ones resigning 🐬🐬🐬🐬

Time to give those new players a warm "welcome aboard".

Maybe this is the year of the Dolphins!!!

Enjoy the weather,,boys!!

Gase is in charge, and he wants a SMART team with LEADERS....too much big money being collected with no results...I'm quite good with the moves.

So we trade away our all stars for someone else’s. Front office management needs to be removed. Next you going to tell us that you will be signing cutlers for another 3 years and making him the highest paid QB... I hope not. Last trade turned out into a Super Bowl ring for Jay, maybe juice will get one two

Amendola suffered a concussion while signing his contract .


We know already. You've only spammed us with this stuff all week. Bring back the old logo

And enjoy weather, cortadito y pastelitos de guayaba Danny!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

Be positive dolphins funs!!!!! Specially Anthony Vinelo!!!!

Hopefully amendola only inked a 4 week deal. #fragile

Poor sobs must care more about money than winning.

Some players that will be leaders instead of just getting a paycheck. Landry was all about himself. Pouncey didnt practice and missed too many games. Suh was way overpaid. With the talent they had someone should of pulled this team together. But nope too busy worrying about stats or didnt care about leading.

Did the center sign yet haven't heard

Team is already much better. I know they will win more than last year.

Im so mad at my Father for introducing you to my world.

Here I was thinking he would pull off another Josh McDaniels!!!

I will give them credit for trying

Come on.. Anyone else see how the pen he is signing with look identical to the emoji pen?? 😁🐸☕

Bill Egarchos, a collection of great shots!

Going to be a very interesting 2018!! Might surprise some people!

Some names with those photos would be helpful

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A very special thank you to Els for Autism for having us out to host a hockey clinic! We had a blast! ...


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Thats floorball, not hockey. Invented and huge in Sweden 🇸🇪

Du får visa dom hur det går till!😊

Janie Rinderman

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