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Flooding homes may get lift from federal grant

Flooding homes may get lift from federal grant


For Volusia County homeowners fighting flooding, a new federal grant will help them lift their house:

The homes were hit by hurricanes in 2004, 2009 and Irma.

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6 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

We're ready for who's next. atmlb.com/2JKypOj ...


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Double Sweep of The Yankees would be something to çheer and a great RAYS vibe charge+ You did it once...you can do it again. You all might pass them you get on a serious Miraculous Winning streak <3

The yanks are pissed..good luck Rays.

Sure looks like game will be postponed so we get guy from Japan tomorrow Louis Tuesday now and cc Wednesday.my bet is they just keep rotation in tact and just move everyone up one day .i would not be surprised if after one hour of delay game is postponed Yankees have a plane to catch .espn or no ESPN .

Game postponed will be made up August 13 th my bet is now all Yankees pitchers move up a. Day boones call .

Nico Panaro

6 hours ago

Florida's Space Coast

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content. ...

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.


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Andrew Denison

9 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Ain’t Sunday baseball GRAND? ...


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Im a Rays fan, but why is Chris Archer always so hyped up by local media? He has a career losing record and an era near 4. It just boggles my mind sometimes.

The young kids are doing great and Cash is doing a tremendous job especially with all the injuries

Never give up! Play hard until the last out. Loved Robertson interview.

I don't know this team anymore...I think the rays are the rest of the leagues farm club..the good ones will be gone next year

Move the team to Hillsboro county..Build it there and people will come..

Grand is the grand slam. Go get the Yankees next⚾️⚾️⚾️

Buster onley ESPN reporter chances archer gets traded at deadline.15 percent.i don't think he will be traded sorry I don't .after season yes at winter meetings yes now no .

What a great ending to this game⚾️ Rays Win!

What a finish. Hopefully gets the boys pumped for the yankee series.

Nothing beats a walkoff HR!!!! Go Rays!!!

Thank you D-Rob for keeping us from getting swept! He might be a future answer in a Rays trivia game.

What a great call Cash made with the substitution. D Rob with the walk off grand salami!!!!

Love this kid Robertson!!! He needs to be everyday starter!!!!

A walk-off HR is the most exciting finish in baseball. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. Go D-Rob, way to represent U-High!⚾️ Rays up!

I had seriously written the boys off for today. Discouraged after the marlins 2nd, I fell victim to my own hopelessness. I watched the rest of the final round of the British Open then settled in for an afternoon of Star Wars on TNT. Now I'm kicking myself HARD in my own @$$ for missing that 9th inning and the commendable job that Archer did after the Shields like 2nd.(no dingers though, right")? I don't think any other Rays team would have romped and stomped back in the 9th except for this 2018 team.

When they are good...they are very very good ! I love Rays baseball.

Especially when it’s a SLAM!

Hated all the chatter from announcers today. They were worst I ever heard. drove me crazy. Telling crazy stories. loved 9th inning,

You had to watch this one to the end.... although the 8 innings were totally blah. Trying not to get too attached to Robertson as he will probably be traded like all the others. Anyway... it was a beautiful Grand Slam and a game winner!! 💙

Witnessed it from the Rumfish Grill Deck. Freakin’ amazing!

Tarp down in Yankee stadium rain in forecast.i would not mind a. Long rain delay.how long do Yankees wait .once game goes into umps hands they have no say .but the pitcher is here already most likely.but a long delay.means a tired team .a long delay and long game is welcome for Rays fans .

The rain has started and forecast is won't stop so how long do Yankees wait before game is called and does the guy from Japan then go tomorrow and Louis can't spell his last name vs snell Tuesday.

Love seeing Miami leave town on a losing note. Buh bye. 😗😙😚

What a great finish for the Tampa Bay Rays!

Weather channel app forecast thunderstorms 80 percent my guess game gets postponed very shortly by Yankees and Yankees move their starters up a day .

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9 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

This team is fun. atmlb.com/2Ob58PZ ...

This team is fun. https://atmlb.com/2Ob58PZ


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Also glad this series is over so we don't have to listen to Andy anymore. I'm happy to have Staats back

Losing faith in Archer...but nice dramatic win to a team we should beat.

Trade Archer

We still took 4 out of 6 from the Rays. Good luck the rest of the way TB fans!!!!!!!! Go Marlins!!!!

My boy Drob!!! And you all want him gone SMH!! Archer had a good game too💙

Thank you Rays! I had to work today and only got to watch the second half of the game. I can't believe what you guys did in the 9th inning. I cheered so loud when Robertson hit the grand slam! Here's to Kevin Cash on his decision. Go Rays! !

This team likes to make you wait on the edge of your seat hoping for a win then surprise you with a grand slam walkoff just when you thought they were swept. Congratulations, DRob and the rest of the crew for pulling it off today 🙂 #RaysUp

My husband and I were feeling down in the 9th inning. However, what a WIN! I tip my hat to the team!

That was so exciting! Thank you Archer, Robertson and the rest of our Ray's!! Finally, we hit the "50" mark. I'm totally thrilled to come back and get this win.. Love the Ray's!!❤️⚾❤️⚾

I love a good walk off! Way to go Rays! Way to go Robertson!

Awesome walk off grand slam! Wow!!!

Way to go Robertson and Rays. Loved this ending today.

Congrats on a dramatic win and to Daniel Robertson for that historic bomb!

#50 finally...Archer has 13 strikeouts..how do we not stomp the other team...one baaad inning....

They just never give up

Glad we didn't get swept. Great job at battling until the very end

Oh my goodness!! all I can say..CONGRATULATIONS Rays⚾️💚⚾️

Archer needs to find a new line of work...

Yea. Another bandwagoner on our side. Go flubbies. Maybe next century.

What a great way to end a ball game Congrats team to a job well played.

D Rob to save the day!!!! Prayers were answered! 🙏

Yes, they are, love it!!

This team be fun if they made the playoffs

Awesome game!

Today they were. Not the last 2 nights.

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11 hours ago

Florida's Space Coast

Sail away Sunday from Port Canaveral! Bon voyage! ...

16 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Spend your Sunday afternoon with us. atmlb.com/2NC1rlA ...

Spend your Sunday afternoon with us. https://atmlb.com/2NC1rlA


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What a poor sight for the Rays fans eyes last two games, Here we go again losing games by 1 run, Rays has loss more games by only one run than any other team in M.L.B. Why is that you might ask? Terrible poor coaching just like every year with mr. below 500. He doesn't know how to win close games, he doesn't pench hit and leaves pitchers in too long and has no control of the bull pin. Worst coach in Baseball with the worst record right here in St. Pete and we are the unproud owner off this man that doesn't even want to win a game because he don't know how, What do you think about that MR.B.A., I heard your uncorrect committts yesterday, myself and many other Rays fans wanted to reach through the screen and shake some command sense in your pee brain, but it still would not help Rays win more games. I love K.K. as a player, but he is hurt all the time, last year he missed 3 mouths, this year 2 mouths and now he's on VACATION again, over priced and over paid Duffy is always hurt as well, Robertson mr. 0/5 every day need to be traded like many other that are not producing at the plate, cut back on on these errors. Rays need to change their attitude to a smile and compassion directed on winning these close games, with all their young talent, Rays should be in first place, if I was there coaching we would be in first place, you can believe that rays fans, Good luck today Rays, I hope and pray you guys are coached correctly for a win, and stop losing these one run games, Salute-

Please get Neil Solondz out the the radio booth. Why is this guy all over the place? His voice sounds like Fred Rogers from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. I just don't get it, he must come cheap or something because I'm sure there are more qualified people to do what he does.

What would our record be had they not just given away Dickerson.......

Roberson walk off grand slam Rays win 6-4 yippee .

The offence is still on all-star break.

Archer needs to go back to Hickey and Joe..

Please trade kk and Ramos. Get some young talent back . not going to playoff anytime soon.

Pitiful the way Miami has totally owned the Rays this season.

Ok wood will start game tomorrow cash why not snell going Tuesday.but Yankees their best pitcher.with a era less than one .but as I said before playing mets on Sunday night baseball hope goes 18 innings and Yankees get in real late .come on Rays I am going tomorrow.is my birthday.a birthday win would be nice .but you can bet we swept here last time they are coming in here mad .

Archer needs to find a new line of work...He stinks 😷

Jen thanks for the stuff on faria ok if two more rehab starts the the soonest he could be back I think is August 1 st here vs mike trout and Angels .

Andy freed will do play by play again Dwayne will be back tomorrow.how was Dave wills last night I was at game Jen .tony .

Good luck,wishing Archer a good outing with hot bats!RAYS UP!!!!,

Let's hope it "clicked" for Choi yesterday, and he starts hitting...... It could happen....

Good to see Duffy back in the lineup. Go Rays!! Will be watching from Orlando.

Let's go Rays!!! Yes, welcome back Adames! Let's get this one!!!💥⚾️

Yeah, Duffy's back in the lineup...Go Ray's..Get the "W".. Been waiting for the 50!!! Love the Ray's ❤️⚾❤️⚾

Just said on Rays pre game hec not hurt as bad as originally thought could be back tomorrow with kk .so till he gets traded with Adames back will the Rays keep playing him at short till he is traded .adames don't want to play second.

💙Go Rays! 💙Go Arch!💙 See ya later Justin Williams,💙 welcome back Willy Adames💙, best of luck to Adam Moore💙 in his Rays debut.

Awesome finish to today's game!

Well never lose confidence in the Rays ! Walk off by Daniel to win last game with Marlins , so proud love you all

I will try and watch. After last night's one run loss again and another nail in the coffin of elimination. So wish they could win more games.

Williams go back down.adames called back up .and how will Moore do I hope we win but just don't trust archer.

Let's do this today RAYS! Don't let the Marlins take this away!

WALK OFF GRAND SLAM!! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

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1 day ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Wendle and Choi each homered. atmlb.com/2mynXAc ...

Wendle and Choi each homered. https://atmlb.com/2mynXAc


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Take a look at our record since Choi joined the team....

So sad, we are better than that... Tomorrow will be our day!! Come on Ray's!!!⚾❤️⚾❤️

Were the Rays playing wearing those DJ Kitty Heads ?

Ramos' injury really hurts.. plus the Marlins aren't actually horrible.

This team has talent but no heart.

We were doing so good & then POOOF !!

💙Wendle💙Choi💙, hope 💙Cash💙 is right that it will only be a couple days out for 💙Hech.💙 I believe that is now 23 1 run losses.

MLB, please stop putting the Marlins on our schedule.

I was at game now for 13 games 9-4 .we lose again and again the one run curse .lose 3-2 .homers by wendle and Choi .but like last night score in 9 th but too little too late .i am tired of losing games by one run tired of it .if you took the games the games we lost by one run and we win half of them we would have a better record.now hec is hurt could kill any trade possibility with the deadline 10 days away .means Adames gets called back up most likely.then at game they announced Justin Williams name I though oh oh that means ether kk or Duffy is worse off then we thought but no .and sorry to say I think the Marlins have a good chance to sweep us tomorrow with archer going.i don't understand why faria is not going tomorrow with him coming off the dl I don't get it .what is cash doing then bullpen day vs Yankees.then snell Tuesday.and I would think Wednesday Nathan again five days so when does faria get any work if he is coming off dl tomorrow.thursday at Baltimore don't get it .oh well hopefully we beat Yankees on my birthday.going but once again a 500 record 49-49 .good night.

Can't just lose, gotta lose by one run lol

I like following baseball teams on social media because of the headlines. When they win they just tell you. But when they lose it will say Wendell improves batting average when runners are in scoring position in the third inning.

And back to .500 where they will hover all season long! 👍

Llet's go Rays!!!

Oh one thing I forgot mets Yankees is the Sunday night game lets hope it goes 18 innings Yankees get in real late Rays up game time .

We're. Battle worn..don't see any wins with our wounded offense..too bad.

We need to heal up and get some offense. Go rays!

And we're back to just .500 again 😡

<★>Keep The Faith<★>

Tough couple of losses.

Anyone...distance on the Choi HR? Ty

Why do Rays have some many injuries? daily.

K K and Duffy, Ramos and now Aieny

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1 day ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Game two against Miami coming up. atmlb.com/2O5jcuk ...

Game two against Miami coming up. https://atmlb.com/2O5jcuk


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KK hurt again. He is a fragile princess isn't he?

Rays should send Roberson down to AAA last night 0/5 men on 2 & 3rd base two different times, Rays had many chances to win , but no production at the plate with more bad coaching, why can't the Rays beat the weak teams ?

💙Go Rays! 💙Go Stanek! 💙See ya later Hoby Milner💙, welcome Justin Williams💙. Get better soon KK💙.

What’s going on with the Rays’ broadcasting team of DeWayne and BA?

Rays have to win tonight and tomorrow now just to get a series tie 3-3 .but archer going tomorrow why when faria can come off dl tomorrow I just have no faith in archer any more just don't .

Duffys injury must be worse than something thats day to day 😟. The team is hurting without him. Hope he returns real soon, like tomorrow.

How crappy is this team!!!!! Relocate this team already!!!! They don’t belong in mlb!!!


So much for the hot streak before the all star break. Rats are going to get swept at home to The worse team in baseball!!!

Did we make a roster move? Or was Williams already on the 40 man?

Snell vs Severino Monday? Or Snell vs CC Tuesday?

Rays Up!!!!!🚀

Anyone have tickets for one of the upcoming angels games and want to trade for tonights game? I have 2 in section 315 for tonight.


Robertson is kind of in a slump, I say send him to Durham and call up Brandon Lowe

Cheering for you, RAYS!!:-)

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2 days ago

Florida's Space Coast

Rise and shine!

Thanks for sharing with us @ursuladubrick!

Rise and shine! 

Thanks for sharing with us @ursuladubrick!


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great place to watch a launch! beautiful picture.



Love this view!

No summer is complete without a trip to a tiki bar. ...


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Lindsay Miles

I wanna go to Squid Lips!!

Simone Songs, check this video out. After the bacon wrapped scallops at 43 seconds. Hmmmmm, did I say bacon wrapped scallops. Anyhow, it’s The Super Cats.👍 John

See ya in 5 weeks😎👍🏻

Matt Werner🤗🤗🤗


Brooke Biloski

Are ya coming Andrew Wiles

For this episode of #EST1903, our St. Pete History series – let’s talk about that pretty pink building. 😏 #SunShinesHere ...

‪Sunrise✔️ Coffee✔️ PJ’s✔️ Great deals + shopping✔️✔️ ‬

‪The Sunrise Sale continues throughout the day, friends! #SunShinesHere ‬

‪Sunrise✔️ Coffee✔️ PJ’s✔️ Great deals + shopping✔️✔️ ‬

‪The Sunrise Sale continues throughout the day, friends! #SunShinesHere  ‬


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What a fun event for the community! Love this city!

WalletHub ranks City of St. Petersburg among the top 50 best-run cities in the nation. #SunShinesHere >>>


WalletHub ranks City of St. Petersburg among the top 50 best-run cities in the nation. #SunShinesHere >>> 



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Yes run away from skyrocketing rents and home prices.

Great news! :)

5 days ago

AARP Florida

Estás invitado

Los votantes en el distrito 27 del Congreso son bienvenidos a asistir a una conversación de candidato el 7 de agosto. Para más informacion: spr.ly/6188DqkEI

Estás invitado
Los votantes en el distrito 27 del Congreso  son bienvenidos a asistir a una conversación de candidato el 7 de agosto. Para más informacion:  http://spr.ly/6188DqkEI
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