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Florida House to vote on “In God We Trust” bill

Florida House to vote on “In God We Trust” bill


HB 839 would require districts to display the state motto “In God We Trust” in a “conspicuous place” in every school and district building; however, it does not define “conspicuous."

Lawmakers are poised to take up a vote on a measure that if passed, would require public school districts to display “In God We Trust.

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The facilities’ owner, Marcus Anderson, also owns the Sugar Room nightclub, which has been the site of numerous police calls and citations from city code enforcement officials and was the site of a fatal shooting earlier this month.


The Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Bobby Schultz are mourning the loss of two of their... https://t.co/LymiBYRAGJ

Deputy Shooting Update. @GCSOFlorida identify 59 year old John Hubert Highnote of Bell as the shooter @FCN2go

Videos, photos released in Prince death investigation https://t.co/A35U6lKbFG

Lois Riess, the grandmother accused of killing her husband and a woman in southwest Florida for her identity, has been arrested, according to the U.S. Marshals Service: https://t.co/RoBT6IqMeH

He even took the family dog!

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3 hours ago

Orlando Magic

Tag a friend! 🖐 It’s National High Five Day! ...

Tag a friend! 🖐 It’s National High Five Day!


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National high five day? I never heard of those national stuff and it sounds ridiculous

7 hours ago

Orlando Magic

"Stay the course." 🗺️ ...


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What course? We have no PG. No SG. No SF. A PF that is eh and wants a max deal. One C that can’t play defense and another that can’t play offense. A top pick that can’t stay healthy. Where’s the “future”?

All you had to do was lose the last game.

You've got to be kidding. Vic says " stay the course ". We should really clean house !

‘Stay the course’ - captain from titanic

Go Magic. You guys can do it. Keep Pushing

Dragomir Djordjevic

9 hours ago

Orlando Magic

Quick!⚡Can you find the five differences in these two photos? 🤔 ...


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1 pants turned green 2 a Star was Removed over the head of the mascot 3 The Wheel 4 a star was removed to the mascot's shoe 5 removed the design from the court

Stars:head and shoe Wheel at the hoverboard Pants Changed colour Floor without sign

Pants changed from light blue to green

The wheels are different, one star is missing, the logo on the floor is gone, the star on the tip of the shoe is removed, the guy in the background has different colour pants

Rims, Floor, Shoes, Horns, Pants

Les roue , le pantalon , chaussures

12 hours ago

Orlando Magic

Khem! 🇨🇦 ...

Khem! 🇨🇦


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Next, Frank Vogel - season leader in head coach with the most games coached as a head coach.

Lol he only played 5 minutes a game and has the lowest fga on the team

lets give him 17mil a year now!


Lol how much minutes this guy played?

we better keep this guy

Then Magic is going to trade him then!

One of the few bright spots in this dark season...

Definitely an underated player. Add more muscle, more training, and we could have someone that teams fear when driving in the paint

Can the nonsense please stop

*gives him 20 mill a season*

Σε έχει κανει μαγκα ο σπανουλης

his game reminds me of Keon Clark

So they got lead in fg% by a nobody. Good stuff good stuff 👎

He stepped it up. I like his game

Birch can hustle

Dragomir Djordjevic


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