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GOP Candidate Calls Parkland Student 'Skinhead Lesbian'

GOP Candidate Calls Parkland Student 'Skinhead Lesbian'


A Republican House candidate used Twitted to attack two students who survived the Parkland shooting, calling one of them a "skinhead lesbian."

A Republican Maine House candidate has used Twitter to attack two students who survived a shooting at a Florida high school, calling one of them a 'skinhead lesbian' and the other a 'bald-faced liar.' Leslie...

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4 hours ago

Miami Heat

The HEAT Dancers & Burnie are taking over Sioux Falls Skyforce’s last game! 🔥

Check out our snap for more- snapchat.com/add/miamiheat

The HEAT Dancers & Burnie are taking over Sioux Falls Skyforce’s last game! 🔥 

Check out our snap for more- snapchat.com/add/miamiheat


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The HEAT Dancers & BURNIe are taking over Sioux Falls Sky force's last game! Check out our snap for more- snap chat.com/add miami heat

Love you 😍 hope we get you back and

Go heat🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😍😍

9 hours ago

Miami Marlins

#30Clubs30Days visited #MarlinsST today!

At 10PM, get an all-access look at the 2018 squad on MLB Network.

#30Clubs30Days visited #MarlinsST today!

At 10PM, get an all-access look at the 2018 squad on MLB Network.Image attachmentImage attachment

10 hours ago

Miami Marlins

In the #StPatricksDay spirit. ☘️



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Tyler Moore would have looked great in one of those green caps.

I am really glad to see Urena had a better outing to reset from that last time out. The only video I was able to see if his pitching today was his strikeout and it looked like a nasty 2 seamer on the inside corner that totally locked up the hitter. I hope that kind of thing is what we are going to be seeing all year. #62!

Are you guys sure the hurricanes weren’t playing??

It was great until the 9th inning.


Go fish

13 hours ago

Miami Marlins

Feelin' lucky. Happy #StPatricksDay! 🍀


Feelin lucky. Happy #StPatricksDay! 🍀



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Like the hat but if the Marlins do well luck will have everything to do with it Muhahahahaha

They're going to need to wear those lucky hats all season to win any games after what Jeter did to the lineup.

Seguiendo a este equipo desde República Dominicana quisiera ver al prospecto #4 que tienen a jorge guzmán lanzador derecho

Nobody is buying that hat

I need that hat

Happy ST Patrick's Day!🍀 Let's Go Marlins!!

Liking the green💚💚. Go Fish!


Jessica Gott

13 hours ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

Only 1 hand needed by Keelan Cole for the top catch of the 2017 season. ...


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Y'all act like bortles is complete trash.. 2017 mighy be the first time he's had a team behind him. Still didn't have og t.e's. Practically new receeving core.. A line that still struggled to make holes for a run game...

Another reason why it's imperative that we get a competent QB! Had any of the DBs been closer to Cole, he could've been injured with a big hit. Great catch!

I hater Bortles... Great catch cole!!! I can't believe we resigned this trashy behind quarterback....

Terrible throw (as always). Our receivers working hard to win, despite Bortles.

This is way we don't need arob we need a qb

Terrible throw by Bortles, great catch by Cole!

This is exactly what any QB needs a WR that makes plays, not every throw is going to be on target. WR need to make the hard catches too!

With Lee, Cole, Westbrook, Moncrief and possibly Hurns... we'll be alright at receiver without A-Rob. Especially if ASJ can contribute at TE.

Sitting there at the game watching this, you heard it hit his hand. Good thing nobody was around because he was fully exposed to get rocked. Great catch either way

Eric Nelson looked like me and you 😀

#KWCPANTHERS #84COLE #JAGUARS Owensboro KY is proud of you!!!!

Lets see alot more of that next season. Go Jags.

Cole could have a big year this year. He was Pretty clutch in the playoffs

Nick, in case u forgot bout our boi Keelan! 😏

Is it September yet

DTWD represent also support the boy @ youtu.be/ZfZCNH8Row0

I really like how he did last year, looking forward to another great year

I wish we had Sexton back, Frangie is awful. Guy is a joke.

Cole We Gonna Need You This Year

Same number as Antonio Brown 🤔

lets go jags

love 84!

Der Mann ist ne Waffe! Andrew White

Tommie Johnson III

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13 hours ago

Miami Heat

Goran Dragic reached the 30-point plateau for the 5th time this season Friday night vs the Lakers!

And Miami needed every single one of those points.


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Riddle me this...how many 30 plus point games has the dragon had in his career??? DUN DUN DUN...

Nice win, but can we switch back to the way our jerseys were before? You know the same ones we used when LeBron was on the team?

Can we say ..No Playoffs?

Our only All star! Beauty to watch...

I use to be like trade this guy what are the #HEAT doing 🤔 now I understand 😳😂

The dragon at his best.The heat MVP.

Everyone says we need a superstar??? It's just my opinion but I believe we have one in Goran Dragic! Go Miami Heat!!!🔥🔥🔥

heat need wins...Goran knows that and he do it...bravo

Miami heat PLEASE make cap room to sign Jabari Parker this summer in July! People can say what they want but I feel like he's gonna eclipse his 2nd ACL tear and continue to be a beast and a prolific scorer before said and done. He's only 23 and has a lot left in the tank, he has a lot left to improve on but he's consistently gotten better when healthy and he has rehabbed exceptionally well. Miami heat wouldn't have to sign him to a long term max contract and would possibly not only get a player worth it but also possibly get a future franchise player. I know no one will see or consider this within the franchise but as a life time Heat fan I pray this would happen lol #GoHeat #FanForLife

Goran was not playing 😬

💘🏃Watch my squirting videos,💦which can make you aroused😍😘

Wow-having his way with the court-from everywhere-unpredictable-great-unique player...🏀

Hot Heat🔥☄️☄️🔥

Majster 🐲🐉



Gustavo Angel Huesca-Cruz goran is the man

Žak Mikl Tadej Zver ❤

Great game

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15 hours ago

Miami Heat

Miami got their Friday night party in LA started on defense!

With the 92-91 victory over the Lakers the squad improved to 22-6 this season when holding opponents to under 100 points.


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Isaiah " mighty mouse " Thomas??

Wayne stole the ball like a candy from a kid

Great defense last night, go heat !!!!!

There's a certain veteran who is on this clip more than his fair share. Jay Troutt you know...

We still in this

Forever Miami Heat!!!

El Heats

Push for number 6


Valencia Cha muntik na..haha

Michael Shields

mira Ignacio Senitzky

Morgan Hill 🔒

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15 hours ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

It's all coming together for 2018. ...

Its all coming together for 2018.


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He is a BIG upgrade at the TE position compared to Ben Koyak, and O'Shaunacy. I'm thinking he has a Career best season.

We still need more help at WR.

Oh no, no no no.......send him back to the Jets please.

How great would this offense be if we had a competent QB!!!!!!!

This guy has a lot of potential. Could end up being a great signing.

I wish this guy the best of luck. But I hope this doesn't mean that Jacksonville is not going to draft a tight end.

As long as he doesn't get anymore DUIs

50 catches for 350 yards and 3 tds ain't gonna cut it though.

You better believe it. Don't bring anything less than your best to this organization, and us, fans. #DTWD #DUUUVAL #2019NFLCHAMPS

The man runs bail out routes... we need this in the offense... should be a good addition.

I sure hope so !

Toren Vanderhorst

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15 hours ago

Miami Marlins

Miami matches up against Houston this afternoon in Jupiter.

⌚: 1:05PM
📻: MLB.com Gameday Audio, WAQI 710 AM

#MarlinsST | atmlb.com/2ItOMzn

Miami matches up against Houston this afternoon in Jupiter.

⌚: 1:05PM
📻: MLB.com Gameday Audio, WAQI 710 AM
#MarlinsST | http://atmlb.com/2ItOMzn


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Blow a 6-0 lead in the 9th....Turner and Diaz wasting roster space!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is today's starting lineup for your 2018 Miami Marlins!!


Go fish

1 day ago

Miami Heat

A look at the Eastern Conference after game #70


A look at the Eastern Conference after game #70



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Toronto will finish you fast ...I am a fan of NBA ,I can’t understand why Miami Heat still figthing for the 8th ! Every year it seems the same

Get the 7. We have a great chance againat Boston without Smart, Hayward and hobbled Kyrie.

Shouldn’t they be seeded at 7 since they own the tiebreaker over Milwaukee?

It's not impossible to grab a 6 seed. We just need to go like 9-3 over the next 12 games

Raptors and?

We battle hard. We play most teams pretty tough. Actually the better teams we play well against

Wade deserves some playoffs this year

Man wtf....Cavs literally might not even make the playoffs this year

Raptors over Heat in 5. Celtics over Bucks in 5. Pacers over Sixers in 6. Cavs over Wizards in 5.


Miami struggle last night to get Bucket in 4th. . That’s why I’m glad we got Dwade back he’s our 4th quarter scorer.., these other guys just gets scared to takeover .

It's time for Whiteside to man up and play up to his potential, his contract and team's expectations

Just cause Toronto is sittin at #1 in da east, dont mean nothing, its all bout how u play against them, cause if u look at it, we beat da gsw at least 2 times, and they suppose to b da worlds greatest team in da nba, its bout team work, not record, #heatnation4life #heatnation #305 #miamiheat Lets try and win the last 13 games of the regular season and give us a great chance to move up in the east

The East is so wide open

We got toget out of the 8 sowe don't start out with Toronto. Boston isn't playing great Indiana has solid core but no depth

Luckely piston is suck.

Will only Embarrass themselves if they make play offs

This team has blown a bunch of close losses. Shooting themselves in he foot.

We need full strength to make this playoffs push

Need to aim for spot 5 or 6 which seems realistic...heat will need to be at their best to have a chance for play offs

keep pushing Heat... Lets go...🔥☝💪😲

You lucky Detroit keep loosing and be away from you

Yes please as long as we don't play Cleveland in the first round. No way LeBron is exiting the playoffs in the first round

Weren't we on the 4th seed?

Y’all in the playoff anyway😂so y’all shouldn’t worry at all

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1 day ago

Miami Heat


Goran Dragic attacks and beats the Lakers!


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I am a Laker fan, first of all congrats on the Heat win, it could had gone either way Heat refuse to give up and won, Dragic simply terrific, as long Heat play the way they play they can make the playoffs and they have everything to make it and again congrats to Heat on their win and may God Bless the Heat. 😉

Could have won $1700 if this tosser didn’t score that bucket

Best player on our team, hand's down! The world needs to respect his game!

When is Goran Dragic going to get the respect he deserves? 👍🏀

What a terrific game for the Dragon!

The dragon can’t do it all by himself guys! Help him out and go for those Rebounds! Good win💪🏼🔥

Matt & Lochie - your Showtime Lakers continue to entertain. Thanks for the points. #gooddefencezo

Lol where's the D from Lonzo Ball?? Lavar won't be happy 😂😂 The Dragon 🐉 done ✔ circles on him.

Darren my boy just needs some decent young talent behind him and the heat could be real deadly with another season with wade

I am a lets go heat loyal true fan was seeing on foxsportssun miami win 92-91 points scored in a great basketball regular season game tonight on the road over la lakers. It was a wonderful victory for miami heat are with a 37-33 wins/losses records are still in 7th place eastern conference www.nba.com/standings or www.nbatickets.com like the directv commercials at our homes prp private residential properties houses and apartments. Very well deserved beating down the lakers. Lets go heat nation loyal fans are happy. Enjoy replays. Eric Reid. Play by play voice of the miami heat franchise 30 years. Congrats. Tony Fiorentino heat analyst and summer plus winter camp director for boys and girls between 7 to 16 years young. The Heat are with all of the offensive and defensive firepower playing very well. Excellent. Great. Outstanding. Spectacular. Terrific. Fine. Awesome. Wonderful. Fantastic. Superman or spiderman. Goran Dragic was spectacular scored 33 points. Good night. Take care. Bye.

The Dragon is the miami heat MVP

He's so lit! Score like this 👌🏻 he is so lit ...

I missed the UMBC-VA game to watch "my" Heat. It was worth it. they both won!!!!!!!

Interesting he didn’t run the shot clock down. He gave the Lakers a chance to win it. Obviously they must have missed.

Rod Morari no veo que me etiquese o digas nada al.respecto bro.

😂 drdrdrdragon style😊

Caught Big Baller flat footed!!!! Maybe time for new sneakers 👟

Are u sure that hes not an all star Nick van Kerkhoven

Clash of kings 1534 cordinates 597:237 take a look 😪

Gabe Clifton Bernabe thanks for the cold beverage next time I see You my dude. 😂😂

It's the Lakers really !!!

Andre Nguyen should have gotten a dragic tee bro

Charlie Thrasher wheres the D ???? Ur boy just let him shoot the game winner !!!! 4-15 from the floor , no doubles again !! 😂😂😂 cant see me

Jajuan Burton like this page for more Lake Show highlights. 🤣

Alex Kalafusz Dragic getting it done

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