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Florida sheriff unveils 'vacancy' sign at county jail

Florida sheriff unveils 'vacancy' sign at county jail


THERE'S ROOM FOR YOU - A Florida jail unveiled its new VACANCY sign to welcome new "guests," along with a list of accommodations.

A Florida sheriff unveiled a new vacancy sign outside the county jail to show there's always room for more guests, as long as they follow the rules.

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1 hour ago

Orlando Sentinel

Orlando City reporter Jordan Culver is live with Ben Ferree to discuss the Lions’ 3-2 loss to Columbus Crew SC at MAPFRE Stadium. ...


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After such a brilliant showing of VAR at the World Cup, how is MLS not replicating exactly how it was used?

Wouldn’t it make sense to let y’all ask VAR questions? especially since it’s something we should be learning more about, and something they should be glad to explain to us?

Lost in all this, I think is how brilliant El Munir has been for James O'Connor (and the entire season IMO). Has JOC talked specifically about how he's going to use him as a versatile piece?

I recently got a call from a ticket agent asking me to spend more money on MLS... this is why I won't by buying a ticket anytime soon unless this gets fixed

I am against ‘coach’s challenges’ in soccer but plays like this make me want to change my mind. VAR should be moved to a central location NBA style

I feel bad for Bendik. Now he's in the highlight reels for a goal that shouldn't have happened in a game he shouldn't have been playing

Matt Doyle is on twitter defending that call too. There goes his last shred of credibility with me

@casey he was explaining to the players to leave him alone and if the VAR ref disagreed then they would inform him

Were there any comments on the Mensah roundhouse kick to Rocha's head? Isn't that reckless endangerment?

You also asked PRO about the disallowed goal against LAFC. How do you you think this PK call compares?

If that isn’t over the threshold for a VAR to make them review the play, then VAR shouldn’t exist

El Munir didn’t put the game away to make it 3-1. That’s the real game changer

JOC finally realizes what kind of striker he is instead of a hold up guy

O’Connor will instill the belief we need to move forward.

I’m gonna keep calling him old if he plays like that every match. Old, old, old

Thank you guys for some quality reporting

The rare guy who wants to be an LB

We need a #ustoo movement for match-ruining PRO Ref calls

Please spill what you know about the Meram situation.

How do we recover our confidence after this?

We will bounce back from this and will get better guys⚽️⚽️

Keep ranting Jordan! Go in on them.....

That would require humility on PRO refs part

Worst call of our entire mls history

Patrick Mullins can contribute some dives 🤷🏻‍♂️

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18 hours ago

Palm Beach Zoo

AS NATIONAL ZOOKEEPER WEEK #NZKW2018 COMES TO AN END: a shoutout to our esteemed veterinary care team members. Under the leadership of Dr. Genevieve Dumonceaux (Dr. G), Palm Beach Zoo's Director of Animal Health; Amber Landacre, certified veterinary technician; Gwen Gehweiler Lovett, Animal Operations/Records Manager; and Associate Curators Nancy Nill & Amy Anderson play critical roles in helping our animals live long, happy and healthy lives. FROM ALL OF US TO YOU - THANK YOU! *MIC DROP* ...

1 day ago

Palm Beach Zoo

WOW! WE'RE STILL BLOWN AWAY BY FIONA'S JAW-DROPPING BIRTHDAY ENRICHMENT-- created by Kelly McCorry! SERIOUSLY, LOOK AT THAT CREATION! EPIC! Kelly, a carnivore keeper, started as an intern 3.5 years ago and has always had a passion for wildlife, especially ocean conservation. When she’s not working at the zoo she volunteers her time assisting Florida Fish and Wildlife with manatee rescue and recovery. She also enjoys snorkeling, scuba diving, and taking pictures of wildlife. Kelly loves to educate people about our native Florida species and how they can help to protect them: it’s something I’m very passionate about and why I love the platform I have at my job.

*Kelly also manages the Zoo's Snapchat account - let's show her some NATIONAL ZOOKEEPER WEEK #NZKW2018 love!


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#NZKW2018 is coming to an end... share your memories below and remember to visit the Jaguar Habitat sponsored by Jaguar Palm Beach during your next visit!

Above and beyond Kelly, ABOVE AND BEYOND!

Yeah Kelly

That's my girl❤️


Know Before You Go - Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room

71% of emergency department visits are unnecessary or could have been avoided.

To read more about the differences between the emergency room and urgent care centers, visit: www.palmcoastobserver.com/sponsored-article/know-before-you-go-urgent-care-vs-emergency-room


Know Before You Go - Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room

71% of emergency department visits are unnecessary or could have been avoided.

To read more about the differences between the emergency room and urgent care centers, visit: https://www.palmcoastobserver.com/sponsored-article/know-before-you-go-urgent-care-vs-emergency-room


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Here’s the fix—charge Medicaid recipients a $20 copay and they’ll use the urgent care more often. It’s used as a doctor’s office bc it’s free. The other day my ER had a parent bring in her kid who choked on candy for a second—then swallowed it and was fine. Kid was running around playing. Still came to the ER!

Many Emergency rooms have fast track rooms in place. With my insurance (not Medicaid) ER is covered 100 percent but urgent care facilities are not at all. I used to pay the 100$+ urgent care bill if my kids were sick on a weekend or holiday , but some people do not have that option. Plus if you are paying monthly fees for insurance , it’s ridiculous to not have any sort of coverage at an urgent care.

Honestly that’s pretty common for insurance. The problem is you can’t fix stupid.

Charge patients a copay if they go to Er then they will go to Dr instead

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